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Servers issues – site stability

Update: Forums are back online. We sincerely apologize for the issues this site has been experiencing recently. The server we are hosted on seems to have been having some problems and even though it apparently was supposed to have been back online 10 minutes ago, it obviously still has some major stability issues. It really troubles us here to keep having us go through periods of unavailability, and we’re going to do whatever we can to … [read full article]

Take a picture, it lasts longer…

T-mobile is certainly doing its part lately to turn around the stigma that its slow to the punch with competitive products. No, I’m not talking about the G1 and normally I would link an article here but seriously, just keep scrolling down the page. I’m not talking about Blackberry Javelin, or the Blackberry Pearl 8220 Kickstart with the multiple names I just love saying or even the Shadow II, the … [read full article]

T-mobile Blackberry Pearl Kickstart 8220 Unboxing

Courtesy of boygenius, we have unboxing pictures this morning of my favorite phone to call by three names. Thanks to some high quality imagery we get a much better look at the phone itself as well as the usual range of included items shipping with the phone. Though I was really disappointed to read through boygenius’ quick summary of the phone itself as the words terrible, 2001, letdown, bad, worst and somehow they even managed to … [read full article]

Haven't gotten enough of the G1?

Somebody at T-mobile loves us. T-mobile has set up and released a slick and surprisingly detailed simulator for all to enjoy. It won’t take the place of the real thing, but it will certainly give you something to play with until your local UPS man shows up 18 days from now. For those who are like me and frankly will never even unwrap the manual this gives you an excellent look at the … [read full article]

More ninja screenshots…

Earlier this week boygenius gave us some screen shot love showing a “launch” date for the G1 from Best Buy. The only problem was the date didn’t make any sense, a Nov 16th launch just seemed like a particularly odd date. Well, the good news is that date no longer exists as a new screen shot surfaces that shows a 10/22 launch a date we of course are all too familiar with. Thankfully T-mobile … [read full article]

Have you pre-ordered yet?

For those of who were lucky enough to get your orders in by noon today, you are among the first who will experience the G1, that much we already knew. If you failed to make that deadline and for some reason you just weren’t able to pull the trigger on the order yet, you will have some extra time to consider what took you so long! Pre-orders placed after noon today PDT, will … [read full article]

T-mobile to sell 2 million G1's through 2009?

This information comes courtesy of a newspaper in Taiwan whom we have never heard of. So take it at face value, words we try and use around here when we admit we just aren’t sure of the validity of the information. Still, its an interesting number and we would like to see it achieved and most definitely surpassed. Then again, this isn’t “inside” info in the normal sense and the numbers are … [read full article]

Blackberry Pearl Kickstart 8220 pricing leaked…

Hey guess what, news that isn’t G1 related still exists! Pricing has leaked out via for the Kickstart Pearl 8220 phone, I just love calling it by 3 names. Rumors via pinstack forums are also talking about an October 15th release, though we’re sticking by a launch on October 13. Truthfully whats two days in the grand scheme of things if you aren’t waiting for the G1? Of course, … [read full article]

Its a bird…no its a plane…no its T-Mobile!

We have always been a fan of reading Business Week, and when we finally came across an article that resonates with this site, we got excited. Rachel Hinman posted an article yesterday afternoon discussing T-Mobile and how it can basically become the mobile carrier we’ve always wanted. Not that it wasn’t already! Still, she makes some excellent points and writes with good foresight into the future of the wireless industry. As the first brave carrier to … [read full article]

G1 ramps up SanDisk storage with 16GB card support


At the press announcement on the 23rd, we were told that the G1 would come included with a 1GB MicroSD memory card and 256 flash memory. Needless to say we were all a little disappointed to hear that 8GB was the highest available size for the current software. However, there is good news! Our friends at AndroidCommunity got their hands on some nice info from a  “Google spokesman.” “We have completed tests, … [read full article]

Sometimes lightning does strike twice…

Yesterday we posted a few “unboxing” pics that were more tease than anything else, yet we got some eye candy of the box itself. We know you wanted more, we wanted more and it looks like our super secret ninja was holding out on us. This afternoon our inbox had more spy shots and we get a much better look at what is included with the phone. I can only wonder what surprises tomorrow’s emailing will … [read full article]

Everyone loves screenshots…

The ninjas over at boygenius are at it again this time scoring purported screen shots from Best Buy showing the expected “launch” dates of both our beloved G1 and the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 Kickstart whatever other name it has. Word out of boygenius is that the G1 won’t actually be on sale from Best Buy until November 16th. Sounds like a random day to launch a phone but hey, we’re all about T-mobile getting … [read full article]