Nokia Lumia 710 Passes FCC With T-Mobile Ready AWS Bands

The Nokia Lumia was just announced at the beginning of the week but has already passed through the FCC sporting T-Mobile 3G/4G 1700Mhz band. Lengthy experience has taught us that an FCC passage doesn’t guarantee a phone will arrive for sale on T-Mobile but it does make us hopeful. Model #RM-809 has been shown to be the Nokia Lumia 710 and that is the model number that received FCC approval on October 24th.

The Lumia has a 3.7″ WVGA 800×480 TFT touchscreen, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, 5 megapixel camera, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 1.4GHz Single Core MSM8255 processor and a 1300mAh battery. You can get a better look at the phone by jumping over to the Nokia USA Lumia 710 information guide.

We’re definitely eager to see how Nokia and Microsoft benefit from their mutual arrangement with the 710 is the first in what is assured to be a lengthy list of upcoming devices from Finland.

Nokia via WPCentral


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  • Anonymous

    Very nice, but I wish that was the 800 instead.

  • Yes!!! 

  • The Lumia 800 is SEXY! We need it.

    The Lumia 710 isn’t too bad looking though. Hopefully there’s a variety of colors available through T-Mobile for customization, at the very least.

  • aLb3Rt

    ugly! looks like a toy! tried 3 different windows phone and still not diggin’ it! just my opinion. I like my W223 ;)

    • Guest

      If you didn’t like HD7 or other two you tried then I think it’s better for you keep your W223 for long time and don’t troll in Windows Phone related post. Thank you!

  • if Microsoft and Nokia don’t release these phones in the US then this partnership is nothing but a wash .. a fail.  i’m sure they will but they’re in no position to be all coy and secretive about it .. you’re dead last in this mobile race and you need some considerable hype/momentum ..

    the Nokia partnership is your big bet so i’d suggest you lay it out for US consumers pretty darn quickly what they can expect from Nokia.

    • Foxeh

      Okay, when doing my homework for Windows Phone, everyone seems to be looking to Nokia to be some prophetical savior for the platform, or at least to get the ball rolling. Nokia has been dead last in customer satisfaction for some time. With Windows Phone’s debut with Microsoft following in all the wrong steps as Apple (no copy/paste, multitasking, etc) after being so late to the party that they’ve had a hard time being taken seriously.

      With that in mind, why is a Nokia + Windows Phone combination so special? Does two negatives make a positive that will blow everyone’s mind?

      I will have to admit, I like the size of the Lumia 800, but that’s not coming to the States for some time if I understand correctly.

      • Guest

        Window sPhone has Copy/Paste and Multitasking and many other features that iOS or Android doesnt have actually. So perhpas you did your homework wrong and need to do it again!

        Plus Nokia has the best quality built devices even better than Apple and their design and style always unique and different. And they have huge arket outside of US and very popular around the world.

        So there are so many positive in both which makes it very strong positive.

        Maybe go back and do your homework again but this do it right? ;)

        • Foxeh

          That’s awfully defensive, I know Windows Phone does all of that now, I did specifically state its situation about the *debut*. Mango was the only reason I started caring. Still, when I bring it up to colleagues, I’m quickly reminded of MS’s reputation in the mobile space.

          That recent report about Nokia’s third quarter being “not as bad as expected” is hardly anything to boast about either. They used to rule the roost with Symbian, sure, but those days are over.

          Your post is the perfect example of exactly what I was talking about.

          HTC is doing much better world wide in not only customer satisfaction, device build quality and reliability, but are also making money to boot. Nokia has not been in any way better for some time by any measurable metric.

          Perhaps I’d best wait and see. I’ve been wanting to bail from Android and Windows Phone was attractive because: one, phones actually get updated and two, unlike Android, WP doesn’t chug on even the mightiest of machines. But its user base worries me when they shun top tier makers for one that’s been used as a punchline in recent films…

  • Mark Ricci

    Can you do a spec comparison to the HTC Radar?

  • Mfraney22


    • how is this device junk? Clear black display,1.4 ghz, 5mp camera carl zeiss optics, free turn by turn navigation probably priced @ 100 bucks to 50 bucks on contract or 300 unlock future proof with Pentaband Radios for AT&T and T-mobile 3g. right now any android device @ 100 bucks wont get ICS update unless you have the Nexus S.

      • Anonymous

        Apparently you didn’t read the previous article.

    • Guest

      Only junk I see here is your comment!

  • Who else here thinks that this device would be perfect for the T-Mobile/Walmart prepaid 4G plan.  Price it at $200 and I think this thing will sell.

  • No surprise here they always do Penta-Band Radios

  • William Cron

    Nice phone, but I’m really hoping we see the Lumia 800 along side this soon.

  • Danny

    These would be affordable to deploy for business customers like me who manage hundreds of devices.  I’m willing to switch my BlackBerry lineup for something similar. 

    Still keeping my iPhone4s for my personal use though.  ;-)  

  • jon

    I hate to post off topic, but it’s been bothering me for awhile. David, the AT&T ad at the top of the mobile site is starting to make me ill ;) I suggest replacing that garbage with a ‘Donate Here’ banner. I will be the first to donate, just to see the AT&T shat be gone from a T-Mobile site…

    • Anonymous

      It’s just generic mobile phone ads that pop up so you never know what will be served.

      Also, not everyone would donate to maintain the site

      • Blackcat3119

        At$t LTE now in Chicago the ad says. This site knows my location? Doesn’t bother me at all,just wondering.

        • Anonymous

          Not the site itself, but the ad service. They know where you are and what you see. Hence why you look up shoes on Google, then for the following week you see shoe ads. It’s scary but unstoppable, opting out didn’t work

        • Smith

          You can stop it. Use Bing and Internet Explore with their tracking protection and you see no ad and none of these ads can track you.

          We are using it and we love it. No track no advertise.

          So yes there is a way to stop it. Stop using Google (spying company) product!

        • William Cron

          Does that include Android? ;-)

        • Respawn

          Use Firefox. Turn off tracking. Problem solved.

        • Anonymous

          Lol so you think MS doesn’t track you.

          You must very gullible.

          Bing is useless, and IE as well as a lot of “cookies” server and client side, track what you do easily with out you ever suspecting its happening.

          How do I know.  Well, lets just say there is a product called VS2010 (or 08 or 05) with which this is easily done with out a user ever even having a clue.  Doesn’t take much.  So anyone can track any user that uses any app. And this can be done in more subtle ways with an OS than an App.

          90% of all free apps track something about you.  That’s how they make money.

          So, before you go on preaching two useless products like Bing en IE.   Learn what really happens under your nose.  At least Google is honest about it.  and if you have nothing to hide, you should have nothing to fear.

          And if you have and use a Facebook/MSN/Hotmail/Yahoo/Google account, your privacy is totally shot regardless.

        • Guest

          What is useless here is your comment that shows you clearly don’t know and just trying so hard to show you know things, but you don’t.

          You just hate Microsoft and trolling like all thos ehaters.

          What he said is right and IE9 block all those tracks. IE9 and Bing are both good and works very smooth and nice and not usless product.

          Maybe you are the uselss product  ;)

        • Anonymous

          Actually mine says chicago too, I’m in the south. So I guess it doesn’t know where you are

        • Guest

          Welcome to Google world where they spy on you everywhere for their ad!

    • Anonymous

      I would donate also.

    • Jon, I’ve heard the very same “complaint” (and I say complaint because I know it’s more of a frustration to see than an actual complaint) and explained in the very same way. A lot of times these ads fall back to Google ads and Google runs ads based on topics…in our case…wireless, smartphones, mobile etc. They don’t lump ads based on a websites specific focus and there is now way to ask them to do that. I would never solicit donations or put a “donate here” button on this site. That’s just not going to happen. Ads are a necessary evil to sustain the site and donations, would never work to support both the site and all the required costs. It sounds good, but it’s not realistic. I don’t know why these ads bother anyone as we should just ignore them. We all find them on every website we visit, ads are a part of internet life. They are just one of those things we can’t avoid, a necessary evil. 

      • jon

        Gotcha. For me, it’s just annoying because my family has magenta blood. My wife has been with T-Mobile/Voicesteam for 11 years and they have treated our family very, very well. It’s understandable that donations couldn’t cover all costs. And although you and I haven’t always agreed on things written here, I for one, would donate in a heartbeat. For the most part you guys do well here with keeping people informed.


    Dont like windows phones but thats a cute nice looking phone only if it was android or blackberry :) and better specs lol but very very nice looking!!

    • David

      Can you Android fanboy guys just for once stop posting your useless comments on Windows Phone related posts!?

      We are reall tired of your fanboi and useless Android comments. You guys don’t change anything. We don’t like android and with these comments make us hate it more. You can’t change our mind we will not crappy Android phones when we have Windows Phone 7.


    • Daghost

      I don’t like your name.

  •  This phone is nice I’m hoping they get the Lumia 800 more then this phone ,originally had my heart set on. I hope they a planning on carrying more then one new WP7 device especially when AT&T are bringing 3 new devices so far  to add to there line up of Windows Phone

    • William Cron

      Well, this will probably run along side of the Radar, and I’m still seeing the HD7 in stores. I’d love to see the 800 as well, with the HD7 being free, the Radar and 710 hitting at $100 and the 800 coming in at $200.

  • Ash

    All newer nokia have T-mo bands….all 5 bands for 3G

  • I’m sure the 800 will pass through FCC with T-Mobile AWS, all their phones do.  So even if T-Mobile doesn’t sell it, we can get it through Nokia directly most likely.

  • Anonymous

    Nice looking phone, however i’d hope they get the 800.  The 800 seems like such nice quality hardware and OS that i’d possibly consider retiring my iPhone for it.  I hope Nokia does well with these.  I’m sick of Apple and Android dominance.  As much as i love Apple, i don’t mind it when their competitors keep them on their toes.  IMO Nokia just might be able to do that.

    • William Cron

      I think Android could be a much more serious contender to Apple if Google adopted the same mindset that they and Microsoft have. Android is being badly screwed up by OEMs and carriers.

      I definitely want to see Nokia step up with their WM offerings. I love the build quality of my Astound and a WM phone hats similar would be really nice.

  • Michael O’Sullivan

    If the 800 comes to t-Mobile i might consider it. The build quality of nokia’s is superb. 

  • Anonymous

    I really hope tmobile gets this one. And makes it available with UMA, I would def get this phone!

  • Giraffe

    Marry some of the best manufacturing build with some sexy software, and you have the makings of a resurgence for two brands that are flailing in the markets.

    Personally, as soon as this comes out, this is my new phone.  I think Nokia’s right, we need a third major competitor between iOS and Android, and it’s sure not Blackberry or Symbian.

  • FFL

    I’ll be checking for the unlocked version of this phone at online retailers like Amazon’s, Fry’s, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.
    The other day I saw an unlocked nokia 3710 (flip phone) at but i wasn’t sure of getting it, but when I was, it was gone. And I don’t want to get the same phone at Amazon (for about $15 more) because sometimes they are not really unlocked/unbranded.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Not the phone for me.  Nice design but the OS just doesn’t suit my tastes. 

    I am looking forward to the Tizen devices from Samsung and Intel now that Meego has evolved into Tizen.

    This is great news for those who like the new WP7 Nokia devices, as for me, I have moved away from Nokia as a cell phone company. 

    For those wondering if the 800 will pass with AWS, be sure that it will.  Nokia will be pushing WP7 hard so I’m sure it’ll be passing soon.  They’ll probably try to get it on multiple carriers as well.

    • Foxeh

      Be *sure* that it will? I admit, a T-Mo friendly Lumia 800 may very well be a nice catch. I’m not sure I’m prepared to snip my SIM card in half, though. ;)

  • Anonymous


    • Guest

      Yeah your comment ad opinion is DOA for sure!

  • Dave Macias

    it looks a lot like the KDDI IS12T from Toshiba/Fujitsu, almost exactly the same, even the colors.

  • Phoneless

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  • ixmntr

    I love my E7, I always get complements and it’s built really well. Plus Symbian belle is pretty good.

  • Riopato

    the magenta lumia 800 is the perfect phone to be a wp7 flagship device on T-mobile.

  • Enoel69

    Google needs to make sure the Galaxy Nexus gets a foot hold on Magenta pronto b4 the likes of the Nokia windows device like the Lumia 800 lure some potential G-Nex buyers. Tmobile presently i will argue is the perfect carrier for the Galaxy Nexus since it doesn’t really have any competition sale wise from the iPhone…which whether you like it or hate it is a magnet of a device. Lots of N1 and NS owners are looking fwd to upgrading to the ICS G-Nex and even many regular Android owners are looking fwd to bagging a pure vanilla Android device cz most of the OEM’s taking forever to upgrade their devices to the latest OS. Also i think Google should set an example for all the OEM’s and work to bring ICS to their own device the N1 which i should add has almost identical specs to the NS…even if it is a slim down version of ICS. If Apple can make it possible to upgrade the iPhone 3GS to iOS 5, i think Google can work to bring some form of ICS to the Nexus one.  

     [On a side note…the last upgrade to the N1 version 2.3.6 build number GRK39F…i realized i could no longer pinch to zoom, is this case on all the N1 devices since after the update? Can someone plsss  let me know if this is the case with their N1. Thnx in advance]