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T-Mobile Tuesdays Celebrates 8th Anniversary With Awesome Offers

And just like that, T-Mobile is already celebrating the eighth year of its T-Mobile Tuesdays program. With such a big celebration in place, the Un-carrier unveiled its big rewards for customers. After eight years and 400 Tuesdays since its inception, T-Mobile Tuesdays has a weeklong “Thankiversary.”   Starting on Tuesday, June 4th, T-Mobile Tuesdays has these deals in store:  Celebr8tion-worthy prizes: T-Mobile is serving up eight massive prizes for eight lucky customers — including $80,000 cash, $8,000 in … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile’s T Life App Now Displays Ads

Earlier this year, T-Mobile shut down its T-Mobile Tuesdays app to consolidate the service in its T Life app. T-Mobile referred to this app as a solution for users to have “access to benefits and more ways to connect with what’s important.” Although its T-Mobile Tuesdays reward program did not go away, it has began offering these in its T Life app.  Unfortunately, some users have reported seeing … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tuesdays’ Next Freebie is a Tote Bag

T-Mobile is on a roll with its rewards program. It’s been handing out physical freebies for some time now and the upcoming freebie is another one you’ll use a lot. The new merch that T-Mobile is giving away via its T Life app is a tote bag. This would go really well with the sunglasses that the Un-carrier gave away last time.   Just like the other merch it has released, T-Mobile’s new tote bag comes with the … [read full article]

T-Mobile Lets Anyone Win Custom Secret Baseball Button Device

Just before last week ended, it was reported that T-Mobile would be bringing back its free MLB.TV perk to customers. True enough, T-Mobile has made the official announcement that its MLB.TV perk will be available starting tomorrow, March 26 until Monday, April 1.  In line with MLB Opening Day, the Un-carrier has a new marketing trick in the form of a Secret Baseball Button. According to T-Mo, … [read full article]

T-Mobile Bringing Back Free MLB.tv Perk on March 26

Last month, it was reported that T-Mobile will be bringing back its much-loved free MLB.tv perk. And true enough, the free perk is already live on T-Mobile’s T Life app.  This marks the ninth year that T-Mobile is running this perk to its subscribers who are avid baseball fans. As such, it is already considered as one of T-Mobile’s longest running perks. Even though the perk is … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tuesdays’ Discount on Gas Reward is Not Working for Everyone Right Now


T-Mobile customers have long enjoyed the perks they get from the Un-carrier’s T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards program. Apart from discounts and coupons, T-Mobile also has physical items to give away.  Recently, the Un-carrier offered a 10-cent-a-gallon discount on gas. The offer gave customers a total discount of $2 for 20 gallons. Unfortunately, some customers are getting a “glitch in the system” that prohibits them from getting the discounted fuel.    The pop-up error message seen on [read full article]

T-Mobile is Giving Away Free Sunglasses Later This Month

T-Mobile Tuesdays is getting ready for spring! With the warmer weather, the Un-carrier wants to make sure that its customers stay protected in this heat, thanks to its upcoming physical freebie.  The Un-carrier is giving away a pair of sunglasses with its signature Magenta branding. The Mobile Report first revealed the Un-carrier’s plan to give sunglasses as its next physical freebie.  Take note, however, these are regular … [read full article]