T-Mobile Tuesdays’ New Reward is a Color-Changing Tumbler

Earlier this week, T-Mobile Tuesdays celebrated its 8th anniversary with a Thankiversary offer. While that’s going on, the next reward that the rewards program is giving away has been revealed. 

As shared by The Mobile Report, T-Mobile’s next reward is a color-changing tumbler. It may look like a regular cup with its white exterior and aluminum material. But once you pour in cold liquid inside it, the Un-carrier’s Magenta logo will appear on the outside. 

Aside from this neat feature, the tumbler seems to be made from quality materials. It is capable of retaining temperatures, which is perfect for those who love to drink cold drinks. 

You can claim this reward from T-Mobile’s T Life app. 

Note: The photo above is not the actual photo

Source: The Mobile Report

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