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T-Mobile presenting at UBS Global TMT Conference


T-Mobile’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Mike Sievert, will be giving a business update at the upcoming UBS Global TMT Conference. He will be providing a business update in the event. If you are interested in joining the event, you can tune into the webcast on Monday, December 6th at 5:00 pm ET.  During the virtual event, there will be a live webcast of Sievert’s talk. It will be available on this page.    Source: MyTechDecisions

Leak reveals T-Mobile will offer new Home Internet promotion to targeted customers

Because of how successful the public has accepted T-Mobile’s Home Internet service, the Un-Carrier is planning to unveil a new incentive promotion soon.  The T-Mo Report recently shared a leaked document detailing the new promotion incentive. Customers who sign up for the plan can enjoy the promotion, called 2021 HINT P9. Through this promotion, targeted customers can get a $150 virtual prepaid card when they use the service for a minimum of 60 days.  According to … [read full article]

T-Mobile launches campaign to help give low income families a better Christmas

The Season of Giving is here and T-Mobile is starting it right– by being a beacon of positive light to its employees, customers, and communities it serves. Together, T-Mobile hopes to fundraise for a common goal: to help out struggling households.  This year, T-Mobile intends to help families be able to purchase holiday gifts and essentials for their children. The Un-carrier launched the Pay Away the Layaway campaign as a way of helping out lower income households … [read full article]

T-Mobile acknowledges problem with Black Friday iPhone 13 promotion

Black Friday and Cyber Monday both just ended with the usual number of happy customers who were able to score a deal. But if you’re one of the T-Mobile customers who picked up an Apple device hoping to get a rebate on your purchase, you may want to hold off on celebrating just yet.  Before the much anticipated sale happened, T-Mobile already promoted the offer:  “Deals for Apple Fans: New and existing customers can score a FREE … [read full article]

T-Mobile, Verizon customers reported a service outage yesterday

Yesterday, both Verizon and T-Mobile trended on social media for negative reasons. It turned out that there were a number of customers of either carrier who experienced a service outage. Users from either network shared that they are unable to call numbers from rival carriers.  As seen on DownDetector, it looks like the issue first started around 12 pm EST. It then peaked hours later, around 5 pm EST, with around 3,600 T-Mobile customers who reported … [read full article]

T-Mobile unveils Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday is here and T-Mobile continues to celebrate the occasion by offering a selection of devices on sale.  Some of the deals include an Apple iPhone SE on Us via 24 monthly bill credits when you add a line on any postpaid consumer plan. This offer is available to new and existing T-Mobile and Sprint customers.  There is also a chance to get a free Samsung Galaxy A10e or A11, or an LG Velvet via 24 … [read full article]

T-Mobile will settle June 2020 outage for $19.5 million

Last year, T-Mobile customers experienced a massive outage that led to over 20,000 failed 911 emergency calls. And now, the mobile operator has agreed to settle a probe for $19.5 million.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prompted an investigation into the June 2020 outage that lasted over 12 hours. It also led to a congestion on T-Mobile’s networks and caused “the complete failure of more than 23,000 911 calls.”  As part of its consent decree with the … [read full article]

NAD: T-Mobile can’t use “most reliable” slogan on ads

T-Mobile is on the hot seat right now over its advertising claims of having the “most reliable” 5G network. This claim, of course, comes from umlaut’s latest survey. But apparently, the National Advertising Division (NAD) has ruled that T-Mo cannot advertise based on this claim. T-Mobile plans to appeal the decision.  This issue first arose after AT&T challenged the claims that the Un-carrier made on TV and online ads. It caught the attention of the NAD, which … [read full article]

Grab a limited Lite-Brite T-Mobile Edition toys and win a Magenta Ticket

T-Mobile has partnered with Hasbro to come up with the limited Lite-Brite T-Mobile Edition toy.  This partnership brings a nostalgic flair to T-Mobile’s feat since Lite-Brite toys have been part of every adult’s history for over 50 years. With their partnership, they bring about 184 magenta pegs that illustrate the US map. This is a representation of the Un-carrier’s move on lighting up the country with its 5G network.  Right now, you can order one of these … [read full article]

T-Mobile Home Internet user shares reaching 95TB data usage

So someone decided to put T-Mobile’s “no data caps” promise to the test. This is in reference to its Home Internet service, which gives users 95TB of data each month.  As shared by The T-Mo Report, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of his data use from his My T-Mobile account. The graph depicts his monthly data usage on his account, which shows 95,136.99 GB of data used up for the month of November. There … [read full article]