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T-Mobile Clarifies That They Were Not Affected by Outage

Around 4:00 AM EST today, there were a number of subscribers who reported having issues with their wireless carrier.  The issues were documented on DownDetector, which showed that the top three major carriers in the country were having issues making calls. There were also reports that customers were also having issues on Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Mint Mobile, Straight Talk, US Cellular, Spectrum, Comcast, Google … [read full article]

T-Mobile Will No Longer Offer MLS Season Pass

One of the perks that T-Mobile customers love is unfortunately going away. The Un-carrier offered a free year of Major League Soccer (MLS) Season Pass to customers in 2023. Sadly, the perk won’t be brought back for the 2024 season.  T-Mobile previously launched the free one-year MLS Season Pass subscription in February 2023. The offer was available to use on the Apple TV app. But with the 2024 MLS season kickoff today, the offer will not be … [read full article]

T-Mobile Makes an Offer to Expedite 2.5 GHz Spectrum Turnover


Back in 2022, T-Mobile won an additional 2.5 GHz spectrum in an auction held by the FCC. The Un-carrier already spent around $304 million in this spectrum, yet never received the licenses since the auction authority of the FCC expired. Ever since then, T-Mobile has been trying its best to get the licenses granted to them.  The last report on the issue was in December when President Joe Biden already signed the 5G SALE Act. Through this, … [read full article]

Deutsche Telekom Plans to Develop New Phone Without Apps

Deutsche Telekom is working with to create a new phone that comes with zero apps. The two plan to unveil the app at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, which will be held in Barcelona later in the month. Through this partnership, the two hope to make computers an extension of the human mind.  The AI phone, as it is called, will break the norm. It is an app-free interface that can predict and generate contextual … [read full article]

T-Mobile’s Systems Now Fully Restored After Downtime

Earlier today, T-Mobile customers encountered some issues when making calls and text messages.  As reported by The Mobile Report, the problem started around 6am ET on Friday, February 16. The customers who encountered the issue reported getting a “message sending failed” error even though their messages were actually going through. The issue likely affected the confirmation of sent SMS texts. There were also some customers who encountered issues making … [read full article]

T-Mobile Exposed Customer Data to Hackers, Per Lawsuit

A 2022 lawsuit against T-Mobile revealed how T-Mobile exposed the data of its customers to hackers. The lawsuit was filed by an investor in the company that goes by the name Jenna Harper.  As reported by PhoneArena, the lawsuit claimed that T-Mobile has one unified database where its customer data and credentials are organized into. This database then trains AI and machine learning models, which has the tendency … [read full article]

T-Mobile Achieves Record-Breaking Speeds in New 5G UL Tx Switching Test

T-Mobile celebrates a new milestone as it achieves an uplink speed of 345 Mbps on its 5G SA network. This number was achieved when the Un-carrier tested a new feature called UL Tx switching.  The 345 Mbps achieved by T-Mobile is a significant number since it is the fastest-ever recorded in North America that makes use of sub-6 GHz spectrum. This achievement shows that T-Mobile’s technology has the potential to revolutionize data transmission between mobile devices to … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile Customers Discover Glitch to Unlock Unpaid Samsung Devices

There’s always a catch when you buy a new smartphone from a carrier instead of directly from the manufacturer. While these phones may seem to give a discount or even offer it for free with a plan, it also means that you’ll be stuck with the carrier until you pay off the device. And understandably, carriers do this to deter fraud so it’s usually a Win-Win scenario.  Earlier today, however, it looks like T-Mobile customers found a … [read full article]

T-Mobile Signs 10-Year Partnership With VA Healthcare in the Caribbean

T-Mobile has announced a new partnership with the Veterans Affairs Caribbean Healthcare System in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The office chose the Un-carrier as its primary wireless provider with a 10-year agreement.  This partnership gives VA healthcare professionals in 15 locations access to T-Mobile’s networks. As a result, they can rely on low latency and 5G reliability to ensure resilient and consistent connectivity when handling telehealth, patient care, and disaster response.  T-Mobile will be … [read full article]

T-Mobile CEO Pens Blog Post Explaining the Perks Customers Receive

Customers are always being rewarded by brands through their loyalty programs. Unfortunately, some of these programs are only a ploy to keep customers spending for rewards that offer little to nothing value.  Thankfully, T-Mobile has kept its customers excited with the rewards they offered every week. And now, with the launch of Magenta Status, the Un-carrier is ready to elevate the rewards they give to their customers.  In an earlier blog post by T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, … [read full article]