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T-Mobile’s Advertising Division Partners With Uber’s Octopus Interactive

In addition to today’s partnership with the US Navy, T-Mobile announced that it has partnered with Uber’s Octopus Interactive, the ride-hailing service’s advertising division. With this new partnership, Uber will use T-Mobile’s rideshare inventory to expand its JourneyTV offer to more than 50,000 vehicles this year.  This means that T-Mobile screens will be displaying the JourneyTV rider experience on an ongoing Uber trip. JourneyTV displays a live trip … [read full article]

T-Mobile Makes $50,000 Donation to 5 Organisations in Colorado

T-Mobile is making a donation amounting to $50,000 to five nonprofit organizations in Denver and Colorado Springs. The five organizations include the following: Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado Children’s Hospital Colorado Heartspace Kids Hero’s Puppy for Life MaxFund Animal Adoption Center These five organizations will be receiving a $10,000 donation to support their initiatives. They were chosen by T-Mo employees in Colorado’s Mountain Plains area as the recipients of the Difference Maker Award, which … [read full article]

T-Mobile Inks 10-Year Deal With US Navy

T-Mobile just signed a 10-year partnership with the US Navy. Through this deal, T-Mobile will be supplying the wireless technology needed by this branch of the US military for seaborne operations. In the announcement, T-Mobile revealed that this is a Spiral 4 pact, which allows the Department of Defense to place orders for wireless service and equipment from the Un-carrier.  As detailed by PhoneArena, this deal means that T-Mobile … [read full article]

T-Mobile Says Removal of Google Authenticator App is Only Temporary

Mobile security plays an important role in today’s smartphones. With so many attempts for hacking and phishing, having an authenticator app for two-step verification is a must. But as T-Mobile customers noted, the Google Authenticator app has stopped working on their devices. This led them to believe that the Un-carrier is no longer offering this to its customers.  With the Google Authenticator app gone, users are … [read full article]

Winners of 4th T Challenge Unveiled

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom have announced the winners of the fourth T Challenge competition. The six winning teams are taking home cash prizes and a chance to develop and implement their technologies with T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom in the US and Europe.  The winners for the 2024 T Challenge are: First place: Synthefy (US) Second place: Invenium (France) Third place: [read full article]

Google Messages Will Soon Accept 911 Texts via RCS

Good news for those who prefer to send text messages over making calls. Google will soon allow 911 texts via RCS on Google Messages.  As of this writing, only half of emergency dispatch centers in the country accept 911 alerts via SMS. By allowing these areas to accept 911 texts via RCS, features like read receipts and location sharing can be used.  To make this happen, Google is working with RapidSOS. The company was already able to … [read full article]