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T-Mobile deploys emergency response teams to areas affected by tornadoes

T-Mobile is responding to the tornadoes that have hit across Georgia and Alabama. The Un-carrier has expressed its thoughts for those impacted by this devastation.  In a blog post today, T-Mobile announced that it has deployed its Community Support teams early this morning. These teams are heading to Selma, AL and Griffin, GA along with emergency response vehicles that will provide various services and supplies. Affected … [read full article]

T-Mobile shuts down its brick-and-mortar stores, announces new distribution changes

Earlier today, NWIDA heard reports that “many, if not all’ Territory Managers at T-Mobile were being let go. The report shared that this could be “another step in T-Mobile going to a (vast) majority of corporate owned stores and eliminating the dealer network.” After a few minutes, the report was confirmed that T-Mobile announced its … [read full article]

Some Pixel users on T-Mobile’s network are not getting updates

One of the reasons why many smartphone users opt to use a Pixel smartphone is the fact that they get timely Android OS and security updates. They are almost always the first ones to get a major Android OS update whenever it is released. And usually, the update comes like clockwork, almost as soon as a new month comes.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many Pixel users on T-Mobile’s network. And today, these frustrations have come … [read full article]

TCL’s new Tab 8 LE tablet is coming to T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile

Recently, TCL has been introducing its newest devices in the market. But it looks like they aren’t done unveiling its new devices. According to XDA Developers, TCL will be announcing its new Tab 8 LE tablet; which will be available on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile starting this week.  The Tab 8 LE comes with an 8-inch display and an 800×1280 resolution. From … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile is in talks with Mint Mobile over acquisition rumors

There are reports that T-Mobile US Inc. is considering acquiring Mint Mobile. The latter is a budget wireless provider that is partly owned by actor Ryan Reynolds.  Right now, information on this report is scarce. But according to Bloomberg, the two companies are currently discussing the possibility. A final decision has not yet been made so there’s still the possibility that Mint Mobile could decide … [read full article]

More details on T-Mobile-Costco arrangement are revealed

As a follow up to last week’s report that Costco will be running a pilot program that will sell T-Mobile’s products in its stores, an update has been released. The T-Mo Report revealed that the Un-carrier will be the exclusive wireless provider in 178 Costco stores.  The publication shared documents detailing this new move from the Un-carrier. The documents reveal that … [read full article]

Report reveals next T-Mobile Tuesdays freebie

T-Mobile has a new item to give away to its customers. Using the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, the Un-carrier will be giving away a branded umbrella next.  This was earlier revealed by The T-Mo Report, who shared the images of what the umbrella will look like. The umbrella has an alternating panel of a solid black and one with T-Mobile’s shortened logo. It has a plastic handle and an expanding metal … [read full article]

T-Mobile partners with Delta Air Lines to give free Wi-Fi to all passengers

T-Mobile is giving frequent travelers more reason to enjoy their flights as part of its Coverage Beyond program.  Earlier today, T-Mobile partnered with Delta Air Lines to give passengers free Wi-Fi access. And this perk is even available to AT&T and Verizon customers.  As announced by T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert: “At T-Mobile, we believe staying connected while traveling should be an easy, seamless experience. T-Mobile customers already get free in-flight Wi-Fi, and now we’re partnering with Delta … [read full article]

Report: Costco to offer T-Mobile service directly in select stores

Back in December, Wireless Advocates shut down without warning. And as a result, this affected mobile sales in Costco, particularly T-Mobile service deals that were exclusively available in these stores. With this, Costco has decided to sell T-Mobile’s services directly in its stores.  This was reported today by The T-Mo Report. According to the report, select Costco stores around the country will be rolling out a … [read full article]

T-Mobile shares preliminary 2022 earnings results

Earlier today, T-Mo shared its preliminary customer results ahead of its Q4 and Full-Year 2022 earnings report. The biggest update reveals that the company was able to deliver the highest growth year in T-Mobile history for its postpaid accounts, postpaid customers, and broadband customers.   Some of the highlights from the announcement include the following: Delivered record high postpaid net account adds of 1.4 million, including an expected industry-best fourth quarter of 314 thousand. We are particularly proud … [read full article]