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Cox Communications wishes to be freed from earlier MVNO agreement with Sprint

It seems like there is some development to the ongoing case between Cox Communications and T-Mobile. As reported by Fierce Wireless, the two had some oral arguments in the Delaware Supreme Court this week.  For some time now, Cox Communications has been planning to start offering wireless service as an MVNO. The only thing that has been stopping them from doing this is the ongoing legal battle it has with T-Mobile. This is because Cox had … [read full article]

T-Mobile releases updated statement regarding Privacy Relay bug

In a surprising turn of events, the blocking of the new Private Relay feature on some Apple devices has already stirred controversy. After it was reportedly discovered to be blocking the feature on select phones, T-Mobile already came out with a statement refuting the claim. The Un-carrier also did some investigating and found that “some device settings default to the feature being toggled off” in the 15.2 iOS release. The carrier shared this discovery with … [read full article]

Halo represents T-Mobile at the (driverless) races

T-Mobile has just made history at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway! Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed that they were able to represent the company at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Un-Carrier was represented by Halo, which used a driverless vehicle in the competition.  According to the reveal, Halo was able to reach up to 95 mph in its warm up laps before starting each round. This was, of course, accomplished using T-Mo’s Ultra Capacity 5G network.  The … [read full article]

Get up to $750 off on a new OnePlus device

In addition to the Pixel 6 trade-in offer that T-Mobile is running, it looks like a similar offer will soon be available on the new OnePlus phones.  According to internal documents acquired by The T-Mo Report, T-Mobile customers can get up to $750 off on the OnePlus 8T+, OnePlus 9, or OnePlus 9 Pro. Customers on a MAX plan or equivalent can enjoy a $750 or $375 discount on any of these three phones. The … [read full article]

T-Mobile explains why some users don’t have Private Relay

Yesterday, there were reports that T-Mobile has started blocking Apple’s new privacy feature called iCloud Private Relay. Shortly after the report spread, T-Mobile released a statement that it wasn’t blocking the feature unlike its European counterpart, who have blocked the feature along with EE, Vodafone, and Telefonica.  Today, T-Mobile is shedding more light into the matter after it has discovered what was causing the feature to be blocked.  In a statement to Bloomberg, T-Mo said: … [read full article]

Leaked documents reveal T-Mobile offering up to $600 discount on Pixel 6 devices

T-Mobile is rolling out an unbeatable trade-in offer on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. According to leaked internal documents obtained by The T-Mo Report, T-Mo will be offering up to $600 off on a new Pixel 6 device starting tomorrow, January 13th.  The promotion will be available for T-Mo customers on Magenta MAX or another premium plan (MAX/Plus line add-ons included). Once you meet this criteria, you can purchase the Pixel 6 or Pixel … [read full article]

T-Mobile is starting to block Apple’s new Private Relay feature

Update (01/11/22 12:13 pm): T-Mobile has released a statement to XDA Developers regarding the issue. “Customers who chose plans and features with content filtering (e.g. parent controls) do not have access to the iCloud Private Relay to allow these services to work as designed. All other customers have no restrictions.” The original article follows. Apple recently released a new privacy feature in iOS 15. The feature, called Private Relay, was first revealed at WWDC in June 2021 and was slated … [read full article]

T-Mobile acquires Octopus Interactive

T-Mobile has expanded its reach to the ridesharing network.  Earlier today, the Un-carrier announced that it has acquired Octopus Interactive. This company is responsible for the interactive video screens found inside ridesharing vehicles, such as Lyft and Uber. With this acquisition, T-Mobile is able to expand its advertising offers to marketers.  Octopus Interactive has a wide reach around the country. Through its network, brands are able to advertise geotargeted campaigns. T-Mobile’s acquisition of the company allows it … [read full article]

Leaked insider document details Sprint migration timeline

T-Mobile intends to push through with its Sprint migration this year and they are starting to take action. One of the things that T-Mobile will be focusing on under this network shutdown is to migrate Sprint customers to their own billing system. And as revealed by The T-Mo Report, it looks like the full migration process has already started.  The publication shared an internal slide that comes from T-Mobile’s “Sprint Complete 2022” slideshow. The document talks … [read full article]

T-Mobile signs agreement with Crown Castle

T-Mobile has signed a new 12-year agreement with Crown Castle International Corp. This partnership will support the continuous build-out of T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network as it will give the Un-carrier “increased access” to the towers and small cell locations of Crown Castle.  As a result of this partnership, T-Mobile will be able to further expand and deepen its 5G network reach. It will be able to serve more customers in the US. For its part, Crown Castle … [read full article]