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T-Mobile Subscriber Shares Recent Experience that Nearly Scammed Him


As always, we continue to remind our readers to not share their verification code with anyone, even if this person explains that they are a T-Mobile representative. This is always the case with scams as they have victimized numerous consumers through this method.  A T-Mobile subscriber shared his recent encounter with a scammer pretending to be a T-Mobile representative. The poster shared he received multiple phone calls … [read full article]

Report: T-Mobile’s T Life App Now Displays Ads

Earlier this year, T-Mobile shut down its T-Mobile Tuesdays app to consolidate the service in its T Life app. T-Mobile referred to this app as a solution for users to have “access to benefits and more ways to connect with what’s important.” Although its T-Mobile Tuesdays reward program did not go away, it has began offering these in its T Life app.  Unfortunately, some users have reported seeing … [read full article]

T-Mobile Now Available at Almost All Sam’s Club Locations

Sam’s Club members are in for a treat today as T-Mobile expands its retail presence in almost all locations of the membership chain. Since they are Sam’s Club’s exclusive in-club wireless provider, you can shop for the latest T-Mo plans and devices through their Mobile Experts.  As part of this launch, T-Mobile has an exclusive offer to Sam’s Club members. If you switch to the Un-Carrier (or add a new line) and get a device, you can … [read full article]

T-Mobile Now Displays Its “Nutrition Labels” for Broadband Service

Internet service providers (ISPs), including T-Mobile, are now required to display its broadband facts. This is a mandate from new federal regulations requiring such companies to be transparent with their wired and wireless broadband services.  Dubbed on the internet as “nutrition labels,” these aim to let consumers know what their broadband service includes.  When T-Mobile announced this at the start of the month, it was easy to think it was part of their April Fool’s prank. After … [read full article]

Unauthorized Man Climbs T-Mobile Tower, Causes $500K Damage

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably don’t know that it’s illegal to tamper with cellular towers. Doing so is extremely dangerous and costly. This is what one man from Miami recently discovered.  As reported by WSVN, a man climbed up a 127-foot four-carrier tower on Wednesday. The 38-year-old man believed he was working for T-Mobile and had “stuff to do.” When he reached the top … [read full article]

PSA: T-Mobile’s Profiling Toggle is Activated by Default

As spotted on a Reddit post a month ago, users learned that T-Mobile has implemented a toggle to allow the “automated profiling” of your user data in its Privacy Center. By activating this feature, T-Mo can analyze and predict how their users behave when interacting with support.  The Un-carrier previously activated this setting to be on by default in 2021. When the feature was discovered, many users were … [read full article]

T-Mobile Tuesdays’ Next Freebie is a Tote Bag

T-Mobile is on a roll with its rewards program. It’s been handing out physical freebies for some time now and the upcoming freebie is another one you’ll use a lot. The new merch that T-Mobile is giving away via its T Life app is a tote bag. This would go really well with the sunglasses that the Un-carrier gave away last time.   Just like the other merch it has released, T-Mobile’s new tote bag comes with the … [read full article]

T-Mobile is Giving Away Blink Smart Home Package for a Limited Time

T-Mobile’s new announcement will encourage you to switch to its 5G internet. Starting today, you can get a free Blink smart home package when you switch to T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet or Small Business Internet service.  The package comes with the Blink Outdoor 4 two-camera system and a Blink Mini Pan-Tilt camera, which costs a total of $229.97.  This is a great deal if you are planning to move to a new home or office. The deal … [read full article]

Report Clarifies the Vague Text that Scared Some T-Mobile Customers

Last week, some T-Mobile customers received a text update informing them of an upcoming change in account credits. These customers were told that they will be getting a “lump sum” credit but did not specify what this was.  The text message that some T-Mo customers received read: “We’re changing how we apply account credits for selected offers. On your next bill, you’ll receive one lump-sum credit for the remainder of your offer value instead of a recurring … [read full article]

T-Mobile is Testing Its Second Line Service in Select Markets

T-Mobile is now letting some of its customers experience having a “Second Line.”  As shared by The Mobile Report, this feature is currently being tested in “very select markets.”   Some important information about Second Line that you should know:  It doesn’t come with data and is meant to just be a second number on the same line.  Compatible devices can use a single physical SIM and … [read full article]