Report: T-Mobile’s T Life App Now Displays Ads

Earlier this year, T-Mobile shut down its T-Mobile Tuesdays app to consolidate the service in its T Life app. T-Mobile referred to this app as a solution for users to have “access to benefits and more ways to connect with what’s important.”

Although its T-Mobile Tuesdays reward program did not go away, it has began offering these in its T Life app. 

Unfortunately, some users have reported seeing ads in their T Life app. As The Mobile Report shares, users spotted an ad for a mobile game called “Match Collector.” It’s possible that T-Mobile still has a number of other ads in its roster to show on the app. 

The publication also shares that T-Mobile could be using the app as a way to gain revenue for footing the freebies it offers in its rewards program. After all, these freebies still cost money. And with millions of customers on the line, that cost can add up. 

Hopefully, T-Mobile makes sure that the ads that show up on its T Life app have been vetted that they aren’t scams. 

Source: The Mobile Report

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