T-Mobile Subscriber Shares Recent Experience that Nearly Scammed Him


As always, we continue to remind our readers to not share their verification code with anyone, even if this person explains that they are a T-Mobile representative. This is always the case with scams as they have victimized numerous consumers through this method. 

A T-Mobile subscriber shared his recent encounter with a scammer pretending to be a T-Mobile representative. The poster shared he received multiple phone calls back to back from a number that his caller ID identified to be a legit T-Mobile number. When he finally picked up the phone, the person identified himself as a T-Mobile representative who was confirming an order on his account before processing it. 

The subscriber then hung up the phone since he knew he did not order any phone. Since he was growing suspicious of the caller, he already reset his password. 

After a few minutes, the caller phoned him again. He explained that he did not order anything and the caller told him he will reset the password on his account. He told the subscriber to read him back a code that the 462 number will send him. When he told the caller that he already changed his password, the caller said that he needs to be the one to change his password. 

When he received the 462 text message, he gave a fake number and hung up the phone, blocked the number, and called T-Mo’s 611 number. A real T-Mobile representative took note of the incident. 

The Redditor shared: 

“So, word of warning for everyone: if it smells rotten, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to disconnect, and call 611 yourself to confirm any suspicious account behaviors.”

There you go, be suspicious of such phone calls. 

Source: PhoneArena