T Life App Gets Account Management Feature

Despite celebrating its 8th anniversary, T-Mobile revamped its rewards program, T-Mobile Tuesdays, to be part of the new T Life app. Today, the app comes with new features spotted by The Mobile Report

The website revealed that iOS users saw an update on their T Life app on May 31st. The update read: 

“Big news! Now you can manage your T-Mobile account right from the app, including the ability to add a new line. But we’re just getting started. T-Life will be the go-to spot for all things T-Mobile, and more features are on the way.”

With this new change, customers now have access to their information via the “Manage” tab on the bottom-right section of the app. The information displayed here will depend on the credentials used in the app. But if you are the primary user, you should have access to everything, including your bill balance, due date, and line information. 

If you would like to change your payment information, set up a payment arrangement, or view your bill breakdown, you can tap on the arrow in “More billing and payment options.”

The tab also gives you other account management features, like adding more people or lines to your account, adding a “Magenta Pass” to your iOS Wallet, and managing device payment plans.  

Right now, the update is only available on iOS devices. The Android version of the update is still in its early stages. But it should be available soon.

Source: The Mobile Report

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