T-Mobile’s Next Physical Freebie is a Pickleball Set


T-Mobile wants you to stay active. One way it is doing this is by giving away a physical item in its next T-Mobile Tuesdays perk. 

As revealed by The Mobile Report, the next freebie that T-Mobile is giving away is a pickleball set. This comes with a couple of full-size pickleball paddles and a ball. Both paddles come with the signature Magenta color and T-Mobile’s T logo. 

Right now, we don’t know for sure when T-Mobile plans to give away this freebie. But reports say that stores across the country have already received boxes containing the sets. It’s possible that T-Mobile will be giving away these pickleball sets on Tuesday, July 16. 

If you’re interested, you can claim the perk via the T Life app.

Source: The Mobile Report

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