Galaxy Tab 10.1 Arriving Into Retail Stores, Ready For Its T-Mobile Debut

With a launch date confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is beginning to make its way into T-Mobile stores a few days ahead of launch. The Galaxy Tab will be the first of three tablets T-Mobile will unveil this holiday season with the T-Mobile Springboard made by Huawei launching on November 9th and the Galaxy Tab Plus 7″ tablet arriving sometime in November.

Some of the best reasons to pick up the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is its skinny size, 10.1″ 1280×800 display, Tegra 2 processor and 4G radio. Of course you’ll also get some pre-loaded apps such as T-Mobile TV, Zinio, Asphalt 6, Sim City Deluxe Demo, Samsung Media Hub and more.

Still no word on pricing. Enjoy the gallery.

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  • Tseav

    I have the wifi version and I love it! This is a great tablet!

  • Josessi

    Why are data plans for tablets more expensive than for phones?
    Total rip-off.

    • Thompc82

      If you do value and have a voice line . It 20. 30. 60. Same as classic data plans..

    • Sadiepass

      They are in fact significantly less expensive particularly on value.

    • Anonymous

      you are getting the same data of course its a rip off. Tethering data is a rip off as well.

  • Chad

    This may be my Christmas present to myself, especially after samsung has confirmed that it’ll be updated to ICS.

    • Adamboyd83

      Yeah but with this version you are gonna have to wait for Tmobile to push it out. I wanna get this because I have a line that isnt being used but Im wondering how long it will take to get the update to 4.0.

      • Chad

        Good point. Hopefully it would come sooner rather than later

  • Mvaughan06

    if i has an upgrade available on a classic voice line could i get a tab on it and just use it on my wifi @home? they’d have me for another 2 years so why not?

    • Anonymous

      No, in order to use an upgrade to get a tablet, you must change the line to a tablet plan ($20 / month minimum). You could convert the voice line to a tablet plan though.

      • Mvaughan06

        nahh. need the line. but i figured if i could use it for a tab and just use my wifi that’d be nice. kinda silly considering it’s a 2 year deal for them. but i guess having an additional line is what they’re looking for. oh well

  • Youngt82

    Hmm sounds like i might be getting this :)

  • Anonymous

    This tablet is old news already.  Really old news.  I wouldn’t buy it on contract.  

  • J. Williams

    Full cost? Anyone know?


    Is the screen AMOLED though?

  • “Ready For It’s T-Mobile Debut”. You meant “Its”.

  • Maximillianrg

    This tablet only has 16BG of internal memory – wish it had 32 or 64.  Also there is no SD slot so you have to by an adapter.  I will get this – just wish the memory was better

  • 3232

    I will not get this tablet per it only has 16 GB off memory with no SD card slot and it has a 3 mpxl camera! WTF??? those 2 things in my opinion ruined this tablet better buy would still be the G Slate

  • 3232

    full cost for the Galaxy Tablet is  $650.00 This is $50.00 More then the G Slaate! the G slate is 8.9 inches with 32 GB built in memory. G slate has a better camera as well 5mpxl