T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 10.1, Springboard Tablet Release Dates Revealed

We’ve been waiting to hear official word from Magenta regarding release dates for their next series of tablets and now thanks to the sign-up pages for both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and T-Mobile Springboard, we know exactly when both will arrive.


The T-Mobile Springboard, Huawei’s first tablet offering with T-mobile is set to arrive November 9th and if the crazy rumors we’re hearing are right, this 7″ tablet could arrive with a low low price of $179.99. Ever since our first ninja rumor regarding the Springboard, we’ve been told it would come in below $200 pricing on a two year contract but we thought that would meant a $199.99 price tag. If this is indeed true and the tablet arrives with a $179.99 price tag on a two year contract, it’s an incredible deal. The Springboard features a 7? HD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, SD card slot for up to 32GB of expandable memory, Adobe Flash, 5 megapixel rear camera, 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and 720p video recording.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is marked for a November 2nd release and will be released along with a number of handsets that day. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes 4G ready in a 1.2 package featuring a 10.1? HD display along with a Tegra 2 processor, Adobe Flash support along with pre-installed apps such as T-Mobile TV, Samsung Media Hub, Asphalt 6, Sim City Deluxe Demo, Zinio and more. No word on pricing.

If you want more details prior to release sign up below to learn more.

T-Mobile Springboard

Galaxy Tab 10.1

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  • Anonymous

    Is there a WiFi version of that Springboard?  I want to get a tablet for Christmas, but I don’t need one that can get on a mobile network (and I don’t want to pay the premium for a device with that capability).  I’m also looking for a decent honeycomb tablet on the cheap and this device looks like it should fit the bill.

  • KingKong

    “Preloaded with popular apps ready to go, right out of the box” – and into the trash. Thanks for the bloatware, t-mobile. NO ONE WANTS THIS SH1T!

    • Daghost

      So funny, but so true…except for asphalt 6. That game is great

    • J. Williams

      My goodness, it’s not that bad.  YOU don’t want it, others may.  They are like every other company, they have to put their items on their products.  Don’t want it, go get the wifi version.  NO ‘bloatware’ simple as that.

      • Frigadroid

        Lol to bloatware. I sill have all the vibrant bloatware like a app hoarding junkie just in case someday I might need their cheesy apps.
        The only apps I update are the angry birds. I’m afraid to update google maps because the navigation and gps location actually work now, and many apps will only update to limit, charge or track you most commonly just for advertisement.
        I use the native task manager and turn off background data, yet I notice running processes like the media hub and google chat siphoning away data & keeping tabs on me. I guess its finally time to at least delete all the ones that want me to sign up & pay that I know I will never use.
        Side bar, isn’t it bizarre that apple’s marketing of it’s voice control as new is creating a buzz? I have been dictating to my phone since the g1, wasn’t it included like android 1.6 or 1.5?

        • J. Williams

          Yep, 1.5 I think. But Apple is always trying to scam or fool people, and they sure get it to work. ‘siri’ come on lol.

        • Trying to scam people, fool people? Dude…can you also tell me movie studio the moon landing was filmed on?

        • Frigadroid

          It’s just better marketing nothing more. Tmobile choose for some reason to display their phone’s ability by searching for ice cream. A few kids were impressed but adults not so much.
          Apple’s marketing team are more creative however and can make the smallest advancements look so brilliant. No fooling or scams just masters of promotion.

        • Guest

          Your such a smart ass. Why do apple followers get so upset when comments are made? The iphone has not changed at all, and people who buy are crazy! Getting fools and played. Its funny how you are supposed to be a die hard tmobile fan, but you dont even use a tmobile phone. Why is that?

        • Bratty

          When millions of people buy and some of you don’t, wonder who the *fools* are? Android has NOTHING like Siri. And if you think it does, well, you have answered question #1.

        • T-Mobile has long prided itself on being able to bring any phone to the network and use it. That’s exactly what I do and there are a million other people doing it with me. It’s all about preference and I use what I prefer. I don’t know why anyone would view it in a bad light.

        • Bratty

          Siri is not dictation….but you would probably not know that since you are so bright there is no reason to actually understand what the new product is. When you can set a gps location reminder on Android, come back to this blog.

        • Realcool2000


        • Frigadroid

          Gps location reminder lol you really need that?
          Is that what you consider relevant to the comparison of google voice search / android voice input and or aka genius button vs siri? If asking your phone a question and getting an answer doesn’t seem similar to you, then its understandable why you would go on a fan boy huff and assume that you are so bright and no one could comprehend your understanding of what’s relevant.
          For the sake of advancing technology I would hope Siri works great and does all of what android could do two years ago and more. I’m not hating on Apple I’m just making an observation.

    • No 2 ATT

      If you don’t like some of the progs on there, download z4root, and superuser, then you’ll be able to remove said crapware. 

  • J. Williams

    If priced right this time around, they will sell.  People don’t want to pay $399 for something they can get a wifi version of in bestbuy or walmart.  Price it right, and it will do well.  I would get one in a heartbeat.

  • jc

    It’s seems to be a great tablet but if it is too expensive nobody will want it. Theyh have to he careful to see what the price people are willing to buy for now that the kindle fire for 200 dollars is coming in november they got to be smart about it

  • Q4dasouth

    Why won’t T-Mobile give us a price on the new galaxy 10.1? Hmmmmm……. Will it cost as much as the IPad 2?

  • Anonymous

    Original price of the springboard is $429 and yes $179 down on value. 7″ Samsung galaxy will be $249 down and $499 full retail. I think I saw the galaxy 10.1 at $649 full price.

    • Richard Lee

      $429? What’s your source for that? I haven’t been able to find an unsubsidized price posted anywhere.

      Incidentally, the T-Mo website just pushed the release date of the SpringBoard to Nov 16, alas.

      • 311music

        The $429 price for the springboard was shown on a slide at a device seminar I attended a few days ago. I work for Tmobile and I got a hands on with it, super solid device all metal and plenty fast. Feels very solid and I would think about it if your looking for a well built tablet. I did like the Samsung 7″ a little better because it was a tad lighter and seemed to have a better screen.

        • Richard Lee

          Thanks. Yeah, I’m seriously considering those two 7″ options. Best Buy and Amazon are offering the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (preorder) for $399.99; I think that’s WiFi only, though. One of the selling points of the SpringBoard should be the higher-res screen: 1280×800 vs 1024×600, so I’m curious about your screen comment.

          Either way, looks I won’t have one in hand before I start my trip in two weeks, sadly.