T-Mobile Sends Out Notice For Next All Hands Day Sale

Have you been wondering when T-Mobile would hold their next “All Hands Day” sale? Well wonder no more as T-Mobile has alerted retail store managers that November 19th is the day.

“To continue to make the latest wireless internet services accessible and even more affordable, and to support T-Mobile customer needs during an anticipated high-volume day, retail store managers need to schedule November 19th as an all-hands day.”

The speculation and guessing games begin right now as I’m sure we are all super curious based on the timing of this day as it preempts a Black Friday sale. The hope for T-Mobile is likely to pull as many customers into their retail stores before they and their competition prepare for Black Friday battle. Let the guessing games begin!

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  • Lu

    great, another sale filled with rebates.

    • Anonymous

      better than no sales at all.

  • Thismainevent

    Hopefully they drop the price of the sg2 $199

  • Kyjeepbear

    Ya know the ‘specialness’ wears off with frequency…. this -all hands- nonsense may as well happen every day. If it’s gonna be a BIG SALE it shouldn’t happen whenever they run out of idea’s to drag customers into the stores. Apparently the Marketing Dept. has already been let go.

  • Kyjeepbear

    I heard it was the iPhone!! 

    • Anonymous

      dude, no

      • Anonymous

        Gives customers options other then leaving Tmobile.

        • Anonymous

          i meant that there is now way the iphone is already coming to Tmo.  Our AWS chip makes the phone thicker, and Tmo’s engineers and apple are working on a way to make our AWS chip fit inside the iphone without making the phone thicker.  i want the iphone on tmo, its just going to take a while.

        • Johntho21

          So how is it that companies like Samsung and HTC makes phones thinner than the iPhone (SG2 and HTC Amaze) with AWS chips?!?!

        • Cmon

          got em. 

    • Ferminmartin2003

      I hate to say it but I hope so that’s what tmobile needs to stop the bleeding and right the ship from sinking


        Iam working for T-MOBILE and my sales have been increasing month to month great price great phone line up great service   Iam lovin it .

    • Anonymous

      Ha, ya right.

    • I heard it was Elvis.

  • I’m hoping for a 4g sale, I’m looking to reup from my Vibrant to an SGS2

  • skidmarksally

    maybe they let all the g2x owners get a discount on new phone lol 

    • Luckiime08

      I called tech support and they acted like I was the first one telling them about the phone having problems. 2 master resets and it still doesn’t work! And they want to send me the same piece of sh*t phone again!

      • skidmarksally

        Lol my phone is working good super fast but still hate the camera I can’t manual focus it like the froyo. But it would be nice to get a new phone lol

  • if the Nokia 800 is in the roster then im in, if not then *yawn*

  • Yahoo

    $49 down for the Amaze and s2 on a value plan instead of the normal $229 and $259

  • Anonymous

    nexus!! <3

  • 123

    yawn….it will be as disappointing as the last sale. If they can give me a free bold 9900, then ill be in. But I doubt that will happen so I’ll pass. 

    • Cmon

      yawn is 100% rite. These “special” rebate sales are getting old. This will be my third black friday working at T-mobile and the smae thing will happen. Numerous people will come in asking and no one buying.

      • Anonymous

        I really do hope it’s the GN!

    • Anonymous

      so you want a $600 phone for free?  keep dreaming.

      • 123

        Why not? They have given great deals before. If they really want me to commit 2 years to a sinking ship this late in the game (which I would like to remind you that it is very counter-intuitive to do so), then they are going to have to do things to really entice me in order to keep from hemorrhaging customers and to keep their valuation of tmo high enough in case the attmobile deal goes south.

        • …Really? Let me guess, you’d then cancel your contract, pay the $200 and be out the door with a Bold 9900 for…..$200.

          Or do you just think that T-Mobile has no business sense so as to offer their most expensive phone for absolutely nothing but a $200 commitment? At some point, they do lose money…

          And that’s how they get in trouble. Can’t have the best priced plan, best phones AND best savings all in one……….That makes no fiscal sense.

        • 123

          No. You assumed incorrectly Ali. You are very arrogant for assuming and combative for attacking someone that you literally have no idea about their situation. Your post speaks volumes about you…

          I am out of contract and see no reason to sign another 2 year contract, especially with the impending att deal unless they give me a free phone like the bold 9900. And yes, deals like this have to be cut to ensure that tmo gets their 6 billion (with a “B”) consolation prize if the deal falls through. The price of a few little bold 9900 is mere peanuts compared to the threat of a 6 billion dollar loss. 

          Btw, juvenile posts that senselessly attack others like Ali’s are a huge reason why I don’t like to participate in tmonews forums and a few others.

        • Anonymous

          Your not going to get that phone free so enjoy your new carrier.

        • 123

          I will.

          And all of you guys locked onto tmo right now can enjoy ATT later. Let me know how it goes. 

        • Anonymous

          Ouch man that isa low blow

        • 123

          you don’t know anything up yours. 

        • 123

          And if you read my posts, you will see that I have thought everything out and am well informed. And I have money and am doing well in this economy. So well that I am about to buy another 100k car. So  I really think I know I know what I am doing. 

        • ShelbyOwner302

          WTF are you talking about? If the merger fails to go through Tmobile will be awarded 3 Billion dollars! Where the heck did you get 6 Billion? Stop trying to act like another rich snob now it all from LA and pull your head out of your ass and join the rest of us on planet Earth. Idiot!

        • It is 6 billion in spectrum, cash and other assets.

        • 123

          Thanks a lot for the the support David! It means a lot.

        • Cornelius

          Not trying to knock your opinion 123, but I have to say that in all fairness your tenure of service from T mobile does not nor should not entitle you to get a device or service ( for a month or whatever) for free. Though it should be appreciated and rewarded with some type of incentive maybe.  In saying that you must understand that on the very high end devices there has to be a set dollar amount on. They would leak money by the buckets if they offered some of the cheapest plans around along with cheap or even free phones. They gotta make money somehow. But it would be nice if some other compaies out there would give us free service or something, like my electric company. lol. Hopefully tmobile stays alive so that we don’t get f***ed by the other carriers.

        • Anonymous

          When you sign a contract, your rates are locked in unless YOU request a change.  That’s the whole point of a CONTRACT.  So, as a matter of fact it IS in your best interest to sign a contract in the event of a potential merger.  This isn’t someone buying SunCom, if at&t changes ANYTHING that voids your contract and gives you a chance to leave without a termination fee.  Do you think at&t will give the 33million customers it obtains from tmobile a chance to walk?  Do realize how badly that would look for them financially that’s an insane amount of churn.  At&t has said on record that they will grandfather tmobile rates anyway and Randall Stephenson told Congress during the first hearing that will apply when they get a new phone as well.

          But you’ve clearly formed your own very very uninformed opinion and you think you should be entitled for something unprecedented.  So if you jump ship, have fun paying at&t rates :)

        • 123

          I am informed. Ironically, you are misinformed in thinking that I am uninformed.

          You are assuming that I will leave tmo right now. Where did you get that idea? I am off contract and continue to keep my great rate. If the deal goes through and I get to keep my tmo rate, then great. If I don’t like the ATT service (it is TERRIBLE here in LA) then I can leave without a ETF. I get the best of both worlds without being in a pigeon hold. Something that I can’t say for you guys.

          You are also assuming that ATT is honest and will honor their word. That is something that I would not bet on as history has clearly demonstrated through their poor customer service. I am sure that they will pull something shiesty when the time comes to upgrade. One example of how they can screw you is only allowing you to keep your plan if you only buy a select list of crappy smartphones. Don’t start counting your chickens before you hatch. ATT is out to make money and they will do anything to screw you over since you have such a good plan.

          As for entitlement, I think they should give me a free bold 9900. I’ve been a customer for 6 years and have never been late on a single payment (something I can’t say is true for everyone here). But if they want to lock me onto a 2 year contract on a sinking ship, I think they should offer me something worthwhile. Besides, I don’t want to pay 300 for a phone that will not get “4G” after the merger, which could be less a year away.

          And all this talk about $10-40 difference in rates is ridiculous. I can’t speak for everyone, but that is pocket lint to me. I am more concerned about the insane price increase of the new porsche carrera s (the new 991) and how ridiculous it is that they are charging me for features that should be standard. I digress, but at the end of the day, you will get screwed over by ATT and there is no one you can cry to because ATT is the biggest lobbyist and has a lot of people in their pocket. 

        • Frank

          The problem with them offering you that phone for free is that even by locking you in for another two years, they’re still going to end up losing money.

          The profit they make off the average postpaid customer is about 10c per day. That comes out to roughly $3.00 a month, $36 per year.

          Let’s say they get that phone wholesale for $200 a pop. And let’s also say they’re making more than twice the average profit off your plan — $75/year.  Over your two year contract, they’d still be losing $50 having you as a customer.

          It sucks to look at it that way. We all want them to be nice and give us free stuff because we’ve been with them a long time, but in the long run it all boils down to numbers.

        • 123

          And an important number to remember is 6 billion. If their value drops below some valuation, then they don’t get their 6 billion consolation prize. So again, 50 dollars are mere peanuts compared to what they can lose. 

        • Frank

          But again, giving you that free phone doesn’t get their value any closer to $6b.

        • 123

          I don’t know about that. Giving free phones and keeping people from jumping ship will keep the valuation higher so that they can get their consolation prize. It is the whole point (I am assuming) of this sale but I don’t think they will have much success since the sales aren’t that exciting.

    • guest

      you are a moron!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can only hope it for the galaxy nexus.. but i hiiiighly doubt it

  • Hrose1965

    the last sale there where more sales reps them customers

  • Frankie Montijo

    It’s funny to see all these complaints about t-mobile having special sales with rebates.  At the end of the day you’re saving money.  I think people just like to have something to complain about.

    • 123

      I don’t mind rebates. I send them in immediately and tmo honors them…unlike Fry’s in the past. But then again, I have great cash flow and manage money well, so I don’t mind the delay in rebates.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree.  It’s a shame T-Mobile does things insanely BETTER than the other carriers but people complain over things and the negative brand perception has contributed to their churn more than anything else.  It would be one thing if there were clear things we could point to that T-Mobile does worse but there isn’t much at all aside from their marketing concentrating too much on price and not on quality and devices.  Verizon and At&t are complete rip offs and it’s unbelievable how many customers they retain and add every quarter.  People are buying high end android phones from Verizon on their 3G network which has a max theoretical of 3.2mbps with 2GB of that slow monthly data for $30 a month! and you still get data overage charges on top of that.  Not only that they pay almost $300 before rebate on phone that aren’t even has high end as some on Tmo’s lineup.  What happens when you don’t get reception with Verizon? Or if there’s a tower outage due to weather like a hurricane?  Do they have Wifi Calling to fall back on?  Nope.  Sprint isn’t going ANYWHERE with it’s Wimax network and not only that they are going to focus on LTE going forward.  Where’s the outrage from customers that their shiny new WiMax phone is basically going to be a dud?  People bought the EVO in droves.  It didn’t matter that the myTouch 4G had a better processor, better batter life, and faster data speeds in more places.  The Evo had near iPhone brand recognition.  Again, a major shame since T-Mobile started the whole android thing which I don’t think the average customer is even informed of.  Most of them that you ask think Verizon started it due to the sheer quantity of their DROID marketing.   I really wish T-Mobile would start advertising how they’re BETTER than other carriers.  Everyone KNOWS T-Mobile is cheaper…. and it’s not enough to say they have the largest 4G network, they need to express (on tv) WHY customers need faster data speeds.  WHY they NEED wifi calling.  Not just that they have 4G and wifi calling, those statements alone are meaningless.  These things can only help T-Mobile’s brand perception.  Customer’s are very unfortunately uninformed, when they buy an iPhone or a Verizon android phone they’re not buying against things like T-Mobile wifi calling, faster download speeds, and better battery life with 4G, they just don’t know about it.

      When it comes to the rebate thing people need to understand it’s like a deposit.  If you just walked in added a line for a high end smartphone that retails at $500 and they charged you nothing, you could cancel the line on the 15th day out of your 14 day of your buyer’s remorse and only pay your $200 cancellation fee and boom you’ve just cheated tmobile and they took a $300 loss on that device.  The rebate ensures they will at least be able to recoup some of the cost by you paying your bill for a month or two.

      • 123

        DUH! Most americans are idiots who have probably never traveled out of this country much less than their small town. Advertising things like wifi calling will only confuse americans and imho will be a step backward. It would be a great selling point in the store, but not on marketing campaigns. And if the towers are down during a hurricane, I think that it is safe to say that the internet will be down too, rendering wifi calling useless in that situation. 

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile typically launches phones midweek…..nov 19 is saturday…highly unlikely this is a tmo gn launch. Stranger things have happened though. Wouldnt be surprised if this is a monthly 4g promo given tmos non-contract focus lately

  • jessica

    probably a FREE wildfire AFTER rebate! wow! what a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Dear T-Mobile, you don’t win customers with cheap phones, you win customers with good phones. If we all wanted wanted free phones we would have all signed up for stupid feature phones.

    I know that the people in charge don’t read here/don’t care but here is a hint you losers:

    You want to make sales? Be the first or exclusive with a next gen phone.

    Fail, thinking that a free SGS2 will make me extend. Here is n idea, you put 28 uninstallable bloat apps on the SGS2. ADD MOAR! I want 200 bloat apps on the phone, with a magenta interface, magenta wallpaper, magenta fonts. When I go the bathroom I want to my urine to be magenta color…

    • Cupcake

      Dang dude…u upset??!!!   wow

      • Anonymous

        So I should be happy that T-Mobile hit the gas pedal on the road to irrelevance???

        • Simon_Said77

          No, but  you  have a choice  to change your carrier.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah because that’s the right solution for T-mobile…

        • Bratty

          Exclusive phones won’t do much for any carrier today (it was different in the past). The 2-year contract cycle and high ETF’s make it tough for people to switch. TMo’s troubles can only be addressed once there is a decision on the ATT deal. Until then, its cruise control to irrelevance.

    • Jl Tyler

      you would be surprised how many people i talk to that cancel because they want a free phone

  • booooo

    Its the IPhone!

    • iPhone Fan

      I think any hopes I have for that EVER happening are forever gone.  I have come to terms with it after much therapy and self medication.   I’m not going to go back to 3g CDMA and I sure the heck aint giving any money to ATT.     

      Seriously do they actually think they can bring an offer to the public that will drive any kind of mass interest without it being the iPhone.   I think they can safely run normal ops Nov 19th and save all that extra money for staffing and oh I don’t know maybe change their #$(*#($ frequencies so the iPhone can run on their 4g network.   

      Keep your fingers cross Boooo but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  :(

      • Alante Fuller

        they already came out and said no iphone this year

  • Chad

    I’m hoping for a free phone day, like they did on Valentine’s and Father’s day this year.  That way, anyone can get the phone they want.  

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it. There is too much push and emphasis on the value plans. 

  • Alante Fuller

    hopefully its the nexus! knowing its not the iphone helps me out thinking its the nexus along with knowing that they just just just had a blowout sale only a month ago…..but what draws me back is that its 9 days after verizon is supposed to release their LTE version and they never did this for any other phone in history at tmobile……i really don’t know man….i really hope its the nexus so I can buy a new phone.

    • Countonme

      Its not the nexus… Its a sale. We only drop prices on phones on these days trust me

  • Deeg

    Let’s see if this time they actually advertise it to their customer base or not.  At this point, however, I think many are leery of joining a sinking ship, especially not knowing what is going to happen in 2012 to Tmobile.  Even with the prepaid push, many don’t want to invest in a new Tmobile phone if in a year, they are not going to be able to use that phone on an ATT or MetroPCS network, or that their prepaid plan will no longer be honored (since they are not under any sort of contract).

  • Jello

    “All hands on deck” is when every crew member has to work and can not take off, basically they do it when they have smallest and biggest promotions. This might indicate a big sale, but, as I learned working there for 3 years, might also indicate “free telenav for 30 days if you come in” promotion. I’d pay less mind to these, a few times we had an all hands on deck for absolutely no reason and made no sales cause T-mobile offered no promotions. And now, since the customer service was refreshed to become a complete and utter failure I doubt any customers will show their faces in t-mobile’s sad locations :(

    • Blackcat3119

      I might sign for a $99 amaze or gs2. I would gamble that 99. But to pay more for an unknown idk. Your probably right, most likely its gonna be something useless like the last one.

  • Randykeo

    Why is everybody so damn cheap.the best things in life aren’t free.

  • Chad

    Nokia Windows phone anyone?

  • TMoRep123

    as an employee i have no clue what it is yet, but a quick thought would be a promo to convert ppl off  FlexPay to Post Paid w/ some incentive or something small

  • Anonymous

    nov 19th is a saturday. they dont release phones on a sat. not the nexus

  • Anonymous

    Anymore info on this sale?

    • Rmellnhead

      I was hoping for an update too..anyone have news on this?

  • Sfalcon71

    Still waiting for news.

  • Guest


  • gmoney007

    Hi I am a TMO customer with 3 lines on a classic Fav 5 plan.  All of my lines are due for an upgrade or for me to leave TMO.  Just trying to figure what the best move is. 

    I took my time because I wan’t sure what was going to happen with AT&T.

    TMOs service stinks @ my house, so that also is an issue.  I have been told that I can call, and connect thru WIFI, but a lil sleptical on that. 
    Also I a lil confused with the Value plans.  First would I have to pay a migration fee to switch my lines over to a value plan?  Then would it be per line?  This is a lil confusing to me,

    I slso have older phones so this whole downpayment and $20.00 a month thing is new to me.  Would I have to do that for all lines?  That kinda sucks as I know I could get similar phones @ deals with other carriers, 
    Ultimately I dont hate TMO, I just wish the service was better @ my home,  And I want to make a good choice for my family going forward.  Any advice would be appreciated. 
    Thanks in Advance