T-Mobile Announces The Exhibit 4G II, Launches October 27th At Wal-Mart, T-Mobile Channels On November 2nd

T-Mobile announces the availability of the Samsung Exhibit II 4G for October 27th, an affordable 4G smartphone for the masses. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be available as two purchase options — just $29.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate on a two-year contract  or $199.99 via no annual contract plans. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will mark T-Mobile’s first no-contract 4G smartphone.

The Samsung Exhibit II 4G features a 3.7″ WVGA touchscreen, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Android 2.3, T-Mobile TV, Samsung Media Hub and is powered by T-Mobile’s 4G network. Available in a “stylish” marine blue color, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G also features a 3-megapixel rear-facing camera with flash along with a front-facing camera to connect with friends and family via video chat.

The Exhibit II 4G will be available, exclusively from T-mobile will be available at Wal-Mart stores beginning October 27th. T-Mobile retail stores and T-Mobile.com official channels will begin carrying the device on November 2nd.


Full Press Release:

T-Mobile Introduces the Samsung Exhibit II 4G

An affordable 4G smartphone with rich entertainment features, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be available via no annual contract and two-year contract options beginning Oct. 27.

BELLEVUE, Wash. and DALLAS  — Oct. 26, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S. 1, today announced the availability of the latest budget-friendly, feature-rich 4G smartphone: the Samsung Exhibit™ II 4G. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be the first no annual contract 4G smartphone to be sold at most Walmart stores, available starting Oct. 27. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is also planned for nationwide availability with no annual contract plans as well as two-year contract plans starting Nov. 2.

“T-Mobile offers a variety of low-cost service plans that, paired with America’s largest 4G network, provide a compelling reason for consumers to step up to the benefits of 4G smartphones,” said Andrew Morrison, vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is the perfect device for consumers desiring a smartphone with  robust 4G entertainment and Web browsing experiences – at a price they can afford.”

Featuring a 3.7-inch WVGA TFT touchscreen and a 1 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™processor, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G provides a variety of entertainment capabilities and Web browsing experiences on America’s largest 4G network®. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G offers access to thousands of popular TV shows and movies through T-Mobile® TV in mobile HD and Samsung Media Hub.  Powered by Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread, the device features some of Google’s most popular applications and services such as Google Maps and Gmail, plus thousands of others via Android Market.

Offered in a stylish marine blue color, the Samsung Exhibit II 4G makes it easy to share and take photos and videos via its 3-megapixel rear-facing camera with flash and video capture capabilities. The front-facing camera also makes it easy to connect with friends and family via video chat through T-Mobile’s 4G network or Wi-Fi. Additionally, the device enables consumers to organize personal and business email accounts, as well as sync with Microsoft® Exchange and Google calendar and contacts.


The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, exclusively from T-Mobile, will be available at most Walmart stores starting Oct. 27 and is planned to be available nationwide at T-Mobile retail stores, online via www.T-Mobile.com and at select dealers beginning Nov. 2. The Samsung Exhibit II 4G will be offered through no annual contract and two-year contract plan options, and is expected to cost $29.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate card with a two-year service agreement and qualifying Classic voice and data plan, and $199.99 via no annual contract.

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  • Anonymous

    Decent phone

    • I agree. Snapdragon processor and 4G make $200 unsubsidized surprisingly good. I’ll bet it has a resistive touchscreen – something that makes you regret purchasing it.

      • Anonymous

        Probably not…

        A WVGA capacitive touch screen is really not all that expensive. Especially when Samsung also makes the screen, therefore no markup.

  • Jaygqitalia

    I must admit thats pretty decent for the off contract price.

  • Good set of features for a decent price (unlocked). The camera would be the only downer, but it would be great for someone who is just looking for a powerful phone with standard features.

    • dominic

      3MP isn’t really a downer.  I know of nobody that crops their phone’s photos or views them on nothing but displays, which 3MP is higher resolution than any HD TV out there.  3MP has a linear resolution of 2048 (horizontal) x 1536(vertical).  If you want a powerful camera for cropping, printing, and photoshop then you’d buy an actual camera anyways.   The megapixel myth gets most people, even those who are tech consultants.

      • I do agree with you… But like you have said its the ‘megapixel myth’ that will make the final decision for most folks… They are going to want something better than what the other has…

        There is no reason why someone should look past this device. It has everything a modern smartphone needs… But anyone who is given the option to choose between a 3MP or a 5MP would just go with the latter, unless of course there is a significant price difference.

  • Anonymous

    Wait am I missing something? $199 FULL RETAIL?

    • Frigadroid

      Yeah a couple things missing I noticed hummingbird and 4″ super amoled screen. If they have some more new and returned refurbished vibrants & galaxy 4g why not offer them up on the walmart prepaid? If they want to go back to their roots and be the king of prepay seems logical that better phones than metro and cricket should only help entice more business.

  • Kadafi

    im thinking to sale my sensation and get this !!! what you guys think??

    • WOAH.

      Are  you stupid?

    • I’ll buy your Sensation for $40.  That’s 2 Exhibits…What do you say?

    • I will buy it for $200. That is the same price as the Exhibit 4g II. You will just have to pay taxes but that is what you have to do for “upgrading”

  • Anonymous

    Snapdragon = NO HSPA+21!!! Just 14.4! Qualcomm, get with the program!

    The old Exhibit 4G had a 21Mbps modem from ST Ericsson

    • Jaygqitalia

      Its a 30 dollar phone..

      • Anonymous

        REAL price is apparently $200.

    • Chad

      You shouldn’t be surprised by this, this is just Tmobile’s way of saying if you want a real phone with all the features and bells and whistles that TMO offers..sign the contract. until then your limited. It’s wrong but welcome to the world of phone carriers

  • Youngt82

    Just another phone to add to T-Mobile’s line up thats all. Can’;t blame them

  • Anonymous

    Is 5mp really considered high end to samsung or something? alot of these cheap phones samsung makes would sell so well if they would just add a 5mp camera with flash thats really all that sk4G was missing besides stocks android.

    • It’s just too expensive. They actually had to go out of there way to do this since the Galaxy W which this phone is based on has a 5mp camera. If they put a 5mp camera in here and a 1.4ghz cpu this phone would easily cost $50-$100 more. 

  • Heisenberg

    Its probably not 199 full retail. As its worded, it says with no annual contract plan. They’re doing this 20% off the minutes/phone with activation of the $50 plan. In the stores the price tags for the prepaid phones are labeled the same way. I can almost guarantee the ACTUAL retail price without activating prepaid is $249.99

    • Asder24

      Even at $249 full retail that’s still a really good price. I think the Wildfire S and Gravity Smart go for about that and this beats those 2 easily.

    • I have never seen the price of a phone change due to prepaid activation. Since it says it will be at Wal-Mart for $200 tomorrow that means you can buy it for $200 bucks at Wal-Mart tomorrow. They don’t do prepaid activations (I’ve tried) so that is the price you will pay to take it home. They can’t charge you $50 later if you don’t activate a new account.

  • Eric Garcia

    I don’t think its going to be a big seller but who knows everyone wants the latest and greatest right?

  • Roger

    Any idea if these can just be bought outright and used without a SIM, or with a SIM from an existing Tmobile plan.  I’m an Android developer and we always need phones that don’t have thousands of dollars of unwanted plans attached.

    • Yes you can buy it with a sim card on the prepaid but you dont have to activate it or anything.

  • Anonymous

    Think this way.

    The low end phones are getting better and better! The specs are on par or better than my G2 which is only 1 year old.

  • It’s last years specs so I’m not impressed but at that price it’s totally worth it, especially if you’re midcontract and want to step up to 4g 

  • OMG this is totally the phone I was looking for when I was complaining in the last thread about T-Mobiles lack of quality phones for under $200 off contract. It’s even better cause it has a front facing camera, 3.7in screen, 1ghz cpu and 4g. This beats anything in Crickets lineup for the price. I am so buying this phone.

  • Jkipcount

    The specs im not seeing…

    Does is record 720p?

    Does it have 480×800 res?

    • Jkipcount

      Scratch that. I missed the WVGA part, still wanna know about the 720p though.

    • Gina
      • Thanks for that link!  Still not sure it makes it clear whether or not the video recording is VGA or 720p.

        • I think if it did 720p it would say. It’s a selling feature.

        • Disappointed

          Resolution: allows you to set the image sizeto either: 640×480, 320×240, or 176×144.from page 109 of the User Guide posted on the TMo support site – thanks Gina: allows you to set the image sizeto either: 640×480, 320×240, or 176×144.

          from page 109 of the User Guide posted on the TMo support site – thanks Gina

      • Anonymous

        Did anyone else notice this? Oh T-Mobile… -_-

        Qualcomm MSM8255(1.0GHz Dual)

    • Galaxy_S2

      Most likely 720×480 DVD resolution 

    • Anonymous


      If the camera wasn’t completely downgraded, then yes, it should be 720p capable.

  • I like this model, but I think that Optimus LG better than this one. T-mobile not unnecessary in functions mobile))

    • How is the Optimus T better then this? 
      Optimus T: 
      512mb of ram but shared with video
      3.2in screen
      rear 3.2 mp camera no flash
      no front facing camera
      3g speeds
      Froyo (unless hacked)

      Exhibit II
      1ghz cpu
      (hopefully 512mb of ram but this could be the exhibits only downfall)
      3.7in screen
      rear 3.2mp camera with flash
      front facing camera
      “4g” speeds (well you know what I mean by that)

      I don’t see how the Optimus matches up.

  • DerrickPS3

    looks like the GS2, i dont get it

  • Asder24

    My folks are due an upgrade and they’ve been using a RAZR (!) for years now. They won’t upgrade to a smartphone since they have no use for web access and T-Mobile refuses to make a feature phone that an adult would want to use. But for $200 I may just get them this after activating it w/ my SIM. I may even pick another one up as a backup for myself.

  • nerdlust

    Last year this would be high end. First time smart phone users are in for a treat.

  • Anonymous

    After watching a video on the Galaxy W, I think this would make a perfect spare phone! It’s got TouchWiz 4.0 and the screen has been reported to have very good color reproduction. However it seems that the camera  has been downgraded from 5mp to 3mp and the processor has been underclocked from 1.4ghz to 1ghz. I’ll definitely be buying this!!! I’m noticing some conflicting specs on T-Mobile’s website though. I don’t see why the browser is using the Android 2.3.5 webkit yet the OS is stuck on 2.3.3 (LG anyone?)

  • Gwapo

    Wow $199.99???? I might get this for my wife !!! Anyone using the Dell Venu Pro (Tmobile)? I am thinking of getting a window’s phone.

    • Former Andy Fan

      I really, REALLY like my TMo DVP, in spite of the following flaws:

      -Can’t connect to hidden SSID WiFi networks
      -No wireless tehthering
      -No Faux-G speed

  • Disappointed

    Other than a slightly larger screen how is this different from the original Exhibit 4G?  That too had 1.0GHz cpu, 3MP camera and Gingerbread. This Exhibit II really doesn’t look like the Galaxy W (aka Ancora) described in David’s October 12 article on this site.

    • It’s cheaper. I know it’s weird but just because it’s a second generation doesn’t mean it’s going to be better then the last. The only thing that makes this better then the original is the price and gingerbread.

    • Asder24

      Bigger screen, better design IMO, plus a lower price (about $70 or $80 less I think) adds up to a win. May not be a huge win but a win nontheless. The original Exhibit was actually a pretty solid phone, but w/ higher end phones available it’s not surprising it didn’t do better. Marketing this towards the prepay crowd at that pricepoint though is a great move.

  • Anonymous

    this phone is at a great price point for both Contract + No Contract customers in Wal-Mart. 

    1. For new contracts and upgrades the price is attractive for the holidays.  right now the EX1 is $48.88and the EX2 may come into Walmart at $78.88(no rebates).  IMO, I can see Walmart dropping the price of the EX1 to $28 or $18 and introduce the EX2 for $78 or $48(wishful thinking). And as far as cosmetics, the EX2 looks better.  This is also a win vs those customers on other carriers who want to upgrade to an android, but do not want to be scared away by the 4.0+ screens and bulkiness. 

    2. As far as the No contract price, f’n awesome.  With Wal-Marts Family Mobile, their best smartphone is the LG Opt T for $199.99.  Now customers have to ability to buy an affordable no contract phone and still have a quality device vs other no contract phones or prepaid.  As far as Monthly4G in Walmart, there is the Samsung Dart $148.  Again, another win for Monthly4G if the customer wants a device from the PREMIUM DEVICE RACK.

    • Deeg

      With Monthly4G, don’t you need a 4g phone (to access t he 4g network instead of 3g).  The Dart isn’t 4g is it?  I Just worry about buying new Tmobile phones for prepaid when those phones might not be usable in 2012 if the merger goes through.

  • Batsrbad

    I’m wondering what it will be on black friday ?  The market is starving and people have not been buying-much of anything from any carrier – the cell/smartphone market is in a slump. Might want to read the true figures on people purchasing trends, companies hyphe people with new phones -but the truth is – “people are not dropping money on phones right now”, the Holidays will be the Knock down drag out fights for the CASH”…

  • would have been better at 1.4ghz as it originally was oh well

  • Jj

    anybody know walmart’s return policy on items like this, just incase i don’t like it?

    • Jj

      it’s 15 days on cell phones

  • For a moment, I thought this phone would have the 1.4GHZ processor and 5MP camera. It’s still a fine price on prepaid, though!

  • Austinclock

    Touchwiz 3.0 or 4.0?

  • BG

    I need to know if the $30 Tmobile/Walmart plan will include free Tmobile to Tmobile calling along with the 100 minutes and unlimited text and web?

    • No, prepaid plans do not have free Tmobile to Tmobile or nights and weekends. That is a perk of a contract plan.

      • BG

        Thank you. : (

  • Jj

    i went to walmart this morning at about 7:30 to ask about this phone.  the mexican girl working there could not even speak english very well.  she was thoroughly confused and told me to come back at 8:30.  i shall scour youtube all day today for the first “unboxing” video.

  • I don’t see this listed on WalMart’s site today at all. Anyone out there got one yet?

    • I don’t think it’s listed on there site since they use letstalk.com for there online cell phone services. Also it says walmart stores which typically means just brick and mortar. They probably wont have it for online purchase until Tmobile.com does.

  • Daddym469

    Can anyone answer this for me? If I bought this phone from Wal mart for $200, could I use it with my current T mobile sim card, regarless to what plan I presently have??

    • Of course. Just throw your sim card in and it will be ok.

      • Daddym469

        Thank’s for your info!

  • Daddym469

    This phone is actually not bad especially if it’s available for $200 walk out the door, plus for those needing more perks, Walmart would currently also allow layaway on this as well.
    Like many of you I think it sucks that the specs from last week have disappeared! This phone went from a 1.4 to a 1ghz processor and a 5mp to a 3.2 camera. What I am not getting any clarity on is the video capture still 720p??? I actually don’t think 720 p capture is possible with only a 3.2 camera range. If anyone knows more please post! The bottom line is Samsung is obviously trying to kill off HTC and anyone else in there way, but it would be nice if they would be more aggressive in marketing the true specs of it’s new releases.

    • If you dig further in these comments someone quoted the manual to say that it does not shoot 720p. 

  • Deeg

    Can someone clarify something for me?  To access Tmobiles 4G Network, you need a 4G phone right?  Because this is the first 4G prepaid Tmobile phone and yet they market their prepaid service as “Monthly 4G” which seems a bit misleading to me since the majority of phones they offer for the prepaid service (and on their prepaid website) are 3G.  There seems to be a lot of confusion because I looked at some of those phones which were on ebay and Walmart and the people kept telling me they were 4G and I said they weren’t.  The descriptions on Tmobile.com clearly said 3G in the descriptions and I notice that all the 4G phones have 4G in their title.  So really the Monthly 4G plans are 3G for most people because they don’t have a 4G phone to use.   I switched to prepaid with my old phone but Im reluctant to buy a phone like this and stay on Tmobiles prepaid plans because I don’t know that those phones will be usable after the merger…and customers don’t know that any of these plans – including the new Walmart $30 plan – will be honored after a merger.  Since these customers are not under contract, there probably will be no legal requirement to honor those prices – unless that somehow becomes a condition of the merger.  Most people buying a phone want it to last for 2 years.

    • It’s the first no contract 4g phone to be sold at Wal-Mart. The article is misstating the press release. T-Mobile has had 2 phones (1 refurb 1 not) with 4g abilties being sold on there pre paid site for a few months now. The Galaxy S 4g is refurb the Sidekick 4g isn’t. 

  • Deeg

    Im confused.  Couldn’t find it at Walmart…but on Tmobile’s website , the Samsung Exhibit II 4G is listed at 249.99 with a 2-year contract, and is not listed at all on the prepaid Monthly 4G website.  I don’t think Im allowed to post a link in the comments…but Im very confused as to how to buy this.  Even the URL address says Tmobile Samsung II 4G Prepaid – yet the price is 249.99 with a 2 year contract…Far from the pricing quoted in the article

    • Deeg

      I figured it out – the press release says Nov 2 – So thats why…I have the screen capture of the $250 contract price and even emailed a tech editor who couldn’t believe it.  Just hope no one buys it in the next few days.

      • Daddym469

        Ok Avi, I may be able to help you clear a few things up and give our buddy (Mark) a break, lol! First, let’s all keep in mind this phone was just offered yesterday and remember this phone is be offered by T mobile and Wal mart. No one should be surprised that Wal mart would not be ready today, but once they see the demand the will get together quick. One thing nobody should be worried about is supply with Wal mart. I’d now like to speak more in depth on this phone and why it will do well. Essentially, this is phone is a galaxy s or s2, minus the amoled screens and higher processor. Samsung do make a very good android, but that amoled display is what makes there phones unique. This phone as the Galaxy W, had a 1.4ghz, 5 mp cam, and 720p video capture. Since this is  the first marketed 4g phone, they were not gonna let anybody get those specs for 200$. At the same time, a 3.7 in tft @ 252ppi, the new touchwiz 4 (I hope) like the gs2, 4 gb of internal, camera with flash and autofocus plus gingerbread that should be upgradable to Ice cream 4.0…WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT? The best part is its association with walmart, because they will sell it off contract at the best price…..So think about people this is a great deal for any smartphone user at any level. This time next year we’ll see a similar offer with the amoled screen. That Super amoled plus is amazing on the gs2….even the higher resolution on the htc phones don’t look as good! I just hope my idea of buying one to put my sim in will work. i am assuming yes, but I was once told prepaid phones were configured differently. This will suck for me because I am a post paid value plan member with a good eip line, but I may just get this and use my credit for a tablet or better phone….if anyone reading this thinks this Exhibit phone wont just work with any tmo sim, plz reply.

        • I have a Behold II that I won two years ago setup under my “Monthly 4G” plan. Oh and yeah I’m very thorough when it comes to my devices and I like to make sure I get a good deal. If I haven’t been on T-Mobiles site once a week and other competitor sites I would of ended up with a bad deal on a phone. I have really needed to replace my phone since last year so I’m just on top of everything waiting for the switch (which hopefully I will do next pay check which is in 2 weeks)

    • They always up the price when they are selling it on contract. I guess to make it seem like a better value or they are including some fee’s in the cost of the phone. Look at the Optimus T on contract and then look for it in there prepaid section. The prepaid is $100 cheaper but it’s the same phone. So yeah they fudge with the numbers

      • Oh and I think you might be looking at the Galaxy S II which is $229 with contract. The Exhibit 4g II just says coming soon on there site with no price.

  • Deeg


    In case the link is allowed in the comment…The phone as of 430ET Thursday is listed at 249.99 WITH A CONTRACT and NOT LISTED AT ALL ON THE PREPAID SECTION AND NOT ON WALMART  EITHER

  • Jj

    just called 3 walmarts in my area (se texas) and all 3 walmartian employees were completely clueless.  maybe next week.

  • Anonymous

    I just popped over to the local wallymart to see if I could pick one of these up…

    they got 5 in this morning, and whilst they show up in inventory, not one of them would activate so I couldn’t get one in the end

    needless to say the manager of the wireless section had gone home (he works 5am(!) to 2pm)… they suggested coming back tomorrow(!)

  • BG

    No autofocus?

    • I see reference to auto focus in the manual so I assume it has it.

  • Deeg

    If you’re going to buy this from Tmobile.com wait until next week because as of this evening it is still listed at 249.99 with a 2 year contract.  And most people claim its not available at Walmart…and its definitely not available at Walmart.com.

    • Yeah I think that is the page that will be setup for the 2 year contract orders. As I mentioned below they always bump up the suggested retail price (or as some might know this as the MSRP which we all know is a farce to say the least). If you look at the prepaid phone route (which is where the $200 off contract phone might be purchased) you will see a totally different style of web page then the one you can find on the search engine. 

      Prepaid: http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-phone/T-Mobile-Comet-Black-Prepaid-Refurbished 
      Postpaid: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?cell-phone=Samsung-Exhibit%E2%84%A2-II-4G-Prepaid

    • That is a post paid (or contract) order page. The $200 no contract phone will show up in the prepaid web site and have a totally different landing page. The $250 price listed is an MSRP which is a farce to say the least since no one ever sells stuff at that price.

      Double Post. My one below was held up for moderator review because of the links. So I made a second one since none of my moderated posts have ever made it up.

  • Anonymous

    I went today around lunch time but unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any around. The dummy phone was on display with the no-contract phones but that was already there last week. 

    I found the rack for them, it says $199.88, but either they hadn’t been stocked yet or whatever they had was gone. (I doubt the latter, that would involve finding someone to help you in electronics which seems impossible at my store anyway.) 

  • Bklynman

    Well I guess I will get this phone,since it look like Nokia,drop the ball again with their window phone
    not being sold by any carrier. Just don’t understand what they are doing. They came out with 2 great smart phones,then they came out with these window phones,still no carrier. That 4 new smart phones that would put iphone to shame,but yet no carrier for any of them! Don’t understand their thinking!

  • SemiSpook

    Well, be careful to those of you who tried to pick the phone up yesterday at Wal-Mart. At the SuperCenter near my house, they did not have it out on the floor at about noon local time, and it was there by the time I went back at around 8:30 PM. HOWEVER, it looks as if the guys in electronics didn’t put the IMEIs in the local inventory system, just put the boxes out on the floor. I’m heading back later today in order to see if they’ve fixed the inventory issue and get the phone for the wife. I got my main line upgraded a couple of weeks ago to the Galaxy S 4G (yeah, it’s old, I know), but I love it (especially on Gingerbread 2.3.6), and she wants in on the whole Android experience, especially with the issues she’s been having with her BB 9780.

    • SemiSpook

      UPDATE: Was able to pick up the phone Friday at the same Wal-Mart. Still had the glitch with the one phone I tried to pick up the previous night, but was able to get another phone and get it activated. My wife is amazed at how she can get to all of her Google stuff now without any issue (wasn’t able to do that with her BB Bold 9780, after several attempts to do so unsuccessfully). Definitely worth the price of admission (and the kicker, I’m selling the BB, my iPod Touch (Gen 2), and a Garmin nuvi to Gazelle that will all cover the cost of the phone).

  • Jj

    for all yall picking up the phone, please give us a review and or upload a short unboxing/review on youtube. THANKS

  • Brand new G2x’s can be had on eBay for right around $300.

    So, G2x at $300 or Exhibit II at $200.  Which is the smart buy?

    • Jj

      imo, the exhibit II because it’s $100 cheaper and if there is a problem, you can just take it back to wally world for a full refund.

    • If you can afford $300 I would say the G2X. It will last longer in the cell phone world then the Exhibit 4g II. Also it has been hacked and gets rom updates all the time. The original Exhibit 4g doesn’t have a recovery or roms and most likely wont which makes me think neither with the II. This is because it’s not going to be a popular enough phone to get developer interest.If you can’t afford $300 then the Exhibit will work just fine. It has everything the G2x has just on a cheaper/weaker scale.  

      • Anonymous

        Ex2 has root…mine is rooted.

  • Anonymous

    Welp, my local Walmart definitely has these in now. I saw 4 total today (at the price I saw before, $199.88). Not sure yet if I’m going to take the plunge. I probably will, I have a Walmart GC I’ve been trying to find a use for that will cover a good chunk of it. 

  • Ash

    Wow, if there is no typo, this little phone have ATT 3G band as well???

    Spec from GSM arena and phone arena.

    • XFJFEIFEK214

      Something is really screwed up at Tmobile…They did this big press release and yet the phone is clearly listed on the Tmob Prepaid site for 249.99.  I did a live chat earlier this evening and the rep told me the 199 price is after rebate.  First off, the press release didn’t say that.  Secondly, THERE IS NO REBATE ON THIS PHONE.  Amazon and Walmart do have it at 199.99.   As for contracts, as of earlier today, there were still 2 versions on Tmobiles website – one for the 29.99 advertised price and one for a 249.99 with a contract price. Someone at Tmobile website team and.or marketing needs to be fired.  LetsTalk at least has it free with a  contract.  Mr Mike Katz, VP Mrketing and Head of Prepaid- ru running the company into the ground on purpose or what

  • joe

    could someone please put up a youtube review??? damn

  • i read review saying IT HAS NO HAPTIC FEEDBACK, can anyone confirm?

  • Anonymous

    Picked one up yesterday.  They had 6 at our Walmart.  The first two would not ring up, but the third one did and it is mine. Wonderful phone for the price (not to mention the great plans). 

  • No reviews from Phonedog on it yet? I saw one on another site and they seem to think of it pretty nicely (considering it’s a prepaid phone). It’s just they didn’t seem to go into much detail. It seemed more like an impression then a review. 

    • Phonearena has a pretty decent in depth review

      • That was the “other” site I was referring to. It’s not really in depth. It feels more like a hands on vs an actual review. 

  • Gwapo

    Looks nice!!!

  • Daddym469

    I am having major issues with this phone and anyone considering buying it should to! First of all this phone has to be the biggest “bait n switch”, I’ve seen in a while. The original specs were this phone was essentially a Galaxy W for the US,since It’s debut was in the UK first. If you may recall or research, it was SUPPOSED to be a 1.4 processor, 5mp camera with hd 720p video capture! Sounded good until some IDIOT decided to rip what was to basically nothing! Here are the fact’s, the original Exhibit @ 3.5in screen was better than this so called upgrade. It has a screen ppi of 266 the same as the Sidekick 4g. Not Amoled or Super, but sharper than the “imposters 3.7inch, 252 ppi! One could argue that 252 is still good for the slight increase in screen size, but I’ve owned and exhibit one and just saw the new one and one is simply sharper even for a TFT screen type. If you like watching videos this will matter! The batteries are the same size in both, at 1500mah.Still looking for the change, well here’s one, They decided that since they changed the processor, and camera and screen, why not REDUCE the video capture to a sweet 640×480!! Wow…that would be great if it was 2007! AGAIN I had Exhibit one and even it had a better capture at 720×480, or DVD quality. Besides the 3.7 in screen they threw in a slimmed down version of Touchwiz 4.0. This phone was obviously thrown into the marketing scheme for the new rate plans @ Wal mart, but even that part stinks to…Say you have an existing sim and like the phone well enough to just buy it…The $199 off contract grab n go deal is only welcome @ Wal mart. Yet as we speak the phone has $249.99 in the T mo store for off contract and online it shows a price of 329.99….Same phone three prices! I hope this will help someone out there because this phone should have been scrapped or left at the original Galaxy W specs. Even more odd the new LG mytouch handsets are coming out of the box with the same 42.2mbps range of the Amaze and Gs2, for only 279$ each, but the new Radar is only capable of the old 14.1mbps range. I know it’s about the processor but why not offer the higher range on the higher phone by default?? 

    • if they stuck with the normal specs of the Galaxy W the phone would cost $399, this pretty much steals the crown for every $150 to $200 phone like the LG Optimus T that only packs a 600mhz ARM6(no flash) cpu with a 320×480 3.2 screen on 3G because this baby packs a 1ghz ARM7(flash capable) cpu with 800×480 on a 3.7 screen with 4G, the price for the specs match perfectly for those who want a bit of a higher end android to start with or to even have as a backup phone(like myself) than the typical offerings of low to mid level range at the under $200 price point, i sold my Optimus T which is my current secondary phone for $150 to get this baby but il wait until black friday this also packs the 1900/850 bands so using 4g on another network is fairly possible

  • H_town_prep84

    Its all good in da hood as long as I make my sells and right fit our customers. I think the exhibit ll would be a perfect fit for first time android users

    • Anonymous

      The Ex2 is a great phone even for experienced Android users like myself. I really like this phone. 

  • Boston

    For some reason, the Tmobile website is listing the Exhibit 2 on the Prepaid site as 249.99 without a contract.  There is on sign of any rebate.  I even tried putting it into a shopping cart and its billing me 249.99.  Can T-mobile not follow through on anything?   At least Walmart is selling it for the press release price.   I wish David from this website or anyone who is a reporter would contact Tmobile and find out what’s going on.  This just seems so unfair

    Also can someone clarify something for me as I was looking to buy this on Amazon (which also has it at the listed 199.99 price) and it said it has wifi calling but that even if you use wifi you are still deducted minutes. I thought the whole purpose of having wifi on  your phone was that if your phone connected to a wifi , your calls and data would be free and not deducted from your bucket…Is that not how it works?  (Does the phone a automatically recognize wifi ?(

    • I’ll look into it tomorrow and see if I can’t get some clarification on the price.

    • Anonymous

      $199.99 at Walmart. 

  • Atorres166

    I hate it :/
    It sucks.
    try texting and it closes window. when recieving a call it automatically assumes its a voicemail.
    i hate it.

  • frank

    how do i take apart a galaxy exhibit 2 to replace the light behind tha screen