T-Mobile’s Holiday Marketing Approach Detailed

It’s not unusual for us to pick up T-Mobile’s upcoming marketing campaigns and this time we’ve got a sneak peak at what they’re planning for the holiday season. Without any fanfare let’s just get right to it:

  • Core Message: Throughout the Holiday season, T-Mobile will continue to market its existing “core” message: T-Mobile gives you access to America’s Largest 4G Network, feature Unlimited Family Plans. Now get Unlimited Data, Talk & Text for two lines for just $49.99 each. 
  • Primary Message: Fast 4G Superphones – introducing the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G. Faster than home Internet. This will be marketed in store with collateral all around the walls and tables around the retail location.
  • Secondary Message: Smart * Simple Smartphones – introducing the new myTouch and myTouch Q. Again, this marketing will be based on in-store collateral.
  • Tertiary Messages: Monthly4G, $19.99 Mobile Broadband Hotspots (selection locations) Premium Handset Protection, Accessories (including Gift Cards), Tablets (select locations) Wi-Fi Calling, Trade In Program, Community Giving (Toys for Tots and Red Cross, VIP Zone. All in store supporting collateral.

We’re confident these are the marketing messages for the Holiday season however, how the “Core” message will be delivered via Radio, Television and newspaper remains to be seen. We know Carly has taken to Twitter hinting toward filming T-Mobile’s holiday commercials so we’re of course looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Stay tuned as perhaps there are some surprises in store!

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  • Justladd1

    Hey david I know this is off subject but on yesterday we were informed that php bundle (insurance) is know mandatory. If any customer comes in the store and uses their eip on the value plan or if they activate on a classic plan they have no get insurance. Don’t forget that adds another $7.99 to their monthly service.. How you feel about that??

    • Kristin

      Its NOT mandatory just a way to get stores PHP acquisition numbers up and to help you out if something did happen to your phone while you were making payments on it so you won’t be making payments on something you do not have

      • derek 21

        true story kristin

        • Papesh6969

          It actually is manditory, I never had Ins, but all of a sudden started getting the 7.99 charge on my bill. No way around it.

        • Ohgeez10

          Thats not mandatory. I’m a TMO rep. That’s just some dumbass rep who added it to your account without you knowing so that he can bring up his numbers. I hate when reps do that shit. I always off it to my customers and when they say no….i don’t add it. 

        • Anonymous

          just wait until the next day you work. today i was informed that i had to add it on to every new phone sold until the system does it automatically. I am not allowed to take it off, if they want to remove it, they have to go to tmobile.com and remove it. I have a feeling customer care is going to be flooded with calls to remove the php bundle.

          they also said that if its a sim only activation, you have to put in all 3’s where the IMEI goes so that it doesnt add PHP

        • Anonymous

          you are in for a surprise when you go in to work lol

        • Truth Never Changes

          I think I remember a couple of months ago T-Mobile sent out a message in my bill saying everyone is being automatically enrolled…and if you don’t want the service to call Customer Care and opt out.  I remember this because I already had the insurance, and thought to myself that it was rather sneeky to do that to people.  I do not believe that they can require anyone to buy insurance, nor can they make it mandatory, unless you are paying out your phone over an  extended period of time…then they can only ask for you to have it until the phone is paid off.

        • Anonymous

          i thought there was a 4.79 version and a 7.99 version. I am on the 4.79 one now

        • LC

          There are four options. The $7.99 bundle includes the handset protection, the lifetime warranty, and the mobile security application. The $4.79 is handset protection with mobile security, and then there are two $3.99 options, which are just lifetime warranty or just the mobile security application.

        • Thompc82

          They can’t just add it there’s to many cases it wouldn’t be valid ..

        • Anonymous

          call care and have them take it off.  Thats one of the only ways to get if off.

        • Anonymous

          it is mandatory from now on.  We got word yesterday that it is.  Only way to get rid of it is from customer care.

        • CRT24

          Got word from who?…..there is a big push on PHP right now but it is not mandatory and you should absolutely not add an optional feature to a customer’s account without their agreement.

        • Anonymous

          its something they are testing out in my region right now. anyone who upgrades or activates has to get PHP if they want to leave the store with the phone.  The reason we are trying this is because the number 1 reason people are canceling right now is because they are breaking their phone and dont want to pay full price for another one.  Before you start getting angry at me, im just telling you what has been told to me from higher up.  ITS NOT being added to every account, its only for New ACTS and UPGRADES.

        • LC

          You can’t make it mandatory, because you can’t sell insurance that way (which is a component to the $7.99 bundle). However, when a customer is using EIP the push is to not let them leave the store without it, because of reasons listed above. But that push has been happening since the Value Plans launched.

      • Laura

        It would make sense to make it mandatory on EIP. They still would have to pay the monthly EIP. So pay the deductible and continue the EIP. If they don’t have PHP they end up paying way to much for a phone.

  • Well I want to see how they market to me, its time for me to upgrade and I must see how appealing their newst smartphones are., bigger screen, the better if price is right

    • MMB

      I’m in line too. free phones, BOGO, etc 

      he he he…… we get too greedy 

  • pman

    PHP is not manadatory but it is one of the top things that T-Mobile is making the most money from. If the acquisition falls through, its just another thing for them to show that has improved as well. T-Mobile doesn’t outsource when it comes the warranty exchanges, its all internal, only time Asurion comes into play is with physical damage, lost, stolen, etc.

  • Richardwcarr2

    What is the vip zone

    • Gabe41521

      For customers, based on loyalty (time spent) you get special offers on features plans acc etc

  • Guest 2011

    I know this is unrelated to this article, but I want to know how many of T-Mobile customers have had a long wait time to reach Customer Service. I am a 10+ year postpaid customer, and the last 6 or 7 times that I’ve called CS it has taken me well over 45 minutes to an hour to reach an agent. And all of the agents now have thick accents and seem outsourced. It’s hard to communicate with them since they often do not understand the requests I make. I’m saddened that T-Mobile is sinking like the Titanic. 

    • Calvin

      I haven’t encountered this at all…

      • Guest 2011

        Do you have postpaid account and how long does it take you to get a CSR?

    • Bklynman

      This is what you do,they have to do this,the next time you call cs,it’s the csr is from another country,tell them you want to be transfer to someone in the USA. They may try to tell you they can’t etc. but they have to. Also ask what country the csr,what country are they in,once they tell you,tell them you to speak with some one from the USA. See what happens.Hope’s this helps.

      • Dpro

        I recently talked to customer service and did exactly what you told me. First person I talked to had a heavy accent, when I asked them what country they were in the rep said I am not at liberty to tell you. Which immediately told me it was outsourced. I was having a little problem with my phone and I was on a trip so I had to call back. When I did again I got someone with an accent. Again I asked what they were in again I was told ” I am not at liberty to tell you.”  So we went over the trouble shooting all the basic stuff I had already done. The result was she had transfer me to a true tech.
        This actually turned out to be someone in the U.S. with an American accent.
        So there you have it. T Mobile is officially outsourcing a good amount of CSR and tech calls, Unless its an advanced problem wherein they transfer you to someone in the U.S.
        I also got a text message today from a Nissan dealer here in SoCal pitching me to buy a new truck. LOL Ads in text messaging now, what next? 

        This is not good T Mobile is definitely going the way of other carriers. With all of this I cannot see how they can keep on saying they have the best customer service and whatnot.

        I see myself becoming a non T Mobile customer shortly after 9 years of loyal patronage.

        • Bklynman

          What I have been reading in these blogs is this,if you are prepaid when call you cs,they route you offshore,it takes long time for them to answer,long hold time etc. But if you are not prepaid,when you call cs,you are taken care of by someone in the USA. That what I read on these different blogs on here.Just like u had exp. Dpro and to 2011, when you need cs again tell them you want to be transfer to the USA,they have to do it. Or this what you can do also,if you still have landline,call from there,or if you can find one anymore a paid phone! Hopes this helps someone!

        • Dpro

          ya but I am not pre paid I am post paid. LOL

        • NoOne

          What is an “American” accent.  You realize American is not a language, right?

    • Realcool2000

      It takes me about 5 min everytime no joke….u just have to understand english, know how to follow directions and know how to push buttons….I know this doesn’t apply to everybody…

  • TMoFan

    That’s sad to hear. I’m also a 10+ customer but haven’t experienced long wait times as you and others have mentioned. I haven’t called recently but when I called a few weeks ago it was only a five minute wait and the guy who helped me was great. Then I called when Irene hit and knocked out my coverage and the guy who helped me explained exactly what was going on. I even got a follow-up call the next day to confirm that my coverage was back up. I hope it’s not a downward trend. The one thing that T-Mobile always had over everybody else (especially at&t) is their cs.

    • TMoFan

      Okay this was suppose to be a reply to Guest 2011.

      • Bklynman

        See my reply below!

    • Guest 2011

      Let me know how long it takes you to get customer service if you try calling again. I wonder if they have certain numbers they automatically route overseas. Such as a “black list”.

  • BP

    I walked into a T-Mobile store yesterday since the improvements and it looked like an upscale lounge but with no drinks.  It will be interesting this holiday season to see if the upscale store look pays off with no upscale phone (iPhone, so far no Galaxy Nexus) with customers.

    • Amaze & Galaxy S II are just crap, then…I guess?  Right…

      • BP

        Oh I forgot about those 2…Oh wait no I didn’t.  The phones I mentioned had big events and customers wanting to leave to be able to get them.  The phones you mentioned were just released like any other phone.

        • Realcool2000

          Does bp stand for big pun$&y, bad pork, or broke pee pee…? U should explain so people know and don’t have to guess…

  • Faster than home Internet. LMMAO what a joke, that’s why i have to use WiFi when I’m at home i barely get service “voice or data” or maybe it’s just my POS Sensation 4G

    • Showtime8

      So sad!!

    • Greg

      I about spit out my diet coke when I read faster than home internet. Around here I get anywhere between 750k to 1.9mb download speeds on 4g. It used to be faster  — 3-5mb/s, but now that’s all I’m getting from both the G2 and Sensation 4g.

      (Calls to T-Mo tell me there are no network problems in the area, so I guess they’ve just downgraded things.)

      • Anonymous

        Again, they are referencing devices that support 42mbps that’s a very different experience than 14 mbps devices like the G2 and the Sensation.  The Amaze 4G and the GSII get on average between 8mbps – 15mbps.  The Rocket 3.0 data stick which supports 42mbps gets around 25mbps real world… that’s pretty much LTE speeds at half the price of Verizon LTE so stop your moaning and complaining.

        • Greg

          Ok, that makes sense.

          Still, the fact remains that their network speeds are about 3-4x slower than they were a few months ago, and T-Mo says there’s no problem.

        • Anonymous

          Thats your personal experience not a blanket situation. I get 18-20Mbps every time i test on my GSII.

    • Anonymous

      They’re talking about 42mbps devices like the Amaze 4G and the Galaxy S II.  Your Sensation 4G supports only 14.1 mbps.  The only thing that’s a POS is your way of thinking.

    • Anonymous

      I get 18-20Mbps on my GSII. My FIOS averages 20-25Mbps. Most people are at like 3-9Mbps on their home broadband connections.

  • Anonymous

    At my location, tmobiles 1mbps upload is faster than my DSL upload. Downloading, my DSL blows TMOBILE away.

  • patrick


  • Deeg

    Marketing family plans but ignoring individuals

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile has always marketed towards families and so has Wal-Mart.  That is the reason why they collaborated and created Family Mobile.  Because honestly, you make more revenue off MRC on families rather than individuals.

      • Deeg

        I understand that… I don’t have the #s of customer breakdown.  I think a lot of prepaid brands like Boost, Virgin, MetroPCS are growing because they are appealing to young, single people…Lets not forget individual customers too…thats all…but hey a strategy is a strategy…

        • Anonymous

          Actually, based on what ive seen in my territories and accounts:
          1. Boost – Hispanics (international calling and the sim card blackberry) Construction contractors(push-to-talk features and usually hand me downs from contract employers, employees are responsible for applying more minutes)  now people are flocking to boost because of the Android, which makes me laugh

          2. Virgin Mobile – I dont see alot of people buying VM phones only the prepaid MiFi, or Data Sticks.  College students and older people for small talk minutes

          3. MetroPCS – Hispanics mostly. At this point in time, they are being used by families therefore costing them up to $100-225/mth.  I seen some younger people with MetroPCS b/c either they are unemployed or underemployed

          So, the strategy for TMO or even Walmart Family Mobile is:

          Its more attractive to say you save more money as an individual on a multiple family plan.

          For example,

          WM Family Mobile, 2 Lines = $70 Unlimited Talk + Text + Promo Web for 3 Months


          Straight Talk/Metro PCS, 2 Lines = $90-$100

          That’s my strategy!!     =)

  • Deeg

    They need to also train Walmart Mobile employees if they’re going to continue a big push there , which it seems they are with the $30 Walmart plan and the recent Exhibit release.  Went to the store yesterday and they had no clue.  They didn’t even know what the Exhibit II was – although I was able to find it.  I also wish they’d have at least one phone out of the box so customers could touch and play with it like some of the post-paid ones.  (Im assuming they have one out of the box at a Tmobile store but I don’t know).  Its hard to buy a $200 phone without having it in your hand and seeing if its comfortable for you to use.  Otherwise t heyre all bricks in a box.  The WM employee couldn’t answer basic questions so 2  SUITS came up and they also had no clue.  They told me that if you buy the phone you cannot switch plans – i.e. you could not do $50 unlimited one month and then switch to the $30 plan the next and so on.  I told them that was not true and that was the whole point of no contract plans- that you can change them on a monthly basis based on your needs.  They said that was not how Tmobile works.  I walked out because Ive learned over the years its useless to argue with Walmart employees as most of them at my store are just plain idiots.  I was just surprised that the management was also so uninformed.  The local T-mobile rep has work to do.

    • That’s the way Wal-Mart employees are with every electronic.  I’m sure Wal-Mart pays good money to carry things like this, so they should pay good money to educate their employees…But, alas.

      • Deeg

        My local WM is in a low income, heavy Afr-Amer area and the employees are just the laziest bunch and its disgusting to shop there.  Low prices but awful service.  Wont even go into it since its not a WM site…But you’d think the Managers and Suits in the Mobile Department would at least know the basics of a prepaid plan.  It was just so embarrassing.  I was the only one there and I had 3 employees – including 2 senior people (I think one had to be a regional or district manager just by the way he looked and acted) and yet they all told me I couldn’t change my plan month to month.  So what is the difference between that and contract plans?  They couldn’t answer anything – They couldn’t tell me what the difference was between the Exhibit 2 and the Dart which they had.  It just doesnt reflect well on Tmobile.  Whoever the Tmobile rep is needs to do some more work with training.  I also don’t understand why they can’t have one handset out for customers to touch – They have tables for Sprint, Family Mobile, ATT, Verizon – the phones are tied down and not active – but yet the prepaid are all in boxes under lock and key so you can’t even see them.

        • Anonymous

          what city and state?

        • Deeg

          Atlanta GA

        • Anonymous

          I’m a WM rep but im on the West side…..If you shop at the WM in atlanta & its a mixture of upper/middle and low income. you must shop at howell mill rd, johnson ferry, johns creek or east cobb co.

        • HTC Pyramid

          tt appears you are low-income too since you frequent the store. i guess you were brainwashed into thinking you are middle-class due to the color of your skin.

        • Deeg

          Yeah you’re right….Everyone who goes to a Walmart is low income.   The people on here are so idiotic.  Rather than provide information or shed light on an issue related to Tmobile , you all call people names when you can’t back up your points.  Email Mike Katz – he’s the head of prepaid and ask him about it.

        • Anonymous

          they are right. you cannot switch the plan. why is that so hard to comprehend?   once you switch away from the new plan, you cannot go back. 

        • Deeg

          Sorry Ugly Pete, that is not correct.  (I don’t know maybe you people are talking about the Walmart only plan and that has different rules).  Thats not what we were discussing.  There is an entire page on Tmobile’s website (I cannot post a URL on here because then the comment doesnt get posted for some reason) but it details how your switch from monthly plan to monthly plan or from monthly to pay as you go and vice versa.  YOU CAN SWITCH FROM MONTHLY 4G $50 TO $30 1500 MIN/TEXT TO $60 UNLIMITED TO $2 PAY PER DAY TO PAY AS YOU GO  BACK TO $50 UNLIMITED.  Theres an entire page on that.  So y’all can take your angry hateful ignorant comments elsewhere

        • Anonymous

          you are so confusing. he was talking about the exclusive walmart $30 plan.  

          Yes, you can move from 1500talk/text to another 50unl talk/text. No you cannot move from 50unl talk/text to the new walmart 100 minute 5gb data plan. 

        • Deeg

          ok IM confusing.  I never talked about the Walmart unlimited data plan with the WM people.  Im not going to argue – I was there.  I just want people to have accurate information.  Ive never considered that WM plan…but theres nothing on the Tmobile website that says you can’t switch from that plan to another.. Maybe you can’t but then thats just as bad as a contract..makes no sense to me…but whatever

        • Anonymous

          they probably thought you were talking about the new plan too. but yes, as a i said, you can switch between the monthly 4g plans tmo offers in store. its easy to do. just go to the tmo store and tell them you want to switch to a different one. it takes 30 seconds to do it

        • Deeg

          You don’t have to go to a store…You can do it on the phone or on the website.  Id do it online cuz the reps I keep dealing with are incompetent.  Just the other day they also told me you could not check how many minutes you used on the Tmob $30 1500 plan on your phone…You can.. Just call the Prepaid Cust Service and the automated system will check for you.  Every single thing they tell me is wrong…so from now on Im just gonna do the opposite of what they say.

        • Crybabies

          I believe UglyPete said NEW PLAN, since you are such an expert on T-Mobile plans I am sure you realize that the 1500 min and $50 dollar prepaid plans aren’t really new?  Again, I am assuming you know that, well especially since you shouted out loud are smart and great you are.  What is NEW is the exculsive prepaid plan by T-Mobile for Walmart and the website. 

          Let me get this straight.  You drive 5 minutes to Walmart to ask them about phones and prices that they dont know about because they have to learn about 5 different carriers plans and procducts.  You come home to your computer and than post on a website about how awful the walmart employees but call everyone else hateful and ignorant?  Oh ya, and you didnt even articulate exactly what plan you are talking about because since you are so smart you realize T-Mobile has more than one $30 monthly 4g plan??  1 Word for you…and trust me its hateful…. LOSER!

        • Deeg


        • kahlayoh

          By reading your post, I assume your’e a middle to high class income person. So if it bothers you…why shop at walmart and go the cheap way! Should you’ve just gone to a actual t-mobile store you would’ve got the service you wanted. 

        • Deeg

          Not everyone is near  Tmobile store.  The area I live is mixed with a  lot of redevelopment…everything from very low income to million dollar homes and everything in between.  Walmart is 5 minutes away. Tmobile store is 30+…thats why.  Im also a professional marketer and have worked at large companies like Time Warner and McDonald’s and at times I just want to shake some Tmobile marketing folks because so much of what they do drives me crazy, and I don’t see anybody doing anything to improve things.  And my experiences with Tmobile customer service is beyond awful.  How can a business get back on its feet when its own employees cannot even explain its plans.  I know more about Tmobile than every employee I speak to.  I now just deal with ECR.

        • Anonymous

          YOu must go to the WM off of Howell Mill Rd?

        • Deeg

          Nope, its Gresham.. I hear the Howell Mill one is actually very nice and upscale for a Walmart.

        • Anonymous

          LOL!  There is a rep in Gresham.  Now how often is he in there, im not sure.  I know a few stores on the eastside were upgraded to front-of-store wireless centers.  did gresham rd have a front-of-store kiosk?  or did you have to go allllllllllll the way in the back?

        • Anonymous

          actually operations are supposed to go like this:

          the account manager = trains the walmart associates on new products and plans, then follow up weekly.

          the sales rep = sales the product and trust the wm associate can sell along side as well to increase sales. sometimes sales rep have to go over material again and again….lol

          that how it SUPPOSE to be, lol.

        • Deeg

          Yeah they moved mobile to the front of store kiosks.  They were black men…one was heavyset…They were both sitting in the back until they saw the employee confused and then jumped in.  Its fine – Ill take all the backstabbing on here ; Ive got a call scheduled next week with the prepaid exec team and will make it known to them.  Wont waste time on this blog anymore…Dont need all that negativity 

        • Anonymous

          lol, I know who they are.one is tall light skin and the other short.  We meet Monday a.m.  I will bring it up in a meeting.  is there some other way to exchange info w/o the lurkers and trolls doing something ignorant with it?

          plus, don’t let some of these clowns on here bother you when it comes to posting on the blog.

        • Deeg

          Actually one was tall light skin – the other was more of a heavy set guy – no one was short.  I don’t really care what anyone says.  Honestly Im in contact with a Tmobile exec and will mention it to him as Ive been mentioning other things Ive found regarding the prepaid customer experience.  He then can do what  he wants with the info.  Honestly the Gresham store is a disaster…Ive tried talking to managers…The truth is that it serves a low income population who doesnt know they deserve better service so employees don’t give service.  We have the same issue with the local Kroger.  The one retailer in that area that provides outstanding service is Publix.  Ive talked to this one Kroger employee (she’s not the manager) but she agrees with everything I say…the people are just lazy, managers look the other way and their attitude is these folks don’t have anywhere else to go…and sadly many of the customers are uneducated and will not even go ask management for something or complain – they just are used to bad service and think they deserve it.  Don’t worry about the Walmart thing…I don’t really want to get directly involved.  It just reinforced my opinion and I was already talking to Tmob about the fact that their prepaid customer service reps provide wrong information all the time so it was just another layer to me to see that Tmob is pushing a WM strategy and they’re providing misinformation as well.  Its been a long day so I haven’t expressed myself correctly but hopefully  you get my drift.  Ive worked in PR and Marketing for large global brands.  I worked for McDonalds for many years at a store, regional, and national level so I know that a lot of times the people at HQ have no idea what is going on in the trenches.  Thats why I wanted to make sure my contacts had all the info – if they choose to ignore it, its up to them.

        • Anonymous

          yea it is and mostly african american’s shop and work there…

        • Anonymous

          if im not mistaken i think the WM he(NicholasSparks2) shops at in Atlanta has no TMobile store.  pretty much either have to go downtown to Ga Tech/North Ave or 5th street to get to the nearest Tmobile store.    

        • Realcool2000

          This explains why he is racist.

        • Anonymous

          WOW i just re-read his post above again too.   strong words dude,  very strong words. 

        • Realcool2000

          Yeah there’s. Definitely something very wrong with nickysparks for sure.

        • Realcool2000

          Hey did u just lump together low income, lazy bunch and african american area in ths same sentence?

          Look here nicky….ur little racist self needs to just simmer down and stop whining on this forum cause someone put u in ur place for not acting right in whatever area u are from…

          I’m glad I went back to read this post so I can see what kind of disturbed person u are….but seriously just be quite now cause ur just gonna make urself look worse…

      • Gina

        When I went to my SuperCenter they had big displays for ATT and Verizon but I couldn’t find a thing for T-Mobile even though their website said they should carry them. 

    • Crybabies

      The walmart $30 dollar plan is a special plan and you cannot switch between the different plans.  If you wanted to get the regular $30 dollar prepaid plan than you can switch anytime you like.  I am assuming you are talking about the 100 min, 5gb with unlimited text for $30?  So, yes walmart was correct and not idiots.  Good that everyone has such a high opinion of other people trying to make ends meat.  

      • Deeg

        Sorry but you are wrong.  Maybe you’re talking about the $30 100 min Walmart plan…I don’t know.  Im talking about the $30 1500 min/text plan.  Look at the Tmobile website – you can switch from plan to plan every month.  I can’t post the link on the comments because they won’t post it but there’s an entire page detailing how you switch from Monthly 4G to other Monthly 4G prepaid plans or switch to Pay as You Go etc and how to do that and when those changes go into effect.

        • Crybabies

          No you cannot switch from the walmart prepaid plan to any of the other prepaid plans and back again. Feel free to check with whomever you like.  You are wrong, so deal with it.  No the discussion was about you demeaning some walmart employees over a prepaid plan.  You are one quality individual.  I really hope you haven’t reproduced and passed along your ignorance to some children.  

        • Deeg

          If you only knew who I am at Tmobile. LOL 

        • Yeah

          If you actually are a decision maker at T-Mobile then it’s no wonder why it continues to stumble at every turn. Hey, let’s hire a bunch of idiots from the retail clothing industry who think they know what customers want from a cell phone/plan. Lets change our rate plans every 3-6 months. Let’s spend 3 years forcing customers to see the value in no-contract postpaid plans only to take them away. Genius.

        • Seems like someone knows about a little “Secret” they hired from to get their wonderful useless management…

        • And there are 2 big exclusions to that “useless” comment…you know who you are ;-)

        • Bklynman

          Hi Nick,since you claim(not making fun of you,this is a blog after all) you work for Tm,maybe you can explain,the following,
          why is it(sorry about going off topic) Tm stop selling the Nuron,The G2,but is still selling The Behold 2 as upgrade? How does Tm,decide end of life for a phone? Even those if you go The Tm website,Behold 2 is not there,when I login my account,go to upgrade, it there as a option,why may I ask? I would like to know when I do go to upgrade my account it only shows some 
          of the the phones Tm sells. When I call cr,they tell am due for a full upgrade,but for some reason not all show up. Why? Even 
          when I got to Tm main site,still not all phones show up. When I was with Att.,if I login my account or not they show all the phones they are selling. I didnot have go to store to see them.
          If you do work for Tm,why do they do this? Why are they still selling The Behold 2?

        • Deeg

          If Customer Service can’t answer your questions, email ExecutiveResponse@T-mobile.com.  Companies have different arrangements with manufacturers and are constantly evaluating the handsets they provide to customers based on a variety of factors.  Technology also moves very quickly so new handsets are constantly being brought to market and older models are retired.  Not all phones are available for upgrades; I cannot comment on your specific situation.  Customer Service should be able to help you.  If you reach a roadblock or find that you’re getting the runaround, executive customer relations is the next step.  Good luck!  

        • Realcool2000

          R u still hangin out at walmart nicky…try a real tmo store and try treating the employees with respect and they will stop calling in the suits..

      • Deeg

        I think you’re the one that is making judgements about other people (see below).  I don’t know if that Walmart only plan has different rules; it might but I doubt it but that is not what the discussion was about.

      • Deeg

        No you are assuming incorrectly.  We were not talking about the Walmart 100 minute plan as I told them I use more than 100 minutes per month as I don’t have a landline.  We were talking about the overall prepaid plans such as $70/60/50 unlimited; $30 1500 min/text; Pay as You Go; and Pay Per Minute. 

      • Deeg

        Just double checked Tmobile website and see nothing that says you can’t switch from the Walmart unlimited data $30 plan to other plans….I think all prepaid plans can be switched from month to month.

        Monthly4G Rate Plan Change FAQs  How do I change my T-Mobile Monthly4G rate plan?To change your rate plan, use one of the following options: Go to My T-Mobile.Access t-zones®.Call 1-877-778-2106 from any touch tone phone.Call #8646 from your T-Mobile phone.Go to a T-Mobile Retail Store.How do rate plan changes work for Monthly4G rate plans?Rate plan changes FROM a non-Monthly4G rate plan TO a Monthly4G rate plan are always effective immediately.
        Rate plan changes FROM a Monthly4G rate plan TO a non-Monthly4G rate plan (Pay As You Go or another Monthly4G rate plan) may be future dated to begin at the end of your current plan period.
        If you choose to change the rate plan immediately, you lose any remaining time that you have already paid for.
        When scheduling a future date rate plan change, you may cancel the future dated request up to the date the change becomes effective.
        You can renew your plan early if your rate plan buckets happens to expire.
        By renewing early, you lose any remaining time you have already paid for and any remaining bucket. What are the rates if I change from a Monthly4G plan to the Pay As You Go rate plan?If you are on a Monthly4G rate plan and change to the Pay As You Go rate plan, your per-minute rate is no more than 15¢.If you were on Pay As You Go plan prior to the Monthly4G rate plan and your rate was less than 15¢, you receive the previous rate. If it was more than the 15¢, you receive the 15¢ rate until you apply your next refill.

    • Realcool2000

      Dude u expect us to believe that any part of the walmart workforce that wheres suits actually talked to you….c mon….anyone actually in a suit that works at wallmart probably owns it and definitely isn’t gonna talk to u about a phone…..

      Stop spinning ur adventures at walmart and tmo stores….

      • Deeg

        You’re an idiot.  If you act the way you write, then probably they won’t speak to you.  I have better things to do with my time than make up stories.

        • Realcool2000

          Whatever. Have fun hangin out at walmart with the suits sucka. And just for the record…if u talk the way u write u probably walk around with black eyes all the time.

          Ill save my writing grandeur for when I author a novel, thank u very much….

      • Anonymous

        Actually they do.  The Dept Managers make more money off wireless than any other product in that department.

    • Anonymous

      It is true!  You cannot switch from Monthly 4G to the WM $30 or vice versa.  

      • Deeg

        Well I couldn’t find that anywhere on the website, but regardless we WERENT talking about that plan.  We were talking about the $30 1500 min plan…and I know those you definitely can change from t hose to monthly unlimited or/and pay as you go – Somewhere else here I cut and paste the page from Tmobile’s website.  If you can’t change plans on the $30 Walmart unlimited, thats worse than a contract.  That makes no sense to me.  I’ll ask ECR to confirm

        • Anonymous

          yea after reading the rest of the posts…i understand what u are saying now.  

        • Deeg

          The other folks are idiot and making so many assumptions…its just funny to me.  No, I didn’t go to Walmart for a cell phone.  I was in Walmart for something else so stopped by there because I had been dealing with the WM prepaid team on some other issues and wanted to test the WM store on how they handled stuff….I needed first hand evidence…call it a version of ‘secret shopper’ but I didn’t want to go into that with the other folks because they would tell me Im lying or whatever other words they want to hurl at me.  They think Ive got nothing better than make up stories.  Im trying to help Tmobile and the people who visit this site

        • Anonymous

          I usually don’t respond to nonsense.  but what your experiencing is a known issue and figured i could help since I am a tmo rep for wm.  

  • Respawn

    Just to help you out, David, in the first paragraph, it should be “at what they’re planning” instead of “at what there planning” :)

    T-Mobile needs something big if they’re hoping to turn around.

    • Thanks, just got back from running around and I’m out town…posted in a rush so I’ll fix it right away!

  • Lu

    ok, I see there is a lot of talk regarding CS issues here…as a rep, I can only agree with you guys 100%…many prepaid customers are coming into our store with the web guard restricted feature on there account, they are calling CS and tell the customers to give them there social and any info on there ID(keep in mind, many of the people around my store are tourists just visiting and barely speak good English)…this is in NYC keep in mind…so today we’ve had about 15 people come into this store, it’s not something we can do in our system so they only have to call again, just for us to confirm who they are…adealing with anything regarding prepaid, flexpay or tech support is borderline unbearable…as a rep, i’m beyond frustrated, I love my job, but I can only feel for the customer…considering it’s supposed to be customer service, the main thing there focused on is an automated system to service the customer at this point…many customers are misinformed and are told to go to stores for certain situations they we do not honor in store(like pricing customer care offers the customer) nor do(like have software updates for the old My Touch 3G slide)…things used to be so easy to do and smooth…there are many many issues that need to be addressed, including our own computer systems(Quickview) which are filled with bugs and errors and make our jobs harder and take forever with certain situations just because nothing ever works.

    • Anonymous

      While i agree with most of what yoy said, for the record that SD card from HTC also included FroYo for the MT3GS.

      • Lu

        Not all stores got it

        • Anonymous

          EVERY Retail Store got them, it’s a matter of what mgmt in your location did with it. Read the Community article. It was shipped to ALL retail locations.

  • wow a big word from Magenta! Tertiary…whew! I’m so pleased.

  • Guest

    Where is the iPhone!!!!!!

    • You can get it unlocked directly from Apple buddy! Just pop in the T-Mobile sim and that’s it.

      • VibrantKid

        but internet doesnt work =/ only on EDGE, sucks

        • Yup….its like the original iPhone…just call it iPhone Classice :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As Mike noted… what’s up with using the word “tertiary?” Is that TMOUS or TMoNews who decided to get so highfalutin.

    I would venture to guess that readers had to look up that word then wonder what this list has to do with the Flintstones, or they simply ignored it.

    Tertiary… noun or adjective:

    1. 63 million to 2 million years ago.

    2. The Tertiary is a term describing a geologic period 65 million to 2.6 million years ago. The Tertiary covered the time span between the superseded Secondary period and the Quaternary. (Hence another definition, see #3 infra). The Tertiary period began with the demise of Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, and the non-avian dinosaurs in the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event, at the start of the Cenozoic era, spanning to the beginning of the most recent Ice Age, at the end of the Pliocene Epoch.

    3. Coming next in position, after the second and just before the fourth (aka “third” or “number 3”).

    • Realcool2000

      They just mean the third fool….

      I can see Samual Jackson talkin to you..”English M%T*E$F#C!ER do you speak it!!!!???

    • yeah

      Tertiary is actually a pretty common term that I read/hear multiple times per week. Maybe you need to surround yourself with people who have a deeper vocabulary. 

    • Whoismike

      ummm pretty common word… glad that you think so highly of your fellow TmoNews readers!

  • Tortionist

    Technically it’s not faster than home internet. Technically/Theoretically wifi runs at 50 mbps. my wifi only runs at about 21mbps (on my laptop). That’s with a weak signal. One more network upgrade, then the T-Mobile network will theoretically be faster than wifi.

  • Tortionist

    Broadband is even faster. I guess it could be faster than home internet if you had the slower DSL levels or ….LOL…Dial-up.

    • Huh NO Thanks

      Or had CenturyLink

  • My holiday wish is for T-Mobile to drop the prepaid cellphone $0.10 rate per minute to $0.05 per minute.

    • Deeg

      Yeah its weird also on their pay by the day plan..They have $2 unlimited talk/text/data…but then $1/day is .10 a minute…so basically if you’re going to talk for more than 10 minutes you’re better off getting the $2 a day…

  • None

    Amaze 4G BOGO and you can have my family plan for another 2 years TMO!

  • Anonymous

    Faster than home internet?
    Are they smoking crack?
    Not for a majority of users.

    • Bobby Phoenix

      Well the majority of people I know get between 2 and 7 MBPS down on home internet, and on my GSII I get 12 to 14 MBPS down, so yeah, faster than home internet.  At least for the averages you can pull.  Not many people care to spend money on “turbo” home internet, and are happy with 2 or 5 down.

  • JohnP

    Oh my gosh, T-Mobile sucks.  I was on the phone with tech support for like 20 minutes, when the line goes dead at EXACTLY 12:15am.  I then call back, and sure enough, they are closed for the night.  I think they automatically hang up on all of their “valued customers” at exactly 12:15am CT.

    I was wondering if the guy was stalling, because he kept saying “hold on for a few more minutes, I’m going to find the troubleshooting steps” and then have me on hold repeatedly.

    Well, when they open at 6am, they will have 1 fewer “valued customer”.  I’m taking my 5 lines elsewhere.  And I was actually going to renew my expired contracts next week.  Goodbye T-Mobile… you suck!

    • Bobby

      By the way, if you call a Tmobile Customer Service Rep around 5:30pm, you may get the lots-of-on-holds, then disconnected when they depart for the day.

  • LightAreOffNobodyIsHome

    Is T-Mobile turning off their lights?  Anyone else notice that some of the security certificates for their website are expired?

    Try logging in to your T-Mobile account, and then click “Contacts” in the lower right corner, and then click “Manage”.  I get a critical “untrusted connection” error due to “expired security certificates”.

    Nice going, T-Mobile.

  • Frigadroid

    Off topic but I have new bug with my vibrant and need the advice of some vibrant pros. I was wondering if anyone has had the voice message icon in the notification bar that won’t leave. When I go to voice mail it says I have no messages. Okay so why the icon? I have tried power off and removed the battery still when I power back up the icon returns and when I call it says no messages. I hate to call CS about as much as I hate to use the factory data reset. Any suggestions before I call or hit reset?

    • Maciejkoziol

      Call your cell and leave a voicemail, then access your voicemail and delete it. It should take care of that icon.

      • Frigadroid

        Thanks, you are right that’s what I did twice. For some strange reason it didn’t work the first time. Sure glad I didn’t reset or call CS.

    • Frigadroid

      Never mind when it comes to vibrant bugs they are posted all over the net and a little google research did the trick.
      I can’t even blame the vibrant this one is a tmobile voicemail problem since 2006. If I wasn’t on an unlimited plan I might claim a conspiracy. I still might this could have been a costly problem if I was on international roaming.
      Before I would have never thought tmobile could get so low but now they are forcing insurance plans and activating pay by the Mb data charges on people who previously had it blocked. $1.61 per phone for what ever they feel they need to comply with gov mandates? What’s that they need like 50 million a month for gov mandates and the coverage still sucks indoors and outside the city line. I honestly can’t believe a nexus and iphone tomorrow would help at this point. Its actually getting to the point that tmobile deserves the stigmatized reputation that they never deserved before.


      It is an issue that happens when you hang up before it tells you you have no more voice mails.The system sends a signal to your phone after that message. if you hang up before the VM icon will not clear. now on any phone with gingerbread there is a menu option under the call menu that clears VM notifications. 

      • Frigadroid

        Thanks Tmotech, that explains it well. Nice to know a few intelligent & informed kind hearted souls are still on the job.

    • Anonymous

      On my htc sensation/Amaze if u go to settings then call it’ll have an option “clear voicemail notification icon” bcz everyone I’ve reset or gotten a new phone that icon stays there without having a voicemail…

      • Frigadroid

        Interesting thanks for the reply. I might go back with htc in the future if they come with some beats audio, big beautiful display, and ice cream. I love samsung amoled displays thin size and weight but I’m a grumpy old man and when they pissed me off I vowed to take my business elsewhere.

    • Alphanite

      call yourself from a different phone, leave yourself a message… then go into your voicemail and delete the message you just left… this should update the voicemail indicator… 

  • Plankton

    Here is your surprise. TMO treats their prepaid customers as Tier 2. I found this out last night when I reported a tech bug. The CS rep commented “Your Post Paid” that should not affect you! I questioned her and she explained that they take down the prepaid services first.

    I can see where this is going!

    Pre pay==========> Metro

    Post Pay==========> ATT

    I cant wait for the mothership. This company has just gotten out of control. As my 10 year old says….Daddy cant they just get it over with already so I can get an iphone like dave???

    • RJ

      Yeah the prepaid CS is also outsourced to somewhere on the other half of the planet.  The prepaid service is more like Tier 3 or 4.  You’re basically on your own.  As many of you, Im OVER Tmob…I converted to prepaid a few months ago to save money since I had a phone that would work with Tmob, but who knows whats going to happen to the company and the service.  (att? metropcs? whatever) Im not gonna invest in a new Tmobile phone or anything.  Im either gonna get a prepaid from another carrier for a year until the iphone5 comes out or will bite the bullet and get the iphone4s either a cheap $55 plan with ATT or the Sprint SERO for only $70 and lock in unlimited  with the hope that they will solve their network issues.  Everyone I know from my 12 year old niece in Canada to my penpal in Australia to a friend in London and  my siblings all over the US have iPhones…Now they have FaceTime, iMessage for free texts…its just gonna be so much easier to have one phone – and not have to worry about anything else anymore.  Ive got a Mac too so might as well consolidate everything to Apple.  I know a lot of you are Apple haters and thats you’re right… I like simplicity, I like easy to use…and I rather have one phone, one iOS, one interface, good reliable apps, and not have to worry about hundreds of phones and manufacturers and changing androids os every other month

      • Plankton

        You have said it all pal!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Join me and my minions!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buspcstop

    This is why I’ll be giving Tmo a gift that keeps on giving- uhm well, er to another carrier.  21 lines are being moved to the big V.  tired of their games with BS and poor customer service- let alone the bloat-ware in the phones.  Employees can’t even handle the phones with all the features -let alone adding bloatware and BS APPS.  Guess the ole Tmo is lloking like the TITANTIC.

  • Jon

    As long as AT&T is hanging around T-mobile like a vulture I doubt that anything T-Mobile does will be good enough for most of their customers.

  • Anonymous

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