T-Mobile To Continue Spring Marketing Focus, What AT&T Deal?

With the announcement of the HTC Sensation today coming exclusively to our beloved Magenta, T-Mobile showed they are still firing on all cylinders and that business as usual is in effect. With that in mind T-Mobile is prepping their Spring Marketing focus that runs from April 20th to June 7th with a  big focus on T-Mobile’s “best offerings.”

So what are those best offerings you ask?

  • Expect to hear about T-Mobile having America’s largest 4G network!
  • The $79.99 Unlimited Talk, Text and “Data” plan beginning tomorrow will run through June 7th.
  • The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G will receive some television time with T-Mobile hoping to revitalize the Sidekick brand with its new Android overlords
  • Along with that you’ll hear plenty about the rest of T-Mobile’s smartphone lineup with lots of focus on the 4G “superphones.”
  • Tablets, those slate devices that are all the rage these devices will play a part in T-Mobile’s Spring marketing focus.
  • With the introduction of the T-Mobile’s first 4G Mobile Hotspot tomorrow along with the Rocket 3.0, T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ 42 device there will be lots to talk about on the mobile broadband front.

Anyone who has counted T-Mobile out of the game should understand that until any deal with AT&T closes, they are (as we’ve tried to remind you before) two separate companies. Therefore they must still market and compete and work toward boosting their customer count. Of course before AT&T works to finalize any such merger, they should make some in house moves to stop surveys like this from happening.

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  • Quilvio1

    its because tmobile knows that the deal wont go through so hahaha at&shit lmao

    • Rey

      most t-mobile customers only hope that the deal doesn’t go through, my family has been with t-mobile for over 10yrs i would be pissed if it did go through

  • Rick

    Screw att…tmobile is the sh*t..I hope the deal doesn’t go through

  • Bimmerz

    WTG T-Mo, bring it on! (and by “bring it on”, I mean bring on the super phones and high 4G speeds! ha!) ;o)

  • TMoFan

    It’s exciting and depressing to see T-Mobile coming out with some nice goodies and being aggressive. I wish they would have done this before maybe they and we wouldn’t be in this situation waiting to be assimilated into a sucky company.

    Keep on rocking Magenta!

  • Of course they are going to continue running their commercials and PR campaigns. TMO isn’t stupid, you can’t sit still in this business. If they just abandoned ship in expectation of the merger, they’d be completely screwed if it didn’t go through. They are playing it smart by continuing “business as usual”.

    IMO it would be a better outcome for TMO is if the deal doesn’t go through. It’s possible they’ve currently stalled AT&T for 12 months. I mean, who’s going to invest in their network when they are in the process of buying another one for 39 billion dollars? Especially if your plans for 4G require re-purposing the AWS spectrum you don’t yet own.

  • jonathan from LA

    David, what about the Even More Plus plan? Will that plan run through June 7th as well?

    • Alvin B.

      Don’t bother… the info was incorrect – the only $59.99 price point unlimited talk for EM+ is going to be if you have 200 MEGABYTES of data not GIGABYTES….

      • Anonymous

        No sir… You are incorrect… It’s 59.99 for unl TTW (2Gb throttle)

      • Your wrong. I chatted online with a rep who switched my EM+ for me 59.99 TTW (2GB throttle) I had him spell it out to me before i agreed to switch it and it is 2GB

  • I brought dip

    I’m on a Even More Plus plan . I don’t feel the same ” What AT&T deal ? ” giddiness even those rates are dropping as well . Me believes AT&T will throw my phone in the trash should I need a sim card from them .

    • Jon

      Unless you plan on staying with the same phone for more than 2 yrs, this should be fine…stop crying

  • Anonymous

    Will T-Mobile come out with a touch BlackBerry?

    • M3boarder1506

      yes summer,

  • Alvin B.

    So…. looks like this is new lines only? Wonder how much complaining is going to be necessary this time around for existing lines to change to the new rates?

    • Devin

      No, its for anyone, new or existing.

  • Anonymous


  • The “unlimited data” part always makes me shake my head, is it really unlimited? i always get throttled after 5gigs. I use wifi to connect to my ipad and it’s been tough. still better than at&t 2 gb cap, but it would be nice if it was truly unlimited, hell i’ll even pay more if the price is right to get real unlimited.

    • Devin

      Technically it is unlimited, I mean, they don’t charge an overage fee, so…. lol. I know what you mean though, kinda lame. This unlimited data though is actually only 2 GB and then throttled.

      • LC

        On the plan mentioned in the post it’s 2GB but previously it was 5. Like Devin said, it is unlimited because there aren’t any overages once you exceed the 5GB

      • well said, i guess what i meant to say was “real unlimited HSPS+ speeds” not be throttled back to 20kbs-100kbps

  • Anonymous

    Well, if they feel internally that it’s going to go through for sure, they might as well sell the heck out of the company products and get everyone on a market churning cheap plan. There’s no sense in getting stuck with any old hardware if it’s all going to be obsolete within 18months of the deal going through and the AWS band going offline for the new ATT LTE network.

    • T-mobile

      hardware obsolete within 18months??? i hate when people talk shat they dont know about

      • TMOTECH

        Then stop reading this blog or it will drive you insane…

        • Frigadroid

          Lol so true!

  • False2dbone

    what if at&t is helping t mobile with all these new phones and tablets to get more customers so that when they do take over it will be huge larger than life


      That would be a huge violation of anti trust laws and would certainly kill the deal so I dont think that is what is happening there skippy.

  • tmorep

    This is common practice before a merger is completed. Suncom did the same thing right after T-Mobile announced their pending merger. Suncom offered killer nationwide talk plans to boost their customer base. For me it’s deja vu all over again!

    • Chris

      the only difference is.

      today both AT&T and T-mobile are “major” companies.
      Meaning if the government allows this, they will and believe me the government will impose new wireless rules.

      • Anonymous

        actually last i read both wireless and broadband rules… something good might come from this after all

        • TMOTECH

          Yea because new rules from the government is what we have all been waiting for….

          What is wrong with you? Are you mentally unstable or are you just high?

        • nero

          I think he meant new rules as in pro net neutrality rules. Can’t see anything wrong with that, unless you’re high, mentally unstable or a telecom CEO.

  • Alvin B.

    Well apparently the deals aren’t as good as everyone thought, at least for Flexpay customers. Not sure where the miscommunication happened, but….

    When I tried to change my Even More + account (currently on the EM+ 500 minute/unlimited web), what I was offerred was $49 Unlimited Talk+Text and $25 internet, which is $74.99/month NOT the $59.99/month I have with 500 minutes or even $69.99/month with the $1000… so it might be less than the current plans, but it is definitely not a “free upgrade”… My bill would go up $15/month for minutes I would probably not use anyway. Best I can figure… this is a price drop of a whole $5 off of the old EM+ unlimited plan, and you would then be agreeing to a 2GB throttle.

    Nice bait and switch, guess we should get used to it with deathstar coming.

    • Daniel

      Well I am not really sure what you are talking about here. Your .jpg just showed some dollar amounts showing nothing from where you got the info from. The new unlimited plan starts Wednesday not Tuesday. So if you went online Tuesday you wouldn’t have seen the new deal. The special is for Even More Plus Unlimited Talk, Text and Web with a 2GB throttle for $60.

      Also remember T-Mobile.com does not offer Even More Plus pricing anymore. So if you are a Even More Plus Customer and want this deal you will probably need to go to a store and call care.

      For everyone crying about the 2 GB throttle. If you want to teather with a 5 GB cap instead then stay on the $79.99 Even More Plus or $99.99 Even More Plans. What T-Mobile is saying is simple here. IF you want to save $20 a month, then use WiFi when you are at home or in an area that offers free WiFi. Unless you are teathering or spending all your time on Youtube 2GB will be plenty of internet for 90% of the customers.

      • remister

        I need 10GB, upgrade me to 10GB throttle T-Mobile!

  • Mopar6464

    Unless this phone has AT&T radio for 3G , it will be useless once AT&T takes over.
    Who would buy a new phone right now knowing that’s it’s useless for 3G internet once the takeover is complete.
    Yea people will state it will still work for certain amount of time but once AT&T is in the drivers seat , well good luck.

    • MagentaMadness

      The ATT deal won’t go through for a minimum of 12-18 months…On average, people(remember on average, not everyone) use their phones for about year then change phones. Also, what happens IF the deal doesn’t go through? We all know its going to happen, but TMO still has to keep business as usual until those signatures go on paper… Hindsight is 20/20…in the end it’ll all work out.

      • Mopar6464

        Good point , but AT&T would’nt put up 3 Billion on the table for a shaky if happens deal.
        Also i think it will be done and over with by January 1st , 2012.
        I just don’t trust anything T-Mobile says at this point , it’s all business.

    • Quad band phone, it will work out of the box with both carrier anyway.

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      @ Mopar6464
      If you look, you will see all of the phones that are being marketed are 3g capable or better! why not upgrade now and get granfathered in; it will take AT&T at least another yr IF the deal even goes through.

  • Anonymous

    That all sounds reeeeally good! Do the phone Gods have some kind of plan??

  • The funny thing is that dt jumped the gun tryna pond off there kid to someone else and they are gonna regret it……believe me when I say I ain’t the only one who sees how t mobile is putting out Hella hot phones and tablets….mark my words they are gonna see profit like they been expecting and say f…..ATT

    • Mopar6464

      They can’t say f-AT&T because they signed a contract to sell.
      All they are doing is offering great deals now to help keep the T-Mobile customers from leaving to Verizon,Sprint,etc.
      On the other hand if AT&T honors all grandfathered plans when they take over, it could get you a great cheap plan now before the Death Star rule.

      • But the contract means nothin to the doj ….fcc….and wallstreet……they don’t want a monopoly…..the government is the only monopoly in town…..and that seems to be big red…in the end there will be no more t mobile usa by 2013….they been sayin this since 2004….if the deal happens big red still wins cuz Sprint and ATT are ass…….its always gonna be 4 major carriers so metro pcs is up to bat next I believe

  • That sounds very interesting

  • TweetMo

    Bet the HTC Sensation (Pyramid) drops on June 8th… the day after this promotion is gone.

    • thisjustin

      it drops in mid may! 2 weeks after the vodaphone exclusivity

  • The Observer

    thats hilarious since sprint marketing their unlimited data have nothing to with throttling and theirs is truly unlimited. BS