LetsTalk Putting G-Slate Up For Preorder Tomorrow, Launch Imminent?

While T-Mobile has been quite loud lately about announcing new phones via Twitter, including the Sidekick 4G, G2X and T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot one device wasn’t mentioned. The T-Mobile G-Slate has yet to see an official announcement even though we expect it to launch right around the same time as the other devices. Lending more credit to this theory is LetsTalk who tweeted they are putting the T-Mobile G-Slate up for pre-order beginning tomorrow. Such a thing isn’t like to happen unless a launch was imminent and we’re hoping T-Mobile takes the cue and announces an official date. Your move Tmo.


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  • TrollSeason


  • SeasonedTroll

    Fir…. damn

  • Anonymous

    t-mobile is so late to release this thing, I wonder if it gets outdated soon. This is becoming like play book fiasco.

    • Realdeal1205

      It really is , sad too, they not even going to push this thing, like the zoom or ipad gets pushed on tv

    • Anonymous

      playbook is the most amazing tablet i have ever played with, and im an android fan but this blows any tablet out of the water

  • Anonymous


  • mmeyer4663