T-Mobile Makes G2X Release Date Official, April 15th Online, April 20th In Stores

Update: For those of you asking, T-Mobile has said that the non-contract price of the G2X is $499.99.

Well would you look at that, T-Mobile went and made the T-Mobile G2X release date official right on the heels of a rumor claiming the phone would launch April 15th. As it turns out both April 15th AND April 20th were the correct launch days as our early information had pointed to a release on April 20th for over a month now. Those of you eager to pick up the G2X can order online on April 15th and those of you looking to walk right into your local T-Mobile store can do so on April 20th.

So what’s the price you ask? The G2X will launch at $199.99 after a $50 MIR on a 2 year contract. No surprise with the pricing there as it’s T-Mobile’s first dual-core handset we expected pricing right around $250. Let the breaking of the piggy banks begin.


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