T-Mobile Releasing G2X And G-Slate On April 20th?

While we’ve been working on a March 23rd release date for the T-Mobile G-Slate since way back in January and yet it’s been quiet enough to make us wonder if that date still held firm. Thankfully, our caution has been rewarded as we’ve received word that both the upcoming T-Mobile G2x and T-Mobile G-Slate will both drop on April 20th. An announcement at CTIA is expected to officially announce this time frame, however we’re telling you now!

All dates are subject to change so as always and if you’ve been keeping up with the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt release date disaster you know these dates can and will change. Still, that gives you right over a month to save your pennies!

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  • hope so

  • i hope ctia also shows us the HTC pyramid too. If so, Tmo is going to have one kick ass line up.

  • Pissed because I was hoping to order my G-Slate before I go on vacation on the 19th. Maybe I will win won.

  • Steve

    Darn, was hoping for a little later release, but when I am eligible to upgrade again in June from my MyTouch 3G V1, should know which is faster, the Pyramid, the G2x, or the Galaxy S2. With three dual core phone, should have a great choice and some solid hands on reviews by June 7.

    • I heard the Pyramid might be similar to a Thunderbolt on T Mobile, although I don’t see a point ’cause that’s the equivalent of a Desire HD which ours would be a MyTouch 4G.

      • I mean being Single Core and all.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, there was some benchmark showing the Pyramid to be below the Vibrant, but I’m not buying it. That’s either a completely un-optimized prototype, or a just plain fake benchmark. I have no doubt that all the dual-core chips coming this year will be roughly the same. Sure one might be better than the others, but not by huge margins.

  • Sidekick 4G, or LG Optimus G2X. Might be which one comes out 1st.

    • Anonymous

      2x is so much better

    • Dude really? LG all the way for sure.

    • omgz

      Side kick? You better put that crackpipe down, sober up, and come to your senses. Sidekick? Thats like lions and playoffs. Are you kidding me?

      • Anonymous

        PLAYOFFS!? LOL that never gets old.

      • Obviously I am. I love Sidekick’s. The thing I don’t understand is why people get so involved, offended, & dang near wanting to bash someone because of their smartphone/device preference’s. Just like David said about the OS. None really beats none. Everyone has their preference & it’s space for all of them. So, why is there a problem because I want a Sidekicks. I mean just because I don’t want a phone that cooks me breakfast, finds gold in the Sahara desert, produces atom’s, & makes me a 6 figure income annually, what’s the problem? I like what I like, let me be happy with it.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. I think too many people see specs of phone A > specs of phone B and forget that things like form factor, utility, and personal preference play just as large a role.

        • Exactly.

        • Anonymous

          Preach bros some ppl take this stuff way too serious and I was guilty of that but I’ve realized there are way more important things out here. But if I were you i’d consider updates which kg seems to be ahead of a lot of manufactures on, performance which is a wait and see and again as much as I dislike apple’s “I” products they are super smooth with dual anything. Usage as far as what you want out of it I assume the SK will be a social network lovers dream and the G2X will probably be geared towards media. Last and maybe the most important, battery life I like the new phones but at some point manufactuers really need to take a break from production and come up with better batteries. I really like my vibrant but I can’t get the most out of the screen cause I have it on the lowest setting everything is practically black and it just doesn’t last, maybe 4 or 5 hours after moderate usage….Just my opinion.

        • I agree on the batteries tip. But, yeah. People like what they like. That’s why even in when T-Mobile is just about to release a phone they have a “target” & who the target is. Everyone has a preference. What may be great for someone else, may not be great for the next. & I had that issue to with my Vibrant, & that’s why I went with the G2 (which has excellent battery life is you pay special attention to what apps you have installed). My G2 got up to about 2 days of battery on 4G with the screen on low.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, not sure if I wanna part with my vibrant tho but two days is impressive. But you’re right and I have to admit seeing that finalized version of the sk looks kinda good lol

        • It does

        • Tortionist

          Also the G2’s over-clocked processor and gingermex fast ROM, make it so much sweeter than anything else out there. It runs at 1.5 Ghz without any issues.

  • Anonymous

    I am freaken thrilled. I can hardly wait. Currently own the Nexus One and MyTouch 4G, both rooted and loving them. Saying that the G2x has been on my radar for some time and can hardly wait. Big time phone geek that loves T-Mobile. Best carrier, fast data and the best plans. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • Eric

      Just got my hands on a MyTouch 4G and I’m thinking about rooting it so I can tether. I’ve seen quite a few websites that guide you through the rooting process but I really want to avoid damaging the phone. To be honest, I’d much rather pay someone to root it for me. Since that may not be practical, can you tell me what guide you used to root your phone? I want to make sure its legit. Thanks!

      • Google 1 Click Root or Visionary, I’m fairly certain they both work on the MT4G. Also it’s not rooting that can brick your phone and void the warranty, it’s unlocking the bootloader and flashing ROM’s. Root is easy….

        • Anonymous

          Wow thanks I didn’t know that. I thought rooting your phone voids warranty. Now I am not hesitant to root my G2X when I receive it.

        • Tortionist

          Once you flash a ROM once or twice, it’s very easy. As with anything else, the first time is the hardest.

      • Randy_Reid101

        Why would you need to root to tether?

        • Eric

          I should have said to tether without paying the tethering monthly fee. Other than that, what purpose does rooting serve?

        • Anonymous

          if you tether using the built in feature on your phone settings you dont have to pay

        • Josh

          Just use the built in Wi-Fi personal hotspot app. I’m using it prefectly fine with no monthly fee and it works very well without rooting.

        • Tortionist

          It doesn’t, by itself. It does allow you to do 3 other things. It let’s you over-clock the processor, get rid of bloatware, and flash some really cool ROMs.

      • Tortionist

        Go to the Unlockr.com or use xdadevelopers.com. I personally prefer the unlockr, because it gives you the easiest root method, and shows available ROMs for it. I used visionary and had no problems.

    • ivan

      http://www.theunlockr.com with videos and step by step.

  • Neverthesheep

    ok so could this maybe be the first android phone that doesnt lag? last more than half a day? be smooth? make me not want the iphone? only time will tell…….and by the way what is this deal with phones not having notification lights in them?

    • eYe

      Do you even own an Android phone? Lag is the thing of the past. I picked up MT4G when it first came out and I have yet to experience a single moment of lag or a single Force closure. And I go to bed every day with more then a third of battery life left in it.
      With that said, I’m waiting for Pyramid. I’ve been wanting a phone with 4.3″ display and I love how it looks. Dual core processor is just an icing on the cake. I really hope that it has 1gb or or at least 768 mb of RAM to go along with that beast of a processor.

      • Danny

        I’m a huge Android fan but to say none of them lag anymore is a huge misnomer.

        Your MT4G will lag eventually; they all do. Even my new SGS 4G lags sometimes when swiping between screens or clicking an unresponsive app.

        • ATL guy

          MT4G Owner as well.
          Holds more apps and doesnt lag as much is my nexus 1 did.
          1/3 battery left when you go to bed?
          Do you wake at 6 am and go to bed 2 pm?

        • Oreo

          No, he’s hardly on his phone. standby time = more battery life

        • eYe

          Thanks for the replies, I will confirm again, my phone does not lag. No clearing caches, rebooting or other bs that used to do on my G1 daily. It is working at it’s intended speed; which is not supposed to be the speed of mega-power quad-core gaming pc, even though my phone is OC’d @1.5Ghz when the screen is on.

          Josh: the mighty iPhone is POS by definition, nobody cares if it lags or not. 200 apps are overkill. I have 100 and I would not miss 90 of them if they got deleted accidentally.
          Ansel: it’s not Android’s fault, it’s T-mo’s shitty Espresso UI. Try out CyanogenMod and see the difference.
          Danny: My MT4G may hick-up once in a while (let’s say once a week) but it does not have defined lag. I’ve had this phone since it came out so if it starts lagging in a year – I’m ok with it. But it wont.
          ATL and Oreo: I do wake up bright and early, around 5:30a and put the phone on the charger around 10p. During that time I listen to my music or streaming (around 2hrs), talk on the phone (imagine that!) for about 30 min. FB, Google, Twitter sync. Some web browsing (mostly clicking links from FB and Twitter) A little bit of Angry birds on my lunch break and some good ol’ navigation along the way. That gets me through my day with at least 30% of battery left with NORMAL usage. I can certainly kill the battery by having navigation on, browsing or playing games for 3-4 hours but I don’t. YMMV. SetCPU profiles do magic for the battery too. I’m at 1.5Ghz on demand with screen on / 348Mhz powersave with screen off.

          Good luck to all. Still waiting on Pyramid.

        • Tortionist

          I think he meant that it’s pretty much a thing of the past, especially if you don’t clear the caches and move apps to the SD card. My rooted and over-clocked G2 lags every once in a great while, but that’s only if I don’t clear the caches once a week. Even then it’s only for mere nanoseconds.

      • As an owner of a MT4G I will confirm for you that it DOES & WILL lag lol…that’s just one of the faults of Android that will hopefully get better & eventually go away in time…

      • Josh

        I love my MT4G and I have experienced some lag, but I have over 200 apps on it and it lags very, very little still. But to say it doesn’t lag at all isimply sn’t correct

        All smartphone lag. That’s the nature of the beast. Even the mighty iPhone lags.

  • Anything on G-Slate Pricing?

  • Anonymous

    This might be my upgrade from the trusty Nexus One. I’m waiting to see what they did, if anything, with the OS on the X2. Also if the ram remains at 512k. Hopefully no bloatware either.

  • Placebo

    son of a b……. i’ve been waiting for this since december, if galaxy s2 (with tegra 2? not exynos) or htc pyramid comes out before this. might pick those devices up instead

  • Anonymous

    The HTC Pyramid so has my attention now, it’s like the 2X is almost my backup. The slate intrigues me though.

    • Mrod197

      I’m with u ….HTC pyramid I’m waiting on..

  • but for how much? 3d = an arm and a leg + half liver and one kidney?

  • Anonymous

    That’s funny, a kid just said on the G-Slate overview post, that exactly this should happen. Lol. Good job Micheal.

  • Tmoguy

    The Galaxy S2 from what I heard is Headed for AT&T.

  • Anonymous

    G2X its on!

  • yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! Its about time. I really didn’t think we would get it there for a while. Tell me its 4g!! I would still get it if its only 3g but tell me it is. I’m pumped!!!

    • rubi76

      I think they announced at CES it was 4g

  • Awwwe April 20th is soooo Far Away. = /

  • frigadroid

    If it sells well samsung will do what they do best and copy or um follow with their version of a 3d tab. Here is a snip of some mudslinging between lg and samsung I read in the Bangkok Post.
    Kim Hyeon-Seok, executive vice president of Samsung’s visual display unit, described LG’s claim that its 3-D TVs offer wider angles than Samsung’s as “an attempt to deceive consumers””It is unacceptable that LG claims that FPR is better than active shutter glasses when the whole world says otherwise,” Kim said. Samsung has even published a print ad featuring a popular actor next to a small monkey, both wearing special glasses for 3-D viewing. The monkey’s caption reads “Why is my 3-D TV not fully high-definition?” Samsung denies the monkey symbolises LG. Kwon Young-Soo, CEO of LG Display — LG Electronics’ flat panel unit — urged Samsung Thursday to “stop the ads attacking another firm” and maintained his firm’s technology is more advanced Kwon said LG’s special glasses, required to watch 3-D TVs, are lighter, cheaper, transmit fewer electromagnetic waves and cause less blurred vision than Samsung’s”I feel so sorry that the whole debate over facts has developed into a mudfight,” Kwon told reporters. Japan’s Sony Corp is considering adopting the Korean flat panel maker’s new display technology for 3-D TVs, he said. Yoon Boo-Geun, the head of Samsung Electronics’ TV business, earlier Thursday called the controversy “unnecessary and exhausting”, saying the smaller rival was “trying to break a rock with an egg” Samsung Electronics was the world’s top maker of 3-D TVs by shipments in the fourt quarter last year with a 37.2 percent stake, according to DisplaySearch Both the South Korean giants are battling for market share under new leaders. LG Electronics in September elevated founding family member Koo Bon-Joon to CEO

    • Anonymous

      Samsung already admitted to what your saying a month ago.

      “We are world leaders in 3D, but we haven’t seen a need for 3D on mobiles as yet … we just don’t see [3D] is needed yet–good luck to the innovators though, it will be interesting to see if it works, and if it does you’ll see a response from Samsung quickly”

      • frigadroid

        Once again PimpStrong you get an A+ for doing your research homework. I saw that too, also I believe in the Post. That’s what I based my assumption on, and the fact that any successful company will mimic the competition as Samsung has proven to do in the past.

  • Tyrone M Jackson

    Great! More phones for T-Mobile to not support! Just like the myTouch 3G Slide, which T-Mobile has been saying will get upgraded “soon”, and they’ve been saying that since June 2010. At T-Mobile, “soon” means at least a wait of 3/4 of a year.

    • stevo

      yes it does seem like they are taking their time. verizon did have some release date issues with the thunderbolt. its out now. i have said it b4 ….. t mobile needs to hurry up and release/ make these phones available. the competition doesn’t wait as long as tmobile does(it seems). they continue to have plenty of product. im not a verizon person but a good case in point……………look at the ads on this site …. what are they promoting?????? verizon sprint…. the competition. they may suck but c’mon you are going to help them advertise on a tmobile site???????????????? also what is the difference between the t mobile g2x vs. lg optimus 2x

      • Aerofanbig

        The G2x IS the Optimus 2x, its just been rebranded like every other phone on the market. The phone names we are used to as customers, almost always belong to the carrier and are not the device names from the manufacturers. Example, the original G1 is actually the HTC Dream. HTC/Moto/LG/Nokia/Samsung all have their own names, when they get sold to a carrier the carrier sticks their own name and possibly some cosmetic changes.

        • Aerofanbig

          forgot to add…..

          names like “DROID” belong to Verizon, so any HTC or Motorola could be called a DROID ______
          SideKick belongs to Tmo, thats why the newest one is being made by Samsung instead of Sharp. NEXUS belongs to Google, hence one is HTC and one is Samsung.

    • Ryetak7

      2.2.1 is out for the slide now.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait until TMO gets a Super Fast phone with FFC, HSPA+21, Touch Wizzy UI, running FroYo, and a 4″ Screen… Oh wait we already have the Galaxy S 4G.

    My Vibrant can even handle games like Dungeon Defenders (unfortunately the Tegra Zone is now fragmenting games) which is best on devices like this Optimus G2x and its Tegra chip so for me this is a mere copy of something already great(the SGS4G).

    I really wish it had a 4.3″ screen and atleast AMOLED to make it stand apart from it’s sister company’s device.

    Here’s to hoping for a Galaxy S2 announcement next week.

    And Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    • Anonymous

      Have you seen the display on the G2X? Its pretty darn crisp.

      • Anonymous

        Its the same IPS LCD they put on the iP4 and I’ve compared my Vibrant to it. Its by no means a bad screen but LCD can’t produce pure blacks like AMOLED can. Ill take contrast over brightness any day.

        • Anonymous

          wrong lg tech display how the hell could you compare what hasn’t been released

        • Anonymous

          “And here we come to the screens. LG makes the 3.5” 640×960 pixels Retina Display of the iPhone, so naturally it slapped a similar IPS-LCD technology on the 4” screen of its own top-of-the-line creation, but with the lower resolution of 480×800 pixels. It also seems less bright and, of course, with lower pixel density than the one on the iPhone 4. ”


  • rubi76

    That sucks.
    Always behind, and they are definitely not marketing the G-Slate well – everyone who is not happy with the features, weight, price of the Xoom should in theory get the G-Slate.
    But releasing it 2 months after the Xoom certainly doesn’t help. Especially when Samsung and all the others are releasing their tablets soon…. G-slate will be one of many.
    As of me, I am now one step closer to the Xoom Wi-Fi than the G-slate. Too bad because on paper I love the G-slate much more, but how much can we wait?
    What a shame. Again. T-Mobile. Fail.

    • Bratty

      Chill dude. Tmo is not manufacturing the slate so they dont exactly control the release date. If you buy the xoom, enjoy it. Stop being a drama queen.

    • ihatefanboys

      If you love it “much more” a month waiting should be no problem, all you frustrated people need to get laid….its a piece of equipment, i echo the comment below, stop being a drama queen.

      • Bxcutie4life2001

        right! i’m in desperate need of a new phone cause mines is on the fritz right now lol, shoot i don’t mind waiting a little longer for the phone that i want, i’m not settling

  • ATL guy

    Cool! !
    Looks like the Toshiba tab may come in at a lower price plus usb 2.0

  • beto

    Does anyone know about the G2x specs

    • 4in screen..dual core…hdmi out…8mp/wflash..1080p recording…1.3mp ffc(i think)

      • Bxcutie4life2001

        yea that sounds about right!

      • veto

        How about the ram

        • Anonymous

          512mb even though Tegra test board was 1gb of ram raises questions maybe that’s why it be pushed back maybe there making changes to the device like putting the ram back and adding an 21mb modem taking out the 7.5 one one can hope

  • Brandon

    So does anyone know how long it usually takes for some pricing information to be available after an announcement like this?

    • Anonymous

      this isn’t an announcement, it’s rumor

  • buckeye50

    Any change of a preorder for existing cuatomers? Do we know yet if this is 3G or 4G – any other more specific details about the specs? I’ve been tracking this phone for about 6 months now & am anxious to get my hands on one ASAP.

  • rev2redlineguy

    I love my G2 but I am so curious to see how these new dual-core phones work. I just might have to start saving up my money and get this. It looks like this is going to be a beast of a phone and I want to be one of the first ones to own it. April 20th can’t get here any quicker!

    • Ad

      Every stoner in the world shares your pain about the 4/20 date….

  • Just me

    To me this sucks!!! I want this phone… My question is this… This is the first dual core phone to ever have existed… Why is this phone not going to be the first maybe not even the second to come out… I’m kind of getting frustrated that these guys are making me wait to get a great phone finally worth boasting about on T-mobile… Sometimes I can just curse T-mobile… They are lucky I like their services so much more than others….

    • ihatefanboys

      omg the world is just gonna end aint it ? this is frustrating ? imagine someday when youre old and grey and lonely because no one wanted to marry you because you get “frustrated” over a phone not being released when you want it to be. its just a phone, My G2 contract aint up till Oct 2012, im not frustrated, I know when i upgrade itll be to a quad-core or better G3.

      • Just me

        Ps trust me… I can get more women than u can mk money… I promise!!!

        U hv the hd2 for as long as I have than u may feel my pain…

        So again.. Funny guy… U can’t whoop my ass so y talk ish???

    • Auser72

      what other carrier is a dual core phone right now, just asking?????? all carrierspush back dates on their phones, just trying to understand why you are try ing to make this experience inique to tmobile.

      • MVPittman

        Look at the recommended device list for tegra games in the android market.

        Monster Madness

        Dell Streak 7 is on Tmo.
        motorola xoom is on verizon
        motorola atrix is on att
        lg optimus is a euro phone until tmo drops it.

      • Meme

        LoL ummm the atrix…

    • Anonymous

      This phone was released in January in Korea. It’s just that the USA is late to market. Kinda of a good thing to though because we will be getting a pure Android phone with 4G.

  • The so called “Pyramid”, LG Gx2 and the Galaxy S 2 are monsters

  • Rickdsf

    So again the designers design the phones but they never use them. I saw the specs for the phone and they look great but why why why can’t anyone put on a FULL keyboard NOT the condensed keyboard like on the G2. I want to use my smartphone to actually write out fully spelled words and sentences with paragraphs. Isn’t that a reason you have a phone like a computer? When you have a keyboard on the screen, all people are thinking about is if they spelled the work correctly or if the phone guessed the word. You do not think about ahead in full sentences and meanings. You are constantly looking to see if you guessed or swiped the correct word and not even thinking ahead of what you are writing. A smartphone should work like a computer or what was called a word processor not a guess the word machine.

    • Anonymous

      You know, I understand the anxiety of when you first move from physical to virtual, but at this point, it’s like people are playing the whole change is bad card, just to be doing it. You can type the same paragraphs on a touch screen that you can on a keyboard, you just have to get used to it. And to make it even easier, on Android, there is a multitude of virtual keyboard choices. A guess word machine is a huge exaggeration. You can make just as many mistakes on a desktop computer as on your phone. Its the software that makes the devices smart enough to assist you.

    • Anonymous

      Considering your bad spelling, lack of paragraphing and poor grammar, I dont think you have anything to worry about with an on-screen keyboard.

  • ihatefanboys

    I dont mind being on contract, but damn I wish i was rich like all you people. rich ? yes, u are apparently, able to buy new phones on a whim when they come out. must be an easy life, probably living at home wit the folks, not paying any rent while working full time or even part time…..wish i coulda lived like that when i was in my 20s…you guys are in for a huge shock when u actually gotta do something for yourself, like cook your own meals and wash your own dirty underwear….hahah.

    • MVPittman

      even more plus with equipment installment plan ftw

    • jesus calm down dude.

    • Qryptiq

      careful with your assumptions – i’ve had a throw-away phone now for almost a year. Purposely waiting for this phone. {pat on the back} my patience has evolved over the last few years – yeiii!

    • Huh!!

      Your a funny character, Im in my 20’s have my own place, pay my own bills, support my wife and kid,nothing ever given to me, always earned it. The Marine Core taught me a thing or two. You just messed up somewhere a long the way

      • dstewstar

        …Marine Corps…Go Navy!

        • Huh!!

          Yeah, damn auto text.

        • Huh!!

          Yeah, damn auto text.

        • Barnettjeff0

          A big THANK YOU to both of you for your service.

        • Tortionist

          NAVY!!! Go Army!….LOL

    • pantlesspenguin

      I’m in my 30s, own place, own car, good job. Phones are my hobby. Some people don’t mind shelling out thousands of dollars for fine art, if that’s their thing. I don’t mind shelling out a couple hundred bucks every year for a phone, because that’s *my* thing. Judgemental, much?

    • Your comment is funny. You shouldn’t generalize. I admit I do live with my grandma, but nothing is handed to me. I work 2 jobs (online, offline), I was in school full-time (which I got myself in) maintained a 3.0 GPA, drove, had to learn how to drive with both driver’s training & assistance for my cousin, I raise the funds for the phones I get, I figure out the method’s of how to do it, I budget & finance, I plan my meals, I cook for myself, clean for myself, diet, exercise & keep my health good by myself,etc… I could go on & on. Don’t be mad because you don’t have all the same blessings. It may be a little harder to get there, but you could get like it to if you wanted to.

    • yoyopa

      Or we could be tech workers that make a bit more than you would expect :-)

    • Auser72

      I usually sell my phones on ebay, most of time for profit. And do a little sweet talking with customer loyalty to get price down…lol. Don’t be so stock to generalize, you can create a way to get anything in this world. Always keep a open mind.

    • Anonymous

      Now THAT’S how to start a riot LMAO!! Cmon people dont don’t actually feed this dude.

    • I’ll admit I’m 22 I still live with the folks, fresh outta college and thankfully I was able to find a full-time job in my field. I cook and clean for myself as well, I pay all my own bills (Car, student loans, phone etc..) as well as help my parents out with bills, I’m not sure how old you are but this isn’t the same America it was 10-15 years ago when it was easier to find a job after school or to find a decent rent rate. It’s harder nowadays for America’s youth to be able to stand on their own two feet without help in these economic times. so before you go judging anyone take a step back and see everyone here has their own situation, generalizing is pretty much extinct these days because we all come from different walks of life.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, like me. Wife and kid at home with a mortgage. Living paycheck to paycheck.

      Oh yeah, I’m still rockin’ a G1, just waiting for the right phone. Was going to get the mytouch 4g, but couldn’t pull the trigger with dual core phones so close to their release.

    • ShelbyOwner302

      Don’t hate on us because I can afford to buy a brand new phone on preorder everytime a new phone drops on magneta. Its called an education buddy. You should get one. I’m married with two children and work as a CRNA and make about $230,000 a year after 6 years of college and an intership which I paid for all my own tuition. I came from a poor hispanic family and didn’t have anything luxuries as a youth, but I did something about it. So don’t hate on us because we earned it. Never to late to go to a University or even a community college and get your self a degree. I’m 25 and hold a Masters. Good Luck. Anyone else feel the same way.

  • Jefferey Johnson07

    how much will it be on a new activation an upgrade

  • MVPittman

    This will be Epic… Oh wait thats samsung/sprint…

    This will be Incredible… Oh wait thats htc/verizon…

    What network and manufacturer is this again?

    • Qryptiq

      this will be optimus!!!

      • Touchme

        No! It will be Mytouch!!

  • Qryptiq

    April 20th is sooooo faaaarrrrr awaaayyyyyyyyyy!

    • JT

      just a month away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why do you haunt me 420? Everytime I look at a clock its 420 every sign every thing ends up as 420 why oh why must you stalk me 420?

    • Mmmmaxheadroom

      Cause your a stoner!!!

  • Happy birthday to me.

  • symsoul

    Two words about the G2X, no HSPA+!

  • I love t-monews!!!

    heh funny. a tmobile site and i’ve seen a verizon ad for the thunderbolt, a sprint ad for the evo, and a cricket ad.

  • Anonymous

    g2x has 4g

  • MrMr

    Other video previews on YouTube seemed to confirm that G2X will be HSPA compatible on T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Could you link to these previews

      • Anonymous

        i have sent david all these links and i guess he did not feel like publishing them

      • MrMr

        Just search youtube for ‘G2X’ and in almost every video I saw, the reviewer mentioned that it was 4G compatible after talking to the T-Mo reps at the convention.

  • Que

    But will it play Netflix?

  • My goodness…I have been waiting for this Tablet for ever…come on with it. So late to the game!!!!!! Step it up TMO

  • William

    Has anybody been able to get someone from customer service on the phone at t-mobile.

    I’ve been on hold for 55 minutes now. It’s been like this for about a month now

    • ATL guy

      Ya funny you mention that.
      I stayed on hold for 33 min no answer than like 15 no answer.
      I called a 3rd time left it on hold for 45 min and went and watched Storage wars.
      Came back and was still playing that crappy music.

    • nj1chill

      hmm what’s up with that? i always have great customer service from T-Mobile. in fact, that’s their best attribute in my opinion. i just tried to pre-order the LG GX2 and when i called i got to a human in under a minute.

      • Anonymous

        Did you get to pre-order?

    • Auser72

      Thats funny have been with Tmobile for 11 years and never had that happen. the most i wait is 5 minutes on call back option.

  • Noddin2dabeat

    I’m liking this phone, I need to see it in motion tho. I’m not really a LG fan,but it sounds good. Hopefully its not plastic-like and has a nice battery life.

    • cantreadmypokerface

      I agree, the last LG phone I had couldn’t keep a charge for more than a day after the first year I had it. It wasn’t even a smartphone and 3G was turned off. After that experience, I’m reluctant to every own a LG phone again.

  • Mmmmaxheadroom

    Wait for it, no, wait for it, wait for it. Shh there it is all the little whiners saying ” its not dual core so ill wait or jump ship to (enter carrier of your choice here) well I say this phone looks hot, and if its not hot enough for you enjoy your 50 to 100 dollar a month, More bill for crying out loud at least let the phone release and then make your judgement. However for all the if it doesn’t have the greatest spec crowd then do whatever but stop whining here. Enjoy what’s available today cause LIFE IS to short to whineS

  • Anonymous

    Great phone with all the bells and whistles. Great job T-Mobile, bringing both the phone and the pad in at the same time. I would love to pick up both devices on the same day. Being a cell phone junkie I think I will. Currently using the Nexus One and the MyTouch 4G, I still want these two new devices. I think that the new LG is the best new dual core device currently out there not to mention it looks killer.
    PS Maybe you could get it to us a little early.

  • Blahbot90

    Can we get a confirmation if there is a notification light on this or not? I’ve read conflicting reports. I’m still rocking my G1 and I’ve never really had to use a phone without the notification light so I’m not sure if I’d like it or not. I’ve read somewhere that there are apps for that, but I’d much rather prefer the light, and it might be a deal breaker for me to not have that light. It is so ridiculously helpful.

    • Blahbot90

      Also, this phone obviously has already been released elsewhere, it just hasn’t arrived state side. Any hardware/software changes we can expect?

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the G Slate. Hopefully TMobile can handle launching a tablet better than Verizon. It will be nice to have several viable options on the market.


  • Popim79624

    i wonder if you can pre-order

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile sales lead in a retail store was happy to offer that the G2x is coming out April 20th. I’m pissed I didn’t ask about the vanilla froyo since she said she had her hands on the thing and it was great. She also mentioned that the Samsung rep who was in days prior told her an “8MP Samsung Galaxy phone” wouldn’t come out until “Back to school season” so that Galaxy S 4G sales weren’t screwed over.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else have fun by going to the mall and walking to all the Tmo stands and retail stores asking for hot gossip?

  • 4g

    heard that the g2x and the optimus were two different phones but both were dual core. the g2x is a 4.3in phone and the optimus was the 4in phone.

    • Anonymous

      wow. You apparently don’t read anything on the site.

  • Sangn2

    at&t buying up tmobile…argh!

  • Marketing

    The G-Slate will be $529.99 after $100 rebate with 2 year agreement.
    10 months later, plan on having AT&T “Edge” happily ever-after.