Nokia C7 Releasing April 6th For $79.99

The Nokia Astound, formally known as the C7 around the world and internally know as Tiger will release April 6th on T-Mobile. Our ninjas are telling to expect a price right around $79.99 after a mail in rebate. Interestingly enough, we’re told to expect around 4 more Nokia Symbian devices on T-Mobile this year with Windows Phone 7 devices not expected until 2012. We’ve also been told the Astound will be a 3G only device!

Rumor has that Nokia will be unveiling the Nokia Astound Monday evening at their CTIA press event. We’ve just received word of this so we’ll try to be on hand for any possible T-Mobile announcements!

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  • No siree…. No 3G here. I wanted at least HSPA+ (14.4 theoretical speeds). & I wonder how much it is retail price. & I wonder what other Symbian’s they’re getting since the Nokia N8 has been out & it’s basically their flagship Symbian^3 device.

    • The Nokia C7 supports HSPA+ with HSDPA 10.2 and HSUPA 5.76.

      • :O Goooooood. I remember reading it did.

        • Nicholas456

          Dream team would be a Nokia version of the Nexus. Anything is possible.

      • My N8 currently always shows 3.5g as well so I am quite certain the C7 will function in the same way

  • (Here come all the hater comments about T-mobile even though you a follow a T-mobile blog)

    This device probably won’t wow most T-mobile customers but I’m sure it’ll be a much better device than the Nuron.

    Nokia+WP7 will be awesome though.

  • Anonymous

    looks nice for a low range phone

  • Anonymous

    looks nice for a low range phone

  • Quilvio718

    David it looks like it has a front camera? does it?

    • It has a VGA front facing camera for video calls.

      • That Guy

        yeah, but will you actually be able to use the video calls? i heard a rumor that qik was working on something for it, so that it would work with the galaxy 4g and the mytouch 4g. i doubt that though.

  • Tortionist

    I’m just glad to see Nokia doing something.

  • I don’t see how it is possible that the Nokia Astound would be a UMTS only device. There’s no point in ripping out the GSM+EDGE part since it is useful to have when roaming. Also, ripping out the GSM+EDGE part would actually make it more expensive to produce, unless it is only software locked.

    • Mbregar13

      I would have to imagine that the “3G Only” part is referencing the fact that it doesn’t support the “4G Speeds”.

      • But it does support the HSPA+ network, at least, to a limited extent. It supports 10.2Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink. It can easily get the real world speeds experienced on other HSPA+ devices on T-Mobile.

        • Anonymous

          Perhaps. I’ve gotten 4mbps down with the Nokia N8, which shares the same radio and processor. The minimum I get is 2mbps down and 1mbps up. And yes, it has GSM in addition to 3G.

  • tktv

    An N8 very soon would be nice.

    • Is there any reason why you want a subsidized Nokia N8, when you can buy one from Nokia directly and take advantage of T-Mobile’s contract free pricing?

      • Not to mention the phone freezes so much it turns itself off. Symbian Ovi store is pretty weak, and expensive, BUT the camera is tits.

        -Nokia N8 Owner (unfortunately, meego please god save me -.-)

        • Anonymous

          you need to RMA that phone if it is turning itself off. Some of the first N8s had a defective MOBO that causes random rebooting. If you are still in the Amazon grace period (a month or two), you can return it and get a brand new one. Otherwise, get in touch with Nokia USA for a repair.

        • Anonymous

          you need to RMA that phone if it is turning itself off. Some of the first N8s had a defective MOBO that causes random rebooting. If you are still in the Amazon grace period (a month or two), you can return it and get a brand new one. Otherwise, get in touch with Nokia USA for a repair.

      • tktv

        lol. you’re right but honestly, i’m just being cheap and i would take advantage of the 14 day grace period if i didn’t like it. rather put a small amount up front than the $499 ($399 Amazon) price. It seems to me there really isn’t a middle ground with the N8. i either read folks loving it or hating it.

        • Nokia does have a return policy. You can contact Nokia customer service and request to return the device within 14 days of the date of receiving the device physically. And of course, T-Mobile lets you cancel at any time if you go contract free.

        • Uberlaus

          N8 was recently on sale for $329 from Dell.

  • Anonymous

  • This will be a lot cheaper than buying unlocked (~$400).

    • No. It won’t. Mathematically, it proves to be more expensive with a contract. But, keep believing it if you want to.

      • Joeshmoe21

        No, it is not if you have a bunch of grandfathered features on a family contract. (3 lines and data for 80 including taxes and fees)

        • Magenta Magic

          Most people don’t… but if you do, yes, grandfathered rate plans & features = cheaper. Sometimes…


    Not related but, any news on tmo getting the storm 3? My 3g is staring to go and i need to upgrade.

  • Sexymexyy65

    Hmm its funny how people in the usa name hspa+ at 21 mbps 4g.over here in mexico telcel took out hspa+ running 21 mbps last year and its still called 3G

    • j-man

      That shows how the US is slow in technology. lol They have better phones down there too.

      • Sexymexyy65

        I agree lol I remember last year when they first announced it they made alot of commercials and in one commercial it showed a guy making a video call with his daughter on his cellphone and it said telcels 3G network just got faster its now running at 21 mbps its still 3G only difference is that itz now running at 21 mbps . Also u said we get better phones here I think in a way we do like nokia n8,htc desire hd etc… those phones never make it to a usa carrier over here there usually free with a 2 year contract but the plans are super expensive not a lot of people can pay 600 mexican pesos a month lol

    • DontGetShotInMexico

      HSPA + in Mexico is extremely spotty and nothing to brag about. Most of Mexico is 2G.

      HSPA + 21 is evolving to 42 Mbps dual carrier this year with T-Mobile USA with over 200 million POPS covered and more to come by years. Totally different beast.

      • Natalia25

        Haha lol I like ur screen name but seriously have u been to mexico? I dont live in mexico but I have been there and its only dangerous in the border cities tijuana,chihuahua etc,,u go in deeper to mexico city,guadalajara,monterrey its perfectly save u can go out in the middle of the night and nothing happens I kno because I just got back from mexico last week. Also I bought a telcel prepaid phone a sony ericsson w508 because I didnt want to roam with my t-mobile mytouch 4g and let me tell u telcels 3G network is not spotty I went from xochimilco,uruapan,mexico city, nayarit and acapulco and I had an H icon next to the signal 95% of the time only once in a while I wud get an E icon ,anyways u shud know t-mobile coverage in the states is spotty when compared to att,verizon and sprint coverage in the states,so what if its going to be doubled to 42mbps this year they should first expand there spotty coverage

  • Now it comes a very interesting question:
    How will T-Mobile treat this phone?
    A smartphone (requires $20 or higher internet)?
    A regular phone like branded 5230 (t-zones safe)?

    • If you buy it as part of a contract, it will probably be considered a smartphone. But, if you buy it separately from a contract, then you can keep whatever options you currently have.

      • I agree, even though the E73 is a smart phone if you buy it on your own you can use your tzones but the tmobile destinations are hard coded in and you can’t change it

  • How much is it without a contract?

    • Anonymous

      You can get an unlocked Nokia C7 on Amazon for $400, but for the same price I’d recommend the slightly more featured N8. It is the same phone with:
      – a slightly worse screen
      – more internal storage
      – an HDMI port
      – the best phone camera available (12mpix with the largest sensor)

      • Anonymous

        N8 and C7 have the same screen.

        • Anonymous

          Are you sure the C7 does not have the CBD layer? Perhaps the first one is the E7. You may be right.

  • Anonymous

    Nice replacement of the Nuron… However tmo reps will never push Nokia products because they don’t know anything about them and don’t care to. Its just easier to sell an Optimus. Nokia needs to take a leave until they bring the Windows Phone heat… This phone will not sell… Neither will the next 3… Unless they put them in prepaid packaging.

    • Magenta Magic

      Sure, those trainings and constant refreshers we take about handsets mean nothing. If we can’t give it away, we can’t sell it, right?

      • Anonymous

        If you think people read those you’re as naive as your post suggests. People don’t care about Nokia generally, you don’t have to take my word for it, how did the Nuron and eSeventywhatever sell?


        • remixfa

          actually i sold the neuron quite a bit until it started comming back with problem after problem… then we just “forgot” about it.

          I suspect this phone will sell decently. Will it outsell an android? none of the good ones… maybe it will outsell the Huwai comet.
          The feature set on it is awesome. And i do believe they will want the $10 200mb plan on the phone. For those that want some smartphone features but really wont use it that often, its a great choice for its feature set and price.

        • Anonymous

          That’s true but even the comet isn’t selling much outside of the prepaid variety. This phone would have to go toe to toe with a cheaper more powerful Optimus. I don’t know that associates would want to sell it for the very reason you mentioned. Who wants to have to troubleshoot a Symbian device they know nothing about?

    • Jay

      The Nuron at first glance was a half decent touch screen. Definitely waaay better than the Tap. The E73 was a really under rated device that if you and your team would have taken the time to learn would have discovered it bested blackberry in most areas.

      The Optimus is a nice phone but its no saint. We as T-Mobile can’t start becoming like at&t ( a one trick pony aka iphone). Android is great but its not for everyone. This a pretty awesome device and it will sell well. Although it will be for the right reasons and not to stuff any shit reps pockets for a contest .

  • “We’ve also been told the Astound will be a 3G only device!”

    I see down the comments some people are saying 3G only as in it doens’t support 4G speeds on the UTMS side of things. I hope they are right and the wifi is still there. But in case it’s not, i have already writtent hte below rant so here it is:

    please T-Mobile, don’t screw around with it by doing things which don’t benefit the customer like, for instance, disabling it’s Wifi. This is exactly the sort of reason why i stopped buying locked phones and I was hoping this would be relatively untouched. I guess this is in part because of the price point, but I thought t-mobile was proud of how many customers make wifi calls and stuff like that. Why disable features – what good does that do anyone? T-mobile is lucky as in other countris where Nokia have a bigger narket share, everyone would have the C7 but no-one would get it from carriers that started disabling features. I was thinking about going back to contract devices but wifi is important to me. It’s a shame people on nokia blogs are reporting it will have an updated version of Symbian 3 with the new browswer and portrait querty already on it.

  • Is this the same OS version as T-mobile’s C7?

  • Not that i want a higher internet bill if i buy it, but it should be a smartphone, because it is one.
    You know, Copy and paste, true 3rd party multitasking as standard, some form of Flash support (the OS has had these for years – come on, keep up windows phone), the ability to load apps from the Ovi store, or anywhere else that provides a compatible SIS or Java file. Also (not mentioned below), you can pre-load maps and not use your data plan when navigating, plus it has a gorrilla glass screen.

    But yes,read the specs – tell me how the feature set compares to other smartphones (processor and Ram, as reviews point out, are less of a big deal as Symbian is less of a resource hog than Andoid/Windows Phone, plus there is also a dedicated GPU for games, video and other graphics). Regardless of how friendly or unfriendly the UI is, a phone with these features IS a smartphone.

    Amazon has it listed at $349 unlocked for the black version.

    Specs from GSMArena’s review page.

    Key features
    Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
    Penta-band 3G with 10.2 Mbps HSDPA and 2 Mbps HSUPA support
    10.5mm slim body
    3.5″ 16M-color AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of 640 x 360 pixel resolution
    8 megapixel fixed-focus camera with dual-LED flash and 720p video @ 25fps recording; geotagging, face detection, smart zoom in video
    Symbian^3 OS
    680 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 256 MB RAM
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    TV-out functionality (SD)
    GPS receiver with A-GPS support and free lifetime voice-guided navigation
    Digital compass
    8GB on-board storage, microSD expandable
    Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic
    DivX and XviD video support
    Built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor
    Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
    Stereo FM Radio with RDS, FM transmitter
    microUSB port with USB On-the-go support
    Flash and Java support for the web browser
    Stereo Bluetooth 3.0
    Excellent audio quality
    Smart dialing and voice commands

    • Anonymous

      it should be a smartphone but the fact of the matter is no one will pay extra (except nokia fans) for the phone.. better off shelling 70 extra buks and just buy a vibrant or something.. my 2 cents..

      • true, and i think it’s priced about right – it’s a mid-range device, but just saying that it is a smartphone.

        A short while back, I was asking what Nokia devices t-mobile had as my wife wanted a basic nokia she could call and text with and the Nuron was mentioned. I then had staff (at best Buy Mobile) telling me the nokia Nuron wasn’t for installing apps or browsing the internet when i asked about installing Opera Mini on it to replace the stock browser. She said it wasn’t a smartphone. That’s the kind of stuff that should be avoided – i’m not saying the nuron was great, it wasn’t – it was nokias budget smartphone, but S60 5th edition was a smartphone OS with an Ovi store full of apps that work on it.

        I just hope this doesn’t get mentioned by staff in the same way.

        • Jay

          No offense but Best Buy Mobile employees are not to be trusted. Hell most of them arent even properly trained about the phones. They usually run to one semi decent employee to get information and spew back what they said. They are pretty much in a arena that doesnt suit them and cater to create issues instead of properly fitting their customers.

  • BigMixxx

    I read through all of these comments. so flame away if you must.

    This is a really good phone, because its a phone first. its nokia, so roaches, bandaids chuck taylor’s and nokia phones will be there.

    Who will pick it up: 45+ that want smart phones. Nokia is a name they can trust, along with RIM. (That’s the segment that seems to be picking up steam at T mobile, if you ask me. I saw a dude with an Android phone the other day and he could not make sense of it. I had to help him, just as I saw an older woman with a blackberry bold series phone. Helped them too).

    Angry birds first platform….Nokia, hell it’s a Finnish company. I have it on my N900 now.

    While Nokia missed the boat on ‘CPU SPEED’ they did not leave technology out. Carrying from the successes in the Nseries ( first tablet, front facing camera, etc) it’s all in the C7 model of phone. it has a dedicated GPU, similar to all phones on the market now. A couple of steps under the speed of the G2, yet the GPU speeds are virtually the same, so the point of gaming is moot.

    Symbian is very efficient, (ok…misleading statement…) but is rock solid. there are yes thosands of apps and thousands of games on symbian. So as long as T mobile does not ‘screw’ the phone, this is a very acceptable release into the American market.

    I personally am waiting on a potential N8 release. I’m all over that.

    I have an android phone and have been an android lover since 2k8 when I got the g1. I’m rocking an HD2 running ultimate droid and an N900. I love those phones.

    So, way to go t mobile. I’m may pick this up from them at the unsubsidized price and keep it pushing…

    • You know the Nokia N8 is being sold unlocked (The US Version) for $399.00 on Amazon, right?

      • BigMixxx

        Yes, but I need to buy a mixer. Rane TTM 57SL is on my radar…
        I don’t mind signing a contract with T-mobile. I’d rather spend 79 after rebate and invest the rest in some equipment for my DJ habit.

        • Oh ok. Do what you gotta do then.

        • this phone will have NFC as well and will have wifi calling

        • BigMixxx

          The question there is, will it be enabled? The original release of symbian^3 on that device did not have it enabled. as far as wifi calling, Let’s see how it goes.

        • Well at this point when the C7 is released it will have PR 2.0 of the FW and I believe this is part of the FW

        • The other thing that people forget is that it is possible to load other OSes on Nokia’s devices. If someone wanted MeeGo or Android on it, you can bet that eventually it will be made possible. It happened with the Nokia N8, after all. Hell, the Nokia N8 can run Ubuntu Linux too!

        • VIVIT

          You mean the Nokia N900 right? Symbian phones cant run other OSes as the Bootloader is very basic.

  • “We’ve also been told the Astound will be a 3G only device!”

    -WiFi like the Nuron is a NO NO, thats why i sold my nuron

    • Anonymous

      Has wifi

    • what does this mean? they can’t turn the wifi off in the device

    • aaawww i hated the nuron so much for not having wifi i read 3g ONLY meant 3g only connectivity and no wifi, i did not realize they meant it wasnt a 4g device that had 3g and wifi

  • Anonymous

    “Rumor has that Nokia will be unveiling the Nokia Astound Monday evening at their CTIA press event.”
    [At the T-mobile USA CTIA Event]
    Phillip Humm: And the phone that you all have been waiting for us to unveil…the HTC Pyra……oooppss…..the Nokia Astound.
    [Crowd collectively groans]

    The sad thing is that they probably won’t be unveiling any groundbreaking phones that haven’t already been unveiled already. They’ll probably do all this hoopla over the Astound and the G2x, but won’t show off the Pyramid or other sweet phones all the tech people are looking for.

    • Anonymous

      …and everybody went frenzy and beat Humm down.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if the E7 willl come to TMO. Hmmmm…

    • DavidOhio

      All in good time……

    • I don’t know what you’re complaining about…the G2x is a superphone in the same league as this elusive “Pyramid.” Get your facts straight.

  • Petey

    This would be a nice phone for my parents since it has ffc. But I don’t like Nokia. :(

    • remixfa

      It also has an 8mpx shooter with 720p recording, comes with angry birds, ovi store, free gps, full browser with flash-lite,capacitive display, and is set up for multiple customizable screens like an android phone.

      for the price, its awesome. Heck, who else has an 8mpx shooter? And its a decent one at that. For those that one a “smart phone” experience while not being forced into internet service, its a great option.

      I’ve played with it. Its got a solid build quality feel, runs well with minimal lag when moving screens, and does quite a bit for the $$.

      • Darcey moss

        how can i buy this Nokia C7? i real?i really like this phone,pls can you help?

  • Nice device…very sold.

  • Brian

    I would bite on an un-hobbled N8 but not this.
    I might bite on an un-hobbled E7 but not this.
    I would bite on a Samsung Wave, Wave II (S8500, S8530) but not this.
    I would bite on a boot loader/firmware unlocked Motorola Defy but not this.
    I’d bit hard on on an HTC HD2 with a fixed camera and real camera key because it’d be a hackers dream.
    I’ll not worry with WP7 until it’s a little more mature nor anything Andy that can’t have some of the Google brought to heal or somewhat de-Blurred.
    The EDoF 8mp cam and battery on the C7 is pretty poor for an otherwise good device however….
    A straight up purchase of an unlocked N8 now will give you a best in class hardware device with an OS that works better than any dumb phone and in many respects almost as well as many current smart phones for much less money and no contract trap.
    Sure, Symbian was made a legacy OS in the blink of an eye but the devices didn’t drop dead as RIM or Google would if support suddenly stopped.
    In fact, for a stand-alone device, a WinMo 6.5 or Symbian device is probably your best choice if open architecture (read not Apple) is important to you.
    The real tragedy is that Nokia and Symbian didn’t have to be here they simply gave up.

  • Anonymous

    i love Nokia hardware, but i love my g2 sum’more :P my first 2 phones were Nokia’s luv ya beasts’

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Nokia will do with WP7. This is looking a bit long in the tooth.

  • I get 5 mbps downloads on this bad boy. It’s pretty fast for ‘3G”

  • Tlaloc_sun

    Hi, I have a question that I’m sure has been asked but I can’t find an answer on this site so far.  I currently have the Nokia Nuron using the 4.99 T-zones.  It appears T-Mobile no longer stocks the Nokia Astound.  I called customer service and asked if I could use my t-zones on the Nokia Astound and they said NO.  I called twice.  If I buy the Astound on Ebay will it work with T-zones or will I get a message to upgrade to 30 Dollar internet?  Thank you in Advance.

  • Tlaloc_sun

    Hi, I have a question that I’m sure has been asked but I can’t find an answer on this site so far.  I currently have the Nokia Nuron using the 4.99 T-zones.  It appears T-Mobile no longer stocks the Nokia Astound.  I called customer service and asked if I could use my t-zones on the Nokia Astound and they said NO.  I called twice.  If I buy the Astound on Ebay will it work with T-zones or will I get a message to upgrade to 30 Dollar internet?  Thank you in Advance.