T-Mobile Posts Sidekick 4G First Look Video

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get the Sidekick form with the Android experience then hopefully you already know the chance is upon you! If you’ve been waiting for a first video look with the Sidekick 4G, this is your video. Thanks to @tmobile Twitter we get 105 seconds of Sidekick 4G goodness. There isn’t much to see here but it it’s nice to see the form factor in real life, rather than press pics. After seeing this, do you want to get your hands on the Sidekick 4G more or less?

Stay tuned for our live CTIA coverage next week where we will get to go hands on with the Sidekick 4G and report back all the goods!


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  • Mikey9x

    Hmmm I think seeing the sidekick 4G hands on will really decide whether it lives up to the hype, I’ve had the sidekick 3, sidekick iD, sidekick LX, sidekick 2008, sidekick LX 2009 and although this new sidekick is made by samsung I hope the core feature set is enough for the diehard sidekicks fans to move on to this device… Only time and experience will tell so let’s hope for the best :D My blackberry 9780 is getting BORING!

  • J-Hop2o6

    Can’t wait for some more HTC Pyramid info!

    • Aerofanbig

      Really? Then why even read and post something about another phone? Over and over people here are always “I want to know about XXXX phone!!!! YEA!!” So go read about those phones

      There ya go info about the pyramid. It has nothing to do with THIS article. Hell tell me about the 2012 For Mustang!!!!! Because thats about as relevant as asking about a dual core large screen super media phone on a thread about a text/email focused device

      • Anonymous

        LOL. I wanna hear about the new game Homefront for 360!!

        • Mark

          I wanna hear about the Red Sox bullpen! Also, Duke Nukem Forever.

      • Mitsme400

        I want to hear about your mom.

      • J-Hop2o6

        U Mad/Hurt?

  • Does it have all the nifty light notifications like the LX?

    • shadowscott

      I really hope it does, thats something i love about my LX

    • Anonymous

      1 article I read CONFIRMS an LED alert-light — not clear where it is located – perhaps in the ring around the Optical TrackBall.

  • Thousands and Thousnds of texts huh? I hope it has a large battery.

    • shadowscott

      :/ doesn;t look too good
      Talk time:up to 6.5 hours
      Standby time:up to 19 days

      • Jerry Curl

        thats better than most devices

  • Michael Knight

    Keyword today folks is “Killer!”

  • Derrickps3

    weak video, like i said, it will be good for the middle and high schoolers

  • Adeschanel1

    Now this phone looks hot, seems like great social networking, text messaging device. Were you could bang out hundreds of email and text messages a day, it has the video calling features that everyone would be crying about if it didn’t. Overall its great edition to T-mobile no complains here

  • t-mobile customer

    complete disappointment :( no dual core? i thought that all the phones coming out this year were going to be dual core… t mobile is going the same direction as singular wireless

    • Socalteknique

      Like texters care about dual cores smh.

    • phone head

      whats all the hoopla about dual core? last year it was snap dragon…this year its dual core…next year its…at the end of the day this tech thing moving way too fast man

    • S1ck

      Why would you need duel core on a messaging device? Duel core power users aren’t the demographic the sidekick was ment for. Stop crying because you can definitely get by with a single core processor. Do more research before shouting disappointment.

      • Anonymous

        One core for the screen and one core for the keyboard to handle those THOUSANDS of text messages.

        • Tortionist

          LOL, that’s not exactly how it works. It works basically like this…The processor uses one core to do one command at a time, if the commands start to overload it(with too many commands, then it starts using the other core as well. Dual core processors are really for the gamers with graphics intensive processing. Anytime you process massive amounts of data, then a dual core processor might be handy. It’s not one core for this and one for that. It’s one core until there;s too much that needs to be processed, then the other one kicks in. At least that’s how my computer science professor explained it.

        • Anonymous

          Thx for that but I was Joe King.

        • Tortionist


  • t-mobile customer

    i meant cingular sorry

  • It’s HAWT! But the dude was like stumbling over some of the words/specs as if he was a stand in & had nothing to do with the process of the Sidekick. I’m like O_o (???).

    • Socalteknique

      You mean “hot”?

      • Nope, I meant hawt, the same way it was typed :)

  • No

    no flash on camera..

  • Mmmmaxheadroom

    I used to post here often, however I grew tired of the often FAIL comments by no nothing fools. By that I mean all the, if its not dual core it ain’t sh**. Well geuss what morons of the latest and so called techie greatest what the hell ever. The sidekick had and has a loyal following and this phone is just what they need, enjoy it if you purchase and suck it if you don’t. And for all you,_ if isn’t dual core its not for me. Enjoy putting your phone on a charger right after you take your morning dump reading on your phone, cause if you think battery power sucks now the dual core phones will blow your mind in power consumption. As in the charger better come out of your arse, Because with all the mind blowing tech out there I have yet to see ANY information on better battery tech, even worse these slim profiles are forcing manufacturers to limit the power 1200 or worse in some cases. So think about the big picture and realize there is enough tech for everyone. And if FAIL comes up again, well just reply to the fool MORON. Sorry your whiney arse didn’t get THERE way! Go blow another hundred a month and get what you Think you want on big red.

    • Josh

      It’s like I said before, WTF do people DO on their phones to NEED a dual core? It’s like asking for rocket engines on a VW Rabbit. Uses more gas and is completely ludacris and unnecessary for the wider industry.

      I can understand if you use your phone as a gaming machine maybe, but the myTouch 4G has excellent graphics and with no dual core needed.

      People sure love overcompensating for their shortcomings with status symbols…

      • Rdfrancis516

        Faster is always better because we are just touching the surface with this technology. People thought the same thing when the 1ghz came out. People (that still live in the dark ages) couldn’t possible fathom why anyone would need a 1ghz over a 500mhz. Well now looking back, those 500mhz phones feel like slugs don’t they? Android is Google. Google is pushing the limits with technology. Think of it like computers, we will always want faster and faster. If you don’t need it, I’m sure you can find a flip phone that suits your needs.

        • 66673

          it still is crazy to think a phone needs a dual core processor. but thats not the point. its just amazing to see what things can be done with technology, and for us the consumer to have a chance to be able to buy such glorious piece of tech is awesome.

          but yeah i still use the g1 so this is my next phone. i was looking for a good messaging phone and i know for sure that this is it. missed my sidekick as it was

      • Anonymous

        “WTF do people DO on their phones to NEED a dual core?” “I can understand if you use your phone as a gaming machine”.

        Any other questions you want to ask and answer yourself??

    • frigadroid

      That’s funny about the morning dump. The g1 had a longer cord so no problem, but with the vibrant I have to lean a little toward the outlet to watch video not upside down due to the connection on the top. Lol
      I got one of those giant batterys for the g1 and use it in the car as a media player in airplane mode and it last a dam long time. I think the vibrant sucks the juice like a junkie on a crack pipe because it bounces around from 3g to edge to g constantly. Oh and that samoled that we love so much.

      • Anonymous

        I’m always at war with this thing’s battery. “Oops forgot to charge while at work so I gotta charge when I get home” I end up on the go when I get off and by the time I make it home it’s nearing death. In between charging and actually USING it, it spends the rest of the evening on life support.

        For me the SAMOLED is worth it even If I gotta carry a 2nd battery eventually.

    • Anonymous

      Skinny phones and models are two things I dont like. I shouldn’t HAVE to put a case on my phone in order for it not to feel like an anorexic.

      • frigadroid

        I’m sure if bigger batteries were cheaper samsung would have given us one. They could have made the vibrant 25/35% thicker and it wouldn’t have mattered to me. Just do the math 10 mil x $1 = a new yacht for Kim Suk Wong and we end up buying the super cell from his cousin Wie Fuk You they are screwing us on purchase & accessories too. Lol

    • Anonymous

      Sidekick4G Battery specs from T-Mobile’s site claims Talk time:up to 6.5 hours/Standby time:up to 19 days

  • meagan

    Wish it had at least one cheap simple common small LED on it…
    No sale…

    Is there still a market for side-kickaz? Verses saving that $ for a dual core 4.3″ android with at least one LED?

    • Anonymous

      1 article I read CONFIRMS an LED alert-light — not clear where it is located – perhaps in the ring around the Optical TrackBall.

      • meagan

        LED for a camera pic…

        • Anonymous

          you mean a flash for the camera – nope. but hopefully camera has low-light capabilities so it won’t be missed.

  • Deceptivesmiles

    The only fail I can see from this is no ffc. For this to be an elite communication device, it should have a ffc and flash on the rfc. That would def be a sell if it had those. I’m not trippin about a dual-core processor because that wouldn’t do anything but drain the battery.

    • Petey

      umm it does have ffc.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe that is because it isn’t supposed to be an “elite communication device”. Given the target demo, I would be surprised if it sells for more than $100 to $150 on contract. That would mean the guts of a Galaxy S, with 5-row keyboard for a more affordable price.

      If Tmo prices this right, they’ll sell the hell out of it. It isn’t a device intended for those who lust after the G2X, since the single core CPU and 3.5″ screen are less than what is found in the “elite” phones.

      It is chasing those who use their phones as social devices, and the inclusion of FFC + Qik with HSPA+ 21 will encourage those who wish to maintain remote face contact as well as Facebook and Twitter feeds.

    • Anonymous

      Um I believe the primary camera is a ffc or it has two but it definitely has one.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it clearly says Qik video chat with a VGA FFC & 3MP rear camera

  • JL

    any word yet on how many megapixels the rear facing cam has? just wondering.

  • da9th_one

    this thing is gonna tank and tank badly…

    • frigadroid

      With tmobiles track record for marketing lately it could tank, but given the demographic and fan base it might do okay.
      With everyone glued to the tv watching basketball this would be the time to pump it up. They could have beiber, barkley and wade trash talking about who’s the greatest mvp of all time. Beiber says I was the celebrity all star mvp. Barkley says man I was the season mvp. Wade with I won the all star mvp multiple times you guys only won once. Then have Bird, Jordan or Magic (someone big enough to trump those guys) to say shut up guys everyone knows the SideKick is the all time mvp on tmobile’s fastest 4g yada yada yada.
      It’s all about the perception and if they market it right it’ll sell just like everything apple makes.

      • Anonymous

        all they need is another Super Sidekick Party with all of the current pop / rap / sports stars in attendance (Justin Bieber?!?) like they did with all the past Sidekick Launches and it will easily be the new Must-Have.

        • frigadroid

          I don’t do all that myface and spacebook networking stuff but I know a lot of people who do and I had my doubts before about this phone but now I’m hearing a lot of buzz and I hope it does well. I’m enjoying your enthusiasm its like watching a kid opening gifts on christmas morning. Now if tmobile can get Wilma her meego this company can turn it around one customer at a time.

  • Anonymous

    They need to replace Joe with an actor– being nervous in front of the camera isn’t good demo.

  • They should’ve hired me. I could do that in my sleep, blind folded, with my hands cuffed.

    • Anonymous

      But then you can’t find the keys for the hand cuffs, because you can’t un-blind fold yourself :P

  • So anyone know why they stopped making it in the first place? Or is Tmo just out of ideas?

    • Aerofanbig

      Tmo doesn’t make phones, they sell phone and data service, and happen to sell devices for those networks. Why something is/isn’t the way you think it should be or whatever, you need to ask the manufacturer

      • Anonymous

        Actually, according to the press release, in this case T-Mobile was VERY involved with Samsung in the development of the Sidekick 4G.

        • Anonymous

          Just like how Apple doesnt make the iPhone but they do “make” the iphone.

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft bought out Danger (who originally made the Hiptop device which T-Mobile bought exclusive US rights to and re-branded it the “Sidekick”) and then transferred all the team to develop the Kin but then kept placing roadblocks in their way so the Kin ended up completely failing. They only left a skeleton crew handling the remains of Danger which eventually caused the infamous Sidekick data blackout. I think Danger had to legally wait until the Class Action Suit completed which happened in February (free Sidekick software giveaway for a week). a few weeks after that, T-Mobile & Microsoft jointly announced T-Mobile USA Sidekick/Danger data will end as of 5/31 (however there ARE still Danger Hiptop devices in Australia that have not announced the stop of Danger data services). Many die-hard Sidekick users (like myself) still want an upgraded Sidekick with the classic Sidekick keyboard (which has always been listed as top of the class). Danger had always provided the hardware and software for T-Mobile, so to bring back the brand, T-Mobile literally had to start from scratch.

  • Targa9932001

    I like it, I think it looks pretty neat.

  • ….. I still wanna know the following:

    1. Why is there not a swiveling screen? So much for your “customer research”. LIES!

    2. Was there really a point for the track pad…ball…sensor thingy? No.

    3. I still wanna know why there isn’t a swiveling screen.

    4. Why did T-Mobile go to Samsung to make this device.

    That is all.

    • mittens

      Questions 1, 3 and 4 are the same things I want to know.

    • Anonymous

      1. probably microsoft/danger would not license the patent for the swivel.
      2. for copy & paste and some other websites & games — YES
      3. see 1
      4. Samsung was probably the most willing to work with them to co-design the software “wrapper” on top of Android.

    • pantlesspenguin

      Um…ever hear of the SIDEKICK SLIDE??? Not all sidekicks had the swivel. As for the trackpad, many touchscreen phones have this, & it’s useful. You can use it to pinpoint exactly where you want the cursor to go (instead of aiming and missing w/ your finger several times). Also, I sometimes use it to scroll through webpages using the trackpad to keep my fingers off the screen as I’m reading.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…it really IS Teen Mobile. They have kids for managers.

  • just me

    Bunch of cry babies…”whaaaa whaaaa no swivel screen”….people these days complain about the littlest things. This phone will deliver,period.

  • Narcisahinds

    Give me the Pyramid!! Nuff Said!!

  • Anonymous

    He mentions “IM” in the video — is that only referring to Google Chat? and if so, will Google Chat automatically include AIM access (which the GoogleChat built into Gmail currently has!)? Also will Facebook chat be included? what about LiveMessenger & YahooIM?

    • pantlesspenguin

      You can download all of these from the market. It’s not like our sidekicks of old where the IM programs come installed as part of the OS. On Android, you have TONS of different options for IM clients. You can get stand-alone apps for AOL, MSN, LiveMessenger, Yahoo, etc…or you can have an app that combines all these like imo.im or trillian. Also, facebook chat IS included in Android’s facebook app.

      • Anonymous

        I understand that, but most former Sidekick users HATE most Android IM apps since they often lag, unlike the built-in Sidekick IM apps. Also the video-dude clearly mentioned IMPROVED IM experience.

        • whosaidwhat

          Wait, WHAT? IM’s lag on android? Really? Typing your text, speaking your text or receiving your text? LOL.

          Come on guys. Let’s not start making stuff up.

        • pantlesspenguin

          This is ImpyChick from PBD, btw :). The IM clients on Sidekicks were indeed pretty darn rad, but the Android apps aren’t as bad as you think. That imo.im client I listed above completely rocks. And, you have other options like Skype, GTalk, & FB chat that we didn’t get on Sidekicks. There’s also a PIN-based messenger called LiveProfile that’s similar to BlackBerry Messenger which is one of the best chat clients ever.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for that Impy/Pant!

        • Anonymous

          I have yahoo on my android and it doesn’t lag. Hell, I even video chat with the video plug in, stupid since i have a G2 and no ffc, haha I need a mirror.

  • This might be a very good phone for me to do my systems/network admin on. The 5-row keyboard may be worth losing the 5MP camera from my G2.

    • Andrewharris

      Dude the keyboard is what made it famous. The cameras will be more than fine. 3 mega pixels will go up to 11×14 prints if printed. Mms compresses them to 280 kilobytes for sending. So who gives a junk about megapixels.

  • This might be a great phone for my system/network administration work. It could be worth losing the 5MP camera of my G2 for the 5-row keyboard of the sidekick.

  • Anonymous

    Also, will there be an optional Hinge Sound?? (on older Sidekicks, when you pop open or close the screen it makes a sound – which is customizable via Themes) Being the true uber-geek i am, i have a custom Star Wars Yoda theme on my SKLX07 with a lightsaber open/close sound which I would love to replicate.

    • pantlesspenguin

      On Android (at least the phones I’ve used) you have the option to have sounds when locking/unlocking the phone. If there isn’t a sound for when the screen opens, you may be able to use your lightsaber sound when locking/unlocking the phone.

  • Man

    Attention T-Mobile lovers, the Verizon ThunderBolt = A Beast! I’m getting 11 down and 7 up here in N.C. What u getting?

    • Anonymous

      13Mbps down and 4-5Mbps up on average here in South Indianapolis on a MyTouch 4G. Looks like Verizon has almost caught up to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ now.

      • Haileymuir21

        @ pimpstrong man must live in a crappy part of town cuz in his area verizon is not thaT good because over here in los angeles I am getting 26mbps up and 22mbps down on verizons 4G Lte on my Lg laptop usb stick something u cannot achieve on t-mobile

        • Anonymous

          Aight you win. I’ve seen the reports people are saying they are gettin them super high numbers. LTE is definitely superior to HSPA+ plus right now but only time will tell how fast it really “is” once there are millions of LTE devices gobbling up data.

          Plus HSPA+ 42 is still right around the corner to keep this race interesting.

        • Haileymuir21

          Duh but havent u heard verizons Lte is capable of 100 mbps so its still going to be faster than t-mobiles hspa+42

        • Anonymous

          HSPA+ goes to 670Mbps soooo…?

        • Wilma Flintstone

          How the heck did you receive a higher upload speed than download speed? Hmmm? Pimp, don’t back down from this wuss!! They’re obviously lying unless they can do a speed test right now and post the link to their result here for us to see. Getting more upload speed than download is not common.

        • Anonymous

          Nah Wilma all I’ve been seeing is 20+Mbps and some reports are putting the upload higher than the download. Unfortunately Haileymuir21 is not lying. Plus the USB stick speeds like a couple months back match what people are getting today on that new Thunderbolt.

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Wow, now thats strange. How is the Upload higher than the download? I guess stranger things have happened like turtles falling into mutating Ooze and transforming them into big turtles whilst a rat trains them in Ninja Arts. IT’S TRUE DANGIT!!! The TURTLES ARE REAL!!! Still, there a wuss just because I said so. :P Haaa Jk

        • Haileymuir21

          @ wilma hun thats the truth of the matter look it up online I am not the only one getting them crazy fast speeds on verizons 4G , that u dont want to accept it thats another thing now look up what some people are getting on verizons thunderbolts they getting up to 45 mbps thats already faster than t-mobiles hspa + 42 which they have not even rolled out

        • Wilma Flintstone

          Well Hailey, I got one thing to say to you… :P Haaaa!!!

        • Rgvbadman


    • Johnbrown509

      Galaxy S 4G is giving me 13 down and 5 up. Enjoy your overpriced and under penetrated LTE.

  • Petey

    I don’t think this will sell cus this phone is target to teen/young adults & it’s not “cool” like an iPhone.

    The sidekick was cool back in the days (maybe 5-7 years ago), but isn’t cool nowaday.

    • Anonymous

      so if it’s not an iPhone it won’t sell? Last I checked there are more than a few teens and young adults amung us.

      Wussup with people??

      • Petey

        don’t know… if it’s not the “cool” or “in” thing… then some/most people aren’t interested.

      • frigadroid

        BS Iphony is on the way out like pet rocks and members only jackets no 1 stays on top forever. People want flash and are discovering android isn’t just for tech geeks. My nephew just got a nexus s and he and his friends love it.

    • nenes78

      Its okay man, now that you are an “Adult”, it does not seam cool to you. But my kids want it like yesterday.

      • Petey

        Oh Really…? I thought they wanted the iphone more?

  • frigadroid

    Ouch I just saw Hess from sprint during the Texas game laying the smack down on the other carriers about true unlimited meaning not including words like throttled and metered. I said last year a carrier needed to stand up and offer up the truth who better than T-mobile. Missed opportunity again but we might benefit if tmobile has to match it. Come on tmobile give us our 10g back at least and keep it real no more trying to deceive the customers. End of rant.

    • Anonymous

      I couldnt have said it any better. He did indeed lay the smack down in an honest and subtle way.

    • Anonymous

      Its all that dude who filed that stupid lawsuit last year complaining about overage fees when he was tethering all crazy. I feel he’s the reason for the lower cap and the tethering fees. He’s like the Bartman of T-Mobile.

  • did anyone see those Verizon 4GLTE speeds!!!

  • T-Mobile gets such a bad rep. The sad part about it is… it’s primarily from their own customers. The even sadder part about it is, T-Mobile works for the customers. They provide excellent customer service, try to improve coverage (WiFi calling app, UMA,T-Mobile Take Action), credit you when they make an error, innovative services (UMA, MyFaves), affordable plans & services, built out one of the most widest & fastest available ‘4G’ Network. Brung back an advice that if left up to Danger, would be dead. Is gonna offer 25 HSPA+ 21 & HSPA+ 42 High end smartphones/Tablets/Usb Data stick & modems, etc. Offers a wide array of phone’s & devices for every type of customers, high supports unlocked phones (Even brung in iPhone accessories in their own retail stores, & were trained a bit to help out with trouble shooting for them). I wish people start appreciating T-Mobile. They aren’t the best, but they try really hard. It’s some carriers that really don’t care & all they want is your more. T-Mobile value’s your business & will provide the utmost best possible service they can.

    • Petey

      I do appreciate T-Mobile, and how much they save me each month comparing to other carriers. But I wished they were just be aggressive with their phone selections & expand their data coverage. I live in the bay area, and I get coverage everywhere for voice, but for data… it’s still not stable (switch from 3g to edge and sometime to G).

    • Anonymous

      You forgot the best part. We have Carly!!

      Nah real talk you said there especially the part about the money.

  • crybabies

    Whats funny about Verizon’s LTE is that you cant make phone calls on the LTE network. They need to use their other network. Wow, LTE is great. lol

  • this is BS

    dude you pissed me off saying its the 1st touchscreen sidekick STFU its not a REAL SIDEKICK NOT MADE BY SHARP OR HAVE SIDEKICK OS you guys are biters make up ya own stuff not steal other things !

    • Anonymous

      Ultimate fanboyism.

    • Giraffe

      Because Motorola never made a sidekick? lawl

      I do think there is a need for a home replacement for people who want the more classic SK experience though.

    • tmobile owns the name sidekick not sharp smart ass

  • Anonymous

    All the other carriers are announcing their big power phone coming out very soon,If T-Mobile doesn’t want to loose smartphone customers to Verizon, Sprint or even AT&T I would think they would want to publicly announce just what their big guns are going to be.We hear rumors about the new LG device and maybe the Pyramid, If they are in fact getting those devices then tell their smart phone customers so they don’t go fishing to the other carriers. It’s just smart business, I don’t want to go anywhere, I’m very happy with
    T-Mobile just like most customers are, BUT let us know what is coming down the pike. PLEASE. It’s just smart business. I don’t understand T-Mobile’s advertising strategy. Customers have a certain amount of cash to spend on smart phones, much rather give it to T-Mobile then any other carrier. Tell us what devices are coming.

    • Giraffe

      Uhm, pretty certain that we already know about the 2x and the g-slate…

    • Chris

      What else do you want to know man?

      Samsung Vibrant 4G came out.
      LG g2x is coming out in April and the g-slate.

      Seriously, All these android phones are now the same with just a little tweak.

      The problem is with you people trying to take people out of the show in a party, you show off pricks.

      A smartphone is a smartphone. It’s all the same, All are touch screen, all have apps, all have facebook, all have call functionalities, all have gps, all have texts/IM capabilities. seriously, start using your phone and stop complaining about other carriers getting a “better” phone. Maybe if you do that, you’ll appreciate your phone better. Oh and also, you might wanna move to a different carrier if you like their phones so much more.

      Life is simple, don’t make it so fucking complicated.

  • alt-mobile

    Wow, the man with a “killer” sweater vest sure has a limited vocabulary..

  • Anonymous

    This Sidekick looks way more enticing than the original. With Android on board, it could be appealing to people of all ages, assuming they don’t give it a ridiculous skin.


  • bert ;-)

    I was all excited about the new sidekick (I’m like an apple user to sidekicks..I’d still buy it even if it was a piece of garbage) but since no track ball AND NO SWIVEL!!!!WTF IT’S A SIDEKICK NOT SLIDEKICK. I have the evo 4g and I love it I was gonna sign with tmo again and have 2 of my fav phones ..but now forget it.MAKE IT SWIVEL DAMN IT AND PINK >:[

    • Anonymous

      they have an Optical Track ball on the side which is better (no junk can get stuck under it)

      • bert ;-)

        Okay But still no swivel lol :'( I mean what’s what makes a SIDEKICK a SIDEKICK

  • Mohammad Neyaz Hasan

    sidekick looks promising.let’s see….

  • tmobile #1

    T-MOBILE IS AWSOME! everyone who complains does not have their facts straight! #1 customer serivce, #1 4g network, Largest lineup of android phones, The most 4g products out of all the carriers, #1 in value. If you do your research your only choice is T-MOBILE.

    • Kimberlyjones25

      Actually u are the one that doesnt have there facts straight on some things on some u do on some u dont I mean its good that u like t-mobile and all I also have t-mobile but cmon look it up verizons 4G is faster im not lying. Also dont forget t-mobile has the smallest coverage when compared to other carriers Nd most of its network is still 2G!wtf! The only reason im with them cuz I have a cheap plan but honestly im getting tired of things like not having signal inside many buildings while my friends on verizon and att do. Also there cutomer service aint that good maybe were u live yea but over here in La I been to 3 different t-mobiles store and they always rude ,and when I walk into a verizon store the first thing they do is greet me nicely at the door and tell me if I need help and I feel welcomed there,unlike at the t-mobile store were u walk in and they dont tell u anything they completly ignore u.yea its plans are cheAP But I guess u get what u pay for crappy customer service and crappy reception inside buildings

      • Giraffe

        If your cell phone gets coverage everywhere you use it, then it doesn’t matter. If t-mobile doesn’t give you coverage where you need it, you should go visit some other fansite, yo.

        Also, sorry to hear you’re not getting the top-rated customer service T-Mobile’s proven over the years. I wonder why you haven’t been receiving that? You definitely deserve it.

      • Rgvbadman

        Liar…nuff said


    wifi calling, gps. flash camera?

    • Mac

      well i know it has gps and navigation.. and most likely wifi calling since it’s google android

  • Anonymous


  • wow its really ugly

    • You think so? What about it makes it ugly, other than the fact that it’s made by Samsung and they slapped a matte finish on it. They so should’ve used the shiny plastic like on the original LX…or maybe something more high class the 09 LX. Eh…

  • Lol, you people are gonna get annoyed with me eventually, but I have so much to say about this new Sidekick. I’m really happy that their coming back with a bang, of some sort. First off, the screen. That little “SK” logo could’ve been just the name “Sidekick” like always. So, when your holding the phone in portrait mode…yeah, you catching my flow, and the screen lengthened out, ATLEAST 4″. Second, the manufacture, Samsung. No comment on that. Just..ugh, whatever. I don’t like the fact that they used a matte finish material for the body. They say it’s high quality but, okay. Third of all, why Android 2.2? Just asking. Fourth, hahaha why didn’t they give us the moody lights xD those were so cool. When I had my LX I was always like “HEY MY PHONE LIGHTS UP!!!.” The friend would say “Uhhh, all our phones do.” I would say “No really, it lights the fxck up…*gets a message*” Friends.. “O.O!!!!”

    But anyway…I just want this to really sale and bring back together Sidekick users. Even though we won’t have the swivel screen and having to show everybody how to open our phone and then they try it and it be a epic fail for them lol, or showing off our mood lights, or spending hours on sklxthemes.com, I think we should all be happy that we even get to have another Sidekick, ya know? T-Mobile could’ve killed it off completely for us. It may not be EXACTLY what we want in a Sidekick, but hey….at least we have one making it’s comeback.

    From being Powered by Danger, to being Computed by Android. Think of as the NEW beginning and generation for Sidekicks guys.

  • Justinnn

    So, when is this thing in stores??

    Also, does anyone here still think a second, higher-end sidekick is going to be released later this year, and is passing on this one?

    • justmee

      Yeah, I think possibly a HTC Sidekick is next.

      • That’s what it should’ve been to begin with, and hopefully they buy out the patent for the swivel screen. along with that, can we have the mood lights back? Preferably in…..white =] that would be so epic.

        • MsK DDS

          Ohhh, the swivel has a patent? I didn’t think about that, makes sense. Disappointed about the lack of swivel. But there are phones on Verizon that had a swivel screen, it was called the VZ navigator or something, so I think it’s still possible.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. This will definitely be a HUGE hit!!

  • how are they gonna just ditch the sidekick patented swivel?? i just dont understand smh im still gettin it regardless but still smh

  • this will be cool…too bad AT&T probably won’t like it and make us all switch to their crappy phones to go along with their crappy service.

  • Mittens

    Dumbest decision by far made by T-Mobile. I am so upset and now I just don’t know what to do with my poor LX 09. I’m happy that T-Mo is allowing me to cancel my line of service and waive the early termination fee but the kick in the nuts is that I am going to lose my grandfather $20 a month plan. That is complete b.s. So ontop of paying $30 for minutes, I have to pay $30-$35 for unlimited internet, plus $20 for unlimited text. So for about $90 a month, including taxes a fees, I have the pleasure of using that biggest sidekick fail ever. For that price, I can have an iPhone 4…and I never thought i’d even consider buying an iPhone. Somehow, I feel that all the sidekick users are getting the short end of the stick here, and $150.00 off your new shit phone isn’t healing our wounds.I WANT MY DAMN SWIVEL AND FRAME LIGHTS…ENOUGH SAID!

  • Kenneth Alan

    I won’t get it simply because it no longer swivels. How can you get rid of the signature swivel?

    • TashaTaylor

      You and me both. I’m done.

    • MsK DDS

      I mean seriously, like WTF? The iPhone is clearly far superior to the sidekick, but if it had the swivel and was running Droid, I totally woulda switched. It’s all about the damn swivel! I think a lot of people are going to be complaining about this bc they obviously didn’t do much market research on this phone before making it. If they’re smart they’l beef up the phone hopefully adding the swivel screen

      • vito

        the swivel worked cuz its a toy. this sidekick IS NOT a toy anymore. Its touch screen. you cant just swivel a big ass touch screen like that

    • vito

      if it swirled it would break to easily. its thicker and a sturdy model than the previous. swirl wouldn’t work

  • Meagan

    Maybe I’m wrong, but if I owned this, I’d feel like a person holding a (Motorola Flip) Razor 4G. Look at me, I am so cool & retro…

  • Getum909

    I like it I have the my touch 4g in I had three of the other sidekicks in loved them the swivel was my fav part dont knw why the dont have that anymore but if they make it better then the mytouch I will get it. #waitingtoseewhathappenswithat&tmerger

    • Ayeraerae

      They don’t have the swivel screen because they changed the company who made the phone. The old company has a patent on the swivel screen that samsung doesnt

  • Leviwarfel

    I don’t get how people say it’s ugly? Yeah, it’s not like all Sidekicks before – but if it was, you’d be complaining because it’s not up to date. I always wanted them to make a touch screen Sidekick, and I’m glad they did. Sure, I wish it had a swivel screen – but no phone is perfect. I’ve been looking for the perfect messaging phone since owning my Sidekick LX 09′. I’ve tried them all. Blackberry, myTouch Slide, G1 – but none of them could compare to the messaging on my old Sidekick. I’m going out and buying this the day it comes out, I’m so excited!

    The only thing I’m concerned about are the placement of the screen. Holding my old LX, it would be hard to fully rely on the screen since the keyboard is so large and since this screen is larger – we’ll have to wait and see how that works out. But it does look like they included some sort of track ball (I would have preferred a track pad like the latest Blackberry’s). I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • kursten

    im soooo excited i lovelovelove sidekicks, cant wait to get my hands on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • rawrvivian


  • I had the Sidekick LX before, but I went to a MyTouch and I love Android. So for them to combine the phone, that is even better! I can’t wait to get this phone. I know the first app that I will download that I liked from my MyTouch will be the DISH Remote Access app. This app let me stream live TV and recorded shows from my 922 SlingLoaded receiver to my phone. The Sidekick also has 4G so it will be super fast. As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I have been using the app for a long time and I think it will be perfect for the Sidekick 4G. I am so excited to get mine!

  • Masterkev505

    how do u upload videos

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    does it have a camera?