T-Mobile Launching Dell Inspiron N4010 March 21st

As we first discovered back in early February T-Mobile was preparing to launch in combination with Dell.com their next notebook, the Dell 14R. Also known as the Dell Inspiron 14R, the notebook will run on Windows 7 Premium edition. No word on what variant of HSPA+ this notebook will be running, however we could hold out hope for HSPA+ 42 Mbps but I’m assuming we might be a little early in the game for that.

As mentioned back in early February the anticipated price for the Core i3, 2 GB Ram and 250 GB hard drive would be $399.99. The Dell Inspiron N4010 wilt take advantage of T-Mobile’s newest webConnect offerings and will ONLY be sold through Dell.com.


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  • Anonymous



    Thats what I thought :)

    I think most people are looking for that G-Slate or Galaxy Tab 2 or other super sleek tablet instead of a netbook.

    I did say most and not all….

    • Sorto7

      You are right I rather a Android table.

      • Deff

        they make tables now too? how can i get one? :O

    • Josh

      Haha that Bueller part cracked me up. I have to watch that movie now.

      On topic, I just bought a laptop, so not really interested in a notebook. My girlfriend could use one though and she’s a big fan of T-Mobile.

      Sounds like a good birthday present to me ;)

    • Netbooks don’t carry Core i 3 cpus and Android doesn’t run on x86 chips. This this is a full ultra portable laptop with built in web connect and finally a full pc that uses Tmobile’s internet!! Sick and tire of lusting for a laptop only to find out it’s not compatible with Tmobile!

  • Manusferrera

    Dell should have went with android instead of windows :-)

    • Jay

      Dell Venue = android
      Dell Venue Pro = windows

      Your welcome….

    • Jay

      Dell Venue = android
      Dell Venue Pro = windows

      Your welcome….

    • Anonymous

      I think I see what u did there.

  • http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2382162,00.asp

    starts at $580. 720p webcam and usb 3.0. no choice for nvidia graphics though which sucks

  • Your-email

    why do you still continue to long for 42M. David read this slowly….so you can comprehend…IT DOESNT MATTER WITHOUT THE BACKHAUL. THEY HAVE NO PLANS FOR A BACKHAUL UPGRADE FOR YEARS.


    • HSPA+

      lol you’re incredibly retarded – they’re updating the backhaul daily where needed.

      • Quagmeyer

        Really, if you read the annual report, that is IF you can read you would have seen that they have suspended all backhaul improvements.

    • C-TMO44

      where exactly do you get your info? T-Mobile DOES in fact have the back haul in place for these speeds. As they increase network speeds the backhaul gets increased as well, simultaneously. If you check out diferrent sped tests from MSNBC and pcmag you will see the results

  • NancyPelosiRocks

    He is a shill for the man.

  • Your-email

    Tell me about it. Iphone lover.

    My phone makes me hot! I would rather be with a phone than a woman! Better yet, a 3D slate.

  • Quagmeyer

    You guys rock!

    Gigity Gigity Goo

  • Rad3zy

    You guys make the worse pictures ever…

  • Anonymous

    CTIA is tomorrow and no leaks??

    • I wouldn’t expect much you already don’t know about, from everyone, not just T-Mobile.