T-Mobile At CTIA 2011, What Do You Want To See?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No it’s not the holiday season, rather it’s CTIA 2011 in Orlando, Florida! One of the biggest events in the US wireless industry is descending upon us and yours truly will be there! That’s right, TmoNews will be live from CTIA in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately T-Mobile will not be holding a press event as seems to be the norm for everyone but Sprint and Samsung (we’ll be there too!) this time around as opposed to last years CTIA with most carriers and manufacturers holding events.

So what do you want to see from T-Mobile? While they won’t be holding a press event, we’re sure to see some announcements Monday or Tuesday. Of course we’ll have some hands on time with some new devices Tuesday evening. What new devices do you ask? Well we can’t say anything for sure but we expect to see the Sidekick 4G and the T-Mobile G-Slate. We’re also going to be in attendance at Nokia’s Monday night event where we expect to see the Nokia C7also known as theĀ  Nokia Astound in T-Mobile speak will be announced.

So what are we hoping for? Well of course we’re hoping for any word, any sort of indication that we’ll get to see the LG G2X and the HTC Pyramid. We’re a lot more hopeful for the former than the latter. Truthfully, I don’t expect to see or hear anything about the HTC Pyramid from T-Mobile but perhaps HTC will drop some hints toward a US release.

Aside from phone news, we also expect T-Mobile to make some network announcements, especially regarding the upcoming launch of HSPA+ 42Mbps. It’s likely we’ll get an updated timeframe for the launch including plans for the remainder of the year.

Let’s ask the readers, what do you want/hope/expect/need/require T-Mobile to announce?

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  • Anonymous

    4.3″ phone by HTC.

  • why wouldn’t they announce anything on the htc Pyramid, I really was thinking they would… = /

    • Bimmerz

      That’s what I am thinking. Especially since Sprint is supposed to announce their version of the Pyramid (Evo 3D – I think it is?). I guess we’ll see come Mon/Tues…

  • jonstonson

    Official release date for the G-Slate. Don’t want to see T-Mobile get too far behind with the release, or it’ll never have a chance.

  • Jonathan

    UGH! This is shaping up to be another version of what we got from Mobile World Congress and CES. Seriously, T-Mobile announce some freakin’ phones! :(

  • Sk8man53

    42.4 Mbps has already been put up in Orlando for this event so they will defineatly be showing off the rocket 3.0 along with lil wayne. They will be showing off the G Slate even though i just found out it will be topping out at 14.4 instead of the 21 mbsp we’ve come to love on the vibrant 4g. looks like we have a problem with the approval of the 3.0 to be shipped out to stores (the device is fine the tester made a mistake) but they should be here soon and the devices to run 42 mbps should be sometime late this summer.

    • michael

      how do u know?

  • Bimmerz

    Hoping for announcements about the; LG G2X, HTC Pyramid and the GS II – But I am betting we’ll only hear about the LG G2X.

  • alex

    HTC Pyramid/Mytouch 4g 3D
    Android 2.3/3.0 with Sense UI (mos likely espresso)
    1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (MSM8660)
    4.3-inch qHD 960 x 540-pixel autostereoscopic 3D display
    Dual rear 5-megapixel cameras with dedicated camera button, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera
    8GB internal storage, 1GB RAM
    Support for 4G HSPA+- 42mbps
    1900mAh battery
    Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, DLNA and HDMI-out support

    • alex

      and gingerbread update for mytouch 4g, and other phones :D

    • Morphius Faydal

      Drop all the 3D stuff and bump internal storage to 32GB, and then we’ll talk. ;-)

      Would be nice if it was a T-Mo exclusive and first Android phone with Netflix.

      • alex

        that would be cool with 32 gb, and 1gb ram

    • You’re dreaming of an Evo 3D when we have the Pyramid with a higher resolution camera that could be much better than 3D that takes up more memory in terms of capture, and a fatter device ;)

      • alex

        i would like 3d, but if its not included then it don’t matter i would just like that, but it’s not a deal breaker.

  • Luism1023

    iPhone 5 this summer

  • The Silent Sicilian

    – Definitely want to hear announcements about HSPA++ 42Mbps implementation Time-frames/Locations and theoretical vs. expected speeds … and of course devices that will support it and when to expect those.

    – Possible iPhone on T-mobile network?

    • Samus

      Why do people want to see the iPhone on T-mobile’s network. Do you know how much those things bog down the network. I think T-mobile is smart to work on getting the upper end android phones instead. The iPhone releases already under par to the other dual core android devices out there. Just because it says iPhone on it doesn’t mean it is a great phone.

      • Considering how much T-Mobile and Sprint suffer for not having the iPhone, it has become one of those things that could help T-Mobile keep customers. Considering their 4G HSPA+ network is a tried and tested technology, it is quite possible that Apple could decide to finally offer a T-Mobile version because of the HSPA+ network.

      • Anonymous

        wait 12 months and you will get your wish!!!

      • The Silent Sicilian

        The iPhones don’t bog the network any more than an Android or any other smart phone,,, it’s ATT’s garbage network and the amount of users combined with the quantity of web applications available in the Apple store being used that contribute to saturating the ATT network.

        I think the Android phones are top-notch, especially the ones beginning to arrive. I’ve owned the original iPhone on tmobile’s network for over three years now… not much sense in upgrading to a newer iPhone version since they can’t take advantage of the data service on TMobiles network. I have plans on getting either the Pyramid or G2x if/when they come out but I’d prefer an iPhone because of the simplicity in their user interface and hardware quality, but mainly because every accessory I own is proprietary to the Apple interface for use with iPods and iPhones. I’ll hate to have to upgrade my car stereo and portable speakers so I can dock my new phone to play music everywhere. Sure there are generic analog interfaces on these devices but I also want to control/supply power to my phone while playing music.

  • Flashfox

    I want to see T-Mobile introduce new super phones into the >>USA<< market. I also dream of seeing them offer a true and affordable international data roaming plan (alas… that's only a dream (sigh))

  • Trypitt

    I hope they announce what “CTIA” stands for, since the author of this article just started using the acronym assuming we knew what it stood for.

    • ATL guy

      Ya cause googling is so difficult.
      That is the difference between people who make things happen and you.

      • Trypitt

        I did happen to Google it after reading the article. However, I felt a little sarcasm was due for the author since explaining something so simple as defining an acronym when first used, that one will use throughout an article, is usually standard practice among decent journalists.

        • D1O2B

          What’s the point of explaining an acronym? They’re abbreviations for a reason.

    • CTIA used to stand for “Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association”, now it doesn’t mean anything anymore. It used to be the “Cellular Telecommunications Industries of America”, but it merged with another group to become the “Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association” at the turn of the century. In 2004, they dropped the acronym completely, becoming “CTIA – The Wireless Association”.

    • Farhan
  • AxEffect

    sorry to go a little off topic, but what do u guys think from the info out right now….get the g2x if it comes out on the 20th or wait for the htc pyramid? I have a moto cliq right now that is the bane of my existence and even waiting the month for the g2x will be pushing it bigtime

    • ATL guy

      I would wait.
      You could get the mytouch 4g.

      • Samus

        Why would you get a mytouch over a dual core processor phone? Especially someone who is contemplating over waiting for the pyramid why would they go down to that? I’d get the G2x if you are itching for a new phone. Great reviews on it in korea.

        • and the one in korea is the original version
          this thing is gonna have stock Android (since its in the G seres AND with 4G) its gonna be a beast
          its what people are asking for! XD lol

    • Anonymous

      i would hold out for the pyramid. check the review of the optimus 2X on Engadget and you’ll see why.

      • The Optimus 2X review dinged the software, not the hardware. Since the G2X won’t be preloaded with LG’s software, that review doesn’t mean much for us in terms of the G2X.

        • Anonymous

          what makes you think it wont have LGs software? being part of the G series? i wouldn’t hedge my bets on that. but if your right, ive found a new phone after my n1

        • If you read the Investor meeting presentation notes from January, you’d know that T-Mobile USA prizes the G series lineup because it is the lineup of phones that they work extremely closely with Google on preparing for the world. They prize the stock Android experience offered on the G series lineup. Now, that doesn’t mean that they might change their mind and decide to include the terrible software from LG, but it does make it unlikely.

        • Bodey

          I am very interested in the G2X as the man above statesbits the software that they knocked not the hardware. Matter of fact the benchmarks show this phone blowing everything out the water and the build may be bigger than some other phones out but the finish looks nice. Im looking to get it come 420. If the software gives an issue, then I will just rom it (which I probably will do anyways). Just my opinion…

    • Johnp888

      Check out anandtech for a comprehensive LG 2x review. My only gripes with the 2x is no led notification and potentially no hspa+. If u need one right now the nexus s for 100 bucks is pretty compelling.

  • eYe

    HTC Pyramid or GTFO, 4.3″ Android phone is long overdue.

  • Bubblegumpink61

    I would like to know when the rest of us are going to get 3G. Seriously T Mobile. How far behind the others are you?

  • ATL guy

    Humm’er will announce the Cliq 3D.

    Another great mid-range phone.

  • Anonymous

    SIDEKICK 4G HANDS-ON!!! ( gee was I shouting? YES!!!) ;-)

  • BlueMonkey1

    HTC Doubleshot!!

  • I’m going to be highly disappointed if there’s no Pyramid; I mean the G2x is great but I don’t think it’ll have HSPA+ 14 or 21 for that matter. *Fingers Crossed* for Pyramid, Want some Dual Core HTC Goodness coming to T Mobile, Normal Sense UI or Stock Please ;)

  • Anonymous

    The G2X will have 4g
    forget the pyramid

  • Moriaty32

    Get every single dirty detail you can about the g2x and the gslate…including why they are launching a month late. Also want to hear about the gs2 and the mysterious pyramid. Thanks.

  • Darkraiderfan

    i want to hear that the lg optimus 3d is coming to tmobile

    • you referring to the tablet? Optimus appears to be the European market name for the G-Slate…

  • Avi

    I’d like them to stop throttling my data. The fastest network is meaningless if I can’t use it.

    • The Silent Sicilian

      I second this. I don’t know why they openly claim their 4G has a “theoretical” speed of 14Mbps when the actual network speed doesn’t even average HALF of that. Has anyone ever seen the 4G speed reach even 10 Mbps?
      If/When they do upgrade their HSPA+ to 42Mbps I guarantee it won’t reach half of that theoretical speed either, nor the speed of the current HSPA+ network for that matter.
      Definitely plenty of down-throttling going on.

  • Tar86ek

    here is what i would like to see, ipad 2 for tmobile, samsung tab 8.9 inch, lg g-slate 3d tablets. i want to see the g2x, pyramid, sidekick 4g, lg 3d phone. these phones can last until november of 2011. then the iphone 5 and samsung galaxy s II phones can be released. t mobile will be a powerhouse.

  • Tx2azn93

    Find ouy if AT&T is actually paying $39b to buy TMoUSA (per the New York Times)

  • Anonymous

    Tmobile about to be bought out by at&t.

  • Anonymous

    I want t mobile to announce the samsung galaxy s2 already. I have a feeling tmobile will be late to the party or skipped with this beast.
    The gx2 STOCK android, 4g enabled
    Htc pyramid with similar specs than the echo 3d but without 3d. Also it would be better if the pyramid was a nexus phone or stock

  • Youngt82

    I want them to talk about a lot and plenty of 4g phones and some dual core onces and when the mytouch 3g slide is finally getting a froyo update. But unfortunately I already know Teen Mobile is going to talk only about the Sidekick 4g, G Slate , G2x and their 4g network so even though that’s nice ,its already old news to me so fuckkk T-Mobile they’re falling off the wagon big time smh

  • Woodstock

    Well, I guess we could hope that “AT&T buying T-Mobile USA” was an early April Fool’s joke, but it doesn’t appear to be.

  • Maybe they will announce that they were bought by AT+T… :(

    What are you going to name the blog now?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I for one would like to see the Nokia N950 Meego device or some Meego Devices announced for AT&T-Mobile US. We already have loads of Android devices coming but hardly nothing from any other OS. The HTC Pyramid and Optimus 3D have my Attention right now but not like the N950!!! I like Android but I want to try something different and Meego is looking like a promising OS. So how about it Nokia or Intel, Bring those Meego Devices!!! CTIA, I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to see that the LG G Slate and G2X will in fact be released in a pair for an April 20th release. Did the rumors have any fact in them?

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see nothing. I hope people switch to Sprint, because if Sprint also fails, we’re totally F-U-C-K-E-D.

    We cannot afford a monopoly

  • chi-town brother

    I want to see the galaxy 2 and a due date. Also I want to see more details about the HTC pyramid

  • Anonymous

    other than the obvious “what is with the AT&T Merger?!?” also see when we can expect to see Netflix on Android devices (not only on the upcoming Qualcomm chips, but legacy chips as well)

  • Evilbox

    I hope tmo announces that they didn’t get federal approval and att isn’t gonna screw us all in the a$$

    • David Vargas

      Gotta hate AT&T and I hope the deal goes to the gutters and quick too.

    • Dissapointedbythis

      I wish you were right and it was that easy, but if they made this public then it means it’s going to happen, plus AT&T will have to pay T-mobile $3 billion if it doesn’t go through…so that tells you they already know it will go through….unfortunately….

  • Ivorypeppers

    just got word that the g2x is a 4.3in screen phone with dual cores and the optimus is a 4in dualcore phone. they are different phones. thats just what i heard

    • Anonymous

      nobody cares at this point lol

  • Mallorian

    does it really matter what tmobile offers from here on out? i know many people that are on tmobile because of either poor customer service or poor network or both from at&t, verizon, and sprint. and remember while your current contract will have to be honored by at&t once that contract expires, even if you don’t upgrade your phone, they are free to switch you over to one of their over priced limited plans without so much as a by your leave.

    • Anonymous

      once it expires i go bye bye


    We will be demonstrating our 42+ network. I will be there trying to find a new job.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Simple, the only thing I want to see at CTIA in the AT&T-Mobile section is Meego and Meego devices. If there is but one device, I’ll be a happy camper.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno how much we will see of T-Mobile at CTIA. T-Mobile has just announced that it is dropping out of its participation in a keynote panel set to kick off CTIA.


  • HTC Doubleshot (Pyramid), Galaxy S II, LG G2X, that the At&t buyout was a crappy, early April fools joke, Thats all I ask…

  • Petey

    I want to know why Philipp Humm was successful when he was CEO in Germany, but why he couldn’t do it in the US?

    It’s sad to see T-mobile go if this acquisition does occurs.

  • Youarenumber1

    I want to see HTC Pyramid………

  • Virtue

    I would also like to see the Galaxy S II and the Pyramid at CTIA. Also, I have a question. It’s March 23rd, when are they going to announce all of this with only a day left?!?!?! I thought there were reports saying that the Pyramid was 100% going to be announced at CTIA.

  • Rome42

    I would like to know some darn release dates! I am due for an update and I wanna know how long I should wait for the G2X or the Pyramid.