T-Mobile Officially Launches New webConnect Plans

We had some pretty good indications that T-Mobile would be unveiling some revamped webConnect data plans today and they have gone and done just that. As we checked out T-Mobile.com this morning we found that the 10 GB plan priced at $84.99 is very much real and ready for your consumption. There were no other surprises as expected and we’re thrilled to see the arrival of a higher than 5 GB data plan.

Remember, when paired with a voice plan on the same account, you can receive 20% off the webConnect pricing!


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  • Loving this new 10 gig plan, as well as the 20% discount. I wonder how easy it will be to reach the 10gig mark while streaming. the most I go on my cell phone is maybe 3gig’s but thats only on months I stream more Youtube video’s but usually I don’t break the 2 gig mark and I’m a power user. Hmmm, thinking. Also what will the plans be for the G-Slate david, I’m def buying that but undecided on if I”m getting a 4G plan with it although I’d like to.

    • 67_390_coupe

      G-Slate plans will be these plans as tablets are webconnect devices.

    • With the faster 4G speeds keep in mind that streaming audio on hi quality pandora @ 192kbps is around 100MB per hour and and streaming video on netflix is around 500MB per hour.

  • Renaissance247

    So it’s $84.99 for JUST data, not including a talk/voice plan? Glad as hell I don’t use T-Mobile, that’s outrageous.

    • Rayen321

      That’s a 10 GB data plan for Web Devices only. It’s not a phone plan.

  • So that stupid…..Verizon charges $80 for 10GB of data no their 4G OR 3G service.

    How are we supposed to be price competitive and the better choice when the most expensive wireless carrier is under selling us.

    They should drop these prices by 10 dollars

    ie: $75 = 10GB ; 40 = 5GB ; 200MB = $10

    My reason for this is because we’re supposed to be competitive, no one with access to 4G LTE and arguably better hardware as of yet is going to switch to T-Mo no matter how much tech is behind T-Mo’s network.

    Verizon offers 1GB of data for $20………..Lets offer 2GB of data for $20 that’ll be way more price competitive and logical in my opinion.

    • ATT charges 25 for 2GB of data…….. and 15 for 250mb

      Or how about sprint with $50 for unlimited 4G data usage…….

      Damn T-Mo is really going to be in the shitter if they don’t step it up

    • quikk312

      I don’t think the 2yr service agreement with these web-connect plans is worth it even though they do offer unlimited T-Mobile Hotspot with those plans. But then again, Starbucks offers FREE OPEN AT&T WiFi to everybody as so does a lot of other places like Panera Bread and etc..

      So yeah if I had to choose, I’d go with Verizon web service. But like I said, all of that is a waste of money considering all the free access to internet virtually everywhere, especially if you are in a major market. And the myTouch 4G has a built in MiFi app so if your data plan is unlimited…. you can use that connection IMO.

  • mrgoogle

    if you pair the web plans with a voice plan on the same account then you get a 20% discount on the web plan which makes it cheaper than the competitors.

  • Sammy P

    What is with all this tiered pricing. Are the cell provider’s networks that congested, is data that much more expensive, or is it typical supply and demand greed.

    Its the stupidest thing I’ve seen.

  • Josh

    It’s not just a voice plan, it needs to be a family plan in order to receive the 20% discount. Individual voice plans with a data line will not trigger the 20% discount on the data line.

    • Xermys

      Wrong, it does not need to be a family plan.

  • Anonymous

    Not interested in this at all. I want to see some super phones, AT&T has a lousy network but they are bringing in a bunch of great devices. If T-Mobile doesn’t hurry up people will go to AT&T for the phones and bear with the network until they speed it up, which they will soon or later. Come on T-Mobile, show us some tegra power. Long time customer who loves T-Mobile and just wants a great super phone.

  • quikk312

    Hey David, you forgot to report on the new REVAMPED Prepaid plans which now includes unlimited international calls. But don’t worry, being the nice THOUGHTFUL guy that I am, I’ll do it for you…. genius!!!

    Prepaid monthly plans with domestic and international service

    More details
    International Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB
    Same great service as our Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB data. Plus, unlimited calls to landlines in over 50 countries, and unlimited texting, and discounted calling to over 220 countries.
    $80.00 /month
    International Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 MB
    Same great service as our Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 MB data.Plus, unlimited calls to landlines in over 50 countries, and unlimited texting, and discounted calling to over 220 countries.
    $60.00 /month
    Prepaid monthly plans
    Prepaid plan details and FAQs
    Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB data
    For apps, GPS, video & music streaming, and more.
    $70.00 /month
    Unlimited Talk & Text with 100 MB
    For e-mails, web surfing, social networking, and more.
    $50.00 /month
    1500 Talk & Text with 30 MB data
    Use any combination of minutes or messages up to 1500. For e-mails and light web surfing.
    $30.00 /month
    Unlimited Text and 10¢/minute
    Same great service as our Unlimited Talk & Text with 2 GB data. Plus, unlimited international talk and text.
    $15.00 /month

    • jarjon76

      You should do a better job of hiding your jealousy, fruitcake.

    • Isn’t it about time this dude gets banned from TMoNews for trolling??

      • quikk312

        Trolling? That word is getting old. That training bra must be too tight, eh? Well I’m sure our favorite building leaper is leaning towards banning me for posting nothing but factual evidence and informative opinions., which keeps him on the edge of his seat on his own blog.

        I guess I’m the George W. Bush of TMoNews… nobody likes me, but I run it!!

        • jarjon76

          He shouldn’t ban you because that’s what you want. You crave the attention of being called a troll. You’re no different than any other forum/blog troll.

        • nope, only thing getting old is you you Charlie Sheen wannabe imbecile. you run “nothing” sir! ha ; D

    • Boostedbora

      your description of the unlimited text is incorrect. It is just unlimited text, no data, no talk, and no international. Genius!!!

  • Anonymous

    If I lived in New York or San Francisco I might wish I had T-Mobile as a carrier, or anyone other than AT&T — at these new prices though, I’m glad I’m grandfathered into unlimited data with my iPhone-4, especially as when I place the microSim card from my iPhone in my iPad-2, I have internet ;)

  • Pete

    Well, now that’s it’s officially $85 for 10 GB, I’ll be going with AT&T’s $80 10 GB plan instead. It’s cheaper AND I have a wider selection of compatible mobile broadband devices.

    • Jackson

      Me too, I really value the ability to swap my SIM card into different devices. Since I always hear how T-Mobile is always the cheapest, I was willing to give up easy device swapping for a cheaper 10 GB plan. Oh well, I held out long enough, I’ll be upgrading my AT&T plan to 10 GB this week.

      • Nick

        Thanks for this. I thought I could just insert the webConnect SIM into my Thinkpad or the MiFi I got overseas. I looked it up and both my devices aren’t compatible with T-Mobile but they are compatible with AT&T.

        AT&T 10 GB here I come!

      • Tom

        I was interested in T-Mobile’s webConnect service too (I don’t have phone service with T-Mobile). With the price of the 10 GB plan, I’m going to go with AT&T. Swapping SIMs without worrying about frequency bands all the time is a very convenient feature and AT&T’s cheaper price just makes it better.

      • Anderson

        i was hoping to switch to tmo if/when they release cheaper higher data plans but it looks like it’s more expensive. i’m not eligible for the 20% discount since i like my 18% phone discount with another carrier.

        i guess i’ll be staying with at&t’s mobile broadband service. i’ll keep an eye on tmo just in case.

    • Jackson

      Me too, I really value the ability to swap my SIM card into different devices. Since I always hear how T-Mobile is always the cheapest, I was willing to give up easy device swapping for a cheaper 10 GB plan. Oh well, I held out long enough, I’ll be upgrading my AT&T plan to 10 GB this week.

    • Drivethruboy168

      If you have a voice line with T-Mobile it’s 20% off. I think that brings it down to $65 or $75.

      • Jim

        Correct, if you have a voice line, which 95% of T-Mo’s Mobile Broadband users already have, then you receive a 20% discount off of the Mobile Broadband service…So, $84.99 becomes 67.99, PLUS there are no overage fees, you would only experience a throttle down in speed. DOUBLE PLUS, T-Mo Chicago will be launching in limited areas HSPA+ 42 Mbs/s in about 15 days!

      • Pete

        I don’t have have voice service with T-Mobile.

  • Dude, nobody is deleting your posts. I haven’t banned you from posting links. You’re trying to make me look bad and everyone around here knows I don’t police the comments like that. Good try though. Isn’t it time for daddy to take you out for ice cream? Or maybe you have little league tonight?

    • quikk312

      It’ll be more like major league, when your girlfriend comes over tonight. She’s gon’ catch a grand slam, then I hit a home run *wink*. =D

      • Magenta Magic

        Okay, David? Seriously, this guy is not being productive or even stating a valid viewpoint. He is no longer talking about pros or cons of T-Mobile. Hell, he’s not even bashing T-Mobile at this point. He is being an obnoxious jerk. How about exercise that almighty whim of yours and clean up the posts like he is accusing you of anyways.

        Young little T-Mobilers might be reading this… :)

        • Anonymous

          I agree, I’m all for people staying, debating, heavily criticizing etc. as long as they have something constructive to say, and I think perma-banning him (if possible)…well….noone here will miss him. He’s pretty much at this point just bashing the blog, you, and T-Mobile without any reason “because I can”.

      • Bratty

        Yes, with a name like “quikk” you sure are the major leagues.

  • Jonathan

    UGH! When are they going to release some new phones? Come on T-Mobile!

    • A chat with a TmoCSR said that these new 10GB plans ONLY apply to the tablets and modems, they DO NOT apply to phones. =(

      • Jim

        Unlimited Web for phones (EDGE, 3G,4G) is only $30 with no overages.

        • jarjon76

          $20 if you get the Android loyalty plan via retentions.

        • Anon

          or the promo 1500TTW plan for $80 ($20 for data) and Fam 3000TTW for $150 ($20 for data if you break it down) plus $10 for additional line and $20 for that additional lines data

        • John

          actually added lines on the 3k plan are only $5

        • I’m sure my “unlimited” plan is “limited” due to the throttling that occours when you exceed 5GB per month, which is 50kbps. Can you elaborate on these other plans? Because I sure haven’t ever been offered them.

      • SnittyKitty

        That’s absolutely correct! This will be an entirely a different SIM card, not like what are in our smart phones. As I was told the other day, these tablets do not have dialers; you can’t make a T-Mobile call; only VoIP such as Skype.

    • optimusprime

      April 20 is the day!

      Hang in there.

  • jarjon76

    You’re not a “critic’, you’re a blowhard with a chip on his shoulder. For whatever reason, you got butthurt over something said on this blog and decided to pollute the comment section with your stalking. There’s one of you in every forum/blog comment section.

    • quikk312

      But you are stalking me and my every move on this site. So what does that say about you?

      • jarjon76

        Paranoid? I’m replying to your trolling, I’m not mass posting my irrational rage against someone who you’re obviously jealous of. Big difference.

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          I’m just a blog critic with freedom of speech, opinions, and a lot of mouth. And there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it. Sorry!

        • Actually you don’t have freedom of speech on any blog. As the owner of this blog I can, at my whim decide what I want posted and not. Clearly you need to redefine your explanation of “freedom of speech.”

        • quikk312

          David (Managing Editor) said: “Dude, nobody is deleting your posts. I haven’t banned you from posting links. You’re trying to make me look bad and everyone around here knows I don’t police the comments like that.”

          quikk312 says: Hypocrisy at it’s finest. How charming.

        • Enjoy your last few moments of posting abilities. You are no longer contributing to anything that even remotely resembles T-Mobile based conversation.

        • I’m absolutely sure this guy was just Mailman returning under a different name. I think you let it go too long David…however it’s not my place to say. We like the freedom of posting, however this guy was an annoyance. Just because someone pissed in his wheaties and his gene pool didn’t mean that he had to piss on our conversation. In other news, T-Mobile will have some great news from CTIA

        • Indeed they will! :-)

  • Magenta Magic

    Go away already. It’s bad enough we have people whining their arses off over every little thing T-Mobile does or doesn’t do. We really don’t need someone here talking unwarranted smack against David personally or the site in general. It’s a T-Mobile fan site. WTF do you expect to see here? If you don’t like it, I’m 100% certain your browser can take you somewhere else… please, just go away already.

    • quikk312

      Mr. Magic, If you don’t like what I say then just scroll down to the next commenter…. so simple. Unless the last rabbit you try to pull from your ass ended up getting stuck, you should be able to skip my posts in a swift but timely fashion.

      • Magenta Magic

        It’s funny how you try to take things to a personal level and, for that matter, an obscene one. That, my dear fool, is a great sign of someone who has nothing better in their life than to be a troll.

        Not to mention that it took you three minutes to post a reply to me.

        Sad. Just sad.

  • Brian

    Come on TMobile – Let’s be the first to offer what the future is requiring. I have a family of 4 using phones. We cannot possibly upgrade to smart phones at $50 each. That’s $200 per month! NOT counting the cable or DSL internet access at home base. (200 Mb per month entry … that’ll never do.) Every phone / internet provider MUST bring their prices down for USA to compete in the world. Please find a way, because you’re the best!

    • Xermys

      This is for Mobile Broad Band customers (web sticks for computers, tablets and notebooks) not smartphones.

    • Reinzane

      Do the promo 3000:
      3000mins/all to share
      Unl nights weekends, unl tmo-tmo
      unl text for all lines
      2 unl webs included:
      add a line (2 @ $5 each) = $10
      additional unlimited webs for the other two lines are only $20 not $30, add a line is $5 not $10.

  • OH NO!!!
    I can’t switch to new plans. Only current plan ($40 5GB semi-unlimited webconnect plan) listed if I click change plan.
    What’s up?

  • OH NO!!!
    I can’t switch to new plans. Only current plan ($40 5GB semi-unlimited webconnect plan) listed if I click change plan.
    What’s up?

  • lensovet

    right, so, like i said before, these prices are actually an *increase* for people who have no voice service, and an *unchanged* price for those who have existing service.
    previous prices were $25/$40 for the 250/5G plans.
    wow, i’ve never thought t-mobile would actually raise prices, but i guess they’ve decided they can’t compete on price.

    • yaddayaddasomething

      Yes and No. T-Mobile employees were SUPPOSED to charge the non-20% prices to MBB customers who didn’t have voice lines, but 9/10 times they didn’t choose the more expensive one. Now it’s forced since it’s attached to a voice line and the system detects if the customer gets the 20% discount or not. Salesmen would choose the less expensive plan because what’s easier to pitch, $39.99 or $49.99 for the same product? So really, the ONLY changes are:

      1) 10 gig plan
      2) Data line is attached to the voice plans for easier bill payments.

      T-Mobile only restricted employees in terms of choosing the different priced plans. That way current, loyal customers get the discount and it gives incentive for non-tmo customers to bring their voice lines over.

      • lensovet

        no, i went and priced data plans *online*. without a voice line they used to be 25/40 with contract and device purchase. now it’s 30/50 if you don’t have voice.
        so before, voice customers got no discount.
        now they do, but off higher rates.

    • Xermys

      no it is not. Just the addition of a 10 GB plan and redefining how they discount. The prices for the 200 mb and 5 gb are the same and work out to being the same with the 20% discount if you have voice.

  • oh) nice new plan. it is good to know that they don’t stop developing. also i think everybody nowadays needs internet, so that is always useful )

  • Anonymous

    Once again, T-Mobile screws the pooch. You can do better with Clear.com price-wise, and they’ve taken heat for being over priced. If any of these wireless companies had any brains, they’d price UNDER that of cable’s $50 per month, and start taking cable customers away. Most people in metropolitan areas are starting to figure out that rabbit ears on their HD TV gets them around 30-40 channels of HD, so it’s not worth paying $120-$180 per month to the cable company for TV + Internet, when you can get the TV for free and internet for under $50.

  • Schippma

    If T-Mobile wants to gain customers in this new data driven world, I think they should offer three levels of web for phones. They should offer a $5 200 MB plan, $20 5 GB plan, and $30 7 GB plan with a $10 per GB overage charge on the GB plans and 0.10 per MB overage for the 200 MB plan. That way people pay for what they use and T-Mobile can gain from power users. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    When is the unlimited everything for $80 coming out??

  • Skalden

    Mobile broadband is such a rip off in the US. In certain areas of Europe you can get unlimited 4G LTE for $25/month.

  • So they basically raised the rates. 5GB was previously 39.95 for my Galaxy Tab by itself.

  • SnittyKitty

    There’s a reason why we have DSL and a wireless router at home; that price hasn’t moved in years and this little thing we call wi-fi isn’t bad either.

  • mm

    Reality Alert:
    If you go to the Verizon site, you will find a data usage calculater. Set everything to zero, except for streaming video. Set streaming video to 1hr a day. It will tell you that equals 10 gigs a month in data. So you’re going to pay $85.00 a month to stream your awesome motorola zoom 1hr a day?!?!?!?!!!!!
    What a crock!!!!!!!

  • Asia

    I can’t stand T-Mobile!!! I can’t believe I signed a 2 year contract for this stupid slow internet plan when i coulda went somewhere else!!!!! Mad at self   >:/