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Man Gets $143K Bill After Using Mobile Data Abroad

Despite the numerous warnings not to use cellular data while traveling internationally, there are still some who make a mistake and activate this. This is because they believe they’ll only use their cellular data for a few minutes but end up using a lot of data in that timeframe. This always spells trouble since the charge for international roaming can quickly add up.  One man from Florida recently experienced this with his T-Mobile account. After a vacation … [read full article]

Is truly unlimited data going to disappear?

Looking at the U.S. wireless industry over the past couple of years seems to be indicating one thing to me: At some point in the future, truly unlimited data plans will die. Speaking at the Re/code conference yesterday, Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure stated that – although unlimited works really well for Sprint now – at some point, it will stop offering unlimited data plans. As the … [read full article]