Are you happy with T-Mobile moving you from legacy to Simple Choice plans?


Back in August we were informed that T-Mobile had started sending out post cards to customers saying that they would be moved from their legacy plans on to one of the more current offerings. For most, that’s  moving on to Simple Choice. For a lot of customers the benefits of moving to Simple Choice far outweigh the inconvenience of losing their old plans. But for some, it’s not as pleasant a transition.

A growing thread of loyal T-Mobile customers is growing on Howard Forums with many complaining about being “forced” to switch to a plan that offers them less than they currently get. As with any complaints like this, in comparison to the amount of customers T-Mobile has, it’s a vocal few who seem to be affected. But many of those feel as though they aren’t getting a proper response from T-Mo. They certainly feel strongly enough about it to try and push for change (or at least explanation).

Obviously, the reason for this switch over is to keep things simple for staff and customers. Having so many old plans on system makes for a poor customer experience, especially if they end up dealing with someone who doesn’t know anything about the older, legacy price plans. Getting rid of old plans, getting rid of corporate discounts are all measures to ensure they can continue offering the same value to all its customers. But that’s no reassurance to the angry few who feel like they’re missing out, or being bullied in to the new plans.

So, I wanted – after receiving a number of emails – to figure out how widespread an issue this is. Did you receive a postcard from T-Mo? If so, are you happy with being switched on to one of the newer plans? Or do you prefer your older one? Use the comments below to sound off and take part in our poll embedded below to let us know how your feel.

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  • walhaddi

    I miss the phone discounts :(

    • Yoyo

      Why right before they ended you could get a note 2 for 399.99? I’d rather pay 0 down.

    • John

      why the phone discounts weren’t really discount. T-Mobile was hiding the full price of your phone in your 2 year contract prior to them abolishing contracts. For instance back in 2012 I bought the HTC 8x for $199 on contract. The full retail price for that phone at the time was $599. So I got a $400 discount up front but paid for it nearly twice over. Here’s how. Back in 2012 after I got that phone under contract I was on a classic plan. The classic plan gave me unlimited talk+ unlimited text for $59.99 and 2GB of data for $20 bringing my total monthly plan cost to $80 a month for 2 years. Early termination fees on $200 per line applied if you broke contract early.

      With simple choice you get unlimited talk+unlimited text and 3GB of high speed data for $60. That is $20 cheaper than the old contract classic plan and has 3GB of data instead of 2GB.

      So let’s do the math with simple choice you pay 650 if you get a 16gb iPhone 6 which is $400 more than the $199 subsidized price. However, if T-Mobile still used their old classic choice 2year contract model. You would get the iPhone 6 for $199. However you would pay $80 on the classic plan with 2 year contract instead of $60 simple choice plan and get 1GB less of data.
      The difference is $20 a month.
      So let’s do the math. $20 a month x 24 months = $480 over the course of 2 years.
      So let’s add $480 extra after 2 years to $199 for the smartphone. You end up paying around $679 for the smartphone.

      The difference now is that You get more data (3GB instead of 2GB) and the cost of the phone is separated from the cost of service.

      So for instance let’s say you have 1 line on simple choice unlimited talk+text and 3GB of high speed data.

      $60 a month for the unlimited talk+text and 3GB of high of high speed data
      $27 a month for your iPhone 6
      $87 a month

      So subsidized phones aren’t as great of a deal as some here think.

      • Jumpship

        I have 3 lines.

        Getting 3 free Galaxy S5 phones is a heck of a lot cheaper than tmo’s current rate.

        The savings from tmo would have to amount to over 1800 (600 x 3). Free subsidized phones help the customer, not matter how you cut it.

    • Jason

      I miss when TMobile was actually being the uncarrier they claim to be!

  • hanfeedback

    Im on a current plan but I don’t see what the big issue is. Prices change sometimes and if Tmobile is no longer the best value for you then vote with your wallet. But Tmobile is also a business and they need to make money to survive in the long run.

    • Gosh

      Well its quite simple, TMo sent a postcard to us legacy holders stating the opposite of your post. Less than a dollar, same features, and additional features was stated on said postcard.

      I mean if that isn’t a big issue then all companies should just false advertise because it wouldn’t be a big deal right?

      oh jeez wait false advertising is illegal in the states and companies actually get fined and penalized for doing it… gosh darnit

  • thepanttherlady

    While my plan won’t change (Value plan) unless I specifically request it, they’re holding the account hostage at 3 lines. If I want to add any more lines, I have to switch.

    • Howdy

      Same here but how do you know that your plan staying the same because I got told differently from TMo CS?

  • Outrager

    I got the postcard about 2 months ago and still haven’t been switched over.

  • xelloss

    Only complaints I have seen so far from a few customers that lost t-zones or phone first data plans that were using smart phones.

  • Jason

    Cam, The number of people affected are over seven million. I asked you to get in touch with the executives of TMO so they can explain the discrepancies of the migrations in the email I sent you but instead you offer this unscientific poll that proves nothing. It will actually be lopsided in favor of Simple Choice pans because 85% or customers are already on that plan. I have a sneaking feeling that you already knew that when you posted this article though. Why else would you copy and paste Tmo’s talking points on the issue? . You already have all the details of the discrepancies from all the emails you’ve received from disgruntled subscribers. Please do what you can to get a response from T-Mobile. Thank you.

    • Cam Bunton

      I get the ever increasing feeling from contact I’ve received, that a certain group of customers want me to jump to their cause, flying the flag and “sticking it to the man”. That is not my job. I have to apply balance and see things from both sides.

      I don’t have all the details. I have a bunch of angry emails from customers who want an answer. I certainly don’t have anywhere near 7 million of them. Which is why I created the poll. Because I’m genuinely interested and want to see if there really is that high a percentage of unhappy customers.

      • dosha

        Well said!

      • Jason

        The migration rate to Simple Choice is around 85%. With 53 million total customers that leaves 7,950,000 subscribers still on grandfathered plans. JJ Legere quotes this statistic at nearly every interview or announcement and even brags about it. The problem is that he speaks of it as if it were voluntary. It’s forced. He denied that it was mandatory back in February and now won’t respond to any customer who ask him about it.. No one asked you to join the cause or fight for the right of the consumer but we did expect at least an ounce of objectivity. All I ask is that you please ask T-Mobile executives for more information on the “forced migrations” That’s all. If you can’t do that then we’ll understand. But if it’s in your power to do that and choose not to then your credibility will undoubtedly suffer. This poll won’t show all the people who are migrated without their knowledge and find out a few months down the road that they’ve lost their data plan and replaced with 30 megabytes per month. I’ve read that you have access to the execs. Are you going to pass the information from the poll onto them at some point or is the poll just a instrument to pass time?

      • Moby

        In your article you state: “A growing thread of loyal T-Mobile customers is growing on Howard Forums with many complaining about being “forced” to switch to a plan that offers them less than they currently get. ”

        No, what they’re complaining about is T-Mobile sending out a postcard which says “you’ll have all of your current plan features plus our latest benefits for an additional $1 or less per month” only to find out that their plan has less high speed data than they had previously.

        Do you think that T-Mobile should promise one thing and deliver something else? Is that what you think as you “apply balance and see things from both sides”?

        • Hypocrit

          Your talking to the wind, Cam wants to keep his income flowing just like anyone else here that post as a customer even though they work for TMo

      • DisingenuousNeesdsToGO

        It is “our” cause and not yours. You are so right . You are no part of Tmobile as a customer or employee. You are also correct that it’s not your job. You should not be editor of this website. Please stop down and let someone who has an interest in the company take over. It’s obvious that you don’t really care but just going through the motions.

  • TMOUser

    I had to switch because when I wanted to add data to my other line while still on grandfathered Value plan, I didn’t have good options at all. However, my bill now is not too much bigger vs. to what it would be if I was able to add another grandfathered 2GB data for $10. I like to think that this premium is for extra comfort of not having to worry about going over your minute allotment (not that my wife and I ever even got close) and for an additional GB I have on my line (used to have 2GB, now have 3GB).
    So, overall, I’m ok with the new plan.

  • Aaron Davis

    I have a slightly older t-mobile plan, with 500 minutes, unlimited text and (truly) unlimited 4G

    I’m currently paying $60/mo for service, and the closest current plan they offer with unlimited text and 4G is $80/mo.

    They better not switch me to a new plan, because I will be gaining nothing at all, and paying $20/mo more

    • steven

      had this same plan but upgrade to the iPhone 6 and they change my plan to a simple choice but gave me a $20 discount still pay the same got unlimited everything $30 for unlimited talkandtext and $30 for data unlimited plus paying for the iPhone installed payments in total I pay $109

    • archerian

      you might get switched to the $50 or $60 Select Choice Plan that has UL Talk Text and Data for the same price… they seem to be looking at cost when doing migration, so they might move you to Select Choice and keep costs same.

  • B Brad

    Losing unlimited data sucks.

  • Deadeye37

    Currently, I have 2 lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $70. Stay away from my plan, unless you’re going to discount the simple choice plan to the same price!

  • Encino Stan

    I haven’t changed yet, because I calculate that my bill would be $10/month higher for my family plan. I would gain unlimited minutes, but don’t use the 1000 I get now.
    I did get the postcard in October that stated new plan would be $1 more and change anytime soon. Been through three billing cycles without seeing any change yet.

  • SEBA

    I payed 750 in migration fees to switch to Simple Choice in order to save 125 a month.

    • Guest

      Migration fees? I thought those were no longer ongoing?

      • Roger Sales

        Migration fees only used to exist for accounts under 18 months of a 2 year contract…..and I’m pretty sure by now everyone on T-Mobile can’t possibly have this apply to them because contracts were ended March 2013. Maybe he’s talking about back then?

    • Mike Palomba

      That really wasn’t worth it, especially Consitering a lot of people are being movie to simple choice for free, and you probably would’ve too

      • SEBA

        It was worth it got my money back after first six months… people who had 2 year contracts had to wait until the contract was up before switching to Simple Choice. It wasn’t worth it for me to wait for contract to be up.

    • Singleweird

      give a call to loyalty, that seems like something they can work with you on.

  • archerian

    The poll results seem in line with the percent of T-mobile customers on legacy plans, which is around 10-15%. Most would prefer not to switch, otherwise they would have done it long ago after looking at the pros and cons of legacy vs Simple Choice.

    • idisestablish

      They are not simply being switched to Simple Choice. If you have a $29.99 legacy plan, for example, you will be switched to a $30 Simple Select plan that includes unlimited talk and text, and data throttled at 30MB. They’re not trying to make more money, just rounding everyone to one of a handful of plans they created for this purpose. At most, it’s a few cents, usually 0-2 cents but no more than a dollar difference and you get a lot more.

      • archerian

        Its not that simple – the Select Choice plans are comparable when its 1 or 2 lines as the grandfathered plans had an expensive voice component and cheaper data component while the Simple Choice plans weight heavily in favor of data. For grandfathered customers who are on optimized plans with 3+ lines, there is no way the migration costs a $1 or so more for the SAME features. Not when data per line is still sold at $20 or $30 for UL data in the new plans. It’s fine when grandfathered customer who had no data get 30MB for the same cost, but when they had UL data and now get only 30MB, that isn’t the same.

      • Google it

        I’ve seen changes in upwards to $50 posted here and hofo tmo…
        If they were transparent and actually fulfilling there own postcard being sent most would have no reason to complain…

    • Wowsers

      I know right most of the people for the change aren’t even legacy plan holders.
      Which means they were customers elsewhere while the legacies helped TMo get to today and the future.

  • sushimane

    im whatever about it. I was on the value plan with 500 minutes, unlimited text and data for 59.99 but logged onto my account this morning and saw a message saying i have pending account changes clicked on it and saw that my 500 minutes, unlimited 4g,unlimited text removed and replaced with select choice tt 30 and unlimited data i was shocked but called customer service and was told that everyone with the legacy plans would be moved be to simple choice with a discount. I had gotten a discounted simple choice plan which was cool with me because now im only paying a penny more to get the same benefits as any new customers. So im happy.

  • Nate33

    I didn’t get Simple Choice… I got Select Choice, which is actually better: $45 unlimited voice/text, 3GB 4G LTE including data STASH and texting/data in 100 countries..
    $15 cheaper than Simple Choice with the same features..
    T-Mobile is the best!

    • Raul

      Beat me by $5. Got the same for $50.

    • Singleweird

      select choice? i work here and i didnt even know that existed haha

      • idisestablish

        They are plans that they created for the sole purpose of replacing the hundreds of grandfathered plans. They are anywhere from $20-$75 and differ by how much data they include. If their old plans cost more or equal to Simple Choice, then they go to Simple Choice.

    • Fred

      So now we have another starting plan base point…
      So far I’ve seen increments of 25,40, 45 ,50 ,60
      No not confusing at all, I bet the reps will do fine with 5 different pricepoints for legacy, postpaid options always available, and the limited time promos….. /sarcasm

  • I’m kind of anxious for them to switch me. Got the card two months ago. I called and asked and everyone seemed clueless as to when I’d get switched. I want to take advantage of music freedom and the data stash.

    • schweddyballs

      you can just ask them to switch you, as long as you don’t have a contract from 2012 or something, but even that should be up soon.

  • Audio

    We voluntarily moved from a legacy plan (1000 minute, unlimited texting for two of four lines, 2GB each for four lines for $100) to simple choice because of the extra 1.5 GB of data. Now we have unlimited talk and text, and an additional 500 MB per month for $20 less per month. More minutes, texts and data for less money.

  • aaron

    im glad they did not send me anything yet. if they do so, i might lose the $5 unlimited lte on my account, which might be the reason they did not do anything to me yet…. LOL

  • aaron

    so after i read a couple of those comments that supports the simple choice plan. seems like most of ppl dont’t know there is something called BTV (bridge to value). i guess that is not something that you will get from a tmobile corporate store. But to those who already have the BTV discount on the account, this forced movement would bring at least data down grade for the same money ($80 2lines unlimited talking txting and simple choice gives 1GB while classic plan gives 2GB)
    to whom had some better deal like me,$5 for unlimited LTE this forced movement would really suck…. because the whole idea for me to stay with tmobile is because of the data. otherwise I would just go to Verizon.

    • Roger Sales

      Go ahead and move then, because while you’re moaning about losing 5$ for unlimited LTE, Verizon will charge you 3 times as much per gigabyte of that LTE you love so much.

    • idisestablish

      The Bridge to Value plan did not have a $5 for unlimited LTE, the $5 was throttled at 2.5 GB. The difference between BtV and Simple Choice is that the voice lines are $5 more and data plans are $5 less, so it’s the same price as the Simple Choice plan but you would be throttled at 3 GB.

      • archerian

        that’s incorrect, BTV data was 5GB LTE data (or whatever was available at the users location) … but it was never throttled after 5GB since May 2013… also, AAL is $5 not $10.

      • aaron

        thats because you dont have the access to the tmobile system. lolz

  • Jack Mehoff

    Hey fatboy, it’s not about “a plan that offers them less than they currently get”, it’s about T-Mobile stating one thing on the postcards sent out to those affected, and then providing something totally different. You really need to come off your high horse, and report the stories accurately, you fat phuck.

    • Brad

      Wait, who… who are you calling fat? The writer? Also – way to be super aggro about a cell phone plan… there’s the door if you think you’re not getting a fair shake.

      • Jack Mehoff

        Yes I am talking about Cam. I didn’t reply to any of your posts, did I? Maybe you are fat, then this applies to you also. But your last comment about the door makes you an arrogant prick too. So go phuck yourself, Brad.

        • youMadBrah

          Take your meds.

        • thepanttherlady

          With your attitude and mouth, I can only imagine what a sheer joy you must be to be around.

          Time for a timeout until you can learn to behave.

        • Brad

          yeah, I’ll go ‘phuck’ myself, kid.

      • Moby

        T-Mobile’s postcard promises that the features will be the same for not more than a $1 change in price. Don’t you think they should honor their promises?

        • Brad

          Yeah, but flipping out about it on an unofficial news blog… what progress do you think you’d make? Sure, the poll asks what you think, but at the end of the day – if I’m not happy with the price of services… I’m going to find another carrier. That’s why I’m currently with t-mobile.. It’s cheap and the service is good.

        • Hello

          Do you remember the discount ending fiasco?

        • Moby

          Go back a few months and see what “flipping out” did when T-Mobile tried to put a permanent end to corporate discounts.
          Legere did a 180 on that and changed his tune really quickly.

          But perhaps you’re one of those people who just like to take everything that is done to them without ever saying a word… Some people are like that.

        • Brad

          there’s a difference between talking to a wall and talking to someone that can do something. I’m pretty sure Legere isn’t reading this unofficial blog.

    • steve

      THIS! Cam, c’mon! THIS! WE ARE BEING LIED TO! Told us there would be no forced migrations, hello!?! and here we are being forced. It’s ok for the president of tmobile to just flat out lie on twitter now?? seriously?

  • maciejkoziol

    I have 3 lines with BTV data on each.My total before taxes is 69.97
    They better stay away from my account.

    • derp hurr-durr

      “They better stay away from my account.”

      Okay. Plan canceled.

      (That’s the only way T-Mo can “stay away from it…since it is an account *with* T-Mo…)

  • XT14N

    I got the postcard but I was told that I can choose to whether move to the new plan. I chose not to.

    • Greta Service

      You were given misinformation and will be migrated regardless unless they back pedal…
      Isn’t TMo CSR’s awesome!


    I got a post-card in early October. No changes happened on the 21st (billing cycle) of October, nothing on November, and finally changes did occur in December 21st.

    I was on the 1000 Minute + Unlimited Text + Unlimited Data (Line 1) + 2GB Data (Line 2) for $60 base + $20 data + $10 data = $90/month + taxes.

    They moved me to Unlimited Minutes/Text + Unlimited Data (Line 1) + 3GB Data (Line 2) for $50 base + $30 data + $10 data = $90/month + taxes.

    So I got essentially more for the same price. Another $10 I can push the 3GB to unlimited, but I may hold off as the 2nd line only uses 1-2GB per month and we’ve got the rolling data plan, and since we use Spotify the 1-2GB will be even less per month.

    So I’m happy… and I’m going to put faith in T-Mobile to make the upgrades from 2G/Edge to 4G by mid-2015 on the highways where we have no abilities to stream or use Google Maps.

    • aaron

      you are happy only because they did not tell you you can get $49.98 unlimited talk+$15 fam txt msg +$5*2 data

    • UMA_Fan

      And even better you’ll be able to roll over that data when Data Stash starts.

  • Derrick

    So for those who are on older plan and paying a cheaper rate, T-Mobile is force moving people onto their newer plans to keep their system easier and more unified which in turn raises up legacy customers bills by atleast $10 if even that? Correct me if I am wrong?

    • Bryan Pizzuti

      And keeping their systems easier and more unified reduces administration costs, which keeps them from having to raise the prices on the current plans that 80% of us are paying. Which is why some people are not too happy with the militant holdout corps.

    • idisestablish

      The plans increase by no more than $1. Usually $0.01 per line because they are whole dollar amounts instead of 29.99 or 9.99 for an add a line.

    • yankeesusa

      Yep. That’s business. Sprint,att and verizon all did the same thing. At least with tmobile the prices are still affordable.

  • Mergim Gjombalaj

    I received the post card this month. I’m just worried as to what plan they’re gone a switch me to. Currently I have 5 line that share 3000 minutes, unlimited texting and 5gb of data on each line for $125 before taxes and eip charges. I just don’t want my data to get downgraded seeing most of my lines use u most of that data every month.

    • TechHog

      Ouch… Sorry, but you’re screwed. You’ll likely get the 2.5GB plan, which will be cut to 1GB after a year.

      • Jsd

        I haven’t read or seen one instance where TMobile moved a legacy to the 4 for 100 promo….
        What makes you think they would do that?

        • TechHog

          Because that’s the closest he can get to what he has now. It’s either that or just 1GB. Not a chance in hell of keeping 5GB.

  • CRT24

    What everyone needs to understand is that customers are being moved over to simple choice plans where plan codes are actually being created that mirror the cost nof their existing plans, and this is this case with only very few rare exceptions for customers who may be on police & fire plans for $10/mo or something like that……overages have been done away with so if a customer is on a 50.00 500 min family plan then they will be moved to a 50.00 unlimited talk and text plan.

  • jack

    I was blocked by tmonews because I have a voice..

    the big issue here is that customers are losing data…they are being forced over and the data is not adding up..somebody getting 5gb of data on btv plan will only be getting 30mb or 1gb etc on the new forced migration is where it’s at mostly.

    • thepanttherlady

      You were blocked because you were being a jackass, no pun intended. You’re welcome to discuss this in an adult manner but continued behavior such as before will get you blocked again, all 3 other email addresses you just posted under. ;)

  • kelly

    John legere told us all that there would be NO forced migrations. He posted this on twitter for the world to see..he also stated that customers would be migrating on their own when asked..

    this is a lie x2 – we are being forced and customers are def not moving on their own!

  • lollipop

    should’ve done the poll before this happend..not really fair to have a poll now that 85% of people have been switched over and have either contacted tforce on twitter regarding their problems with the forced migration or just flat out abandoned ship..

    85% is done..look at tforce on twitter and how busy they’ve been with UNHAPPY people regarding these forced migrations..that’s where everybody goes..tmobile on twitter..

    • TechHog

      You do realize that this site isn’t run or sponsored by T-Mobile, right?

      • Tom

        Don’t be so sure about that
        Why did David leave again…. hmmm
        It amazing how much inside information Cam comes up with and how TMo never sends a takedown notice

        • TechHog

          Nearly everything is either public knowledge, leaks also found on other sites, or stuff from users.

    • Jeff

      The biggest problem is that TMo employees are posting and hijacking the post results…
      Does Tmobile make you wave you rights to integrity to be employeed there?
      You suuuuureerr you don’t want Jump???

  • Steve

    It seems not everyone was migrated the same. I ended up paying the same before tax, but the way it was structured, more of the total plan was considered taxable so it cost an extra dollar or so to start. I also lost 1 GB on each line. So no, I’m not totally happy about it. Thought at least I would get mobile data in Mexico afterwards but that didn’t happen either. Not totally unhappy with TMo as I really don’t use that much data, but don’t like the bait and switch tactics at work here.

    • yankeesusa

      How is it bait and switch? did they promise you something and then switched it at the last minute for something more expensive? What plan were you on before?

      • Im right your wrong

        TMobile sent him a postcard saying he was going to receive the same plan but with extras after migration… Instead he lost 1gb data each line…
        Was that too hard to comprehend?
        Bait and switch doesn’t have to a monetary change…

        But wait were talking the guy that’s telling everyone that their personal opinions are wrong and claiming his opinion right… smh

  • Marco H.

    I’m on an unlimited talk, text and 4G data plan and received the post card a few months ago. I was briefly switched over to a new plan. I complained to the T-Mobile fb account and somehow I was switched back to my old unlimited 4G data. It still says 0.0 MB high speed data used on my usage and 5.5 GB/unl. I don’t know how they were able to find my exact account because I didn’t give them my number.

    • notmenoti

      The card I got said that I would be migrated to unlimited everything (which is what I had). When I was migrated, I ended up with unlimited talk and text, with 5GB of data per line. When I asked one CSR about it, she said, “It’s all unlimited, so you got what the card said you would have.” A few days later, I had to call for another reason, and the CSR I got then said that my migration had been done incorrectly. I ended up taking the 2 unlimited lines for $100 (what I had been paying) so I could get what I had pre-migration. My notification bar read “____ of 5GB” for a few days after I changed plans, but it looks like everything is ok now. I just wish T-Mobile had given me what the card promised the first time. Had they done that, I’d have had no problems with being migrated.

  • wyn50

    The switch was great, I got 1 more gig of data for 2 lines and all the simple choice features that I never had for my value 1000 plan all for the same price. A no brainer if I had a choice.

  • justmee002

    Recently got myself a Nexus 6. They tried to move me to the new one, but I was able to keep the same data-only plan that I had on my last phone — Sidekick 4G.

  • chris

    99.9% of the time its great but they shouldn’t force anyone to move, that goes against the uncarrier philosophy Legere pushes 24/7. T-Mobile has a general issue in training anyways, ever try adding a new promotion on its first day? Design the system better so support can see what the plans are right in front of their face.

    • yankeesusa

      The whole uncarrier thing is to make things simple. And for them to save money and pass it on to the consumer making every plan the same makes it easier and more cost effective. Yea, there will be a few that will pay more but that’s life. With verizon everyone suffers not just a few.

      • Jeff

        Your really invested with this topic, what leagacy plan did you have and what plan did TMo migrate you to?

    • fentonr

      I don’t disagree, but I would like to point out that most of the plans I’m seeing mentioned in the comments are 5 plus years old. That’s, quite a while and it makes keeping customer service reps trained on all of those old plans they rarely see anymore difficult, which is a big reason the CS reps don’t know what they’re talking about. Its also hard to maintain systems with all of these old plans out there. Just pointing out how at some point they have to make the determination to move on.

      • archerian

        there is no guarantee Simple Choice will be around in 1-2 years… in 2012 it was all the rage to move people to “Value Plans” and they were touted as the future, the same was for Even More Plans in 2009, myfavs in 2006… Reps will have to learn to look up a plan and see whats offered regardless. Carriers will always have to deal with grandfathered users as they cannot all move to the newest plan in one go.

        • fentonr

          True, but at some point old plans need to be removed. Many of the plans I’ve seen mentioned here in the comments are old MyFavs plans. I’m not saying all customers should be moved, but I personally don’t blame T-Mobile for saying those plans are too old, we’re getting rid of them.

      • Dower

        Is it really that hard for a CS rep to read the plan details? Is have the staff unpaids monkeys that work for bananas?

        • fentonr

          Valid question. In most cases I think its an issue with features more than the plans themselves. My experience has been that you call in and get an answer for current plans rather than what can actually be attached to the grandfathered plans. That’s part of the problem, the other part is that I have run into circumstances where the system (different for in store reps than phone reps) shows a feature but can’t actually add it. That I pin about 70% on T-Mobile and 30% on complexity of making systems that support all of the old plans in addition to current ones.

  • JTrip

    I got the post card. I want to stay on my old plan. I feel that T-Mobile can raise my rate when ever they want now. I want to stay locked in at my current rate. I don’t care about music streaming that they are adding as I won’t be using it.

    • Roger Sales

      Any postpaid carrier can raise your rate legally – look at what AT&T did with “administration fees”. Being on Simple Choice isn’t the death sentence you seem to think it is.

      • fentonr

        True, people seemed to think that contracts were great because they gave them a guaranteed price, it really just meant that they had to keep the line for a set amount of time…price didn’t really have anything to do with it.

        • archerian

          When the administrative prices charged by Tmobile changed in 2008 I remember people being able to get out of the contract as it was “materially adverse” to them, and keep the phone … now I dont think such a change would void EIP payments as they have unhooked the plan from the device..

        • fentonr

          True, there was that clause. The thing was they would only let you cancel the line. If a plan change was made because they were removing old plans that clause would not let you keep the old plan.

    • derp hurr-durr

      “I want…I want…I want…”

      Welcome to the real world, buttercup. Plans change, rates change – business evolves.

      • Joff

        Normally that applies after a company makes significant progress..

        A year from now TMo will be bleeding that typically what happens when you screw your loyal base to accommodate paying people to try your service…

      • Buttercup

        Buttercup TMobile sent the postcards themselves. Nobody forced them to lie to their legacy customers.

        So your idea of evolving is to lie to your customers on your own official mailer?

    • yankeesusa

      What plan are you on and how much are you paying?

  • gnd

    I am just amazed that they did this to simplify things because there were so many different plans out there. So, one would believe that everyone would get changed to the same plan. Nice and easy. No. It appears that everybody was offered something different. Free unlimited data, 5gb data then throttle, 2 gb then throttle, 1 gb then throttle, 30mb then throttle. When you called T-Mobile to ask questions, the CS people knew next to nothing. I don’t need unlimited talk, I don’t need free streaming music, and I definitely don’t need free texting( give me 25-50 free a month, and then roll over the rest. I guarantee that I will have a roll over balance each month!). Also lower the price back. I was increased a few months ago(when they “gave” everyone unlimited voice) called and complained and got $5 off a month for 6 months. Thinking of going to cricket. Much easier to deal with- Flat fee plus $5 deduction for autopay.

    • schweddyballs

      sounds like you need a prepaid carrier.

      • gnd

        No, I need a carrier that is less confusing and values its long time users! Also one that does not have issues with coverage in a big metro area(but that is another problem)

        • yankeesusa

          The issue with coverage is not something that can be easily fixed. But tmobile has done a lot. The fact is that if tmobile doesn’t have at least 2g in your area then you should choose another company. Tmobile used to suck where I live. No I have over 30mbps almost everywhere I go and I just got wideband LTE. You should pick the service that fits the area where you live.

        • Ordeith

          You should pick the service that fits where you live, where you work, where your friends live, where your family lives, and anywhere else you might want to travel to and all the places in between.

        • yankeesusa

          Actually, the way I buy my cell phone service and save money is to buy a service that works for me 98% of the time. If you travel for work then yes, you need a service that works everywhere like verizon. Luckily for me I don’t travel for business. T-mobile is spotty on the highway but once I reach my destination I have perfect signal again. I’m happy with it. If things don’t continue to improve then I’ll switch to att but for now it fits my needs.

        • Ordeith

          Interestingly enough you pay more to be on T-Mobile than you would using any of the ATT MVNOs.

        • yankeesusa

          How can you say that? When I compare plans I compare it to how i use it and no mvno gets close to what I have. Can you tell me which mvno with att gets me unlimited 4g LTE with no throttling and doesn’t count my data for music? Oh and gets me unlimited free texting and data when I travel outside the us. If you can find it I will seriously look into it. By the way I use over 13gb of data every month.

        • jay_max

          He’s astroturfing for AIO/Cricket. Look at his post history…

        • yankeesusa

          I figured, once he didn’t reply with any plans that would suit me.

        • Ordeith

          Your requirements were too narrow. If you let “what suits you” be dictated by what T-Mobile says suits you then they are the perfect entity to which you should pay tribute.

        • yankeesusa

          What the heck? Whatever you said has nothing to do with the fact that there are no mvno plans that match what I have. Don’t be mad that your paying more for less.

        • Ordeith

          I’m paying less for more. Coverage where I want it, the ability to stream internet radio for the entire road trip without it cutting out, the ability to stream Netflix to that hotel TV, and much more data in my bucket than T-Mobile’s comparably priced plans.

        • yankeesusa

          Well, let me see. I can do all of that and I get wideband LTE. Plus I don’t have a data cap like you do on cricket which is what I assume you have from your comments which is hard to do since every time you respond you go on a weird rant that has nothing to do with what was asked in the comment before. But hey i’m glad it works for you just like tmobile works me. And on the day tmobile stops improving then i’ll switch to another company that works for me. I don’t have blind loyalty just because.

        • Ordeith

          You can’t. No where in the world does T-Mobile offer consistent service between metro areas. And it cuts out in many hotels due to poor building penetration. I put up with it for over 7 years, it’s not like I don’t know these things.
          I used to be loyal to T-Mobile. They broke me of it.

        • yankeesusa

          Ok. I didn’t know you could be in every place at every time. That’s a new trick i need to learn. Well, it works for me. The only issue I have with tmobile is like what you said, it cuts out to 2g on the highway in some areas but I have no issue with that since I get great signal everywhere I really need to use my phone at. I still don’t know what plan you have so at this point I am done since obviously you can’t read and answer a question directly about what plan you have so that others can take advantage of it. Have a nice day. enjoy your cricket and I will enjoy my tmobile or maybe even att or any other company that suits my needs.

        • John

          He would have to show you job listing to the other big three to compete with yoir TMobile employee plan

        • Ordeith

          astroturfing implies getting paid to present an opinion. My opinion was formed after being a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years, and recently on Cricket after being burned by T-Mobile. Cricket’s coverage via ATT is night and day better than T-Mobile. and I haven’t been paid one cent to acknowledge that.

        • John

          No the people astoturfing here are the TMobile workers that are posting here.

        • Kingcharming

          …everywhere? Lol.

        • Ordeith

          Pretty much, but tried to list in order of importance. :)

    • eanfoso

      Do it man, I switched and money and service wise, totally worth every cent

    • yankeesusa

      That is not true. It is not confusing. Everyone is on the same plan, they just have different data buckets. Example, the 2gb and 1gb plan are just the levels from the simple choice. You can choose to go to unlimited with no throttling or go with the 2gb or 1gb and it’s throttled after you hit the cap. They also have the 5gb. It’s all about saving money. I understand if you were on the 400 minute plan with unlimited everything and no throttling and were paying less than what it costs now but most people don’t have that or were paying more.

      • Must Suck to work at TMo

        Are you always this narcissistic? If others are saying their confused why do you get to decide their opinion is wrong?
        If it isnt confusing then why is it that when I called TMo CS after receiving postcard that the rep said they were confused and had to check with their superior? Why did have to wait for a callback for them to sort it out? Why when a TMo rep did the call back that they didn’t have any answers to my questions about the migration and as of last week still don’t have information?

        No not comfusing at all

  • Bix

    I say this if you want a contracted plan and pay more money then by all means. Perhaps you should switch to the other guy s because they love people who wanna spend more money. As for myself I Love the way Tmobile has changed. I can choose when to upgrade with Jump if I didn’t want all the data then I can choose a 40.00 month plan. Fro those who don’t music stream T-Mobile never forced you to use it. It’s an added benefit whether you use it or not. So stop complaining save some money or go to the other guys and get raped in contracts and higher plans. Btw most people complaining prob hated contracts anyway so guess you can’t please everyone

  • Roger Sales

    I really don’t get the people complaining because 95% of the time its a plan that is almost entirely equivalent to what they had, at about the same price point, with benefits they may or may not use(music streaming, international roaming, etc). Most of these people tend to have this “against the man” mentality that doesn’t really apply to the situation at hand with making things easier for the company so that they can give everyone more in the long run.
    They are not trying to increase prices or give you a hard time, and then some customers will be like “well I don’t use what they’re giving me” – so why do you fucking care if you’re not gonna use it? Nothing is being taken away from you, first world brats.
    The way I try to look at it is this, if they wanted to screw you they could just tack on an administration fee like AT&T did to their customers(an additional $1.27 or something per month which roughly translated to something like 100 million dollars a month in extra revenue) Pick your fucking battles wisely, because this isn’t a good one.

    • Ky

      My plan went from $70 family to $130 to keep the same features.

      95% the same???? The #1 feature of my plan is the price and it went from great to suck. Completely contrary to what was stated on the postcard. If I got what was promised on the postcard I would have kept my mouth shut and smile all the way to the bank.

      • TMo Training Site

        Most of the pro plan change people posting work for TMobile…
        Atleast 50% of the posts just reek of TMobile Reps…
        Back when David was the writer there was no bias noticeable…. Ever since Cam started TMo can’t be seen in a negative light even if it as obvious as the sun lights the earth

    • Mush

      But they are increasing prices for grandfathered plans with Tzones. That gave unmetered data on each line that has it. Tmo is offering 30MB (!?!?) in its place. So to get the same plan, we’d pay $30/line more.
      I’m all for Tmo simplifying their offerings, but not at at a $30/line increase. And the grandfathered rate I was paying included a phone subsidy. I realize that’s no longer relevant, since Tmo doesn’t subsidize phones anymore. But the reality is that to get the equivalent value from what I was getting in 2013 I’d pay $30/line/month more + 15% more (lost off corp. discount) + full price of phone purchased. Since the average subsidized phone was roughly $200-$300 off retail price, that means to get the same VALUE I was getting last year, I’d have to pay $30+15% of monthly bill+($250/24) = $47 more per line per month. Maybe I’m one of the 5% who in your eyes has a valid complaint?

      • Roger Sales

        Keep in mind you’re also on a plan that was built for EDGE network where data consumption was almost nil and the price reflected that. The rest of us have been paying reasonable rates for data in order to build out the LTE network you’ve been enjoying at an unfair price. you’re not a victim – the people at Verizon and AT&T who are stuck because they’re in the boonies are the only people I feel sorry for.

        • Jal

          Keep in mind that TMobile did that to themselves by neglecting their coverage…
          Keep in my mind he said complaint and didn’t scream victim…

        • Mush

          Then why the misdirection by Tmobile? Why not just openly say we’re
          cancelling your existing plan, you are now free to choose from the
          current plans we’re offering new customers or to go to another carrier?

          Tmobile knew who had what plans and what devices they are being used
          with and at what data speed? Why do you think Tmobile allowed Iphone
          users to sign up for unlimited Tzones for all those years? Didn’t they
          know that Iphone users were getting unlimited 4G (HSPA+)? For this to
          have gone on for so long means that it was intentional on their part.
          Now they want to end it. Fine, just be honest about it or stick with the
          deal offered on the postcard.

          Also, I may have been getting a
          good deal on data, but not on voice, so it’s a wash. For my first two
          lines on the family plan, I was paying $80/month for 1000 minutes +
          myFaves. The additional amount for data is $5.99 per line for Tzones. So
          to follow your contorted logic, my voice minutes were paying for your

          Actually I feel sorry for all of us Americans. We are all
          under the thumb of telecom oligopolies. Someone from England (Cam?)
          could inform us of what voice and data cost on, for instance, GiffGaff.

          just curious, what’s your motivation for defending Tmo so lopsidedly?
          I’ve been a satisfied customer, otherwise why would I have stuck around
          for so long through the “dark days”. Just a bit miffed that they’re
          trying to push me out. Ever since the first phone with Wifi calling I haven’t looked at any other carrier. Now I may be forced to.

    • Jas

      I’m fustrated because I recieved the postcard in early September. My plan still the same and if I call in to TMo Cs they have no fricken clue of what they sent me. I’m fustrated because I read all these network updates/upgrades and yet to see any improvement.
      I have read and seen price increases on people who have already been migrated so before you start name calling maybe you should due diligence
      Picking your battles is very true and is exactly the reason TMobile should be a little more transparent to the customers that have helped keep them afloat this last decade. Tmobile has been fumbling for about 9 months now on their legacy customers

  • impasse

    i think the thing most people are definitely missing is that if your migrated plan is right around the same total cost (or even a bit cheaper), they’re still totally screwing you because you’re no longer getting roughly a $15-$20 subsidy each month, per line, on a discounted phone. so no, your monthly costs didn’t jump, but look out, the next time you want to upgrade phones..

    unless my new plans are comparably priced without that subsidy (for us three of five lines are almost off contract, and two have the $5 unlimited data), i’ll be clinging onto my old plan for as long as i possibly can. sure, i understand the costs should increase somewhat, but $20 (previously a subsidy) * 5 lines basically equals $100 on top of my new bill. that amounts to almost a 100% increase.

    • Roger Sales

      in regards to upgrading phones costing you more money, thats only true if you choose to do an EIP instead of pay for the phone outright – and unless you are signing 2 year agreements somehow(when they’ve been done away with) for a subsidized phone, you are gonna have to do one or the other for a new device anyway. So no, its not costing you more.

      • fentonr

        Just curious, how is it cheaper to purchase the phone outright rather than do EIP?

        • Roger Sales

          There’s no difference in price, 0% interest means over 2 years you pay what you would have if you paid in full on day 1

        • fentonr

          Right, that’s what I didn’t understand about your comment that phones cost more money if you do eip rather than purchase them outright. I just misunderstood though.

        • Deeer

          You didn’t misunderstand, his post is exactly how you read it….
          He contradicts his para-sentence with his last broken sentence

    • CRT24

      There are no discounted phones from T-Mobile, period. So the plan that you are on is irrelevant… can either supply your own device and buy it outside of T-Mobile or you can purchase from T-Mobile at full price so not sure what “subsidy” you are referring to.

      • ALittlePOed

        I don’t know why some people keep repeating the same sh*t. We KNOW there are no more subsidies. That is what we are complaining about. It adds $20 per month per phone to a bill. So when you say “there are no discounted phones”….right, that’s the point. Some of us are unhappy about that. Especially when T-Mobile keeps comparing plans with no subsidies to plans that have subsidies. Funny math.

        • fentonr

          Your math seems a bit funny…if you don’t like the lack of subsidies, then T-Mobile isn’t the carrier for you.

        • ALittlePOed

          Yeah, maybe it’s not.

        • John

          why do you miss the the phone discounts?
          They weren’t really discounts if you do the math and compare the classic plans to the simple choice plans. T-Mobile was hiding the full price of your phone in your 2 year contract prior to them abolishing contracts.
          I have been with T-mobile 9 years and 11 months btw.
          For instance back in 2012, I bought the HTC 8x for $199 on contract. The full retail price for that phone at the time was $599. So I got a $400 discount up front but paid for it nearly twice over. Here’s how. Back in 2012 after I got that phone under contract I was on a classic plan. The classic plan gave me unlimited talk+ unlimited text for $59.99 and 2GB of data for $20 bringing my total monthly plan cost to $80 a month for 2 years. Early termination fees on $200 per line applied if you broke contract early.
          With simple choice you get unlimited talk+unlimited text and 3GB of high speed data for $60. That is $20 cheaper than the old contract classic plan and has 3GB of data instead of 2GB.
          So let’s do the math with simple choice you pay 649 if you get a 16gb iPhone 6 which is $450 more than the $199 subsidized price. Now, if T-Mobile still used their old classic choice 2year contract model. You would get the iPhone 6 for $199. However you would pay $80 on the classic plan with 2 year contract instead of $60 for the 3gb simple choice plan and get 2gb of data which means 1GB less of data and more money per month.The difference is $20 a month.
          So let’s do the math:
          $80 classic 2gb plan vs $60 simple choice 3GB plan.
          $80-60=$20 a month difference x 24 months = $480 over the course of 2 years.
          $199 Samsung iPhone 6 16GB
          You would pay $80 per month locked in for 24 months with the classic unlimited talk + unlimited text +2GB plan and you would pay $199 for the smartphone. If you switched before 24 months were up than you were subject to early termination fees applied.
          $480 extra over the course of 2 years compared to simple choice + $199 for your subsidized iPhone 6 16GB. Overall, you would end up paying around $679 for the smartphone.
          The difference now is that you get more data (3GB instead of 2GB) and the cost of the phone is separated from the cost of service.
          So for instance let’s say you have 1 line on the simple choice unlimited talk+text and 3GB of high speed data.
          Simple Choice no contract with iPhone 6 16GB
          $60 a month for the unlimited talk+text and 3GB of high of high speed data
          $27 a month for 24 months for your iPhone 6 which is $649 full retail.
          $87 a month
          or lets do the Samsung S5 as the phone choice on Simple Choice no contract
          $60 a month for the unlimited talk+text and 3GB of high of high speed data
          $21 a month for 24 months for your Samsung S5 which is $509 full retail.
          $81 a month
          the 2 year contract classic plan:
          $80 unlimited talk+unlimited text+ 2gb data (classic plan)
          $199 Samsung iPhone 6 16GB
          $80 per month
          So subsidized phones aren’t as great of a deal as some here think.
          Those monthly phone payment totals are assuming you got the phone for $0 down.

        • Ordeith

          Or people like me that were on an old 5 favs plan with an unlimited data add on that T-Mobile kept screwing with.
          I had a plan for two lines for $80 a month WITH subsidized phones.
          They wanted to put me on a plan for $90 a month 3GB data and no subsidized phones.
          So my choice was stay on T-Mobile, pay $10 more, lose unlimited data (moves to only 3GB per line), lose phone subsidy. OR. Go to another carrier, lose phone subsidy, lose unlimited data (but get 10GB instead of 3) and gain a lot of coverage for the same $80 for both lines I was previously paying. It was lose/lose, really. But after 7 years with T-Mobile I can’t say I realized how much worse their coverage was until I really experienced the better coverage on another carrier. It’s crazy.

        • CRT24

          You couldn’t be more wrong…..T-mobile rate plans are lower than the others plans , period….and the “subsidized plans” with the other carriers are even more because they have to make up for the subsidy. If you think that you pay less overall just because you get a “discount” up front on a phone then you are a fool!

        • Hova

          In some case the other carriers are equal or lesser pricetags…
          Just because your a TMo homer doesn’t make your beliefs correct….

      • Jang

        So whay happened in September when TMobile was selling s4’s, L90’s Galaxy Lites under current pricing….
        Why is it that when I view phones for purchase TMo website i see discounted pricing on different phones?
        I’m sorry but there is definitely discounts on phones thru TMo

    • fentonr

      But, they discontinued the discounts quite a while ago so you wouldn’t have gotten them anyway even if you stayed on that plan.

    • 21stNow

      My monthly service costs remained the same under Select Choice and I didn’t lose a subsidy because I had no subsidy to begin with. I had the Even More Plus plan.

  • nathan118

    I went from 400 shared minutes, and 400 texts on 2 lines, with 5 gb capped data….to the unlimited everything. Good deal!

    • eanfoso

      Are you still paying the same?

      • nathan118

        Yup. Was basically $50 for the 400 minute plan, and then $25 per line for the 5gb capped data and 400 texts each line. Same price now ($100). Had lost my AAA discount…but recently got a discount through my work, and price is back to the same…give or take a dollar.

        Actually, my last bill was still saying ANDRD WB400….so almost wondering if it hasn’t changed yet? This bill cycle ends tomorrow for me.

        • archerian

          Although you were on a grandfathered plan, your cost structure makes migration to Simple or Select Choice much easier, as compared to other grandfathered plan users you were paying more already.

      • nathan118

        Posted two hours ago and still hasn’t been approved.

        Finally looked deeper into my plan online…hasn’t been changed yet. But essentially same price, and better plan. Check it out.

      • fentonr

        Probably. That 400 minute plan was really old and not terribly cheap. Adding texting to those old plans was also crazy expensive…

  • NardVa

    I think the uproar has to do with people losing truly unlimited data. They are being migrated to comparable plans at similar cost, but data goes from truly unlimited to being throttled after you reach your cap. I would be mad to and I would definitely voice my displeasure.

    • David

      You can always get the truly unlimited plan for $20.

      • shabang

        or how about we keep the same data plan we’ve had for the last 10 years? why should we pay extra? the postcard says for $1 or less per month you’ll get MORE..and then they screw you on the data by only giving 30mb or 1gb etc ..

        • fentonr

          There are no 30mb or 1 gig plans and there is still an unlimited option…so, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

        • Jason

          You are dead wrong. They are forcing people onto something called “Select Simple Choice” plans that only offer 30 megs of high speed data to replace their grandfathered unlimited T-zones data plans. Please don’t post on here if you don’t have the facts.

        • fentonr

          Please excuse me for asking what you were talking about. Please don’t post here if you’re going to be a jerk. I was not aware that the included data was upped to 1 gig and that this 30 mb plan is not offered on their website nor have I heard it mentioned anywhere. Thus my confusion.

        • Jason

          No no no. You stated that there were no 30mb plans, period as if it were fact. You were not asking a question. Just because they’re only offered to certain customers ,(not online) doesn’t let you off the hook.You know what they say about assuming …Check mate.

        • fentonr

          This isn’t chess, but you’ve validated my earlier comment about being a jerk. I can, however see where you thought I was making a statement, not asking a question, so I’ll clarify, by saying I’m not sure what you’re talking about I was inviting and expecting you to respond and elaborate. I’m done with this because the supple fact of the matter is that you’ve provided no evidence to the contrary and this is not productive.

        • Jason

          Your ignorance and name calling is all forgiven.Have a wonderful wonderful day and Merry Christmas

        • JBLmobileG1

          I remember T-Zones… in fact when I first signed up with T-Mobile in 2004, that’s what I had for only $3.99 per month. You must have never upgraded your phone, or haven’t in a while, because I think eventually you had to upgrade anyways.

        • qmc

          I still have t-zones ($5). I’m not sure t-zones officially existed on any 3g-capable phones even (2008?), so technically… we’re probably still getting unlimited 2g speeds on WAP sites… with unlimited 2g speeds on non-WAP sites plus 30mb of LTE thrown in?

        • yankeesusa

          You should pay extra because that’s the way things work. In the end they are still a company that needs money to keep improving. And for a company to force people to switch and still save most of their customers money it is huge. When att and verizon do this it is not as easy as this.

        • kalel33

          At least with Verizon, they never force their customers to move to another plan. There were customers that I helped that had the same plan that they started out with in the 90’s.

        • Joe

          Why is that the way it works?
          If the service is the same then whats the benefit of paying more money?
          TMobile has made strides but not to the point that they are in the same discussion of the big 2…
          I see this as a repeat of Sprint over the last decade…. Give away the farm and then attempt to take it back… Time will tell but I’m betting in a year TMobile will be back to where they were financially before uncarrier… When you have people that have weathered the storm and been loyal the last thing you want to do is forget about them….

        • yankeesusa

          That’s the way it works because of the way that most phone companies works. The system is managed a certain way and when it gets upgraded it gets harder to manage different accounts differently. Plus to keep customers happy the employees are trained and they are not trained in the old way anymore.

        • Jon

          LOL Great response I thought TMo was Uncarrier so why would they mimic the other carrier while advertising the opposite?
          Att and Verizon didnt make to 100 mill subs by having lackluster coverage and pretending to be something they weren’t…
          How do you know about TMobiles accounts or TMo training?
          Could it be that your employee posting as a customer?

        • Cumon

          So why didn’t the postcard state that charges would increase to adjust because TMo feels they now offer a better service than previously? Why did they state $1 or less? Enlighten us please

      • JBLmobileG1

        It’s $30 now, not $20 anymore. But it does come with 5gb of tethering instead of 3gb…. and it includes the Rhapsody Un-Radio service which normally cost extra.

  • Ceefu

    Any savings I gained by switching (on my own accord) to an SC plan, was quickly negated by the doing away with my PTA discount. We are getting unlimited minutes now, but we never got close to our 1500m on our old family plan anyway, so the ‘value add’ there is nil.

    So in the end, I pay the same, for more minutes that I’ll never use, and now I have to pay full price for new phones.

    • Guest

      You would have had to pay full price for new phones even if the plan hadn’t changed. The phone discounts ended a while ago whether you were on a new plan or not.

      • Ceefu

        I’ve been with them for 10 years, so I’m aware of how it works. Oddly enough, Tmo *online* was still processing upgrades of equipment with a discount and contract extension well beyond the no-contracts movement started.

        By forcibly moving everyone off of legacy plans, it is/was definitively no longer possible. Would it have continued IF legacy plans were still around? Who knows.

  • Ordeith

    When I moved plans, I moved to another carrier. The prices are lower and the coverage is better; So yes, I am happy.

    • jay_max

      Yes, we get it. You dumped TMO for AIO/Cricket last year. Why are you still here?

      • Me Me Me Me Not You

        Maybe because there is no requirement to be a TMobile customer to post here
        Maybe because we live in a country that allows people to express themselves as you do also
        Maybe if you allow others to enjoy their freedom as you do, you wouldn’t have to come off as a douche behind your screen protector!

    • yankeesusa

      For real? So you get unlimited data with no throttling, plus unlimited music and free texting and data when you travel abroad for a lower price than T-Mobile? I would love to know who it is because I will switch in a heartbeat.

      • Ordeith

        I wonder what the make-up is with T-Mobile customers on that one specific plan, vs all the others where T-Mobile is overpriced for what they can offer.
        And until T-Mobile can actually offer the coverage that would let me use such a plan, it is still rather worthless. Like paying for entrance to an all you can eat buffet where all the food is behind a locked door and you don’t have the key.

        • yankeesusa

          What the heck dude, that’s not what I’m talking about. I have no problem paying for service with another company if it worked better than tmobile. What I asked you earlier is to show me a plan on an att mvno that can give me unlimited data or at least 15gb or more. I’m not paying for something worthless. I get service with tmobile in my area and in fact I have wideband LTE access. I would hate to have a conversation with you face to face.

        • Face to Face

          I would hate to have a conversation with you face to face? LMAO
          Internet tough guy hey?
          Your so happy with TMpbile that you had to post how many times to reinsure yourself?

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Wow… Someone is a troll. Nothing says secure like anonymous Disqus accounts. And I don’t remember insurance having to do with anything.

        • Face to Face

          Someone’s a troll but yet you have added NOTHING to the discussion

          You don’t remember anything about insurance because I posted reinsure, an emotion….

          Reading comprehension goes a long way nowdays ;)

          So who the troll again?

      • Hmmm

        Unlimited data is only good if you actually have a signal. A majority portion of TMo subs don’t leave the country….
        I’m happy that you are satisfied with your service but argueing with others that aren’t happy is proof that you have to posture yourself to feel good about your service….

        Did you have a plan that’s being migrated?

  • jon

    The ignorant comments that flood this website are ridiculous. Instead of spreading false information of what you think you plan has, how about you just contact t-mobile or get in a car to drive to the nearest store so you can educate yourself. At this point people are just spreading their own stupid ideas and misconceptions.

    • Jeff

      Ummm I did that and received NO answers. At the brick and motar corp store they questioned if it was truely from TMo… I got transferred twice, had to wait for a phone call back, still NO answers…..
      I received my postcard 3 months ago but no changes….
      Nice rant though

  • Worked out pretty good for me. I had the 1k family plan with 3 lines, one of which has 2gigs data and another that had text messages. Now that line with data has 3 gigs and we all have unlimited text and data while paying the same price. I am curious if I had canceled that text package if I would have gotten the same deal for $5 less though.

  • Nathan S.

    I too was recently forced to a new Family plan in order to make my purchase for the Nexus 6 64GB on EIP. Back when the Galaxy S5 came out, I was able to purchase that one on EIP without switching, but this time they would not allow it without a plan change.

    Original family plan for 2 lines was:
    1000 minutes talk shared.
    unlimited texts shared.
    truly unlimited high speed data for each line.
    Total with taxes was right at $110 or $111 a month.

    New 2 line family plan:
    Unlimited talk, text for both lines.
    1st line has unlimited high speed data (No Cap) with 5GB tethering.
    2nd line has unlimited high speed data (No Cap) with 3GB tethering.
    We also get access to un-carrier Rhapsody app, don’t really care about that.
    We also now get to make use of some of that other international (un-carrier announced) stuff. Not all that interesting personally.
    All for $112 a month with taxes.

    So I guess it was worth it? I guess.

    • alex

      You should get 2 lines unlimited everything for $100 plus tax. 5GB tethering each line.

      • Nathan S.


        it shows that we are paying $50 for Family Talk and Text shared
        My line has a $30 data charge for unlimited 4G data with 5GB tethering
        Wife’s line has a $20 data charge for unlimited 4G data with 3GB tethering

        Total is $100 bucks a month plus taxes which brings it to around $112 a month.

        • bakgwailo

          You should call up customer care – they have a promotion right now for a 2 line family plan unlimited everything for 100$ – you might not save anything (I saved ~10 bucks), but, for the same price you can bump your wife’s line up to unlimited/5GB tethering. BTW, the $20 a month data plan isn’t unlimited – thats 3GB of LTE and god knows what on tethering.

        • Nathan S.

          Perhaps, but she has already gone through 11GB since the switch. Has not slowed down and states in the account that its unlimited high speed.

  • RememberTotalInternet

    Where’s the Simple Choice Unlimited Tethering plan to replace Total Internet which back in the day officially allowed unlimited USB tethering with Dash 3G phone and even allowed use of SIM in certain aircards?

  • thepanttherlady

    Sorry! Didn’t see it in the queue.

    • nathan118

      No worries! Thanks. :)

  • Hamster

    It worked out for me. I was on the old Even More Plus plan – 500min, unlimited txt, 5GB data for $60. The plan they moved me to is unlimited talk/text and 5GB data for the same price (I think it works out as $40 for the plan and $20 for the data package).

    • 21stNow

      I had the same thing and was moved to the same new plan as you were.

  • ALittlePOed

    I will preface this by saying it could have been worse. Between loss of AAA discount and loss of subsidies, I am paying more for services I do not use. To have to buy a phone adds $20 per mo and AAA was another $10. So I am paying $30 more per mo. T-Mobile gave me a pretty good plan in the forced migration. I have unlimited everything and am within $4 of before AAA was taken away. So I am not totally unhappy. But I do wish I did not have to pay full price for a phone.

    • yankeesusa

      Yes, there are no more subsidies but add on the subsidy with att and you’ll be paying a whole lot more and it’s the same with verizon. Most subsidies will be gone from sprint and possibly att by end of 2015. Att does the same thing, they give you discount for paying for your own phone.

      • Wayne

        This argument didn’t really hold up when taking to existing customers, but is useful when comparing carriers.

      • Jusef

        With Att and Verizon you have coverage and typically LTE in most places. With TMobile it’s a flip of the coin in major cities and if you leave the cities proper good luck….
        The whole reason TMobile had to set there prices so low was nobody wanted them. Tmobile neglected their network for a decade…. TMo made strides but definitely not leaps…

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          No. Just no.

        • Really

          Way too add to the discussion! Amazing input!

  • Jimmy

    Anyone with a $40 base family plan and $5 AAL have been switched or are being switched over? I’m curious on what plan they are being switched to and what the pricing breakdown is,

    • archerian

      One option offered is to move to Select Choice for $50 that has UL Talk and Text. $5 AAL, $20 or $30 data from different people who have it.

      • Jimmy

        Yeah I have heard, I just want to hear from someone with a $40 base plan and $5 AAL just to check.

  • RH in VA

    I like and want to keep my old plan. I don’t care about unlimited text or voice anymore, my work phone takes on those duties. What I do want to keep from my old plan is the unlimited data. I’m away from home often, and my phone is my only source of nonmonitored internet access I have, so I used between 6 and 15 gigabytes a month.

    • fentonr

      The issue boils down to the fact that it isn’t possible to have a plan that fits all and having many plans is “confusing”, difficult to maintain systems and difficult to train cs reps. Unfortunate, but that is sort of the state of things.

      • ALittlePOed

        You sound like a puppet

      • kalel33

        That’s BS. I was a rep for both T-mobile and Verizon. The only plans that are confusing for the reps were the really old regional plans. You don’t even have to train the reps on the old plans. There is a place for the reps to view the details of all the legacy plans. Every other carrier can do it. Why can’t T-mobile?

        • fentonr

          That’s a good question. It doesn’t seem that hard but having been a customer for multiple carriers and a rep for T-Mobile I’m of the opinion many reps find it difficult to keep track of multiple plans options. I also disagree that Verizon is able to properly train their reps to deal with all plans and options, including grandfathered options, but I will agree that they do a much better job.

        • Dom

          TMobile gets the worst employees out of the big 4….
          Has anyone heard of Reps getting fired for adding jump without consent?
          TMobile is encouraging fraud to stay afloat

      • Koolaid Pitcher is Empty

        So now somehow it’s easier with all these limited time promos, different base prices with the select plans?

        • fentonr

          No, the limited time promos I think are pretty much stupid all around. I’ve got no explanation for those. My point of one size does not fit all was simply that the original poster said that they don’t need unlimited minutes and text because his work phone is used for most calls and texts. I, as an example of contrast, use my personal phone for work and use the unlimited talk and text as well as international roaming, something most users would not need. So, one size does not fit all.

    • yankeesusa

      What do you get on your plan and how much is it monthly?

      • RH in VA

        My plan is/was 500 anytime min, unlimited text and unlimited android web for 50$. I got that plan when the Nexus one launched on T-Mobile in Jan 2010. I used to regularly use my phone as a wireless ap until about a year and half ago when it was no longer an option without paying extra for the tethering plan.

        I haven’t seen anything about when I’ll be migrated and to what plan, but the rep I spoke to last month when I got my lte booster did mention it. I’m quite happy with my plan and cost… I just want my unlimited data as even scetchy LTE from T-Mobile out here is far better than my ATT DSL!

        • yankeesusa

          Yea, that’s not a bad plan. You’ll probably end up paying around $10 more if you want unlimited data and you’ll get 5gb of tethering plus all the other stuff that was announced. I don’t think you’ll find a plan like that on att or Verizon. But if you need the coverage and T-Mobile is not good enough then you won’t have a choice.

      • Just Curious

        What was your legacy plan yankeeusa?
        How do you know so much about previous plans?

  • Peter

    I’m on the grandfather plan and what I currently have is:

    1000 Minutes Value Talk – $49.98
    2 lines with 2GB data – 2 x $10 = $20
    2 additional lines with no data – 2 x $5 = $10
    Total before all tax and 15% government discount – $80 (with tax and everything its closer to $93)

    I called T-mobile just now trying to find out when my migration will take place. The T-Mobile CS representative told me that my account was noted on 12/8 that it will be migrated to a plan for $90 rate plan for 4 lines and each line only gets 30mb LTE. I then asked to speak to the Retention CS representative. I explained to the retention CS representative that other people are getting the Select Choice TT for $50 and $5 for AAL and $10 for 3GB, a total of $80. She told me that I’m not getting that and she can’t change it. She offered me the 1 time upgrade of this Select Choice plan TT for that $80 plan but expires at the end of 2015. She also told me that I would not get my government 15% discount anymore. Plus this offer is only a one time offer and it will not be available after the calls end. I refused the offer and ended the call.

    This is so frustrating. Why are they so inconsistent with this migration? And the Loyalty/Retention representative told me to go somewhere else if I’m not happy? I thought they would try everything to retain you and not to go somewhere else. What is wrong with T-mobile?? Why are they treating some old loyal customer like this??

    • SirMakoto

      don’t get discouraged by that one rep. that select choice plan will most definitely be available the next time you call, it is available for most people being force migrated. i have received that postcard, called in and got the plan you mentioned, but then decided to cancel it and wait until my plan changes next month and see what it’s gonna take me, worst case is i’ll call in again and get the select choice plan.

      as for the govt discount, i don’t see why you would lose it, you should fight for it, talk to a retention supervisor.

    • john

      you forgot to include your texting for $20

    • Allen Enriquez

      If i may ask Peter what are your plans now, since it’s going to be significant price?
      For me it was a really big issue everything didn’t go through successfully, eip from my previous account was not able to go into the new account, thus it was sent to collections resulting in 4-points which I Am not very happy, so much that I’am thinking of switching to boost mobile for there 35 month.

    • SBZ

      You only lose the discount if your government sector didn’t renew their agreement to give their employees discounts. I hate when people bash companies without knowing anything

      • Peter

        SBZ, I hope by saying “I hate when people bash companies without knowing anything” you are not referring to me. First, I did not bash T-Mobile. I’m just stating what they told me. Second, according to what has been posted, only government discount remains. I confirmed it with T-mobile though T-Force. Please don’t “hate” people for such a simple matter online. Hating someone is more difficult then just get a laugh and move on.

  • no2apple

    I have

    Family 500 39.99 BTV with $5 AAL. Total 5 lines. And $5 Unlimited BTV on all 5.
    Grand total $80 and with corp discount around $75… The same costs $260 on simple choice. There is absolutely no way they can ever come close to my cost…

    Waiting for the dreaded letter………….. Oh well..

    • Jimmy

      Keep us updated on what you get. I’m really curious since $40 is the least costing family plan they ever released.

      • no2apple

        Well, I only need 3 lines. I added all these to see where it goes.. I will make a decision when they change my rate. Im not going anywhere. I hate att and rest… tmobile might leave us alone. The guys whose plans can never be matched.. anyway my company tmobile plans start at $17/line.. so have options…

        • archerian

          I’m in the same plan, 5 lines but I also have the UL Text for Families addon. I do not see any option in Select Choice by which I can keep the same plan with the same cost. I have been with T-mobile through thick and thin – back when it we had 2G when everyone else was 3G, back when we were the carrier with no iPhone, when everyone was leaving ship with the pending ATT merger.

        • no2apple

          been with t-mobile before they started calling it t-mobile….
          Remember Voicestream…

          Also go ahead and add a $10 Tablet data match line.. 5GB for $10 is steal.. I have that just for the kicks..

      • archerian

        I think its actually $49.99 before the $10 2 line BTV Voice discount.

    • All good things come to an end. The question is, are they still a better deal than the alternatives for enough people to be profitable. If they are, they win.

      • archerian

        At $23 cost to service a line, how would they not be in the black? Oh yeah, by carrying billions of liabilities through EIP loans and its servicing.

        • John

          TMo sole the farm because DT thought they would be able to sell….
          Now that nobody wanted DT’s price tag troubles are sure to come…

      • Jose

        Like TMobile recent success, its bound to end especially when you poke out your eyeballs to save your face….
        TMobiles biggest problem is that they have the worst csr’s(like yourself) in the industry and they have the worst overall coverage of the big 4….
        I’m sure if you lightened up a little Sprint might give you a chance once TMo starts laying off people :)

    • SBZ

      there is no way you had that. that doesn’t even make sense. family plans were 1000 minutes not 500. and no one got unlimited data with BTV for $5 (2GB high speed).

      • maciejkoziol

        I have family 500 39.99 BTV with $5 AAL. Total 3 lines. Unlimited BTV on all 3. Total 69.97 and loyalty discount $10 a month.

      • Whos Wrong

        There was a 500 min family value plan for the same pricepoint as stated above… I know that there was two to three data options also…

      • no2apple

        Haha. Ignorant fool… Just because you never saw an ocean, doesn’t mean oceans dont exist…

  • Wayne

    I received the postcard a few months ago, but haven’t seen any changes. I called in early November to see if I could migrate myself and save some money, but was quoted the same price I’m already paying for my grandfathered family plan, which would cost me more as soon as Ibuy my next phone. I’m glad I was able to get a subsidized HTC One last year.

    • Jason Taclas

      I got that same post card, and when I called in a few weeks ago, they said that they were starting with family plans first, and working in alphabetical order. I’m not sure if my asking the right person or at the right time got me bumped up the list, but I got my migration on Saturday when my current billing cycle started.

      • nat x

        I called in a month ago, rep said it’ll happen before the end of this year, my billing cycle started on the 17th and still no change.

  • Aubuchon

    When they migrated me to Simple Choice, I moved to another carrier. The prices are lower and the coverage is better; So yes, I am happy. I suggest others look at doing the same if they insist on railroading everyone onto that expensive plan.

    • Jason Taclas

      When did they migrate you? Was this in the recent wave of migrations starting this October?

    • Everyone should always go with what works best in their area and their budget. Brand loyalty only applies when all else is equal. If someone had better coverage and a better price you shoulda jumped a long time ago!

  • Jason Taclas

    I have made my peace with the change, which for me came on Saturday. I was previously on a $40/mo., 300 minute myFaves plan, with $30/mo. unlimited Android web. With the recent shift away from “overages” this became an unlimited voice, unlimited web plan, but as I had no texting plan to begin with, texts were still $0.20 per text. On Saturday, I was transitioned to the simple choice plan, with 5GB of high speed data for $70, which is what I had been paying earlier. I was not happy with the 5GB cap on the high speed, but apparently when I got on that unlimited android plan, it predated the concept of unlimited high speed, and was intended to be capped at 5GB.

    At this point, the difference between my current plan and my plan last week is that I can now purchase a new device on an EIP, but the difference between my current plan and the last plan I signed a contract for is that I no longer get subsidized phones. Once I get a new phone, I’ll be able to take advantage of 4G LTE service.

    • Chris

      There is Unlimited data, but you’ll have to pay $10 more.

  • Ky

    Hi Cam,

    On principle, what T-Mobile is trying to do with this migration is completely commendable. Simplifying the myriads of plans into a handful of new options. With the promise of keeping loyal customer bills virtually the same – $1.

    The problem of this “migration” is in the execution only.
    1) When? Notification postcard sent out without an effective date. What why when Business 101 fail.
    2) $1 – My family plan ended up costing me $20 more due to system mismatch but NO ONE in customer service department has the power to correct this obvious error. Not loyalty, not retention, not supervisors. Why? – Written promise not kept.
    3) Unlimited data – Went from unlimited unthrottle to 1GB throttled. Want unlimited back? pay an extra $20 more.

    I and many others here have been with T-mobile for great many years. We have been with T-mobile since coverage was a crap. We stuck with T-Mobile through thick and thin and evangelize many friends and family to join as well.

    At the end of the day, NO ONE here oppose the migration transition. People are upset and disappointed with the inconsistent execution from what was promised on the postcard! If loyal customers are able to keep their features, namely unlimited data, and keep their costs the same (~$1) then there is nothing to complain about. The problem is only compounded when reps have no ability to fix what are clearly system mismatch errors.

    • Mush

      Exactly. It seems like some think the people being migrated are just being petulant about a change for no reason. The problem is that the postcard explicitly says that we’ll get the same (or more) service for up to $1 more. Those of use on Tzones, who have unmetered unthrottled LTE, are being reduced to 30MB–effectively no data. So we’re looking at a potentially $30 PER LINE increase to keep the same benefits we have now. Combined with the end of my corp discount (15%) earlier this year that’s enough of an increase to get anyone to look at alternatives.

      Before you go saying that we shouldn’t complain just because the gravy train is ending, keep in mind that most of us with Tzones have been paying higher rates because our grandfather plans included a phone subsidy built in the price. But since we were using Tzones, we were very restricted to what devices worked. A couple of years ago it was only Symbian and WIndows phones (what I still have), and now a handful of Android phones (+ of course the Iphone 6) all of which have to be bought at full price.

      If they are determined to do this, why not be honest about it? Just say we are eliminating grandfathered plans once and for all, loyalty be damned.

      • Ky


        Each customer that received the postcard were more confused by it then where in formed by it. It would have been nice to say this is the plan you are on, this is what you will get, this is what you will be charged, as of this date. DONE. Take or leave it.

        But they decided to be vague, when we actually get migrated, its completed different from what we were promised. So each and every loyal customers that have been with them feel CHEATED personally. Even if that is not intention.

        If T-Mobile wants to make it right, just simply allow the customers to keep their data consistent with what they have and same cost. It’s not difficult.

        • Letting everyone keep what they have defeat the purpose of consolidating plans. It is a simple and clear message, that is what we offered THEN, this is what we offer now. No ordering off the menu.

        • Ky

          Sorry, but you misread. No one is suggesting people should be allowed to keep their plan old plans. That would completely defeat the purpose of migration as you said.

          What people should be allow to do is to keep their price on the new Simple Choice Select plan with equivalent data packages to what they are paying for today. For example, I have “unlimited android data”, I should have unlimited Simple Choice data. Not 30MB cap, not 1GB cap etc.

        • SBZ

          That “unlimited android data” was 2GB of high speed and then it throttled.

        • Fake Profile

          Simple and clear message would of been detailing what changes were being made on the postcard
          Are you even on an old plan? Or are you just another employee of TMobile trying to convince people to pay more for the same service they already have? Reading back on your post history shows you like to cheerlead for TMo, I wonder why that is?

        • I am not an employee, and I think I said go with the best deal you can find. If not T-Mobile then their loss. :)

        • No Integrity

          So easy to lie when your on the Internet smh

        • I’m not an old plan, and yes I am a fan of many of the things they.

        • Brett???

          Why do you have one of the highest post count on the subject if it doesn’t effect you?
          I’m all for freedom of expression but your pretty much trolling everybody else with your opinions.
          Did you vote also? If so why?

        • I guess you could say the article is trolling us all? I’m a T-Mobile customer, and I follow the company and the industry pretty closely. I don’t think I have to be personally affected to have an opinion on changes they make. In this case, T-Mobile has long had issues with complicated legacy pricing plans being abused, particularly T-Zones. It’s hard to argue eliminating loopholes is anything but a positive change because it lets T-Mobile improve revenues without raising market prices (which could hurt growth). Sorry for any individuals who were impacted.

        • Honestly

          It’s not that you having opinion is wrong, it’s that while stating your opinion you disregard the fact that others get that same right to their own opinion and you neglect that…..
          Did you vote and if so why? Easy question with an easy answer no reason to dodge it, I mean you could even lie and nobody would know besides the TMo Staff here…

          Biggest discrepancy I have with your posts is that you don’t account the fact TMobile sent out documentation that stated what was going to happen for the migrations. People are mostly mad here because of not getting what TMobile stated they would receive…
          There is no defense for that, Tmobile could of sent a postcard with your opinions stated here but they didn’t….
          If TMobile would of been transparent and actually followed thru on the information nobody would care

        • Yes I voted why wouldn’t I? And I dont begrudge anyones opinion, even the ones that I dont agree with, not sure why you’d say that. Happy New Year.

        • Moby

          How about the purpose of keeping your customers happy so they don’t leave to other carriers. Any business value in that?

      • Sorry, but Tzones has been a scam for a long time. It was never intended to provide unlimited LTE and most if not all the people who have it it know it. I like seeing the abuses cleaned up.

        • Ky

          Sorry, but I am not on T-zone. Still have the same issue as mentioned earlier.

        • Moby

          If it was never intended to do that, then why did T-Mobile engineers allow it to do that. How do you know what T-Mobile intended to do? You can’t provide once single document where T-Mobile says it was not intended to provide LTE. Your claim of “abuse” is just something that you made up.

    • Joe

      Most of the people posting in pro plan change actually work for TMobile…. Its been so obvious as of late… This site use to be a great resource, pretty sad

  • I fully support consolidation on modern plans for all the reasons given and more. For legacy customers, it’s an opportunity to to see if T-Mobile is STILL their best option, and if not, move elsewhere.

    • Ky

      Wow, how thoughtful and considerate you are….Sounds like what ATT and Verizon would say. Bend over, and take what we give or else…

      T-Mobile didn’t get where it is today with those attitudes toward customers.

      • Kyle

        Yeah according to you they are going to be in business with cheap ass customers like you. Their coverage sucks and if people aren’t happy then they should move. If they weren’t a GSM carrier then they would have no customers. A bunch a people join them to resell their phones overseas.

        • Dan

          I concur with you Kyle, Ky is a cheap ass. No wonder they will keep adding customers but no revenue. They will get Sprint customers but not ATT or Verizon customers.

        • archerian

          This was the situation with T-Mobile till 2012.

    • Brett is Our Leader

      We were all waiting for your approval Brett… Whatever Brett say go guys and gals….

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Your doucheyness is hilarious. While your comment is certainly unnecessary, it made me laugh.

        • Brett is Our Leader

          I’m glad you laughed but I have noticed 99.9% of you comments here are unnecessary so I’m sorry of I stole your role

  • ZenRain

    When they migrated me to Simple Choice, I moved to another carrier. The prices are lower and the coverage is better; So yes, I am happy. I suggest others look at doing the same if they insist on railroading everyone onto that expensive plan.

  • WindDancer

    Hello Mr Cam How’s the weather over there in the UK? Pleasant I hope. Do you really expect nearly 8 million of the affected people to read this website? You’re either naive or from an alien planet. I suspect you’re not really truly genuinely interested in these people’s predicament. I think you probably dont give a rodent’s crass about anything to do with Tmobile. Couldn’t your predecessor find one American to fill his shoes out of all the millions of Americans available? Eighty-five percent of subs have already been migrated and are probably comfortable with the outcome which in effect predetermines a bias for the Simple Choice on the poll thereby making it a sham. This poll won’t show all the people who are migrated without their knowledge and find out a few months down the road that they’ve lost their data plan and replaced with 30 megabytes per month. You seem to have gone silent just like JJ Legere. If you can’t stand a little heat then perhaps it’s time for this website to hire someone with a little thicker skin. Did you really think a poll would garner a legitimate result or did you know that it would just redirect attention away from the issue by playing with false equivalents? I think someone at T-Mobile probably advised you to do a poll. It’s seems like a convenient exit for the company to take but we will not let it go that easy.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Are you high? When did he say it was a scientific poll?

      How’s the weather in Stupidtown?

      • Wowsers Ur Life Must Suck

        I dont know did you move from stupidtown to idiotville?
        Your up to 4 post slammimg other people without adding any relevant information.
        Are you this tough in real life also?

      • jan

        your comments and replies to people are not necessary! Unless you can say nice things and take part in the discussion what is the point of asking somebody online “are you high” “how’s the weather in stupidtown?”

        really? I mean, really? Grow up! winddancer’s post was a lot more helpful than YOURS! and it makes complete sense!

        so please, don’t post stupid things that people don’t care to read..smh

  • Jumpship

    My bill jumped $40 after the move. It didn’t make sense to keep my plan, considering that I could get a new galaxy s5 for free from verizon. The only difference is that I lost a gig of data, but I am more concerned about price. I never thought that I would see the day when my monthly bill from verizon was cheaper than my monthly bill from tmo. Very odd.

    • Jumpship

      Also, I have 3 phones on a line.

      I got 3 free Galaxy S5 from Verizon. That would mean that tmo would have to offer me savings of over $1800 via their plans just to break even with verizon. The loss of subsidized phones just did not make sense in my case. And my monthly phone bill is actually lower on Verizon, I just lose a gig of data, which doesn’t really affect me since I am in a wifi zone almost 24/7.

      I am really disappointed with what is going on in tmo. I ended my 7+ years of service with them because of this. Their fault.

      • smonk

        I switched 2 lines from Verizon to T-Mobile recently and am now saving over 100 dollars a month. That is 2400 over the course of the contract. That could buy me 3 S5 with change to spare… And that is only 2 lines. But yeah… Keep saying that Verizon is cheaper… If you close your eyes and believe hard enough maybe it will come true… I mean… Miracles can happen

        • Chris

          Math is hard for some people.

        • Jumpship

          lol. you guys are funny. Here is the mathematical proof.

          140 x 24 = 3360

          (90 x 24) + (600 x 3) = 3960

          3360 – 3960 = -600

          I save $600 over the course of 2 years

          Taxes of course are excluded for simplicity

          There you go. What do you think now about my math?

          You diehard defenders are funny. Just because tmo is cheaper for you, doesn’t mean that it is cheaper for me. Btw, since you brought up my ability to do math, I am doing a doctorate in the sciences (Since I am on campus, clinics, or on home all day, I have wifi 24/7 essentially.) I’ll be a full blown doctor. Let me ask you, what do you have? lol.

          Maybe if you close your eyes and believe hard enough maybe you guys will believe you are doing something important with your lives.

        • Chris

          So doctoral candidates have time to go on bboards and flame people with e-peen comments like “I’m a doctor, what do you have”? *slow clap*

          Maybe you can take your math skills and re-read your comment you never mentioned your base rate, hence asking for math comments.

          But if you love being such a big man/woman on campus on message boards, I think you missed your calling as a lawyer.

        • Jumpship

          Well, you have time to degrade other people by questioning their math skills. So I don’t see the problem with me going on boards to tell people about my savings. So what if I didn’t post my numbers? Point is, some people do save money with verizon over tmobile.

          Theory of Relativity is hard for some people.

          I never pull the “I am in medical school” card (it really doesn’t make a better person or anything like that). You are the first person I have pulled it on because you clearly need to cut down in size.

          So let me ask. What makes you think you can stand on a soap box and scoff at people’s alleged lack of mathematical skills?

          You make me laugh.

          Basic Psychology and Psychiatry would say that your life is so unfulfilled and void meaning that you have to degrade other random strangers in order to justify your purchases and life decisions.

          How does it feel for someone else to turn around and do the same to you?

          I think I have proved my point.

          After writing all this, I truly feel sorry for you. Good luck with everything. I have to study for my board/licensing exams. You know, more important stuff than this silly math.

        • Matt

          A little bit of research shows your plan for $140 at Verizon includes 500MB of shared data for 3 lines. Maybe that works for you, but it won’t work for the majority of people who need 3 lines of service.

        • Jumpship

          Yeah, I don’t really use data since I am in wifi areas everywhere. I have a laptop or ipad in addition to my phone that is hooked up to the wifi for charting, lecture, or studying.

          But as I was saying, 500mb suffices for some families. Even with unlimited on tmo, I barely cracked 200mb and my 4g was on all the time and not on wifi.

        • Matt

          The average user needs way more than 200MB per month just to use Facebook. If you’re using less than 200MB per month, you hardly use your phone for basics such as email, let alone any web browsing, navigation, social media, or streaming services. To claim you “got the better deal”, when your “deal” wont work for 98%+ of users, is disingenuous. You have a one-off situation, good for you. Enjoy the savings. But reality is the majority of people get a better deal with T-Mobile.

        • Jumpship

          That’s what made grandfathered plans so beautiful. Individual plans for individual people. There is nothing disingenuous about being a different type of customer.

        • n900mixalot

          Well done. You made your point, you proved it, even backed it up with math. I love comments like that. Good start to the new year!

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I completely believe you are working toward a doctorate. Your massive ego and intolerable arrogance is quite commonplace in academia. And your inability to have faith in the intellect of anyone but yourself will make you a terrible instructor, if you ever choose to teach.

          Keep telling yourself you’re smarter than everyone else; it’s a great way to make friends and stay humble! /s

        • Ban This Tough Guy

          Another outstanding post! How does this guy not get banned? every comment he post neglects the topic at hand and Is always a personal jab at whoever he is responding to….smh

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I’ve been on this blog a lot longer than you have, buddy. I just can’t stand listening to arrogant folks like him run his mouth and put others down.

          Your username keeps changing… and the fact that you don’t see a problem that that sort of behavior makes me inclined to believe you yourself are a proponent of it.

        • Jumpship

          If you have a problem with people running their mouths, then you should have a big problem with matt, chris, and most importantly, yourself.

          Ladies and gentlemen, we have case of the pot calling the kettle black.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Except, the difference is, I’m right. I’m objecting to arrogance that puts others down. You’re objecting to me righting the wrong.

          And all these guest accounts give me the impression I’m not speaking to different people… pick a name and stick with it, please. Conversation over.

        • Jumpship

          I welcome the mods to look at the ip address. This is the only guest account that I am using.

          I too am objecting to the arrogance that put down others. I didn’t draw first blood. The writing is on the wall here.

        • What name should I choose now?

          It’ll be my ip on random usernames because when I used one I’d get the same people trailing my posts….
          I follow the rules for the most part but no where near as bad the trolls or TMo employee accounts posting here….
          Their is no requirement to use a specific username
          Typically I use it to show humor after reading posts that are either false, personal attacks, or lack any kind of relevancy….
          Happens alot and the mods look the other way instead of keeping the conversation intelligent and relevant…
          Maybe 1 day I’ll leave but for now I’m here to stay…

        • New Username

          Your right about what? All you have posted is derogatory non related information?
          What could you possibly be right about?
          I don’t keep the same username because the trolls have a tendency to hunt usernames to spew the garbage like your posts and the mods don’t correct the situation ….
          Qoute one of your comments on this thread that has any relevance?
          Your post history follows the same trend

          When did blogs start tracking seniority to adjust rules accordingly?

  • Justin

    I am currently on a value plan after they switched me from my classic plan last year. I have 5 lines, 1000 minutes (but they took away overage charges), unlimited texts, 2 lines with unlimited data, 3 lines with 2GB and then throttling. My bill is $145 before taxes and then $156 afterwards. Comparable plan costs $200 (but 3 lines get data bumped up to 3GB). Even if I drop those 3 lines to the 1GB plan, my bill will still be $170. Old plans>new plans

    • dayaram

      Yes but now you have unlimited calls
      You can add 5more lines.
      Unlimited data on music streaming for your 3lines
      International data and txt roaming plus cheap calls to u.s. from europe, etc.

      You might care about all these services but these are given. In your case you have to pay little extra, but in my case it was cheaper and i was able to add 2more lines to my account total of 7lines now. Saved me quite a bit.

      Also i think you can keep the same monthly total and change to simple choice.

      And btw right they have have this promotion of if you have 4 or more lines then you get 1.5gb extra. So not 1gb but 2.5gb for your 3lines. Yes i know its only till 2016 January but till then they will have some other promo going on.

      Cheer up.

      Welcome to simple choice :)

      • Justin

        I’m sorry but $55 extra a month doesn’t seem like I “have to pay little extra.”
        I never went over 1000mins, I don’t need any extra lines & I don’t travel out of the country.
        Those 3 lines with limited data didn’t stream music very much, it was YouTube and Netflix. And no they will not replace that extra 1.5gb promotion with something else. You don’t know what they’re going to do, so don’t assume.


          This is also the other problem with T-mobile. While I am on the 2 lines for $100 promo, how long will it actually last? They are putting up a track record of changing peoples’ legacy plans. This I am not comfortable with. At least Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T try and force you out through scummy salespeople instead of actually forcing it down your throat.

        • tmoemployee

          The 2 lines unlimited 4glte for 100 dollars is running now and it will be grandfathered, so if u choose this plan it stays forever as long as you don’t change it. Tmoemployee.

        • shabang

          this is funny considering tmo is force migrating everybody..we all thought the same thing years ago when we signed up for our plans, yet here we are…

          so no, no plans are forever grandfathered in…

        • archerian

          Really? We were told the same thing when we chose the plans we are getying migrated from now.

        • Guest

          Well Bad luck to your sir!

        • Guest

          And its not $55 extra for you. Its going to be $170 – $156 so $14 extra for u. So relax.

        • John

          Is that more than the $1 that is claimed on the mailer? How do you know what TMobile is going to give to Justin considering that there is atleast five variations of base start price?

        • Justin

          $170 a month means that 3 of my lines LOSE 1 GB. $200 to add 1GB.

      • archerian

        Unlimited calls are available for all users regardless of plan.


        Maybe he doesn’t need to have unlimited minutes…

        listen, I love t mobile but lay off the magenta Kool aid for a bit…

    • Dustin Roe

      How did you get to $170, the current promotion is the first 2 lines with unlimited data and 4.5Gb tethered plus $10 per additional line puts you at $130 before taxes. How is your old plan better at $145 before taxes?

      • Justin

        Dustin, you forgot to add the data packages to those 3 other lines.

        • Dustin Roe

          Justin, why would you pay $10 for 1 additional GB before tethering? Which would have put you at $160 not $170 btw. At the time they were also doubling your data for free so the 1GB free plan covered 2GB anyway.

  • Jason

    The next poll should be on how many people who aren’t legacy plan holders that decide to cast a vote.

    Or how many people here actually work for TMobile and post pretending to be a customer.

    • archerian

      There should be a poll on whether the respondent knows what a legacy plan is and what it offered for the price.

    • Jason (II)

      We should also start a poll to ask if Cam really is “genuinely interested” in the issue as he claims or is he trying to avoid rocking the boat with T-Mobile just to keep his income flowing. He made one curt and defensive reply and then left the room after the first day stomping off like an insolent child. Thin-skinned people should not run websites.

      • archerian

        He left as he did his job – one hurried up post to the blog. T-Mobile PR didn’t send him anything new since so hence the missing in action part.

      • Cam Bunton

        That, or I decided that spending time with my family over Christmas was more important than letting rude T-Mo customers try and manipulate me in to being their ringleader. T-Mobile doesn’t, and never has, contributed to my income.

        I’ve asked for a response, and I’m still waiting.

        • thepanttherlady

          Well said.

  • Jason

    I had Simple Choice and decided it was too expensive so I called in and they switched my plan back to the grandfathered Family Time plan I had before. I now have unlimited minutes since they did away with overages and unlimited text for all lines for a small fee. Don’t allow them to tell you that you can’t do something. If a Customer Service rep denies your request then ask for a supervisor.You are part of their quarterly results and they would like to keep that number high.

    • Romdude

      This. Also try to talk to the loyalty department, they can do more things for you the others can’t.

  • rslh

    At first, I didn’t know what to think, but I thought forcing customers to change plans is never a good idea. But then I travelled to Australia and realized that I could use my data and text abroad for free, now I’m all for it. Kudos to TMO!!

    • archerian

      So YOU took ONE trip abroad and concluded that was reason enough for OTHERS to get switched over too?

      • Romdude

        I don’t think he said that, he said he’s all for it now since he’s probably getting more with simple choice.

      • rslh

        I implied none of that. I was simply providing my own experience by answering the question that was asked.

  • Abe Lincoln

    I think its amazing that 2430 people voted yet we only have 280 posts which most likely is 150 actual users posting…. It’s also amazing that majority of the posts are dissatisfied customers yet the poll shows 80% are satisfied or unaffected….
    Misrepresentation at it’s finest!

    If you didn’t have a legacy plan or were already on Simple Choice what compelled you to vote on something that doesn’t apply to you?

    For those trying to convince others that this is a good thing, whats the motivation behind it?

    • archerian

      They all work for Tmobile thats the motivation.

  • Makoute

    I actually made out better with the forced switch, so I don’t have any problems. Had ev + 500 min and unlmt text and 5gb data, now I have unlimited minutes and text plus 5 gb of data, for the same price. And I got tethering added on, which I didn’t have before, and with the new data rollover coming next year, will be even better.

    • Justin

      Isn’t the data rollover only for the 3gb plan?

      • iOSX

        I thought it was for plans with 3GB or more.

        • Romdude

          It was 3GB and more except of course for unlimited highspeed.

      • Makoute

        I’m not sure on that?

  • Chris

    After they took away the corporate discounts, the new plans are better in value and features except for the unlimited data. Losing that will hurt but even if I upgrade that, the monthly run rate will still be about the same as my old plan so no big difference with the switch.
    I’m a big fan of having cheaper plans but it takes some getting used to in regards to no more subsidized phones, but cheaper monthly charges. Come on people, math!

  • Frankincense & Myrrh

    When they migrated me to Simple Choice, I moved to another carrier. The prices are lower and the coverage is better; So yes, I am happy. I suggest others look at doing the same if they insist on railroading everyone onto that expensive plan

    • What carrier has better prices AND better coverage?

      • no2apple

        Bicycle carrier…

      • archerian

        Cricket/AIO Wireless? ATT network and MVNO Prepaid prices. H2O wireless has the same features too.

        • I’ll give you that, Cricket is a great deal. I don’t know why anyone would stay on AT&T when you can get the same network for so much less with Cricket.

  • mdosu

    I’m on the 2012 Value Family Plan, and it’s cheaper than the current Simple Choice plans. The main reason ia the old Value plans allow you to add text and data a-la-cate, which made customizing cheaper. Simple choice adds text and data as the default package and has a high base price. Luckily my plan isn’t old enough to kick me off, yet.

    • archerian

      Don’t be sure of that yet, migration looks at prices and if there is a Simple or Select Choice plan that costs close to what you pay now they might flip you.

      • mdosu

        Still in contract for 1-2 more months….

        • Jeff

          Doesn’t matter all non simple choice customers are being migrated eventually unless they backpedal…

        • mdosu

          Tmo has a plan a policy where a forced migration wouldn’t increase coats by more than $1 a month. That won’t be the case for me.

  • shabang

    Assuming this poll stopped right now..(nevermind the sham of a poll, lets assume it’sl fair) Now apply these current poll results to the 7 million customers that are/were being migrated and you only have a little under 45% of the people that are actually happy?

    so basically 3 million out of 7 million people are happy with this change!

    this is horrible!

    • archerian

      is memory serves correctly the old editor David was an actual T-mobile user too.

      • And now an employee.

        • Tunisian Opium

          Certainly no conflict of interest there. Seems totally objective, right?. Cam probably is the same, don’t ya think? I mean totally objective? Wouldn’t he have to be neutral since T-mobile keeps his boat afloat?

        • Is anyone without a “conflict of interest”? Anyone paying wants to pay less. Stockholders want to earn more. Employees want to keep their jobs. Journaliats and bloggers want a story. Me? I like watching the circus. I want to see a competitive market and innovation. How about you?

        • Barnum and Bailey

          I bet…. Are you sure your not the ringleader?

        • Tunisian Opium

          Brett’s swirling in a whirlwind of semantics to blur the lines of reason and redirect attention from any solid fact. Reminds me of Romney trying to explain his slave labor camps back in 2012 saying that the barbed wire fence surrounding one of his Chinese factories was to “keep people our who wanted to get in to work”. Wordsmith’s at their best and skilled at the slight of hand. Meant to be ignored.

        • Tunisian Opium

          correction: ours = out

        • Tunisian Opium

          Actually he’s the clown

        • Stone Cold

          Not a conflict of interest this site is owned by phonedog. Cam inherited it after David departed so how does T-Mobile keep his boat afloat?

    • Why do you think people are unhappy? Seems most people who have posted have come out about the same, The old editor (David) is a now a T-Mobile employee.

  • 21stNow

    I went from Even More Plus/500 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data to Select Choice/unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and 5GB high speed data for a penny more.

    Right now, I’m indifferent to the change. I don’t use many voice minutes (I used 6 last month) and I don’t want to use EIP (which I still could use on EMP). The only thing that I may use is the mobile hotspot ability that I should have under the new plan.

    The change does make me consider whether or not to change that line to the $30 prepaid Walmart plan. The only reason that I’ve hesitated on this is that I am noticing differences in my data service on my phones that have the Walmart plan versus the postpaid line with the postpaid line having an advantage here.

    • Allen Enriquez

      Take a look at wireless on the go T-Mobile tell me what you think? It’s a great deal sure one has to come up with phone and money… But still 25 dollars a month!

      • 21stNow

        I could only find a Facebook page for Wireless on the Go. The $25 plan doesn’t look like it would serve my needs as well as the Wal-mart plan does. It wouldn’t make sense for me to look at any of their more expensive plans.

        • Allen Enriquez

          Wow you really use that much, that’s great! Well that’s the best i found. That really sucks your being moved to a less competitive rate plan. What you think is your next move if i may ask?

  • shabang

    Cam, what are you thoughts on this whole thing now? why are so quiet? You’re able to ask questions and find out anything you want to know here and yet you don’t?

    • archerian

      to have a really valid opinion on this article or issue you have to be a user who has had legacy plans at least some point on their tenure. Only this can give a correct perspective, otherwise a regular user will think Simple Choice is great as its good compared to what’s available at others places RIGHT NOW.

      • shabang

        agreed…it’s just that cam didn’t even think this was news worthy and when cam started getting bombarded with emails all of a sudden here it is..and you can tell by his post up top that he didn’t even want to write about it..yet this has more comments than any of his other news stories (aside from the uncarrier events which have nothing to with him) that he’s posted on in the past..isn’t that ironic?

        Didn’t expect him to go dark – I want to know what he’s going to do with regarding this poll (what was the point?) .. even if 100% of people voted that they aren’t happy, what is cam’s next step once he gets the full jist of what’s going on and how many unhappy customers there are?

        His wording up top acts like this is a test run and if it really is an issue like everybody is telling him in his emails then what? is he going to let tmobile know? is he going to run a different story? maybe an actualy story this time? what?

        • Cam Bunton

          NO story is worth my family missing out on seeing me at Christmas. I’ve also had a lot to deal with outside of work.

        • Stone Cold

          And this is the unofficial blog not a site run by T-Mobile. Cam doesn’t have all the answers. That is what the CSR and loyalty reps or even a local store rep could be helpful somewhat in looking for answers. We know Legere follows this site so tweet him to for clarification.

  • Taz

    I got one of these postcards too.
    Very unhappy with the change and false promise that “I am about to get more”.
    I have 4 lines with Internet that will go to 30MB of LTE data.

    Spoke to more than 1 rep in Loyalty so that they can notate my account. She mentioned that their is a team that is working on picking a custom packages. I need to wait and see what I get. After 8 years of being at Tmobile I hate being forced changed and not being given exact imformation,
    The uncarrier has had some great changes but trully putting old members like us under the bus should have been planned better.
    Let see how this hashes out.

    • Jason

      Thanks for the info. I hope the rep is correct and not spewing more lies our way just to keep us quiet. I recommend that everyone on a grandfathered plan do the same thing that you did. Call in and have them notate the account that you “do NOT want to be migrated and if they do then you will start searching for a different carrier.”. If they do migrate me then I’ll be moving on. There are numerous MNVO’s out there that provide better coverage than T-mobile.

      • Taz

        Spread the word.
        At this point I think they are waiting for the reactions.
        I did some research on the plans.
        They have a 4 for $100 , unlimited text, and talk, comes with 2.5GB data until 2016.
        I might move to that if they force me to 30MB plan.

        • Oleg O.

          Just moved to it preemptively. It’s actually saving a lot of money on a plan with 7 lines.

  • AdamBath

    My plan gives me everything I need for less than the Simple Choice plans. I’ve got 500 anytime minutes, unlimited LTE data, unlimited texting/MMS, and JUMP. Every Simple Choice plan costs more and gives me less. They already tried to screw around with my account when I got the Asus router, but I got my account put back since I never authorized any changes.

    • It’s the unlimited minutes that causes the plan to increase. I wish I could pay for 500 minutes a month. :-)

      • AdamBath

        And that’s the rub. I use less than 100 minutes a month. I don’t even need the 500 minutes I have…

        • adam

          You can buy a $30 100 minutes t-mobile plan at Wal-Mart.

        • AdamBath

          With unlimited data, unlimited texting, and JUMP? Where do I sign?

        • randomnerd_number38

          No JUMP, but yes on the other 2

        • Romdude

          Is it still free tmobile to tmobile minutes under that plan too?

        • Allen Enriquez

          Adambath or you can go with wireless on the go T-Mobile for 25! Check it out let us know that was one of my options except you have to pay full price.

    • Does it not make sense to you that changes like the Asus router are BECAUSE of the plan changes? They cant give stuff away and not end the legacy loopholes. At the end of the day, the math has to make sense for a company to exist.

      • AdamBath

        They didn’t put me on a Simple Choice plan, they switched me to a 15gb data only plan without my knowledge. I couldn’t even use my phone to call customer service, I had to call from another person’s phone. Was complete ineptitude, and it took 3 very long calls to get my plan put back the way it was, and I’ve had to make at least three other calls for adjustments related to their mistakes. It was a nightmare.

        • magentablood33

          Hey Adam can u please share with me what plan you had before? And what did they try to move you to. And now that they have given you back your old plan have you been able to keep it? Or have they tried and move you again. Thanks.

      • I lUv TmO

        Majority of people not currently on Simple Choice got the Asus Router without problems….
        Starting to see the inconsistencies that you have been whole heartedly defending as a non employee?
        Nah those goggles are super-glued…..

    • magentablood33

      Can please tell me what you had to do to be reverted back to your old plan? And have they tried to change it on you again since?

  • tonyfatex

    I would’ve been happy but they moved me to a Select Choice Plan….

  • Max

    I have 4 lines on a family 1000 minutes, unlimited text but no data plan at 69$. I have talked to reps at least 3 times, they had no clue what plan they may migrate my plan to, and at what rate,

    • rick

      Why do you even waste your time calling if you didn’t receive a post card?

      • Max

        I did receive a card. Nothing happened

  • Marcy

    Thank you TMobile !!!!!! just got switched from an $195 dollars plan to a $140 !!! everything unlimited 4 lines but one line with only 3 gig data…loving it ! (special promo)

  • Dude

    There seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether calling in and manually getting upgraded by loyalty should be done or not. Some are saying it is better to get force migrated. In my situation, loyalty upgraded me to a Select Choice family plan. She claimed that the plan does not expire and is set permanently. Has anyone else done this and did they say it expires or not?

  • Kate

    My issue with it isn’t about the minutes as I’m “supposedly” being given more data but that I do NOT trust T-mobile as they have screwed up my bill too many times already. This makes me suspect that they are trying to get me off my grandfathered plan because they know people are suing them for their caps on “unlimited” data plans. My guess is that if they force us all off the original plans (which they’ve been doing) then it would impact claims as they could say we agreed to the switch somehow forfeiting our rights to recover damages for their data cap scam. That’s my take & that’s why I’m NOT OK with it.

  • Bradley Smith

    Well I just was changed and I think I am getting a better deal than before. 2 lines went from 5gig(tether all data) to unlimited (one with 3gig hotspot, the other with 5gig hotspot), the other phone had no data and it now has 30Meg LTE (not a lot) and then 2g speeds (which it never had data before and the person with the phone doesn’t use really any data). Also we had 1000 minutes (unlimited text) and now have unlimited minutes.

  • Technosquid

    I don’t mind moving to the new plan if it really is the same service or better for the same price. I wouldn’t mind the Music Freedom benefit of the Simple Choice plan.

    I got the version of the postcard which said “30MB of LTE data.” I’m worried the that four lines on my account which have 5GB data are somehow being penalized because of the one line which has pay-per-megabyte (aka, no data.) A rep told me I was being migrated in January, but here it is late April, and it still hasn’t happened. I’m just looking for some clarity! My brother just bought a new T-Mobile phone, and he’s going to be upset if the terms of the new plan are so bad that the family chooses to leave T-Mobile.