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Report: T-Mobile Might Announce Something Big Soon

It looks like new changes are about to take place at T-Mobile. Unfortunately, the reports reveal that these aren’t changes that T-Mo customers will be pleased with.  As speculated by The Mobile Report, the Un-carrier could be increasing the price of its legacy postpaid plans. This was evidenced in various Reddit threads where employees shared their overtime and extra hour requests … [read full article]

MetroPCS legacy network switch-off in Philadelphia scheduled for September 30

Ever since T-Mobile merged with MetroPCS last year, the two have been working together to replace the purple carrier’s old legacy network with a more modern LTE network. What that means is that in certain locations over the past 12 months, the old network has been switched off, freeing up some much needed spectrum for T-Mobile to use elsewhere. More recently, Las Vegas … [read full article]