John Legere wishes everyone a “happy holidays” in his own UN-CEO style

While most wireless CEOs will send a corporately bland Christmas card to its staff and customers (if they’re lucky), John Legere has put his own spin on wishing us all a happy holiday season. You may remember the lump of coal Vine he posted last year. This year, it’s slightly higher production value and is laced the usual sarcasm. And – of course – a video from John wouldn’t be a video from John without at least one attempt at rubbing his company’s success in the faces of his competitors. And this time, it’s all read as his own twist on the popular holiday story ‘Twas the night before Christmas’.

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  • MetroPCS

    OMG Legere go 5 minutes without Profanity (Hell No) Shit was how many seconds in? Really what he should be doing is kicking Nevilles ass and getting his network to actually make and hold phone calls! I am off to Cricket, where their network stands up!

    • Luke

      I don’t understand why profanity bothers people. Get over it already. In this day an age everybody fuc kin swears.

      • k

        Because swearing is low-brow and uncultured. its the mark of a society that cares not for manners and formalities.

        • Luke

          Who gives a f**k???

        • steveb944

          Welcome to the world?

        • Anonymous

          Get over yourself. People swear. It’s nothing new.

        • Deadeye37

          I’ve always looked at it as a lack of intelligence, for the most part. I can understand frustration and letting out some profanity, but if you find that most of the time its s**t, f**k, etc, then you should try some words that are more than 4 letters long. My favorite is when I hear gang bangers talking and half the words are s**t and f**k and different combinations of those two words with mother mixed in sometimes. Its really hard for me to take anyone seriously when they use profanity profusely.

        • j.versace

          you have a dragonball Z/Goku avatar and you’re talking about how hard it is to take people seriously.

        • notyourbusiness

          Funny, because statistics say that people who swear tend to be the most honest. People swear, so what? Are you 5 years old or 90 years old and that’s why you can’t take it? Get over it.

      • You should get out more.

        • Luke

          I need to get out more? Look who is typing? Wow. Some people.

      • thegoodtest

        So maybe you think you’re a good person. Take “the good test ” . Google it.

    • Terry

      Off to Cricket he goes without a care in the world. I hope that Cricket brings him all the Yule he cared. From all of the 10’s of Millions of Happy Tmobile Customers. PI$$ off M0ther F^cker I was hoping for the extra Air Waves. Merry Christmas!!!!

    • donnybee

      Shouldn’t your name be Cricket?

      But seriously, if you’re in an area without great coverage and you’re unwilling to get a free WiFi router for better service, unwilling to wait for the middle of next year when all 2G becomes 4G, unwilling to wait for 700MHz to launch, unwilling to see what the unlicensed spectrum has in store, then you’re free to go and we don’t need to hear much else about it.

      • Cam Fas

        Amen they have no clue what they will miss if they leave now 2015 more importantly 2016 will be great the first year where the network is practically complete

      • Mr Paul

        And what if it isn’t converted in the middle of next year, should he wait another 2 or 3 years? Until Sprint has Spark in his area first, Verizon has a full XLTE network and AT&T has a full LTE-A network?

      • MetroPCS

        Maybe, metro was good but lets face facts I get tons of dropped call or not being able to call at all. Just tired of it I need to have a reliable phone as I am mobile only. T-mo data is nice and fast and the customer service is good, I am in Seattle. Also I will be saving $35 per month at cricket. with little to no drops and nearly as fast LTE. Legere laid tons of people off at T-Mobile as well. The guy clearly lacks in character. He is a crude NYer with only adds on his mind. Humm the german guy swore once at T-mo said “shitty” like once. And of course Uncle Bobby Dotson never swore or laid off employees as he has a moral code (Morman) and came up with the T-Mobiles values program.

    • NorCalOffspring

      Go to Cricket. You won’t be missed

      • Mr Paul

        But he will be covered, and with LTE.

  • steveb944

    Oh John. The ending was great, in Legere style.

  • NorCalOffspring

    Thank you, John. That made my day. Lol

  • kpb321

    I keep waiting for the UnCarrier to take away the +fees and taxes. IMO it’s the biggest “Carrier” thing they still do. All the MVNO’s I’ve looked at include that in their price, including Cricket, MetroPCS etc, that are owned by the big carriers. Problem is they either bump their advertised price or it eats directly into their profit margin.

    • It’s also a thing they are mandated by law to charge. You can’t expect that to go away just because you don’t like it. Prepaid services don’t have to pay it, which is a weird double-standard of the FCC and most state governments. That’s why inclusive rates are possible with prepaid, but not postpaid.

  • Luis Medina

    He is a fake. Look what he is doing with the legacy customers. (I’m not one) Service is crap in Chicago and they keep saying it’s good. He also blocked me on Twitter for commenting that Neville Ray would maybe be a better CEO if he left to Sprint.

    • barry

      Here in Park Ridge, IL Tmobile drops to fucking Edge in some places WTF

      • SteveD

        Interesting.. Because that whole area around O’hare (and most of the Chicago area) have been completely modernized and there is no EDGE equipment left on air. Where exactly are you having issues?

        • barry

          Talcott and Dee in Park Ridge, IL signal drops and reconnects to Edge

        • SteveD

          You’re in the middle of 3 sites at that location and in the null area of one of them.
          Are you moving through there when it drops or stationary at the forest area?

        • berry

          yes when i drive north bound on Talcott my 5s drops from LTE to edge for a mile then goes to 4g and than back to LTE after another mile

        • SteveD

          Odd that it stays low for that long. It should only be for a couple hundred yards or so. A mile in any direction drives you past that cluster and into the next.

        • Amish

          There is edge equipment still on every modernized site. It’s just not Nortel any longer. Is Nokia.

        • Guestchicago

          Was just in Rogers park on the north side getting solid 35 Mbps down in several different locations even around 6 pm.

      • Luis Medina

        I’m by Humboldt Park and speeds suck. I call and they say everything is good.

      • TheVorlon

        That’s what happens when the gangs steal the copper wiring.

    • JJ

      Issue is cos TMO doesnt have enough spectrum in Chicago. With increasing traffic data speeds does get slow down to allow voice users in the network. Too high traffic also leads to drops due to interference. Also it can force reselection to lower 2G band. Solution – TMO needs spectrum to relieve congestion and help increase speeds in market like Chicago.

      • Luis Medina

        I don’t see drastic issues like that. I know they are spectrum constrained. My issue is that they lie to customers instead of saying yeah things are bad have a $10 discount till we fix it. They also keep adding customer which is good but if the network is subpar people will leave. They can also add more towers or small cells to balance their capacity constraints but they aren’t saying what they are doing. Like I said they keep saying nothing is wrong. I love T-Mo at times but Legere is not always straightforward and he sometimes diflects criticism of his company instead facing straight on.

    • Terry

      i doubt it was that one comment that made him block you.

      • Luis Medina

        It was I promise you that. But that’s not the important issue. They way they are shady sometimes is.

        • Terry

          Shady? Really? Explain to me how they have been Shady. I have been with them for well over 10 + years and Shady is not one thing I would say for them.

        • Luis Medina

          Well first and foremost the fact that many people have reported having had Jump added without their consent. While I know others companies push this, these orders trickle down from upper management. Second the force migrations that have screwed over loyal customers of many years. There are many things. Look I like him and TMO but they still do crap they shouldn’t while saying they truly care about the customer.

        • Terry

          Did any of these things personally happen to you or is your judgement based on everything that you have read on the internet? Because everything on the internet is true.

        • Luis Medina

          The second did happen in to me in a way. The first has happened to family members whom I’ve enticed to move to T-Mobile. They had the base plan and got added the 3 gb plan without consent. It happens it’s just that most people not talking about it on the Internet don’t notice it. He didn’t know until he had my revise why his bill was higher and bam that was it.

      • Mr Paul

        I doubt you’re right; he won’t rationally respond to anyone who makes valid points. He doesn’t want to deal with reality or facts, otherwise he’d realize half the markets on RootMetrics his carrier was first or second in, have been beat by AT&T, Verizon or even Sprint this time around. He and his CTO boyfriend would come to realize they have thousands and thousands of towers to build in tons of areas to even surpass Sprint’s 3G footprint (yes they suck, but they have a bigger footprint) or AT&T’s H+ footprint. He only wants to talk to confused and fed-up V-Sheep and legacy AT&T customers who came only for the iPhone, and bs them into coming to his network.

        • Terry

          When I first joined T-mobile (left Sprint) about 10 years ago I couldn’t get a signal for the most part when I went 2-3 miles west from my home (on T-mobile). Today, I rarely, if ever get left without a signal to place a call or a text. Now granted most of this time I am sure I am roaming on another companies network, but I can still get a call or text. If I am in the back woods camping or just trying to get away, I don’t want the data, so for me it works perfect. Everyone has a right to their opinion and has a right to express said opinion, but to simply say that their coverage sucks is not an accurate statement. It just sucks for you and your needs. If that is the case, then go to ATT, Verizon and/or Sprint and Enjoy what they have to offer.

          PS…..who cares if they are lovers, they are getting stuff done. You can not build an empire in a day especially when you have to destroy the duopoly’s first.

        • Guest

          Legere may be a lot of things but gay isn’t one of them. He was totally hitting on a fashion model at a party here in NYC about a month ago (her name was Shannon Rusbuldt). I don’t think he got too far with her though because he deleted several tweets he sent to her afterwards and no longer follows her on Twitter.

  • barry

    i see Lucifer every time i look at him

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I think the video would have been better if reenacted the old guy from that movie that Macaulay Culkin was watching in Home Alone 2.

  • Brian Perez

    Tmobilw has been great and this is a hilarious video….haha yes we know all carriers have there imperfections but i applaud tmobile ceo for atleast tryng to help even out the playing field by going to the fcc and help bring roaming rates down by continuin to expand coverage and hey by this next year maybe even sooner tmobile will be just like vz n att in coverage so if thats not something to be excited about then i dont what is. Nobody is forcing anyone to stick with their carrier so if ur unhappy then look at other options. Just because some of ur experiences have been unpleasant doesnt make it fair for you to put a company down when in my eyes there the only ones actually trying to simplify our lives when it comes to cell phone service. Fyi i had vz before i wouldnt go back.

  • Aurizen

    I’m watching this and it reminded me of Christopher Walken.

  • omaha

    Omaha ne no service you suck tmobile

    • ricon

      Does anyone live there. I thought in Nebraska you can find cows only.

      • fentonr

        Cows want to make calls too I guess.

        • Mr Paul

          12-year old kids who didn’t have a daddy want to shove their insignificant speed tests 100 feet from a tower and want Legere to be their daddy.

        • fentonr

          I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but back to the original point, Nebraska does have really bad service.

      • omaha

        No just 800,000 metro

      • doubleatheman

        Cows… And lots of people among them :-p T-Mobile doesn’t care about Nebraska, this isn’t new.

      • Mr Paul

        That’s the best you can do? Make fun of someone where they live? Maybe you could instead of acknowledge the fact, like an adult, that T-Mobile sucks in yet another place, even if it’s great where you happen to be.

        • ricon

          No one made you to get tmobile. If it doesn’t work for you move on and get another provider. Some people are here only to complain.You want to pay for tmobile but get verizon coverage, it doesn’t work like that.

    • Terry

      So, if there is no coverage there and T-mobile sucks, can I ask why your on the Tmonews site? It appears to me that you banter is to fulfill some wild sexual fantasy of yours. Best of luck to your and yours during the Holiday Season.

  • redman12

    Shots fired!! shots fired!! hahaha John Legere is the best.

  • Dean Smith

    the uncarrier moves hasn’t done much! needs to improve coverage and signal! Most important is improvement of coverage and signal not the gimmicks like data slashes.
    Tmo should have been number 3 already but it is still behind Sprint! COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul

      They are working on the coverage and signal. HAve you not been reading about this? There are several articles addressing this.

      • Mr Paul

        Right, but without coverage in most places, people can’t use them nor relate to all the snobby little kids shoving their speedtests in our faces.

        • Paul

          And it’s still expanding. It’s not an overnight process. I understand where you’re coming from. At my last apartment I was getting 80-90Mbps easily but my new apartment gets 20-40Mbps.

          They are, and have been, expanding the coverage. Sit tight and it’ll happen. Otherwise, find the service that works best for you. May not be T-Mo but that’s how the business is.

        • Bori

          You were getting 80 to 90 And now 20-40?? Seriously now, you are making that sound like a complaint… Now I see why its easier for you to advise others to sit tight..I would too!!!!

        • Paul

          I assure you I’m not complaining.
          Also, it was from another location. In front of my vet’s office i can get 90 to 100Mbps.

        • Mr Paul

          T-Mobile users expect fiber in their pockets and it ain’t gonna last once more than 2 people start using their towers. Also, like someone once mentioned, speedtests are a big e-penis measuring game and I’m getting tired of it.

          Let’s get real:
          DOWN / UP (MEGABITS) | MS PING
          6-10 / 1-3 —— POOR ———— 150+
          10-15 / 3-5 —- GOOD ———– 75-100
          15-20 / 5-10 — GREAT ———- 50-75
          20-30 / 10-20– SUPERB ——— 30-50
          30+ / 20+ ——- UNNECESSARY — <50

          If he or anyone else like him needs or expect more than this, get a fiber connection to your house and an ac router and shut up. No cell company can be expected to put 50-100+ in everyone's pocket and maintain it once people start getting LTE-A devices and catching on. Let's get real. I'd love for my chart to able to feasibly double in the future, but for most, that's 4-5 years away.

        • Paul

          I am just thrilled that I DO get great speeds. I was pointing out that in some areas in a city speeds will fluctuate based on many factors.

          You’re right, NO ONE should expects certain speeds. It’s easy to understand that when there are many people on a tower the speeds will slow down.

      • Dean Smith


        • Paul

          The year “20011” aside, it’s hard to take your all caps comment seriously. Obviously you’ve missed the articles about the speed increases, spectrum purchases, as well as the spectrum roll-outs. I understand if you would rather the focus on your area but that’s not exactly how it works.

    • TechnoRealz

      Wow- Coach Dean Smith still stuck in the 90’s with SPCS. Keep telling yourself those lies coach esp. while sipping apple juice in your gown.

      • Daniel Darnell

        T-Mobile still has some coverage issues, Sprint is actually far better in my area than T-Mobile. This goes for most of East TN as well as NC/SC where T-Mobile still has EDGE only data in a ton of spots while Sprint is LTE in almost all areas including some quite small/rural areas.

      • Mr Paul

        Here’s two for the price of one, T-Sheep:

        Fun fact #1: AT&T has more LTE than Sprint and T-Mobile combined.
        Fun fact #2: Sprint has more overall coverage than T-Mobile

        • Fun fact #1: Since T-Mobile won the declaratory ruling for clarifying data roaming cost reasonableness, T-Mobile will certainly use this to gain access to AT&T’s HSPA+/LTE network for roaming quickly.

          Fun fact #2: T-Mobile’s network, in terms of native coverage, is actually larger than Sprint’s (excluding non-metro Iowan coverage, which is controlled by an affiliate rather than T-Mobile proper, and including all Sprint affiliate coverage):

          Fun fact #3: By the end of next year, T-Mobile’s native 4G LTE coverage will be at the same level as Verizon and AT&T (>300 million people).

          Fun fact #4: Sprint has remain fixed at 270 million people since 2008 and has no plans to expand (in fact, they continue to cut how much they spend on the network).

        • Craig

          ATT also costs significantly more so for people who have family plans or a budget this causes an issue. Sprint has more coverage, but the coverage sucks. According to a speed test by CNET Sprint came in dead last for data speeds at about 3.5 MBPS where T-Mobile came in at almost 40 MBPS. I used to have Sprint and left for T-Mobile and the signal has never been an issue. I live in the largest city in my state and Sprint STILL hasn’t even fully rolled out 4G. It won’t be long before Sprint is 4th.

        • Mr Paul

          Where was said test taken? Bellvue, WA by Legere’s friend or something?

          It’s different everywhere. Also, if you can afford T-Mobile’s postpaid plans + EIP, you can afford AT&T’s NEXT. AT&T is cheaper than Verizon and TONS of people manage to afford Verizon, most people averaging 200-300 bucks a month and happy to dish it out. There’s thousands of areas around the country you can get under one megabit with T-Mobile and still manage to get 2-3 or even 5-10 with Sprint.

          I’d also love to know where there’s more than one block of T-Mobile LTE anywhere near me, because not me nor anyone on RootMetrics, OpenSignal or even lame little Sensorly have found any. Just T-Mobile’s bogus map. Sprint is garbage where Spark isn’t, that is well known, however T-Mobile will soon follow because they both use the same EXACT high frequencies, and T-Mo uses even HIGHER. Sprint sucks? That’s what they get with Unlimited data, allowing people to abuse the life out of their service. T-Mobile WILL follow or Legere will make bs stipulations. People think T-Mo is sooooo different. Sprint will replace all of their 1900MHz garbage with lower and even higher frequencies for superior indoor and outdoor coverage, and by the time this is half done, T-Mobile still won’t even cover important areas with 700MHz and offer enough phones for people to take advantage.

          CNET is also very biased and unprofessional. They did that same nonsense with Verizon vs AT&T back in like 2011 or so. Regardless of the lacking markets, two years later, AT&T blew Verizon out of the water and no one was giving them credit. People were still busy praising overpriced and lame Verizon.

          Use real sources that force you to face reality, like RootMetrics. I never hear T-Mobile thumpers citing RootMetrics. Only Sensorly, which is lame and has the least data of all in the US. It shows there’s only a dozen or two markets or so where T-Mobile is worth a crap and only a few they actually dominate.

  • tomarone

    That’s not how you hold a pipe! Who are those weird people around the clock face? There’s only one woman there (1/12?) and no Carly, what happened to her?
    There is no smoke coming from that pipe (it’s a stupid prop) what’s he smoking?

    • emnyc

      Rumor is that Carly and John Legere had a “special friendship” that ended so her contract wasn’t renewed.

  • Michael Johnson

    You know, sometimes I would like to read a discussion that is both educational and respectful. That simply isn’t the case with most of the discussions I see on this or any of the Phonedog sites. They seem to be filled with know-it-all people that have something to prove or just straight haters with nothing to do with their lives who just like to sht on people who have a different opinion then they do. News flash: NO ONE GIVES A F. This is just some website on the internet and NO ONE CARES how much you think you know about whatever it is you seem to be an expert on. Come on people, cut the bs and ask yourself what it is you are accomplishing by posting a comment for the sole purpose of ripping a previous comment to shreds. I don’t want to read this stuff (normally I don’t because it is so pointless!!!!) and I’m sure there are other people who share this opinion. So do us a favor and put your d away, we all already know that it is way bigger than everyone else’s!

    • Mirad77

      Am sorry MJ, people care more (than) you think. If they don’t, what will be fruit of your lengthy comment? True so that some like to sh*t on others but they still care to sh*t on others. See I care and read every word you wrote. Happy holidays.

  • Dean Smith

    DATA SLASH. still behind all 3 carriers and bad coverage. its time to work on coverage NOW

    • Mr Paul

      You’re not the only one. It seems those not in CA, TX, FL or the great lakes / rust belt aren’t getting so lucky. And I hate to say it, but if you didn’t or don’t have flat out coverage in any areas now, it won’t improve because they’re only upgrading towers they have throwing 700MHz where it’s not needed and not putting it where it is needed. Not to mention people are reporting as speeds go up, coverage actually decreases.