John Legere wishes his competition a merry Christmas… sort of

When it comes to company CEOs, it’s safe to say there aren’t many out there like John Legere. T-Mobile is the UN-carrier, Legere is the UN-CEO. Giving up stiff suits, shirt and tie in favor of a magenta T-shirt and Converse sneakers. He’s also not to shy to give a dig towards his competition, often calling out their sales tactics as being non customer-focussed. In that spirit, check out the Vine he just posted. It made me chuckle. Can you imagine Randall Stephenson or Daniel Hesse ever doing this?


  • Eric


  • SZL

    Hahaha! That’s awesome.

  • DoDaDum

    You gotta love this guy!

  • Matt


  • Jay J. Blanco

    Counting down until February 4Q report

    • princedannyb

      Me too! Hopefully 2g news. Im not complaning though.

  • BigMixxx

    I don’t think he owns a suit….
    The dude is funny…

  • Spanky

    John Legere is like a fratboy who never grew up.

    • Your comment got 2 likes and it’s just silly and doesn’t make sense. Wow.

      • AndroidProfit

        It’s got 7 likes. Do you feel better now?

        • Nah, just being honest. Your comment ads no value to the thread, that’s all I’m saying. You mad? Don’t be, just keep it moving.

        • AndroidProfit

          I know you think you are witty with the,”you mad” thing but try and be original and think for yourself. Who are you to judge whose comments add to the thread or not?

      • Spanky

        Oh, it makes perfect sense. The only reason you don’t think it doesn’t is because I posted something critical on a “T-Mobile fan site”. You know it just as well as I do.

        • Spanky

          “you don’t think it DOES”
          Sorry, haven’t had my morning coffee yet!

    • Andrew

      John Legere is awesome-ness!! I freaking love this guy with all my heart and soul!!! He’s funny as hell!! T-Mobile has the power now. Also T-Mobile will be in the process in allowing Dish Network to buy them, allowing Dish to be owners over T-Mobole now!! Yaaayysss!! At&t, Sprint and Verizon Wireless can all kiss my shiny tanned skinned dark skinned Cuban/Brazilian/Panamanian and Guyanese booty for all I care!! #TeamT-Mobile US # TeamDishNetwork

    • AndroidProfit

      THAT IS A SPOT ON ASSESSMENT. To me he looks like a slimy used car salesman.

    • josephsinger

      And this is bad because?… Do you really think anyone gives a fig about his unconventional moves? If I was a shareholder in T-Mobile I sure wouldn’t be. He’s brought the company on the plus side where formerly they were bleeding from subscribers leaving.

  • Alex Zapata

    Should have used crude oil.

  • Big Kahuna

    Please add more than 5 lines to a contract. I need at least 6.

    • Chris

      You can have more than 5 if you have good credit. I know someone that has 7 phone lines + 2 internet devices. He doesn’t use the internet devices and only has 4 phone lines active currently. Ask them to re-run your credit and see if you can now be allowed more than 5 lines.

    • pbxtech

      Non-business account are always 5 lines. Depending on credit, you can have more than 5, but the 6th to the 10th lines are sub-account of the first five lines. So, if you have 10 lines you’ll be paying $220.

      MBB’s are treated differently. I have 5 lines and I’m allowed for up-to 5 MBB lines. Per my credit score Tmo rep has determine that I could have 6 phone line but the issue is that – my sixth line will be a sub-account. The sixth line will be another $50.

      I’m contemplating switching my account to enterprise because I can use my tax id.

      There’s an Enterprise account that I want to switch too and it’s called the 6+. The first two lines are again $50/30 then the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th lines are $10 each. So the MRC on the 6+ is $120/month plus taxes of course. If you need more than six phones, each additional lines are $20,instead of the $10 AAL fee, and no line limit.

  • donnybee

    I love this!

    • Andrew

      I’m loving this part too Donnybee. T-Mobile is shutting things down as we speak my Dears friend!!

  • hmm


  • bryck

    Hey John, you want to give us a Christmas present! don’t merge t-mobile with sprint or dish. :-)

    • Andrew

      Dish buy Tmobile. Sprint will Not buyout Tmobile!!!

  • seancaldwell

    Feels like this company is on a big growth curve. If their new uncarrier announcement lets people switch easier…look out. They’ll be in the position to buy dish (or sprint) in 2014 if they want.

    Finally a wireless company that appears to be attempting to make customers really happy.

  • hanfeedback

    Cool video, I thought it was funny and good humored and I like what Legere is doing!

  • AndroidProfit

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE John!!! Seek mental health assistance ASAP! This guy acts like a 12 year old. So sad to see.

    • Andrew

      Stop hating. He’s the reason why Tmobile will soon become #3!! Screw dumb people like At&t and Sprint for that matters my friend!! Leave John Legere alone for GOD SAKES!!

      • Spanky

        John Legere is a public person who is obviously trying to generate attention with his sophomoric antics. Needless to say, not all attention will be positive. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

        • josephsinger

          Does anyone really care about his “sophomoric antics?” I’d say yes! The head droids at VeriZon and AT&T do. That’s why they have been playing catch up to every move that T-Mobile makes.

    • D Nice

      Don’t be such a jerk about it. Why not have a CEO that’s fun, energetic, and full of life. Things are looking real promising for T-mobile.I have noticed when working for companies in the past where the team lead, manager, CEO, etc… really boost the morale of employees when they have this energy to them like Mr. Legere. It helps your company in the long run.

    • CantStopTheTMob

      Wow AndroidProfit, three trolls in one thread. Stepping it up for the holidays, eh?

      • thepanttherlady

        Don’t mind Robert. Sometimes it’s hard for him to hide his love for John. :)

        • CantStopTheTMob

          Yes, I know his posts. ;) Likely the biggest troll on this site.

        • AndroidProfit

          Thanks for being a fan!

      • AndroidProfit

        Ya sorry if I don’t suck John’s Yule log like some of you.

      • Jorge Diaz

        Forgive AndroidProfit! Some simpletons just were not blessed with a sense of humor, like the rest of us. They are too stiff from the titanium male rods they are sitting on, they can’t even move.

        I love John’s sense of humor. This vine is sheer genius! He’s bold and fearless. Kudos to him.

  • AndroidProfit

    “Can you imagine Randall Stephenson or Daniel Hesse ever doing this?” No because GROWN ADULT MEN have BUSINESSES to run! They aren’t wasting time acting like a fratboy on social media.

    • Andrew


      • Spanky

        Welcome back, UniqueDrewski85! How’ve you been?

        • Matthew

          Hello Spanky that was not me hating on you guys. I actually want T-Mobile to remain permanent allowing Dish to be the main owners of T-Mobile US verses Sprint doing such thing for the companies there friend. Someone that dislikes me were the ones making up extra stuff that wasn’t said out of my mouth. I’m actually a really really nice person to know. I love everybody. So yes I appologize okay? I’m sorry. Love you!!

        • Matthew

          Someone got onto my account thing started making up things I never even said extra. So again I’m very SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPENED!! DO YOU FORGIVE ME NOW OR WHAT?

      • Mr_Slurpee

        I need you do something for the universe. See that key on your keyboard, to the left of the letter A? It should say caps lock. We need for you to remove it, because clearly you have no idea how to turn it off so you have no business turning it on.

        • Matthew

          Oh please I was simply sticking up for TmobileUS. So there’s no need in you trying to hate with how I’m typing. It is normal to type that way. You should be thankful instead of trying to hate. So please shut your mouth already. Have a nice weekend and Holidays Sir.

        • Mr_Slurpee

          Well, Matthew/Andrew, since you were born yesterday, I’ll apologize for being so hateful. I wish to politely inform you that internet etiquette states that typing in all caps is semantically equivalent to screaming. So, thanks for screaming at us. You sure showed us!

        • Drew

          Hmm who are you to dictate on what internet etiquette is knowing me was not doing such at all wrong in the first place!! You seriously did not have to step all up in my business due to it to not have been a big problem with the way that I was typing. You should be thanking me for sticking up for our T-Mobile US company. Please refrain from trying to attack me ever again, Okay? Good!!! Now will you excuse me you seriously needs to get a life and leave me alone!! You don’t talk on others for typing the same as me. Why not them, instead attack me? Just please shut your face. It was just a normal writing. Anybody can write in such way without all of that brainwashing talk you were trying to do on me just nows there’s!! Just please mind your business next time. I was not even shouting !! Thank you!!

    • S. Ali

      Last I checked the were copying T-mobile and losing customers.

  • AndroidProfit

    He could have KEPT IT REAL and simply dumped out each stocking. The TMobile stocking could have had a bunch of cash while the others had none. He could have made the point about how you are left with more money in your pocket. Instead it comes off as low-rent and creepy!

  • CantStopTheTMob

    Go John go!

    Interesting to note that David Been also covered this on 9to5Google. Make sure you comment over there too so that he continues his TMobile posts.

  • ikeepzitreal

    Lol, what a smartass I love this guy! Go tmo!

  • MarcusDW

    Oh man that is cash! I had to watch it over and over lol

    • Andrew

      How do you know if its cash or not? Small cash wrapped up in that plastic bag there is what you mean?

      • sb

        I think he is using “cash” as an expression of awesomeness. He’s putting coal in the stockings, not cash :-)

  • xxdrizzyxx

    Ah I love him!!!!

  • ceegii63

    he should have gotten them ATT, SPRINT and VZW bills respectively

  • ronjon400

    he is too damn funny! now that i know about john legere and seen his videos, i would stay with t-mobile even if the service wasn’t that great.

    • AndroidProfit

      T-Mobile service isn’t really that great so basically you are staying with him no matter what.

      • ronjon400

        i have excellent t-mobile service here in central florida.
        i average 22-54 down and 8-16 up. I have no idea why you would need anymore than that on a effing cell phone.

        • FluX

          True. Who needs 150 MBPS for anything other than bragging purposes?

        • Dakota

          Most people don’t even need that.. But you have to acknowledge many people can’t access anything near that on T-Mobile, especially out of an urban center or indoors. Every individual is going to have their own personal anecdote. The big picture is what to keep your eye on… That will go a long way toward reversing the company’s reputation

    • Dakota

      His face scares me. He looks like a batman villain. Whenever I see him on TV interviews, he comes across like a crazy man

  • josephsinger

    Picky picky picky. Please “He’s also not to shy…” Pesky homophones.

  • lynyrd65

    He hesitated on the Sprint stocking……!

  • AndroidProfit

    LOL! Considering the s4. Called tmobile. The rep told me that the AMOLED screen meant it was harder to break and Samsung WatchOn allows me to use the phone with the watch. Think we need better training.

    • Dakota

      Their employees knowledge about the company’s phones and policies has always been poor. The store employees have been just as bad or worse. Having 3rd party stores that look and seem like T-Mobile to customers make it even worse

      • Tmo1082

        A lot of 3rd party stores give better customer service than the corporate owned stores because they pay all of their own bills and cant affored to lose customers. Although mall kiosk always seem to be the worst when it comes to customer service not matter who owns it.

  • galaxymaniac

    regardless of whatever Legere puts in their socks, they made off with far better bonuses this year than him .. in spite of what people think of the companies, ATT and VzW execs are good at what they are paid to do – increase profits and they are handsomely rewarded for it too..

  • Joseph Tongret

    I love John, he is the Charlie Sheen of Wireless, lol! What a F&©¿ING ROCK STAR!

  • Quint

    I wouldn’t want him laughing at me… I would be crying LOL