Galaxy Note 4 is T-Mobile’s best phone of 2014 according to TmoNews readers

A couple of weeks ago we published a poll to see which of T-Mobile’s 2014 handset lineup had won the most hearts and minds. Being a carrier with strong roots in Android, and a relative newcomer to the iPhone, T-Mo fans were always going to vote more for a Google-powered device. But the question was: which one?

1st – Galaxy Note 4

note 4


As it turns out, Samsung’s latest phablet is the one device to really wow you this year. Collecting over 20% of the votes, the Galaxy Note 4 was the clear winner among this year’s smartphone range on Magenta shelves.


2nd Place – Nexus 6


In 2nd place is the latest pure Android device. Motorola and Google partnered to devastating effect with the Nexus 6, and despite being on the market for just a few weeks, and having a somewhat disastrous launch, it’s still managed to pull in 899 votes.

3rd Place – LG G3


LG’s latest flagship placed 3rd in the poll with over 13.5% of the vote, just 34 votes ahead of the iPhone 6. And I’m really note surprised. It was announced by LG at the beginning of the summer and has drawn much praise from most who’ve used it. What’s more, it was the first device to go QuadHD.

The rest

Apart from those three, the iPhone 6 was the only other device to cross the double-figure boundary percentage-wise, with 12.95% of the vote.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll, there were just over 6000 votes in total. You can see the results of the vote for yourself below.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 21.27.01

I found it really interesting. Although I knew I should expect the Note 4 and Nexus 6 to do well, I didn’t have a clue how the figures would play out. And although I admire the G3, I didn’t think it would score higher than the Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z3.

Did any of the results surprise you?

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  • Chris

    Not surprised at all. I do feel good though, I have 3 lines on my plan, my friend has a Note 4, I have a Nexus 6 and my gf has a G3. Seems like we’re pretty set lol.

    • Cam Bunton

      You have ALL THE BEST PHONES!! ;-)

      • Chris

        Haha yup!

  • lastxit

    Not at all surprised. The Note 4 has a lot going on, and I can see why people really like it. I think this poll is even more telling about the popularity (or lack thereof) of the Note Edge.

    • psychoace

      Note Edge is a niche product. It’s not meant to compete against the Note 4. It’s just to try something different and see where it goes.

      • IPhart 6 bendgate

        plus alot more people have the note4 because it came out before the edge. people tends to vote for the device they have and not the one they don’t.

  • Adrayven

    Never noticed the poll.. so didn’t vote..

    • Jake

      Not only that but most of the people on this forum are Android fans… I guess the market speaks for itself.

      • John Doe

        Also most smartphone sales on T-mobile are Android phones. It not just the forums, T-mobile sells more samsung phones than any other US carriers.

        • aaron

          from where did u get this info?

  • david

    Nexus elitism is one thing I will never understand.

    • Rob O’Connell

      I loved my nexus 4, cheap, nice size etc
      But when it comes to note 4 vs nexus 6 I don’t get it. Note 4 has better camera, removable battery, external SD, s-pen, IR blaster. It’s just no contest. Does nexus 6 even have band 12?

      • John Doe

        Better build quality, better software, quick updates from google, bigger screen, dual speakers, decent camera, good battery life (big battery and android 5.0 volta), unlocked, better support from android community (root, ROMs, etc.), better company, better app support since developers build for nexus first and yes all the bands in the world. AND NO BLOATWARE.

        I prefer that over an IR blaster, s-pen, removable battery and even external SD

        • Rob O’Connell

          Fair enough, choice is good ☺
          Nexus 6 was definitely next on my list along with z3 both great phones in sure.

          I figure when the note 4 software stops getting updates to latest android I’ll either sell it or root it. But I agree the latest, clean google software is a big plus.
          On the bloatware though I will say I’ve been able to disable anything that has annoyed me. Sure there’s wasted space but I have the external SD and I think lollipop solves the bloatware space issue by allowing one to delete.

      • Chris Hilbert

        Yes to Band 12.

      • Anonymous

        I absolutely love my nexus 6, but I have to agree with you on that.

    • Brad

      Same as samsung elitism, apple elitism, etc… but I think nexus works best for me. Stock android is the nicest, smoothest, smallest rom out there… Plus fast updates. Every phone I’ve had other than my two nexii have been rooted and rom’d… cyanogenmod to make it feel more stock.

  • Dan Cook

    just picked mine up yesterday. Merry Christmas / Happy Birthday to me. Upgraded from the G3. So far so good!! The quick charge is awesome!! Fingerprint scanner is a little touchy.

    • Brad

      haha, I see what you did there…

  • Jake

    I’m sure Apple is pretty happy where it stands! LMAO

  • AA-Ron

    There’s still a few things I would like to see on them note. However the note 4 is the best phone it’s owned. It’s more of a note 3.6.. I told myself that I was going to stop upgrading even year, but I have a feeling that they 5 is going to come strong with it.

  • Jorge Luis Marrero Santos

    I have iPhone 6, but i gree with Note 4 for one thing. Support of 12Band 700mhz ;)

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    I might have gone for the Note 4, if it had front speakers and was waterproof and had a slightly smaller screen. But since it didn’t I went with the Xperia Z3. :)

    • Brad

      “I might have gone for the Note 4, if it was a completely different phone”

      fixed it for you :-P

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        Well, it doesn’t need to be COMPLETELY different…I could deal with an SAMOLED screen. :)

  • Nick

    I love my Note 4!!!

    • Philip

      I love my Note 4. The best phone I ever had. Long battery life!

      • Chad

        and i love my note 3, hehe!

  • matt

    Note 4 without touchwiz would be the best phone

    • david

      Goodbye S-Pen, goodbye multi-window, goodbye true multitasking, goodbye image quality, goodbye actually good camera software, goodbye good battery life, goodbye useful apps, and goodbye 700 nits of brightness. Do you know anything about TouchWiz or are you just parroting what you heard on a nexus opinion blog?

      • Brad

        “true multitasking”? wut?

        • Austin

          Multi window

        • Brad

          So that’s mentioned twice. As two features. Also, having used it, it’s not great. The apps don’t fit and not everything is technically supported. Besides, what benefit is having two apps open at once? You can only interact with one at a time…

    • Rob O’Connell

      I use nova home app, what remains of touchwiz is mostly very positive s-pen multitasking etc.

    • Jay Holm

      Download a launcher, Apex, Nova. . .people complain too much, problem easily solved!

      • Brad

        To be fair… it’s the notification drawer and random little bullshit things like the volume warning when you plug in headphones or the warning when you’re fully charged that annoy me. I have a galaxy tab and use xposed to get rid of most of it and use google experience launcher… but nothing gets rid of the toggles and blacked out notification drawer.

  • Nate44

    Note 4 truly takes advantage of its QHD screen with true multitasking windows, S pen support. Nexus 6 is just a big phone. Also The screen and camera are the best right now.

    • Guest s

      Agree, as a long time Nexus user (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5), I decided to get the Note 4 and I was blown away by the extra functionality of the large screen (multiple windows, screen write, etc). The Super AMOLED screen on basic mode is also the best on the market, everything looks amazing! :p
      Hope Lollipop comes soon. I installed Google Launcher (Now) and Google Keyboard and everything is good (best of Nexus and Twiz)

    • Orion

      So what? Nexus 6 has a big screen to watch videos and stock android. That’s all I need. A stylus is just a bonus.

  • nain

    I have the note 4 and the nexus 6. They’re both AWESOME in their own way. I couldn’t pick a “better” phone if I wanted, both phones have their flaws but who cares??

    Pros :

    Note 4:

    Nexus 6:
    Speakers (My fave)
    bigger screen
    Stock Android

    • jonathan3579

      Definitely agree with this!

    • Sniper1087

      true, no matter how many times I use the pen on the note 4, I still can’t find anything newer from the note 3 capabilities, Multitasking is also the same, and display on the note 4 is almost the same as the nexus both QUAD HD which is great, samsung has the better display by a little bit, the nexus is very close.

  • I really wanted the Note 4 but my last phone broke and couldn’t wait. Rockin’ a G3 here! …Still kind of want the Note 4 though :(

  • Verizonthunder

    Love my Sony Xperia Z3 great camera, battery life, waterproof and a conversation piece.

    • skittle

      Great features. But one you don’t mention. The phone is built well and it’s rugged enough for self defense ;) Dont use an iPhone 6 or 6 plus for this. There is a Sony Store in my mall. I am definatetly going to take a look at the larger phones. I have a Note 4 and its starting to feel small.

      • Sniper1087

        nexus 6 is big and front facing speakers, as well as android lollipop you got to try it in store.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    No question the Galaxy Note 4 is the GOLD standard of phablets since 2011. Nothing on the market today compares or tops any Galaxy Note product no matter how hard they try.

    With the Galaxy Note Edge aboard now the Note line products will enter into another stratosphere that will never be compared to any other product.

    It’s pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products they are android nothing else matters.

    • dayaram

      Paid samsung commenter

    • Mathew Colburn

      How much does Samsung pay you to troll these sites Yarrell? Nothing? Ok, get off their D, please.

    • MarylandUSA

      I’ll stay with my Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition (Sony C6806 GPE), thank you. It supports all of today’s T-Mobile bands, allows magnetic charging, sports a gorgeous quantum-dot screen, and dwarfs the Note 4 while still fitting in a shirtpocket. The Sony Store is clearing out the Sony Xperia-branded version (C6806) for $300.

      • skittle

        Great deal for this phone. I hear the branded phones software is quite good on the Z Ultra. I hope they continue to offer these larger models.

    • squiddy20

      1. You’ve been saying literally the exact same crap for the past few years now. You haven’t even ever given a different/new reason why Samsung is so “pimp slapping”. You are the epitome of a broken record and a blind fanboy.
      2. “the Note line products will enter into another stratosphere” Yeahhhh…. considering the stratosphere is only the second highest layer of the earth’s atmosphere (out of 5 total), you’re not setting your sights high enough. Go back to grade school and get a decent education, or learn to look things up on your “pimp slapping” Note 4.

    • mingkee

      I’ll refuse to buy Samsh*t phone anymore because I feel I am insulted.

      • Jerry Rich

        I’m insulted that you post here.

  • mingkee

    G3 is actually a great phone after 10m update.
    Very stable (no single crash or reboot itself 4 months down)
    Loud and clear earpiece and speakerphone
    Decent cam with fast focus
    Mine screen is OK and it’s cool white
    Decent battery.
    LG has done a great job on this one.

  • eanfoso

    Maybe best phone in t mobile, but not the best phone, at least not for me anyway

  • superg05


    • Sniper1087

      just FYI is note edge only, but anyways enjoy it :)

      • superg05

        not internally it’s not

  • Jay Holm

    Merry Christmas to my fellow Tmo fans! Looking forward to T-Mobile reaching **60 Million** customers in the 2nd half of next year!!! And I’m looking forward to Snapdragon 810 equipped smartphones to reach the market, perticularly a Tmo friendly Moto X somewhere around September 2015, I would suppose. . . . .

  • 1ceTr0n

    I’m so unhappy with my Note 3 after liking my note 1 tons and my Note 2 also being pretty good. After 3 exchanges and software updates I STILL have issues with

    1. Wifi droppage on all wifi networks.
    2. Piss poor picture quality all around
    3. Slow SD card access even with Class 10 microSD
    4. LTE droppage to 4G for no apparent reason
    5. Completly assinine menu system for enabling GPS through location menu.

    I’m about ready to throw this thing into a farking lake and get a Note 4 and hope to God it doesn’t suck or I will have to write samsungs off forever and switch to HTC or Sony

    • mingkee

      Unfortunately, cam on Note 3 based machine is SLOW (Tab Pro 8.4 has same problem).

    • Cam Fas

      I went thru two note3s one stopped charging after three weeks the other crashed and reset itself over and over again and the text messaging keypad kept getting stuck on the screen finally I went to tmobile and used jump and got the 6Plus 128 gig and not looking back got the first batch and no problems

  • superg05

    OMG band 12 is on and active in Dallas today :)

    • So jealous. I got the Note 4 for JUST that reason… and it’s not on in LA.

  • josh

    at the end does xperia z3 have band 12?

  • Jerry Rich

    “T-Mo fans were always going to vote more for a Google-powered device. But the question was: which one?”

    I don’t think that’s true at all. If the majority of people that read this blog believed an IOS phone or Blackberry phone were the superior phone your poll would reflect their views. I think the Note 4 stands as the more popular device because in many heads up reviews the Note 4 has proven to be the best device.

  • monkeybutts

    so a lot of people voted for a phone they didn’t even have at the time? (Nexus 6) I know some people are just barely getting the phone this week.

    • jonathan3579

      I have had mine since launch so I was a vote. I’m sure many others have received theirs by now too. I’ve seen a few out in the wild as well.

      • Sniper1087

        I ordered mine and is just arriving soon, so not everybody. I have tested it and lollipop is just great to have. After seeing note 4s starting to freeze I don’t see myself getting any phone with touchwiz again until samsung decide to do an overhaul and makes it so it does not “lag”, now I don’t hate samsung, but they throw a lot of useless stuff, if they see people don’t use some of the stuff they put in there, why not take it out?. anyhow I am rambling at this point just pick the phone you like and be happy with it.

  • victor rios

    Yes and yes!!!. Note 4 is the best smartphone. I’m Samsung device lover. I had S, S2 and Note 2 smartphones and since 1 month the incredible Note 4. Android is the best OS.

  • vikrantsaxena

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  • Philip

    What is the most popular phone in USA?

    • Sean

      Probably still the iPhone…but the Samsungs come pretty darn close.

    • monkeybutts

      iPhone makes up over 40% of all smart phones being used in the US.

  • Sean

    I’ve had numerous phones in the past year (including the iPhone, HTC One M8, and Galaxy S5)…but my Note 4 is here to stay for a long while. I just love this thing.

  • Orion

    Rocking the Nexus 6 for over a month. Love it. Big screen and stock android ftw.

  • Mike Burke

    Love my note 4 the iPhone got bigger but it’s the same phone basically. The Note series always brings bar up higher for everyone to top so I’ll keep buying the best phone with the best camera and screen every year. Love my note