Uncarrier 4.0 was 2014’s biggest T-Mobile move according to you


Towards the end of last year, we started hearing from our sources that T-Mobile was planning to launch an awesome Uncarrier move at CES. And sure enough, at en event in Las Vegas last January, John Legere and T-Mobile made waves. If it wasn’t the AT&T Macklemore concert that got your attention, T-Mobile offering to pay off your Early Termination Fee to switch probably did.

It was a big move, and one which most of you seem to think was the most important one T-Mo made this year. In our poll, almost 1,100 votes placed Uncarrier 4.0 as this year’s biggest move of 2014. It grabbed 21.4% of the vote.

In a close second, T-Mobile’s wide-reaching and intense LTE network upgrades finished with 1,028 votes (20.2%). And that’s really no surprise. T-Mo’s engineers have been hard at work lighting up LTE in new, previously 2G/EDGE-only markets. They’ve also deployed the much faster Wideband LTE in 27 markets with speeds reaching over 100Mbps on some occasions. What’s more, the carrier has also been acquiring low-band 700MHz spectrum to better penetrate buildings, and has even begun activating it. In short: It’s been a great year for network expansion.

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In third place – some way behind with just 695 votes – Uncarrier 6.0 and the offer of unlimited music streaming grabbed 13.6% of the votes cast.

In total, we received 5,102 votes, over half of which where spread over the top 3 choices. The least popular moves were the Simple Starter plan, EIP on Accessories and the 7-Day Test Drive (Uncarrier 5.0). They shared just 4.44% of the vote between them.

One notable absence was Uncarrier 8.0. Sadly, we published the poll before we even knew T-Mobile was about to unleash its latest Uncarrier phase. And most of the votes had already been cast by that point, meaning adding it in later wouldn’t provide accurate results. If we publish one next year, I’ll be sure to tag Uncarrier 8.0 along with 2015’s moves.

What do you make of the results? Where do you think Uncarrier 8.0 would have placed had it been announced before the poll was published?

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