Uncarrier 4.0 was 2014’s biggest T-Mobile move according to you


Towards the end of last year, we started hearing from our sources that T-Mobile was planning to launch an awesome Uncarrier move at CES. And sure enough, at en event in Las Vegas last January, John Legere and T-Mobile made waves. If it wasn’t the AT&T Macklemore concert that got your attention, T-Mobile offering to pay off your Early Termination Fee to switch probably did.

It was a big move, and one which most of you seem to think was the most important one T-Mo made this year. In our poll, almost 1,100 votes placed Uncarrier 4.0 as this year’s biggest move of 2014. It grabbed 21.4% of the vote.

In a close second, T-Mobile’s wide-reaching and intense LTE network upgrades finished with 1,028 votes (20.2%). And that’s really no surprise. T-Mo’s engineers have been hard at work lighting up LTE in new, previously 2G/EDGE-only markets. They’ve also deployed the much faster Wideband LTE in 27 markets with speeds reaching over 100Mbps on some occasions. What’s more, the carrier has also been acquiring low-band 700MHz spectrum to better penetrate buildings, and has even begun activating it. In short: It’s been a great year for network expansion.

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 13.30.44

In third place – some way behind with just 695 votes – Uncarrier 6.0 and the offer of unlimited music streaming grabbed 13.6% of the votes cast.

In total, we received 5,102 votes, over half of which where spread over the top 3 choices. The least popular moves were the Simple Starter plan, EIP on Accessories and the 7-Day Test Drive (Uncarrier 5.0). They shared just 4.44% of the vote between them.

One notable absence was Uncarrier 8.0. Sadly, we published the poll before we even knew T-Mobile was about to unleash its latest Uncarrier phase. And most of the votes had already been cast by that point, meaning adding it in later wouldn’t provide accurate results. If we publish one next year, I’ll be sure to tag Uncarrier 8.0 along with 2015’s moves.

What do you make of the results? Where do you think Uncarrier 8.0 would have placed had it been announced before the poll was published?

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  • johnnyfromtmobile

    Thank you cam for all that you do for this website and keeping it alive, I just want you to know that I appreciate you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • PK

      Amen to that. I visit this site a few times a day anticipating new stories! Merry Christmas Cam and thank you for all your hard work!

      • Cam Bunton

        Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. Hope you guys have a great festive period!

        • Deadeye37

          I don’t think women would really call their period festive….

          Sorry, I couldn’t help myself :)

          Happy Christmas and thank you for all you do for this site!

    • Cam Bunton

      Apologies for being slushy, but you actually melted my heart. Thanks so much for the kind words. :-) My family and I will now be drinking mulled cider, and eating a week’s worth of food in just 48 hours. All the best! :-)

      • superg05

        band 12 is active in Dallas,tx oh yeah and have a good Christmas

    • Fabian Cortez

      He has really kept it together since David left.

    • Aaron C

      I agree wholeheartedly. I love this site! Thanks for keeping it alive! Happy Holidays, and may band 12 bring you everything you ever wanted in 2015! ;)

  • former Tmo rep

    The bottom three are important moves, just not to the demographic that tmonews readers belong to.

  • Verizonthunder

    Thank you T-mobile my bother and his wife left sprint due to Uncarrier 4.0. Guess what now they have true unlimited talk, text, data and 5gb of mobile hotspot use for two lines of one hundred bucks a month. My bother loves the call quality with both HD voice and VoLTE but also the data speeds his own words were wow that’s fast.

    • Aaron C

      I think people these days forget about call quality. It’s always top notch with T-Mobile. I have a friend on Verizon with an S5 and I really dread talking to him on his cell because the call quality is just terrible. Either the Galaxy S5 is terrible or the Verizon network is.

      • Probably the network. My uncle used to have Sprint (CDMA network) Verizon is also (CDMA). He lives in Miami, so coverage wasn’t an issue. Call quality sucked! I could barely make out what he was saying half the time. He switched to T-Mobile last month. Big difference with call quality. Same phone as well, just different network.

      • Verizonthunder

        Oh my brother was given a Verizon flip phone for work and could not understand his boss he told him wait I’ll call you on my personal phone… Guess what not only was he able to get better reception but also call quality. His coworkers have Verizon and cannot get reception well in the building he works at; my brothers LG G flex can pick up reception with no issues. Also sprint tried to lure my brother and wife back she told them no we tried twice to work with you but would not lower our bill. They paid with sprint $164 that is with a eighteen percent discount from his wife’s last job while T-Mobile is $137 that includes financing for her iPhone 6 64gb with ten dollar a month jump program. They love T-Mobile!!

  • Mike Palomba

    Thai so kind of off topic but I must say wideband is crazy. Yesterday I did a speed test here in Staten Island and I hit 60mps download. I’ve never even come close before .

    • Jay Holm

      I’ve gotten a speed as high as 83mbps in Stratford, Ct.

    • maximus1901

      TMO lte not so amazing in anaheim Fullerton Cali. On lte full bars 2 down, 9 up. Yes you read that right. Upload is higher than download.
      While in metro Detroit my iPhone 4S gets avg 4-5mbps here it’s about 0.5

      • Justin

        I got 74mbs down in metro detroit with my LG G3. Upgrade your phone.

        • maximus1901

          When my current phone breaks I will.

        • Austin

          There’s no problem if you refuse to upgrade your phone because it isn’t broken, even though there is a solution to your “problem.” Detroit is one of the few markets that has 20×20 LTE, which means theoretical peak speeds of 150 mbps. That is more than enough bandwidth to go around for whatever you need to do on a mobile device.

        • maximus1901

          Please read. I state my 4S is fine in Detroit with avg speeds 5mbps.
          It’s in anaheim Fullerton CA that my avg speeds are 0.5mbps

        • Austin

          OK that’s fine. .5mbps should be expected once in a while if you refuse to upgrade your phone to one with LTE. 2 mbps is fast enough for most things on a phone. It’s probably congestion if you are saying that your LTE phone is “only” getting 2 mbps and the upload is 9 mbps. Are you in/near Disneyland as only AT&T is known to have good service in that area. IF you still have a problem for whatever reason, contact John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO at John.Legere@t-mobile.com. However, like me and others have told you this is within the expected range for LTE, especially within a city as large as LA. There are areas like the SF Bay Area where the congestion is much worse than that.

      • Austin

        The iPhone 4S doesn’t have LTE. That should be expected with HSPA+. Do your research before complaining.

        • maximus1901

          I was comparing Hspa speeds in Detroit and anaheim: 5mbps vs 0.5mbps.
          Do your reading before admonishing.

        • Michael

          You could have made it more clear by stating what phone you were using to test the LTE speeds vs. your iPhone 4S which only can get HSPA+ speeds. That is all.

        • Ray

          Uhm you’re still technically saying your average data speeds on your 4s is thorough LTE. There were no transitions and you cannot assume that everyone knows the 4s is not LTE capable… And no, I’m not the grammar police.

        • maximus1901

          I specifically stated lte is 2 dn, 9 up.
          Looks like you don’t get your boyscout #reading badge

      • eanfoso

        You do realize that iPhone 4S doesn’t even have a LTE right?

    • Aaron C

      Here on Long Island I got 70 down, 27 up a mile from my house last week. Never seen speeds like that even with my cable modem! I was amazed…

  • Brad

    Post a “would you have changed your vote if 8 was on there” poll :-P

  • superg05

    band 12 700a is on in dallas today

  • no2apple

    Stop your boring posts Cam… Getting really bored now..

  • Brian Kim

    4.0 was the one that finally allowed my family to dump Verizon and get on T-mobile. No regrets. Coverage is the same, and the data is faster. I’m not paying a lower bill, but I do get more data for the same price, and with no fear of constant overages.

    And on top of all that, now I get data rollover too. Good times.

    • maximus1901

      Where are you located that coverage is same?

      • Greg

        I’m in South Carolina and I get even faster speeds at work and at home as I did with Verizon for significantly less out of pocket. I only have a small area between here and where my daughter goes to college that coverage gets sketchy with data.

  • The Test Drive was really big, but most people don’t even know about it. It seems to be getting downplayed. I’d put it at #3 instead of music.

  • Michael Carannante

    My favorite thing about Tmo is that they’re a consumer friendly company. I will pick them up as a carrier the day they get 4G LTE in my small rural town.

    • Mr Paul

      And then your town’s tower will be down half the time, and you’ll still get no coverage once you venture everywhere else. Huehuehue

  • vikrantsaxena

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  • Mark Kendrick

    When building penetration improves I’ll be outside the T-Mobile store waiting for it to open like the old Mervyns commercials.

    • Mr Paul

      I’m so disgusted by the dishonesty and fanboy base of this company, I’d rather wait for Spark instead, because AT&T works great for me in the meantime.

      • Mark Kendrick

        Fanboy? I like the idea of no overages, music streaming not counting against my data allowance and roll over data as well. At&t is a pretty good service I used them for a few years but they don’t have LTE where I moved 18 months ago. I switched to Verizon because they have the best overall coverage where I’m at but they charge extortion level service fees.

        • Mr Paul

          Yes. I don’t blame anyone for using Verizon because where AT&T isn’t or even Spark isn’t fully (98% of markets lol I hope Sprint gets building next year), there’s no other choice. I won’t use them again because they’re simply criminals and I’ve always hated that ugly big red check.

          First they charge you more than every other carrier on the continent, they then force you to pay for Visual Voicemail if you don’t happen to be on an iPhone or maybe WP not sure, and then you even have to pay for regular tethering, forcing you to use workarounds. Verizon is also the reason why AT&T is a bit overpriced and they play similar Verizon games on a smaller scale, save for luckily still giving tethering and VVM for free, because there is no competition for the coverage. If Verizon got ripped apart by the government, AT&T would be far more reasonable and cheaper. Ntm back in the day VZW used to disable bluetooth and other features on phones to force people use Verizon’s PC/Mac apps and try to make people buy more things.

          However where AT&T is, they’re amazing, and I hope AT&T comes to your area soon; no denying although AT&T does a great job covering most areas with at least majority LTE, but AT&T does leave some reasonable gaps of H+ in smaller markets so they can focus on a more even network instead of oversaturating lucky markets with all LTE and leaving entire chunks on 3G.

          Can I ask what state you’re in now? There does seem to be a few that AT&T isn’t in, or only has H+, which really sucks, but I’m glad I’m not in one of those places.

        • Mark Kendrick

          I live in Santa Fe, NM no LTE here, just a bit south Albuquerque it’s been live for quite awhile. AT&T was my carrier when I lived in AZ and I felt they were the best all around. Even without LTE I kept them until my wife got a new job and the high frequency HSPA+ wouldn’t penetrate the building.

        • Mr Paul

          Oh yeah, that makes sense. I hope AT&T does make their way there, but sadly like I said and we know they simply don’t cover all states yet.

        • Mr Paul

          As for fanboys, there are a lot of very viciously pro-T-Mobile customers that constantly shove their speedtests of their newly launched LTE tower in people like mine’s faces and hoot and holler about Wi-Fi calling when I point out that even if I don’t have 70/20 or 40/15 down, that I still have fast-enough coverage virtually everywhere and never need Wi-Fi calling. Look at people on this website; some are absolutely nuts, absolute blind Legere and Ray followers and worshipers who resort to Legere’s own AT&T bashing and anathematizing, Verizon defending while mocking, and Sprint-belittling tactics.

        • Mark Kendrick

          I have to agree there are some nuts on this site. I myself would prefer AT&T to Verizon. I like T-mobiles rates and features but their signal doesn’t have the indoor coverage or rural coverage that I need, not currently anyway. I would give them a chance in the future should these things change in the future. I was surprised when Tmo turned LTE on and AT&T hasn’t yet.

  • Mr Paul

    Gotta give T-Mo credit for the ETF. Broke me free from Verizon and allowed me to go to AT&T like I wanted. ;)