T-Mobile is CNN’s tech company of the year

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Earlier today, CNN announced that it has named T-Mobile the U.S. tech company of 2014. Citing T-Mobile’s industry shake-up as the reason for winning the award, CNN acknowledges the superb products launched by other tech giants. But despite Apple announcing the iWatch and Apple Pay, Microsoft’s new lease of life under Satya Nadella and Facebook’s WhatsApp purchase, it was T-Mo who came out on top.

Because of T-Mobile’s actions in 2014, wireless carriers have fallen over one another trying to cut prices. Sprint (S) offered to halve your bill, Verizon (VZ, Tech30) and AT&T (T, Tech30) lowered rates while offering more data for your dollar, and you can now get a smartphone for $0 down at any carrier. There is real competition in the industry for the first time in forever.

Of course, as a T-Mo fan, I’d have to agree. And I’m sure many of you will too. 2014 has been an astonishing year for Uncarrier moves. We’ve gone from 4.0 to 8.0 in just over 11 months, with incredible offers like having your ETFs paid off with other carriers, unlimited music streaming and – most recently – a data bucket that keeps rolling over every month.

For the the full report and reasoning behind the award, check out CNN’s original post.

Source: CNN

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  • g2a5b0e

    BOOM. And deservedly so. T-Mobile will continue to do big things in 2015.
    First stop: overtaking Sprint as the nation’s 3rd largest carrier.

    • Jay Holm

      Then after that, completion of the 2G to 4G conversation will be completed! Hopefully people’s faith in Tmo’s network will be restored in the 2nd half of next year.

      • g2a5b0e

        That’s the thing about perception. It’s not very easily changed. T-Mobile has done a lot of over the past almost 2 years to change that though, but it will take a lot longer than until the end of next year for many people to realize it. That’s a battle they will fight for many years to come. But with the right actions & continuing along their current path, it will happen slowly, but surely.

        • Romdude

          Well after suffering with tmobile for years and now getting excellent coverage and excellent speed even inside buildings and basement parking lots, I for one am sold. In Honolulu, do a sensorly map search and speed test map and you’ll see why its all tmobile here.

        • g2a5b0e

          I don’t disagree. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 11 years. Never had any serious complaints. But, ask the average person who doesn’t have T-Mobile what their thoughts are on the company. Says a lot about how far T-Mobile has come. Most people just don’t realize it.

        • Romdude

          Very true. I have a coworker on Verizon, told her she could save $50 per month by switching over and get lots of extras like overseas roaming talk and data, unlimited data for a year, etc. and not to mention that tmobile is the best in honolulu but she just won’t. It’s really a hard sell. It’s illogical but she just wants to stay with verizon because she says she’s used to them. Some are just glutton for punishment.

      • Eric

        I know of one person who doesn’t like T-Mobile’s network at all:

        AutoUnion39 on MacRumors and HowardForums

        Biggest T-Mobile hater on the internet. It even says it on his signature.

        • Romdude

          Don’t say his name three times, he might show up here.

  • TMobeen

    So glad after chopping all those jobs in 2012 to pay for Legere’s ego driven marketing antics…

    • Hoffa

      I love how actual employees always get overlooked and the ceo gets the majority of praise
      You can have the greatest CEO ever but if you don’t have the people doing the grunt work it will fail miserably

      • ess

        How many articles have you read that praise the employees of a successful busines? I’ll wait.

        • Lois

          So that makes it right? Jeez Louise

        • Romdude

          No, but it means Hoffa has a lot more forums to troll now to complain about the same thing.

  • GenuineAdvocate

    Congrats to JJ and all the execs at T-Mobile. Hopefully he’ll make more than the measly. 23.9 million he did last year. I hope he gets at least $50 million for 2014. He deserves every penny. His Uncarrier ideas and genuine consumer advocacy is changing the industry for the better. Now if we could just improve the average T-mobile’s worker’s wage to move them above the poverty line then everything would be perfect…

    • Advocate

      oops, I misspoke. Legere actually made 29.2 million last year. My bad.

    • monkeybutts

      they aren’t his ideas, they’re the customers…

      • Jason

        huh? how so? I don’t think JL deserves all the credit but definitely some credit is deserved

    • 50 Mill ROFL

      Is this sarcasm because if it wasn’t for a Verizon spectrum liscense deal TMo would of posted a loss….
      JL not JJ has definitely created excitement but the company needs more profit before justifying doubling JL pay…
      I think at 30 mill the guy is already overpaid and the actual employees should see an increase before any increase happens to his wage…
      Atleast bring down the jump attach rate so employees don’t have to commit fraud to keep their jobs….

      • TurkeyRoast

        Excuse please : John Julius Legere or JJ for short. Born 1958 and an American.

        • Wowsers

          My bad I don’t usually cyber stalk someone to find out their middle name and then create a new nickname as if I know them but whatever floats your boat!

          When was “JJ” ‘s birth time, I was thinking of getting a tatoo

    • HR

      I like Tmo and all but are you really cheering for a CEO to make more money in America in 2015? LOL

      Because, American CEOS really struggle to get fairly compensated…
      Put the pom poms down dude.

  • Qbancelli

    The iWatch? Lol

    Your Apple fanboism is getting out of hand.

    • intangible

      Hah, so true!
      How do you consider declaring a non-existent product as the product of the year? Any other company announcement of a product that doesn’t exist would be rightfully treated as vaporware.
      It doesn’t even have a release date yet! “Sometime 2015”

    • Brad

      pssssssst, that was from the CNN article.

  • Nick

    “…announcing the iWatch and…”
    Cam, don’t be a Tim! :)

  • Eric

    Bad news for AT&T and Verizon (and Sprint): T-Mobile’s network will cover 300+ million POPs by the end of 2015.

    • Jawork

      You do realize that both att and verizon already hit 300 million pops? TMo passed Sprint already….
      Pops is the worst indicator anyhow just because a region, city, etc is covered, it neglects the strength of the coverage for the pops…
      It’s awesome that TMo is making strides but definitely nothing to brag about…

      Bad news for the big two would be if TMo can climb within 25 mill subs but if that were to happen the big two would heavily discount to fend off the competition….

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        If it keeps unlimited data with those 300million..

      • MarylandUSA

        Of course Eric already knew that. His point was that AT&T and Verizon will now have to share that claim with T-Mobile.

      • Singleweird

        att 300 verizon 309

  • Jay Holm

    Merry Christmas to my fellow Tmo fans! Looking forward to T-Mobile reaching **60 Million** customers in the 2nd half of next year!!! And I’m looking forward to Snapdragon 810 equipped smartphones to reach the market, perticularly a Tmo friendly Moto X somewhere around September 2015, I would suppose. . . . .

  • archerian

    A company that practices fraud at a large scale with forced JUMP adds, sloppy forced migrations, cramming settlement – all makes for a wonderful 2014 for T-mobile. But when your competition is Apple iWatch and Pay, then maybe T-mobile should get it. But Whatsapp had a bigger impact in 2014 – they changed the whole OTT messaging model way more than VIber, Lion etc.

    • Steve

      TMo’s actions in 2014 benefited every wireless customer regardless of carrier. Even Verizon reduced their pricing. TMo is not perfect but their issues are not unique to them.

      You do know that TMo sells iphones? Apple is not a competitor. More of a business partner.

      • archerian

        T-mobile’s issues are not unique to them? Several are. Verizon doesn’t force migrate you unless you buy a discounted phone, they have no coverage holes like T-mobile does, and get all devices on their network and to users quickly with minimal shipping confusion. The chances of getting a helpful and knowledgeable rep in store or on phone are way better with ATT or VzW. If they don’t know how something works, they admit they aren’t sure try to find out instead of blatant lies. There are bad apples every where but fractionally more on T-mobile’s rep side, this has become worse past few years.

        Uncarrier did not benefit EVERY wireless customer as you claim, there was no price change in several prepaid offerings that were competitive to begin with. Several of the Uncarriers were useless and rehashes of old stuff like WIFi calling.

        T-mobile does sell iphones, so what’s your point? Read the article and the original CNN one to understand what I meant about Apple and Whatsapp.

        • Brad

          T-mobile is changing their infrastructure. Old phones must go to make way for new ones. A no brainer if you look at the tech.

        • archerian

          Old phone make way for new ones? Sorry I have no idea in what context you mean this as a reply to a comment from me.

        • Romdude

          I think he is referring to newer phones being future ready for the new bands that tmobile is using like band 12. Yes you can go fine with existing ones but better to have advanced LTE as well for the future.

        • VicRooLoo

          Uncarrier targets postpaid plans and customers. Of course the benefits are minimal for prepaid customers but lets not forget that while prepaid is very competitive, TMO owns that block.

          But most of your points aren’t ones that necessarily reflect badly on TMO, rather they just show that you are among several individuals who simply have had a bad experience with them.
          Every company has bad apples and every company has customers that they have pissed off.

          AT&T and VzW may be dear to your eyes but in mine, AT&T has a history awful reps, forced migration, price gouging.
          And honestly, VzW and AT&T are the big contributors to why we have awful mobile, TV and internet pricing compared to other first world countries.

        • Orlando Duran

          First off, even with a discounted phone , you don’t get migrated automatically, and all carriers have holes. There is no cell phone or company that can be perfect. It’s a transceiver. Even satellite phones have holes in coverage. So before you go on trash talking others, make you got your facts straight. Now go back to watching paw patrol and play with your Obama phone. What a dick head

    • ess

      What the hell is Whatsapp? You do realize your opinion is unique… In that only you feel this way. Right?

    • Brad

      Yeah, fraud… forcing jumps… cramming… let me just say: sorry you can’t keep your original sidekick forever. also – i’m pretty sure every other US carrier has a lawsuit open on the cramming issue. That was something that was super common in the early 00’s… if you’re so butthurt about it, there are plenty (3) of other options

      • archerian

        Glad to see T-Mobile employees are back propping up the company after Christmas. Its plain fraud when JUMP is added to several customers when they do not want it. It had nothing to do with a Sidekick device or plan, its a dishonest practice, you can spin it anyway you want. Can’t say others do it and it was common too when it’s fraud.

        • Brad

          Yeah, I totally work for t-mobile… caught red handed.

        • Singleweird

          its extremely unfortunate that some customers experienced bad customer service from t-mobile. luckily, they were still voted #1 for the year. any more questions?

        • Dakota

          Not in terms of service. The terrible service is why I left Tmobile 2 years ago.

        • Ryan

          Why are these people on T-Mobile news site?

    • Singleweird

      tmobile changed an industry. whatsapp started to compete with text messages… i feel there’s a clear winner

      • archerian

        Changed what? Its still miles behind the US leaders and not making significant profits. They did what most international operators did – have no contracts or device subsidies. All they did was slash prices to gain customers and cheapen services they didn’t make significant revenue from anyway. At 600 million users in a few years whatsapp significantly made operators rethink messaging. Not only operators but companies like Google and Facebook. Thats more than 10 times the total user base of T-Mobile with no ad revenue or services.

        • Romdude

          For the longest time, verizon and at&t had not given what they are giving without tmobile’s action. Discounts? More data? No contract option? Just look before the first uncarrier actions at what the two big carriers were doing, there has definitely been a change and the competition helps us all.

        • Dakota

          They made changes to the way the US cell phone industry operates and other carriers started copying a lot of them. I’m not a Tmobile customer but you can’t argue that Tmobile had a large impact on the industry as a whole. Otherwise the other carriers wouldn’t start copying

    • Dakota

      What’s the point of what’s app in us if everyone has free texting.. Skype is free. I use Viber only for free texts and calls for people overseas

  • Fernando Vallejo Jr

    The hate is strong in some of you. I will admit t-mobile is not a one size fits most carrier, yet. But for the other carriers to fold and start to lower their prices, offer competing plan offers, and add next, edge, one up. It’s a step in the right direction. I’m a happy t-mo customer and if your not just be happy they are keeping those other prices low.

    • someonewhoactuallycares

      It’s not really hate as much as it is contempt. You proceed from a false assumption so you are therefore wrong. They are NOT keeping prices low for the most loyal customers. They are doing the opposite. They removed contracts and subsidized pricing when they made purchase of phones separate from account’s base price.We were on subsidized prices before that’s why they allow discount now. Its not that complicated.

      • Singleweird

        You proceed from a false assumption so you are therefore wrong. Even when migrated, customers are not charged a base MRC one penny higher than previously charged. that means more stuff for the same price. “Someone who actually cares” should actually stick to what you know.

        • archerian

          If 1 penny was true it would be great. Its usually not with the same features as the old plan had. What’s the use of international data roaming when the unlimited domestic data is cut off as part of the 1 penny offer? Several users have reported loss of data and increase of cost by several tens of dollars to get what they had previously.

  • vikrantsaxena

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  • AdvocateforWho?Aristocrats?

    pring CEO Dan Hesse scored a total compensation package of $49 million in 2013 while JJ only made a measly 29.2 mil. If JJ doesn’t get a minimum of 50 million for 2014 then I’m gonna be super pissed. BTW, how many T-mobile employees had to apply for food stamps this year? Why don’t you do a poll on that Cammy?

    • UMA_Fan

      Probably none

    • Dakota

      You’re confusing Tmobile with Walmart. But Tmobile is a public company.. Shareholders demand profits

      • Darwinski

        As is Walmart.

  • Dakota

    Deserved because they had the biggest impact on the entire industry. Not just changed they made to their own plans and policies but how they forced competitors to become more competitive and customers benefitted. The government blocking the ATT merger looks good… Wonder if there was a Republican administration how the industry might look totally different. I still find, however, that most people I know have no clue about Tmobile changes or even their improved network. I’d switch back but my Straight Talk LTE 3gb $45 without fees still is cheaper…

  • Angry

    Finally got 4G INSIDE my downtown office building this year; thanks, T-mo!