Man Gets $143K Bill After Using Mobile Data Abroad

Despite the numerous warnings not to use cellular data while traveling internationally, there are still some who make a mistake and activate this. This is because they believe they’ll only use their cellular data for a few minutes but end up using a lot of data in that timeframe. This always spells trouble since the charge for international roaming can quickly add up. 

One man from Florida recently experienced this with his T-Mobile account. After a vacation in Switzerland, he went home to a mobile phone bill costing $143,442.74. As shared by PhoneArena, the man sent photos and messages to his friends and family back home to update them of their trip. 

During his trip, he used around 9.5 GB of mobile data. Fortunately, the man was able to get his lawyer to handle the situation. He did not accept the bill since T-Mobile employees assured him that he would be covered. After discussing things, T-Mobile credited the whole $143,442.74 amount to the customer’s account.  

The best thing to do in such situation is to steer clear of using mobile data while you’re abroad. Even if you are told that you will be covered, you can avoid the potential shock from incurred charges when you avoid using mobile data. 

Source: PhoneArena