T-Mobile Has A Plan To Boost Its LTE Network: “Moar Antennas For Everyone”

T-Mobile Towers Logo (Hi-res)

A major tip of the cap goes out to Kevin Fitchard over at GigaOM for nailing down this story on T-Mobile’s plan to “supercharge” its LTE network. As Fitchard points out right from the start, T-Mobile’s place as the last national carrier to launch a LTE network provides it with some extra benefits including using the most up-to-date radios on the market.

T-Mobile’s keeping silent on most of the details, but Fitchard and GigaOM uncovered some of the details T-Mobile has on its roadmap for the hardware rollout. The most impressive part Fitchard says is the “plan to blanket its network with extra antennas in order to achieve significant performance gains.”

This technique is called 4×2 MIMO (Multiple Input-Multiple Output) and T-Mobile will be one of the first operators globally to add this feature. If you’re into all the technical mumbo jumbo on the telecommunications side, you’ve probably heard the term “2×2 MIMO” which is the standard for all LTE networks today. T-Mobile’s 4×2 MIMO doubles the number of antennas and thereby the number of transmission paths for data at the tower while the number of antennas inside your device stays the same. Hence the increase to 4 while the 2 stays the same.

In simple speak, it means that more signals will come to your smartphone and a lot more antennas to pick up your phones weaker return signal. That means you have a better chance at getting a signal in an area where you typically find yourself on a fringe connection. This won’t increase the theoretical or real-world speeds the T-Mobile LTE network will be capable of, but it should make sure you can get a better connection to use those speeds.

Ok, so now that we know what T-Mobile is going to do, how does it translate in the real world? Nokia Siemens head of technology Petri Hautakangas said that during trials they saw speed gains at the cell edge as high as 100% on the uplink and anywhere from a 50-60% gain on the downlink. The result is a huge boost in the real-world capacity of the T-Mobile LTE network and support more connections at once while making all of those connections faster and less prone to drop-offs.

One big piece of this puzzle is the cost, or lack thereof given that the implementation of this 4×2 MIMO service requires simple upgrades to both Ericsson and Nokia Siemens hardware already installed and the mounting of new antennas on T-Mobile towers, many of which are already in place. As for the rollout itself, Hautakangas played coy talking about T-Mobile’s plans:

“I can say that in less than 12 months we’ll have a commercial 4X2 MIMO network rolled out with a major U.S. operator,” he said during an interview. NSN has only one Tier 1 radio infrastructure customer in the U.S., and that’s T-Mobile.

Fitchard did score a conversation with Mark McDiarmid, T-Mobile’s VP of radio network engineering and while he wouldn’t discuss any specifics, he did confirm that 4×2 MIMO was something T-Mobile was looking at for future use.

“We have a very good handle on what 4X2 MIMO can do for us,” McDiarmid said. “And we’re one of the few that are in a position to use it.”

The bottom line is that for T-Mobile, the future is wide-open for how they can put their best foot forward on the ongoing LTE rollout. With both AT&T and Verizon far ahead in terms of total network coverage but behind in terms of the age of equipment, T-Mobile may be able to grab some mind share if they can adapt all the current technology to put the best US carrier LTE network into play.



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  • Aurizen

    Wow, I’m impressed, Go head T- Mobile, Hopefully this boost in signal I can get higher speeds since I only get 2 bars of LTE, I wonder if this will boost 4g.

    • remister

      They are testing LTE towers right now, so coverage will be minimal. Once they do a full rollout in your city, then coverage would be better.

      • Aurizen

        Oh I hope so, i get 4down 3 up. if my signal does increase then this is good. they need to work on building penetration.

        • Kawatan

          get out of the Bondoks, woods and live in the City so you can enjoy the full 3G/4G/HSPA/4GLTE………. Company will not invest $$$$$$ in the areas where not many people lives. plain and simple.

        • Aurizen

          umm… I live in the city. Philadelphia. Tmobile doesn’t have good building penetration… which is not their fault.. but still I hope they invest in more spectrum and better building penetration.

      • TiCKed

        Maybe when they do the full rollout, the LTE system will stop telling my phone I’m in San Juan, Puerto Rico, too! (I’m in California).
        Force 4G, and I’m properly shown in CA….Let it go LTE, and it places me in San Juan. (Maybe I should buy some cheap rum while I’m there…..)

        • remister

          Which phone are you on? I had that issue on my HTC One. Earlier last month, Google Play Store updates messed up some Android phones (mainly HTC based), requesting Location Services to be turned on, even though it was already enabled within most GPS apps.. Google fixed that and HTC “system enchancements” update was released. Around that time, the GPS had me attached to Lyon, France, whenever it was on LTE or 4G. But it seems now the issue has gone.

        • TiCKed

          I’m on the HTC One as well, and with the latest software update from Tmo. But I’m pretty certain this has to do with the LTE tower/server/whatever. WiFi and 4G connections properly locate my position. LTE jumps me to San Juan. Guessing there is a configuration setting wrong…but I’m no expert.
          It may have cleared up overnight, though. Didn’t have time to poke at it this morning.

        • TiCKed

          Not that anyone will read this, being an old topic….
          But wanted to say that my local tower/server/whatever was properly configured about 2 days after this post. I’m now officially back in CA….but not until I did some more “world travel”. For the better part of a day, I was in Lisbon, Portugal, apparently. LOL.
          The kicker was when I left Google Maps on while driving from home to work. I started in Lisbon, jumped to North Carolina when I went over the hill, spent a few minutes in SoCal when I lost LTE, before jumping to New Mexico for a short spell when I got LTE back. I was in the right location again (on LTE) after getting about 5 minutes from home.
          Whatever was going on was peculiar to my local cell tower. All fixed now, and no complaints. It was entertaining, however. :)

    • Trevnerdio

      Only 2? I get no LTE ;)

      • Aurizen

        lol yeah, its probably because of building penetration is bad. speeds are horrid, 4mbps down, and 3 up. I hope its because of testing. Who knows how long that will last.

  • remister

    This news makes me happy as a “unlimited data” plan user!

  • Jim Mack

    Lets start by super charging their edge networks first.

    • samsavoy

      DC-EDGE for a whopping 400kbps!

  • cvgordo

    tmobile’s lte rollout has been incredible for me. i’m getting speeds of 30+/20+. i’m getting hspa+ in spots where i previously wasn’t getting any signal. it’s a breath of fresh air coming from the crap that sprint calls a network.

  • it’s June .. i’m still waiting for Dallas LTE to go official.

  • nutzareus

    T-Mobile still 2G EDGE on US-13 in Maryland-Virginia eastern shore. Worst 3-hour drive of my weekend. How about getting the 1900MHz refarm going first?!

    • TechHog

      They’re doing both. I really don’t understand all of you people saying that they should abandon the LTE rollout and only upgrade 2G areas, especially since they still lack the spectrum to fully do that.

      • fsured

        I think people want to know what the plan is for upgrading their 2g coverage areas. If TMO does not have the spectrum to start replacing 2g areas then how are they planning to turn off the EDGE network so that the signal can be used for LTE? They need the spectrum to run their LTE network to remain competitive. Everything released statement wise is for major cities and LTE launches.

        If an official statement is given that they acknowledge customers are living in areas going from HSPA+ to EDGE/No signal depending on where they are in their own neighborhoods, travel between cities, etc., then people will be more accepting of rolling out LTE. People living in these areas are feeling burned because they never got the HSPA+ network upgrade, 1900mhz upgrade, and now it seems like the LTE upgrade will be passing them up also.

        One of the biggest marks against TMO is their lack of 3g/4g coverage foot print. It is something brought up when articles compare the company to ATT and Verizon. For such a fire cracker CEO, I’d love to see him turn this negative aspect around in a statement and quiet down the chitchat. He seems very quick and witty.

        • CPPCrispy

          I agree. All we (people in 2G (GPRS, EDGE) areas) want is to know what T-Mobile has planed. We are sitting here reading and listening about 4G, HSPA+, LTE, and Refarming but no news about upgrades to 2G areas. T-Mobile, tell us your plans/time tables for upgrading 2G and we will stop complaining.

        • Mr. Hill

          Honestly if you’re in a 2G area then why are you still with T-Mobile? I would switch carriers and come back when/if T-Mobile upgrades your area to HSPA+.

        • VapidRapidRabbit

          No one has the time to switch to a carrier and be locked in for two years paying double to triple what they pay with T-Mobile when our areas might be upgraded sooner rather than later.

        • fsured

          Some people live or travel into 2g areas because of work. People take trips that are not to major cities. Two weeks ago I went out to the wine country outside of Austin and I was on EDGE unable to look at Google Maps to help with directions. I was the only Tmobile customer in the van while everyone was on their Iphones getting AT&T LTE. People living in these areas would settle for HSPA+ locked at 21mb. That’s a boost in performance compared to 250-500kb if lucky.

    • Verizonthunder

      I agree with you

    • Will

      There’s also EDGE only coverage on the Chesapeake Bay. It is really embarrassing at the marina when my friends are getting 4G on AT&T yet I am stuck using EDGE.

  • itched

    Just waiting for LTE in Denver.

    • Will

      This has been discussed on this site before. Denver does not need LTE since you have legalized pot. You can just pretend that your phone is fast.


    I have to admit, as happy I am with the LTE roll-out, I still would like them to patch-up some of the EDGE and NO SERVICE areas in the greater Chicago suburban area. There really is no excuse for this. I could live with 3G service in those areas, but to drop to EDGE or even NO SERVICE in laughable.

    So T-Mobile, get your sh*t together, please.

  • Im in kissimme/Orlando a major destination and i go in and out of hspa+ all the time.. Even have plenty of spots with edge, i would be happier with just better hspa+ coverage..

    • D_Wall__

      Im in Orlando/Apopka Area, Same results. Waiting for LTE to drop and see how it performs.

      • Have you noticed a loss in speeds ? where i used to get 8down and 2 up.. i get 2-3 down and 1 up now.. wtf ! noticed it the past 2 days

        • Trevnerdio

          It’s because they’re messing with the 1700/2100MHz antennas to deploy LTE on them.

        • D_Wall__

          I can say, When i first got my Iphone 5. It was fast and good. Now since that carrier update its slowed down alot. My GS3 was much faster than this. I just wanted an LTE device. I will be switching to the Lumia 925 soon. I have yet to see any LTE in Orlando area either.

  • nycplayboy78

    I hope this will address signal penetration in buildings here in DC and NYC……Whenever I go to malls and buildings I get NO SERVICE whatsoever…..

    • ssl48

      I agree with you. I have a place in NY and DC and my phone doesn’t work at the malls either. I get no service in parking lots, basements. It really needs to improve.

    • MagentaUser

      Won’t do anything. The problem is the high frequency the LTE is deployed under. 1700MHz/2100MHz AWS. They can add as much capacity as they want and give their customers all the bandwidth in the world but it doesn’t mean a god damn thing without coverage. Sprint has learned their lesson which is why they’ll soon be deploying LTE on Nextel’s old 800Mhz band. The only hope for T-Mo is the grab for 600MHz spectrum in the upcoming auction. Otherwise you’ll still be dealing with $hitty indoor building penetration unfortunately.

      • *And a new phone that’ll support the 600Mhz band.

      • Zach Mauch

        I’m not sure that’s true. this sounds like the point is improving what signal you have. Unless you are totally blocked out, it should provide some percentage improvement. If you are getting a 20% ideal signal and this change doubles signal, then one should get a 40% ideal signal.

        • Rod

          Even with the adddition of 4×2 MIMO, it won’t improve building penetration unless they also up the broadcasting power of the tower ( which they most likey can’t). All this does is change the tower load. Instead of 1000 phones jamming two towers, they’ll get spread out to 4 towers.

        • sb

          You are not understanding 4×2 or 2×2 correctly. It doesn’t mean 4 towers or 2 towers are sharing the load. Each sector will have four antenna ports recieving signal from the user equipment and two of the same ports are used for transmitting to the user. It is just meant for a better experience at the edge of coverage of each sector

        • Zach Mauch

          signal power won’t change and neither will the laws of physics so my bars won’t change. However, this sounded to me like it was meant to improve the connection within a lower power signal. If true then indoor performance would improve. If not, you are right.

          The other thing that could ppotentially help us at the AWS freqs is improved antennas for our phones. If heared about potential there.

      • Soun Maokhamphiou

        There is also other equipment T-Mobile can use to make it better indoors. I was in New York city last month and I was getting almost full bars in the subway. I’m assuming a repeater or something similar. This is a workaround for not having 600MHz I assume.

        I forgot to mention I was getting almost full bars on 4G with an iPhone 5

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Do it all T Mobile. Edge to LTE and what ever this 4X2 MIMO stuff is. Keep up the good work..and leave Sprint in dust with their LTE

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Awesome tmobile keeps up Its newer cellular technology. Which will help in the long run. Good thinking tmo

  • lzc753

    LTE in SAN BERNARDINO CALIFORNIA!!! 25mbps + not bad!!!

    • Zacamandapio

      I got that yesterday at home and at work here in Anaheim.
      That was a surprise.

  • kawatan

    get out of the Bondoks, woods and live in the City so you can enjoy the full 3G/4G/HSPA/4GLTE………. Company will not invest $$$$$$ in the areas where not many people lives. plain and simple

    • fsured

      Many people live out in the bondoks or woods because the quality of live would be better than where they work or the nearest city. Job assignments require people to travel out of their home areas and stay in locations that are in the bondocks or woods. Many business travelers have no problem with TMO where they live but can’t rely on the their service when they have to travel around. This moves them into the pockets of ATT and Verizon.

      Part of TMO’s transformation was to increase their business customers for higher revenue. You can’t do that with spotty coverage in “4g/LTE” areas. On the business customer side it’s not the best mobile solution. It would be impossible to connect to work computers for engineers or field crews to use laptops/tablets to pull up digital plans, send data, etc. if they are limited to 2g coverage. Medical staff who make home calls to residents who are immobile may not have the signal needed to update immediate data to their offices for doctors to look at it. Just two examples.

      So yes, investing the $$$$$$ to upgrade the bondoks or woods pleases their customer base and expands their potential to get new clients.

      • xmiro

        life may be better in the boondocks but that’s not where the rest of the world is. After all a single tower going up costs $1-$2 million
        I’d love my in laws to get native T-Mobile coverage at their ranch so we can get 1 account but the reality is reality. Even Verizon hasn’t given them LTE, it’s all around the though, just 3G coverage

    • vinnyjr

      You could always invest in a signal booster, there are some great quality ones available and they do work fantastic.

  • Sparky

    LTE in north OC all over Fullerton, cypress, Anaheim buena park Westminster.

    • Jarobusa

      Can you map the area on Sensorly?

  • vission

    What I can’t understand is my HTC Ones S shows 4 bars/4G and I get a Ping of 79ms, yet my download speed is .08Mbps and upload is .52Mbps, here in Herndon, VA!!!

    • RobotChupacabra

      Call customer service and complain.

    • vinnyjr

      Must be doing some work to the towers in your area, had the same issue about 2 months ago and now my DL speeds are over 15mb during day and at night over 20, all on the HSPA+ Network. Call and ask for class 2 tech help.

    • xmiro

      this was happening to us pre-upgrade. Now I’m at solid 3 bars, sometimes 4 bars (the max on my phone) whereas before it was 1-2 bars and the HSPA+ would hang.

    • Maybe you dont have unlimited data so you’re being throttled…

  • This can be pretty significant. If they roll out 4×2 MIMO in all the planned LTE upgrades, it’ll make urban areas so much better. Once T-Mobile has this advantage, they need to upgrade the rest of the GPRS/EDGE towers to LTE, and then start expanding coverage to new areas.

    Plus another acquisition or merger with Leap/US Cellular/etc wouldn’t be bad either.

    • xmiro

      4×2 is coming for sure. That and the DACs from MetroPCS

    • samsavoy

      If all they do is merge, they’ll have a ton of spectrum and no money to build a network on it.

  • AndroidProfit

    Was just back home in SoCal and was surprised at how crappy the 4G was on my Note 2. It is WAY BETTER here in Atlanta. LOL!

    • techymexican

      Most of SoCal now has LTE, well it’s being tested but in most of L.A i’ve seen LTE. In San Diego i also got a small amount of it too

      • AndroidProfit

        Ya that is what I thought but I didn’t notice any speed difference on my Note 2 (set to LTE) but I was on vacation so wasn’t running speed tests alot or doing alot of downloading. :)

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Maybe because of lot more folks using LTE? Socal is so densely populated

      • AndroidProfit

        That is a possibility. I was in OC so not sure if that is LTE territory yet.

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          I know around LAX, San Fernardo Valley and as far east as Pasadena there is plenty of LTE. I haven’t been to OC/Anahiem in a while

        • TiCKed

          At least parts of the OC and Inland Empire lit up for the first time in the last couple of days.

        • gshoq

          I’m in OC near John Wayne airport and I got LTE around here starting yesterday. It’s still quite spotty and I’m actually seeing more edge than I’m used to so perhaps TMO is doing some testing around here . 27 up and 9 down was the only test I did.

        • gshoq

          I meant 27 down 9 up. ~50ms ping

  • sushimane


  • Alex Zapata

    While this is fantastic news, and I’m quite excited about it, I still maintain that they need to up the quality and consistency on the rest of the network, especially on the HSPA side. I’m guessing that they’re slowly working on it but it’s still annoying at times. Come on T-Mobile! We know you’ve got it in you!

    • jose

      I have absolutely great HSPA+ coverage in my area.
      My device never jumps back to 2g anymore.

      • Lagurl39

        Well that must be awesome for you over here in los angeles tmobile coverage is so spotty I gave up on them. Tmobile signal seems to dissapear in most buildings while att , verizon come tru not sprint I aint even gonna talk bout them cuz they also suck. And if u go to vegas from LA tmobile coverage is edge/gsm/gprs on the way there while att has solid 3G all the way there and some LTE yes LTE , same if u go to san fransisco tmobile is edge/gsm/gprs all the way there while att again has solid 3G all the way there and some lte not once did my brothers att gqlaxy s3 displayed edge on those 2 roadtrips he made fun of me cuz I was on edge 99 percent of the time on my tmobile s3..

        • Edgar Tecum

          I have LTE in Los Angeles on my iPhone 5. And building penetration works wonders with data reception. I never loser the Internet within buildings. I can go 24/7 without losing my Internet.

        • Richard

          if you been to the general hospital, courthouse in east la ,library dowtown ,walmart in pico rivera and i can name a lot of other places LOL u would know tmobile craps out in ALL those places i kno cuz i have a tmobile iphone 5 my wife has tmobile s4 in all those places i mentioned i dnt get LTE,hspa,not even edge or gprs the phones straight out goto searching then no service while people on att n verizon get fullbars and are able to talk n text while i on tmobile cant do anything.

        • Those are ghetto ass places man. Last place they will upgrade. I don’t think Pico F******* Rivera is on their “Top Ten List” along with East L.A.
          “The Walmart”. LOL. Yes. We must cover the hood gangster wally world.

        • Lagurl39

          Your comment is the most retarded comment I ever read on here seriously if u been allover LOS ANGELES like me been living here alk my life you would know even in beverly hills , long beach , santa monica, venice beach, malibu beach , glendale , hollywood, weho, riverside ,orange freaking county places that I can assure you are not GHETTO at all tmobile has spotty EDGE were as att and verizon have solid LTE, , and even in the ghetto side of town east la, compton, south central tmobile still offers freaking edge while again both att and verizon have solid lte in the ghetto side of town thats why i left tmobile I mean they cant even provide decent service in the ghetto what makes u think they work In the good side of town…?

      • TBN27

        PCS Or AWS?

  • I still haven’t seen LTE in my Detroit area.

    • RobotChupacabra

      Funny thing happened along the way when Michigan elected a Rep Governor and he started dismantling the state piece by piece and selling it off to the highest bidder. Have a nice day.

      • Jake

        Funny thing happens with everything the government does; it costs more, is
        less effective, and lower quality than private industry. I say sell it all off. Let the free market work and get the biggest monopoly the world has ever seen out of it. (Hint: that’s your beloved Democrat controlled government)

      • Jake

        How’s your new health care law that lowered premiums on average $2500 per year? Hint: Premiums have gone up on average 23% since obamacare began to take effect and are predicted to rise more than triple that by the time it’s in full effect.

        • RobotChupacabra

          Maybe there’s a political site that uses DISQUS where I’d be better off replying, but I’ll go ahead and finish this off politely. I work in the industry. Premiums aren’t going up because of any laws. They’re going up because they have a great marketing campaign on the issue. Even as the insurance companies’ profits soar because they continue to raise premiums because they can convince people like you that the scary black man made them do it, and you eat their BS up like breakfast. Have a nice day, Jake.

          Now, back to ON TOPIC: LTE hasn’t launched there, so whatever neighborhood D was in probably wasn’t a test area yet is all.

        • Jake

          First of all kind sir, you were the one that brought politics into it. I find the following quite interesting, in fact astounding: Obama promised health care premiums would go down on average $2500 per year if his law was passed; his law was passed, premiums have gone up. The IRS is in the midst of the biggest scandal of government conspiracy to target people/groups that don’t agree with the regime, in history. Benghazi was clearly a cover up with the democrats who were involved pleading the 5th. Obama’s NSA is using the patriot act to compile data on private innocent civilians through Verizon (and don’t think it’s just Verizon). Plus many more cover-ups and corruption. And yet Obama’s approval rating is still 51%. Apparently he has nothing to do with, or any control over all of these agencies and issues. But wait, isn’t he the president? And yet people blamed Bush for gas prices going up…ok…? (Don’t misunderstand, not a huge Bush fan) Oh and I almost forgot, have a nice day. :) BTW isn’t it awesome to be deciding between gs4, iphone5, and HTC one? Capitalism FTW! PS to David: I’ve never posted before and have had this site bookmarked for a long time. I am a T-Mobile fan and appreciate the frequent updates as to what’s going on with them. Idk if you’re a flaming pinko bleeding heart liberal or a right wing nut job conservative, or somewhere in between. And I know this isn’t the place for political arguments. But I appreciate you not using heavy handed censorship on either side. Good day to you as well sir.

        • RobotChupacabra


    • xmiro

      *cough* Alabama, *cough* Mississippi

      • Edward

        From what I hear Mobile, AL and Birmingham, AL are being upgraded now. We’ll see how true that is within the next couple of months. Not sure about Mississippi.

    • Wow…my feelings are deeply hurt *insert obvious sarcasm here*

    • The kid

      I’ve seen LTE on 12 mile / Orchard Lake, Northwestern and Telegraph and Woodward near the Fox theatre so far. It appears to be in testing ode. I was able to connect and do a speed test the results are crazy.

      • Hmm… interesting. I haven’t been in that area for a while, but I’m normally up over there. That’s good to know though. Can’t wait till it’s completely rolled out and official in the Detroit area, and all surrounding cities.

        • The Kid

          No doubt. Same here. I called T-Mobile today to get on their case like give me a time frame I need that LTE in my life. The lady tells me Detroit, Ann Arbor and Warren have been updated to LTE. I said does that means it’s active or the hardware has been installed but the switch hasn’t been flipped yet. She said it’s active. I find that rather hilarious. Then she goes on to tell me that LTE antennas can reach up to 30 miles from the tower. Hmmmmm I then replied if that’s the case I should most definitely have signal and I don’t. I get the strong impression that T- Mobile engineers / upper management really don’t communicate anything to the techs answering the phone cause they all talk straight out of their ass. But I guess for now I’ll be patient and wait to see what happens.

        • That’s probably the case because I was out today, from Detroit, MI, to Novi, MI, to Southfied, MI. Nothing in none of those places.

  • h_f_m

    I bought my wife an iPhone 5 back in december as an xmas gift, I just noticed yesterday that her phone was on LTE. We live in queens (nyc). I guess NYC is lit up.

    • TBN27

      Only most of Queens and Brooklyn. Manhattan and the Bronx and Staten Island still do not have LTE. And if she relies on the PCS HSPA+ at the North ends of the Bronx, there is a lot of EDGE

      • If he bought the iPhone 5 in December, that means he can not access the 1700Mhz AWS. LTE on 2100Mhz PCS, but not AWS. If I were the OP, Id take advantage of the trade in deals for fathers day & get a T-Mo US iPhone 5. BIG difference!

        • TBN27

          Actually actually I am using the iPhone 5 unlocked that I bought in February. I don’t have access to HSPA+ over AWS. I get HSPA+ over PCS. However after the carrier update, I get access to LTE over AWS. The difference is the HSPA+ coverage. If you have an older iPhone 5 before April 2013 then it works on the spotty refarmed network for 4G.

        • Exactly! Problem is no AWS 4G. Hows your experience so far? :-)

        • TBN27

          well it goes from disappointment to fantastic. when i first got it, the 4G in my apartment was intermittent until they started putting up the LTE equipment. after that it has been since piss poor in my neighborhood. away from there the 4G on PCS performs very well throughout the city except for the northern end of the Bronx. and because LTE is all over Brooklyn and Queens, and western towns of Nassau, the experience becomes stellar.

        • Yeah, that’s in line from what I hear. You can sell your model for a lot of money on CL or even as a trade in & get the T-Mobile version, then you’ll be golden!

  • Zach Mauch

    one of my few concerns with T-Mobile has been the 1700Mhz freq and how much better the 700 and 800 Mhz freqs that the other carriers use (or will use) perform in signal quality. In fact, it had me thinking I’d eventually switch either Verizon or AT&T once the opened up their network for unlocked phones and replicated TMo’s Business Model (trust me, it’s coming).

    However, if this works and I can get a TMo signal that is the quality of a 700/800 Mhz signal then I’ll stick around.

    • TBN27

      Well you will have to wait for a while after they receive 600mhz bands from auction. That one will also allow them to bring “4G” coverage to rural areas as well as better building penetration.

  • Rod

    LTE starting to light up in San Diego, along the 805. 25 down 19 up, not bad at all.

    • Asael Delgado

      Live in Downtown, and it has been very consistent. 25 down up 26 up

      • Rod

        Nice. Speed are consistent but hand off between HSDPA+ is a lil flakely. But its still faster than my home internet.

        • Asael Delgado

          Outside, LTE is great, but when I go into some buildings buildings or the outdoor mall i would switch back to HSPA

        • Rod

          Story of my life with Tmobile. 5 bars till you go inside.
          After phone calls though, it’ll drop back to 4G and I have to force LTE only to get it back

        • Asael Delgado

          Same with AT&T, when you make calls it reverts back to 4G, that’s because the chip. Unlike with Verizon, on the iPhone, you have to get off the phone if you need to use the device. I tried Verizon for awhile, I cannot stand how congested and slow the internet was. My calls sounded very fuzzy compared to T-Mobile.

        • Rod

          Yeah that I know, becuase thwy don’t have VoLTE. It’s just that my phone gets stuck on 4G after a call. It won’t auto reconnect to LTE.
          I will never do CDMA again, Sprint and VZW have awful network tech and back haul.

  • RonJeezy

    Wasted my damn time reading this… Same old mumbo jumbo. Not the article but the things in the article. T mobile is always about to do things to make signal and network better but it’s only for the cities. They’ll be outta business in 5 years. Only reason they aren’t now is because congress and it’s henchmen stopped the buying of T mobile by att. I love T mobile I really do but they are just sending out carrier pigeons asking for help. Drake said “no need friends” but I think we all better start looking for some in the cellular device category.

    • xmiro

      um, cities is where people and most of T-mobile’s customer base lives in. Largest metro areas in the US. This is where the network is aimed at and this is where marketing the service happens. Unless John Legere changes that, he’s only been at T-Mobile for 10 months afterall

      • Jason Crumbley

        You know why most of T-Mobile’s customers live in the city? Because people that don’t live in the city don’t want poor coverage and go with a different carrier.

        • Jake

          Amen: I have been with tmo since they were voicestream. I get 30+ down in the city with the new LTE. It’s amazing! Too bad I get 1 mb down in my hometown which is west metro. Friends with Verizon get minimum 5 mb no matter how far out in the sticks they go. Waiting to see if they expand the LTE coverage. I really hope so. If not, bite the bullet, hand over the wallet, bend over and go with Verizon.

        • zmblion

          Must b nice to bitch I get 2g edge wud b better but not great

      • RedGeminiPA

        Funny you mention “cities” for “marketing”. I live in the largest “city” between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. I see TONS of T-Mobile commercials, and we’re STILL stuck on EDGE.

  • rob

    T-Mobile keeps doing the best it can when it comes to hardware quality, now it just needs to show it off. If they did that and bashed Sprints horrible CDMA network to get back some old costumers and new ones, they’d be better equipped to bash AT&T

    • auser72

      36 download 23 upload on Note2 in D.C. area (Bethesda) while vacationing this week. Tmobile is definitely on the right track.

      • Will

        Nice for Bathesda (which is not D.C. but just another suburb) but there are large areas of D.C. proper that have connection issues. I was up near the National Shrine today and my phone constantly had 4 bars but no data connection.

        D.C. used to have good T-Mobile coverage. It has been declining over the past couple of months. Maybe T-Mobile has oversold their capacity in D.C.?

        I got better connection speeds before they released the iPhone. This is like AT&T all over again.

        • TBN27

          Sorry to inject but i really think that the network upgrades could be the reason for the declining network reliability? Because here in Astoria, NY close to the east river the PCS HSPA+ coverage totally left as well as the brief LTE connection until I walk further in land. However the AWS 4G is still strong. I really think they are still working on these towers to get it up to snuff still.

        • Will

          No they have already done the network upgrades in D.C. The network was more reliable before they did it. Although we can’t rule out the iPhone swarm. That’s what took down AT&T in D.C. AT&T had to bring in portable cell trucks until they could improve their network. They still bring them in for special events. Maybe T-Mobile could learn from AT&T and use portable trucks until they restore the network to its former glory.

          I have been a customer of T-Mobile since it was Voicestream. But the declining network is making me think of leaving them when my contract is up in August.

          The other option is that D.C. could close the borders and refuse to let in all of those Maryland and Virginia residents. Or maybe tell tourists that they may visit but not use their cell phones until they are back in their home state.

  • Bob

    I am not familiar with “Moar Antennas” at all!
    Is that a company, or a new technical advancement in antenna technology?

    • gshoq

      I don’t know but it sure is mo betta!

    • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

      Mother Of All Reception

    • Rod

      They need to specify that. I love Tmonews, but generally speaking the proofreading is fucking awful.

  • Asael Delgado

    T-Mobile LTE went live in San Diego, CA! (downtown)

  • Soun Maokhamphiou

    T-Mobile’s LTE is live in San Diego, CA! (Poway, Scripps, Mira Mesa). 25 down 12 up

  • pmichos

    Westend Philadelphia suburbs here and I’m seeing lte up on my phone in a few spots, 2900kbp down 14000kbp up.

  • Alexxinos

    LTE In San Diego Finally. I got 34 upload 16 download, pretty good :)

    • Kubajitsu

      I was working in Temecula today and saw LTE was up and running. Drove back to SD by Mission Bay and I still have LTE, I got a whopping 36 down, 20 up at my house. Pretty exciting!

  • Alexxinos

    I mean the other way around 34 down 16 up


    In Dayton Ohio sitting in my kitchen on the westside. Lte liy up on my GNOTE 2. Had no bars and was still faster than my Att home DSL.

  • superg05

    in some ways i wish this information did not leak to the competition

  • Christian

    Did a small roadtrip to NorCal this weekend and saw LTE light up in both Citrus Heights (Sacramento suburb) as well as Bakersfield, of all places! It was brief (and only 1 signal bar) but enough to run the Speedtest.net app. Results were still quite impressive: ~20M download & 10M upload consistently! Loving my HTC One and eagerly waiting for the extended roll out of LTE in the San Diego area. Come on T-Mo, light up La Mesa next! LOL

  • edfranco1

    There is one tower kinda close to my home area that was just recently upgraded form edge to LTE (unfortunately the signal is weak and only picks up one bar in my house. When i go out about 100 feet from my home it gets like 3 bars and it pumps out 25 mbps and about 10 upload.. I’m so excited for that official launch. I am located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA in the San Bernardino County and a suburb of Los Angeles.

  • Mike

    Speeds are amazing with my htc 1

    • AJ

      Are you getting 1 bar for the most part? Im in Saddle Brook and im getting LTE in and out with 1 bar. The speeds are OK at around 9-10mbps down and 10 up, but i assume once they fully roll it out it should get better.

  • Wally

    LTE is now up in Westchester Conty. I woke up this morning and noticed the 4G logo near my signal strength changed to 4G LTE. ( I have a Galaxy Note 2) I did a speed test an got ping times of 36ms Download of 28.33 Mbps and Uploads of 11.56 Mbps. A huge improvement over what I used to get!

  • Asael Delgado

    As travelling around San Diego since the noticable “sighting” of T-Mobile’s LTE, it is a bit spotty in downtown. I will lose LTE in the outdoor mall (Horton Plaza), new Park and Market, 12th and Imperial, some buildings, and when going South on the 5, I would lose LTE until i get to National City near 8th Street. I believe it won’t be official until the fat lady sings, and the fat lady is T-mobile annouces it.

    • Asael Delgado

      My mother lives off 47th and Imperial, around that area T-Mobile LTE is very strong.

      • Rod

        The LTE rollout is very similar to the 1900mhz refarm. Aside from Downtown, all the places that have LTE now, were also the first to get the 1900 3G

        • Asael Delgado

          So, this is just pretty much 50/50 percent done?

        • Rod

          50% seems a little high, they’re making a lot of progress really fast, but they still have to fill in the gaps.

  • Hula Girl

    If you notice your signal bars drop to lower than normal, turn off your wifi and check to see if your on 4G-LTE.

    I have been seeing 1 bar on my Note2, in areas where I usually see 4 bars.
    I turned off WiFi, then was able to view the new signal logo that displays;
    Down/Up arrow

    I did a speed test and got 10down 0(zero)up mbps.

    My mobile keeps switching back to 4G, so its actually updating in Honolulu for my Kahala home location. Yipee. Anyone else on Oahu notice changes?

  • manolo

    When is it suppose to go live Manhattan NY? Im still waiting I have a galaxy note2

    • rene

      they have live in city island, bronx , some in new rochelle, downtown manhattan, east huston street, most of forest hill in queens,in the kennedy airport area too that where i test my htc one, and they go high as 25mb x s and 6 to 8 uplink, let make clear, is out door most of them, but in queen works indoor

      • harp

        its great service in queens. Van Wyck Expressway also….. I get that in Hicksville also.

        • harp

          havent checked suffolk county though…

  • 0neTw0

    I would love to have a tower in the back yard. Give me Speed or give me death.

    • harp

      You are funny….

    • Would you like T-Mobile USA or T-Mobile to read your eulogy

      • 0neTw0

        NSA can do it. They know me best.

  • Saul Viayra

    We now have lte in Indianapolis in, bravo T-Mobile

  • Huley Brown

    LTE is Live in Raleigh, NC. In one place, I got 28.33 Mbps down, and 12.4 Mbps up.
    Loving that!