T-Mobile set to launch a new ZTE-made 4G hotspot device?

Hints at new products can crop up in many places, but often times if it’s a minor device, T-Mobile itself can inform us of new gadgets before they’re available. This time out, that’s exactly what’s happened.

In T-Mobile’s Support Pages, in the ‘Mobile Internet’ section, information on a new mobile hotspot has been uploaded. Dubbed the T-Mobile 4G HotSpot Z64, the device has been manufactured by ZTE. All kinds of information is publicly available, from tech specs through images, tutorials, guides and everything in between. Information which T-Mo has been gradually uploading and updating for the past few weeks.

Gallery below:

As for specs, the mobile hotspot is certainly intriguing. It’s seemingly lacking the one thing you’d want from a decent portable internet device: LTE. Within the full technical specifications list, it’s revealed that it maxes out at 21Mbps HSPA. (Max. Downlink Speed: 21.6Mb/s, Max. Uplink Speed: 5.76Mb/s.) Other specs include a 1,500mAh battery capable of 4 hours use and a 1.4-inch 128×128 display. As with most hotspots, you can connect using Wi-Fi or via USB cable.

Something tells me the entire spec isn’t yet finished however, and we could well see changes between now and when the product becomes available for sale. If the lack of LTE is there on the final product, you can be sure it’ll be marketed as a budget-friendly hotspot. Perhaps to tempt Simple Choice customers to add more mobile internet lines to their account.

Source (surprisingly): T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    No LTE or DC-HSPA+ @ 42Mbps? What the…

    • 50atomic

      Could be a bad copy-and-paste job. There “tech specs” on their website is notorious for being incorrect. Edit: Nevermind. FCC docs pins the specs down as listed.

    • jeremyvbk

      Probably just a prepaid hotspot. Entry level for retail sell. Price should be no more than $75, priced around $50 would be better.

  • TheVorlon

    My first attempt to read this article and my browser was redirected to some page telling me to download Java.

    Not cool.

    • Paul

      Adblock; it’s a way of life.

      • TheVorlon

        You’re claiming that Adblock will prevent a Tmo News page html redirect from working?

        • Paul

          I’m claiming that, with or without Adblock, I’ve never been redirected to another site from Tmonews.com. It was likely an ad that caused it, in which case Adblock will help.

        • Bilesha Welton

          Technically yes, I think you can manually prevent redirects with it by manually adding that to the add-on. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, for I haven’t actually looked into it much.

      • Bilesha Welton

        For this site anyway. I leave it unblocked for other sites I use regularly to help them out and not be a TOTAL thief, as long as they keep annoying pop-ups, pop-unders, and redirects at bay.

  • Mike

    Is this the “it’s personal” announcement scheduled for next week?

    • Paul

      Not sure but I don’t think it is.

  • Paul

    I agree that lacking LTE makes it lackluster, but these speeds are what the average home internet provides. I know some will pay for a faster download and such, but a lot of basic packages are around these speeds.

  • humpfh

    Ugh. I tested a ZTE phone. It was the most awful piece of crap I ever laid my hands on.

  • Bklynman

    The only thing I can say about the ZTE, hotspot is works great,the 4G one I have,what I read about the new LTE one, just going by the review s,I have read, it sucks big time. If this one is not LTE,can’t see a reason to upgrade from the 4G one I have.

  • Gus Seals

    I have had four zte devices, they all over heat and work like c rap. 2.0 lte is the worst ever.