Further upcoming T-Mobile Family Plan changes: Up to 10 lines allowed, plus 5 Mobile Internet lines


This week, T-Mo undercut AT&T’s “generous” 10GB family plan for $160 by announcing that it would start offering a 4-line family plan for $100 with 2.5GB per line (10GB total) per month. This offer is good until 2016 for anyone who signs up, at which point, the lines are dropped back down to the regular 1GB per line allowance. But we’ve received word from our sources that T-Mobile is planning more extensive changes to its Family Plan system beginning August 17th.

From 8/17, T-Mobile will allow Family Plan subscribers to add up to 10 lines on each Simple Choice account (classic or new). Customers will also be allowed to add up to 5 mobile internet lines per account. What that means is that – if you’re a family of 5 – you could potentially have everyone with a smartphone and a tablet each, as well as 5 phones for other family members (grandparents etc.).

Pricing is pretty simple. On the basic Simple Choice plan – as you do currently – you’ll pay $50 per month for the first line and $30 for the second. Lines 3-6 will cost $10 each while lines 7-10 will cost $20 on the new Simple Choice plans. Totaled, that’s $200 per month for 10 lines on the lowest plan. Charges are slightly different for customers on the classic Simple Choice plan. Instead of paying $20 each for lines 7-10, you’ll pay $30. An internal memo can be seen below:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.34.27


With these planned changes, it’s clear T-Mobile thinks that the current 5-line limit is hindering potential business. By opening it up to more additional lines, it gives the opportunity for more family members to get hooked on T-Mobile, or for customers to have multiple devices.

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  • Jay J. Blanco

    Wtf lol this beats framily for sure

    • Sprint=$#!T

      anything beats anything sprint related.

      • Jay J. Blanco


    • steveb944

      Except on the fact that you don’t get individual bills. I’ll have to selectively inform my family about this as not everyone is great on paying up.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        Yeah ikr I will never add another line to my account. Learned my lesson

        • Romdude

          You can but you have to add family allowances and put limits. I’ve had to do that once, I’ve since removed it after they became more responsible.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I did that too but. You can suspend the line online for free.

        • DirkDigg1er

          100 ^

  • Ray

    Is this a promo price or is it “permanent”?

    • Michael Tran

      That’s definitely important to know. I don’t want to combine my family plans only to have to separate them later.

      • T-Mo Employee

        This is a permanent change. Not a promo like the 10GB for $100

      • Roger Sales

        It’s probably permanent because they would need to have 10 Line maximum’s to merge with Sprint – which also offers 10 lines. They don’t want the hassle of losing customers because they have to split accounts – and I don’t blame them.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    I’m curious about how many people with unlimited family plans actually need unlimited voice and 1-2GB data on each line. For my family we are paying much less than $100 per month for separate services from different MVNOs selected based on each person’s needs.

    • MuthaFuckinStephen

      Well not everyone family is like yours.

      • Romdude

        My family is just like his, I guess you can count two families now.

    • Chris

      Well, you can add me to the family that easily goes over 2 GB of data.

      3 lines monthly usage > 10 GB
      1 line goes over 5 GB

      So yeah, I’m glad for the unlim data we’re paying for.

  • dullgeek

    What is the difference between Simple Choice classic and new? How do I tell which one I’m on?

    • Roger Sales

      Simple choice is when you finance your phone/are on the newer plans that were introduced since March 2013. If you are not financing a device and haven’t switched plans/upgraded in a while, chances are you’re still on classic.

      • 50atomic

        Simple Choice Classic plans were for BUSINESS customers who prefer to bundle device and service fees into their monthly plan.

  • DoDaDum

    Now, if this goes through, the only thing they have left to do is enable to ability to provide separate billing to each customer.

    • Chris

      You mean like Framily? haha why not just say it :)

    • monkeybutts

      Yeah Framily would be nice if it weren’t on Sprint

  • TD

    I was waiting for something like this late last year, just begging TMobile to increase the max lines per family account. I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer if this is the end result. Bumping up the extra lines to $20?? C’mon man. So we ended up moving our 4 Tmobile lines together with extended family who has AT&T, to their 10gb MobileShare. All our iPhones/Galaxies are owned outright, so we pay $30 per line all-in. 5 are very light users, 3 use over 1gb each so pooled data works great. With this plan, a couple users would have to pony up for more data and the rest would go to waste. Sorry Tmobile. I may have our massive family move to Tmobile one day, but not until the average per line is between $15-$20.

    • Roger Sales

      complaining about 20$ add a lines is ridiculous since getting talk+text+1GB high speed for anything under 40$ is extremely reasonable. It’s still a great deal, you’re just being greedy.

      • TD

        First off, my math is superb and this forthcoming plan will come out to about $25 (with tax) per line for 8 lines. The $5 savings isn’t enough gap to justify the coverage tradeoff. Hopefully one day that will not be an issue. Second, greedy? Tmobile needs to be the discount national carrier to AT&T/Verizon, not trying to be on equal terms. Extra lines have obviously been justifiable to the carriers at $10/line until now, so why does the ‘UnCarrier’ try to UnSimplify the math? This is the same carrier that has killed off customer discounts recently too right? Yeah… I’m the greedy one.

        • Chris

          This works for some of the T-mobile customers though. So I guess T-mobile has to say sorry to you for not meeting your needs or what you expected. What I mean is seriously man, that’s why options are good and that’s why there’s 4. With my families usage of 3 lines going over 10 GB of data per month with 1 line going over 5 GB, we’re glad and happy that T-mobile works great in our area not just voice/text but with data as well. I’m pulling in 70 Mb/s and 30 Mb/s at work. And with our current payment, we won’t get this kind of deal with any other carrier.

          Like always, just stick to what works for you.

        • PHL

          Seems to me that 8 lines sharing 10GB on ATT would be 160 + 4×15 = 220/month. If you have 3 heavy users, are you sure that 10GB is
          sufficient. Those “light” users will likely ramp up their usage over

          8 Lines on TMO would be 120 + 2×20 = 160. If you bump 3 of those lines to 3GB/month, that would only be an additional 30, for a total of $190, before taxes obviously. With T-mobiles temporary 2.5GB/line allotment, you may not even need the extra data.

          That’s still a savings of $30-60 per month. Not huge, but significant. Don’t know how you’re calculating just a $5 savings.

        • TD

          You didn’t add in taxes with your Tmobile calc. I said “all-in” with my AT&T calc which does include taxes. That shrinks the savings you mention about half. Regardless, when you have to split hairs that is indication the savings isn’t worth the potential tradeoffs.

        • randomnerd_number38

          Just replying to say it’s very refreshing to see someone have a discussion in the comments section that doesn’t devolve into angry namecalling. Even in the face of someone else attacking you, your comments are reasonable and not trollish. Thanks for that.

        • TD

          Well gosh, I’m blushing. I will admit I am disappointed that this plan could not be for me, because I do like TMobile as a company now that they have been backed into a corner and are doing right by consumers. America DESPERATELY needs competitive wireless and broadband competition. And that involves frank talk and affordable/reliable service, nothing more. Frank talk begets admitting Tmobile’s network weaknesses (which they are working hard to resolve) but in the interim their customers deserve much steeper discounts to the “other two”. This, this is not it.

        • Chris

          TMO is giving AT&T a run for it’s money on this new plan. TMO is charging $20 per line vs $25 per line on AT&T (that is a 20% reduction in price). Imagine going to car lot A and paying $20,000 and then going to car lot B and paying $16,000 (this is the exact price difference between these guys). Of course, you need the coverage for them to be a good choice. If you live in the right area, it would be foolish not to go with TMO.

        • Chris

          BTW, I am currently using Cricket Wireless due to coverage issues. Their cost per line is $22/line INCLUDING taxes/fees, so they are competitve with TMO (although you only get 500MB of data and it is capped at 8MB/s).

        • Hiro

          My parents still have AT&T, who gave them a major discount when they threatened to follow me to T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s charges aren’t just a positive for TMO customers, they’re positively impacting people of ALL carriers right now. Many of us – rather Tmo or other carrier customers – can thank Tmo for shaking things up and cutting prices while improving services and extras. :)

        • PHL

          All of my calculations (including the ATT estimates) were before taxes, which may vary significantly from state to state. I’m not splitting hairs here.

          If you insist on calculating your savings on a per-line basis, then yes it does come out to just about $5 per line. This may be insignificant if you’re sharing the account with extended family because someone else is paying half or more of the bill. However, there are a lot of people, like me, that pay the entire bill. For me, a 15-30 percent savings per month would be definitely worthwhile.

        • TD

          Our family gets 18% service discount with AT&T, which offsets the taxes. Not a possibility as far as I can tell with TMobile since they stone cold murdered discounts. Obviously my situation is different, but it DOES play into the calc nonetheless.

        • PHL

          Ahhh, that changes the calculations significantly. It is possible with TMO, but it’s a YMMV thing. I get a 15% discount on my TMO account. I did not factor those savings into the calculations as you did.

          I’m not saying that TMO is the better choice for YOU, as it probably is not after factoring in your discount. However, your “calculations” may have misled other people that are reading this thread and caused them to unfairly dismiss this new offering.

        • monkeybutts

          If anyone works for the government or is in the military in your household you can still get a discount. Seeing as the government is the biggest employer in the country thats not out of the ordinary for most people. Schools count as government.

        • ET

          The corporate discount depends on which company you work for and the contract that they have with T-Mobile. I recently started to work at a university that has a corporate discount with T-Mobile and I’m able to get a 15% discount even though T-Mobile officially ended the traditional corporate discount program.

        • Roger Sales

          You are greedy, because you make it seem like T-Mobile is more expensive than what you currently have/a ripoff, when AT&T and Verizon’s overages alone could amount to double T-Mobile’s prices in a billing cycle if you are even just a median data user.
          If you like what you have, by all means stay – but don’t complain about something that a lot of other consumers have been looking forward to just because it’s not to your liking. That’s stupid and unnecessary.

          Second, you don’t need “superb” math to know that T-Mobile is cheaper. Any run of the mill fifth grader could figure that out with the numbers. I guess you think you should be proud of that or something.

        • TD

          You know you’re right, I will stay with what I have and works for me. As a former customer I ‘would’ like to see Tmobile succeed and put distance between them and the others, as the go-to guy around my circles I ‘would’ like to spread good cheer about Tmobile. As it stands though, I need Tmobile to incentivize me doing that and I can’t be a referral service without that. Looking forward to seeing what Tmobile has in store for data expansion in 2015 though.

        • TD

          Also, thanks in advance for taking one for the team and swimming in that shit stew that is to be SprinTmobile, helping work out the kinks and let the rest of us 200 million eat popcorn and watch from the sidelines to figure out if it’s worth the trouble. Thanks pal!

        • TD

          Also, thanks for taking one for the team and swimming in that shlt stew that is to be SprinTmobile and working out the joined network kinks, while the rest of us 200 million can sit back and watch from the sidelines to see if it’s worth it. Thanks pal!

    • UMA_Fan

      With 10 lines it’s $20 per line.

  • dtam

    This is awesome!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Is the 2.5 GB offer only for new customers or existing customers as well? Just curious. I know some people who might be interested.

    • 50atomic

      All customers with 4 or 5 lines!

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        Nice. So 5 lines would get extra 2.5 GB or would it still 10 GB for 5 lines, if you know?

        • kekel1123

          Its per line (4 lines ) get 2.5 GB 4G/LTE speed each line, totaling 10 GB of 4G/LTE speed.

        • 50atomic

          5 lines would get “12.5GB” or 2.5GB of high speed data per line.

    • Cam Bunton

      “2.5 GB Data Per Line Offer: Limited time offer expires 9/30/14. Four-line minimum family plan; maximum of five lines. After 1/2/16, 2.5GB of 4G LTE data will automatically revert back to 1GB of 4G LTE data per line. “

  • monkeybutts

    Just what I wanted. Have 7 phone lines in my household but getting another family plan is whats stopping 2 more people from switching.

  • Took long enough. Good news

  • Logan S

    Prefer not to put all my eggs in one basket. That dead zone during a trip? Yeah, VZW or ATT would likely have it covered. T-mo? Perhaps.

  • Matt

    I don’t know. I’m less excited because T-Mobile’s coverage is definitely third rate behind Verizon and AT&T.

    • johnnyb3

      Yep, had them for 7 years now and am finally about done with the inability to make texts or calls from inside my house or at work, losing coverage in the car in populated areas, no signal on major interstates, etc. They can add all the features in the world and keep cutting prices, but if you can’t reach someone when you need to and you can only get 2G coverage in large areas, the service is pretty much useless.

      • RLB63

        They have equipment for helping in your house. So I am very tired with that comment over and over. Coverage in other areas is a known issue and almost anyone on the site has read those comments hundreds if not thousands off times already…..

      • Justin747

        You stuck around for 7 years? You have nobody to blame but yourself here.

        If ANYTHING doesn’t work for you, stop using it and get something that does.

      • YouSmokingCrack

        I’ve yet to see no coverage on major interstates across the nation where the other top carriers have it. I consistently have strong LTE along I-5 from Seattle to LA (Living in Portland- trips consistently). On I-84 in Oregon, t mobile LTE lasts the longest until dropping to 3g compared to sprint and has Edge when Sprint has nothing. My experience on 1-80 from Wyoming to Iowa displayed consistent HSPA/+ versus Sprints crappy 3g and ATTs slower hspa. Futhermore, My trip most recently from Seattle, Washington to Salem, Oregon had an average download of 54mbps and upload of 15mbps when connected to T-Mobile LTE versus a pitiful 7mbps download and 4mbps upload on Sprint. (30 tests each from seattle to portland, and 20 tests each from portland to salem)

    • Justin747

      So just use Verizon or AT&T if that’s what works for you. Problem solved. No reason to even be on this site.

  • Baxter DeBerry

    i want the avant :), lol thankfully i live in texas hopefully the 700mhz helps big time

  • Deceptive Smiles

    This is cool but when you barely get reception in buildings, what’s the point? I like T-Mobile and don’t want to leave but building reception is more of an issue than speed at this point.

    • calvin200

      Hopefully they will buy some juicy spectrum with Sprint.

  • Tinger12

    Incoming bitching about TMobile coverage instead of topic at hand…….

  • donnybee

    I get that a lot of people are having coverage/reception issues, but it’s a little annoying that on EVERY article, the comments are often shifting the focus away from the article and into the personal issue of coverage in your area. I, as well as everyone who have T-Mobile, understand that coverage isn’t the best. For many of us, it’s great, though; that’s why we have it. My point is – we have all kept up with the news that T-Mobile is expanding coverage; updating 2G, increasing bandwidth with spectrum and MIMO antennas, and planning on purchasing/already purchased more low-band spectrum to combat this issue. Your comments that “coverage sucks” on every article won’t get this process going any faster, I promise.

    Believe me, we all want the same thing. If you can’t wait, get another carrier and come back when you have coverage. The plans are laid out and it will happen. Thankfully quicker than Sprint, so props have to be given somewhere.

    I’ll get off my box now… :)

    • Romdude

      Amen brother.

  • Stephen McAteer

    this 10gb for $100 is no deal.. its only 2.5gb per line whereas the AT&T plan is shared… how many of you know people that every one uses less than 2.5gb? not my family.. some on my plan use less some use more, this is why we love the 10gb shared.. I use 5gb(between a phone and tablet) and everyone else on the plan use less than 1gb and sometimes up to 3gb… we never go over… so the devil’s in the details of this “deal” from T-Mobile.. not to mention the AT&T network is in more places :)

    • monkeybutts

      You could always pay $30 more for the heavy users that need unlimited.

    • xmiro

      wah wah wah wah wah. Of course it has its positives and negatives.

      I’ve accidentally downloaded Cyanogenmod updates via 4G several times, and by my caculations it would have cost me around $60 on AT&T shared data. My partner was sucking up his data for 2 weeks without paying attention and had no idea, I caught it because I looked at his phone.

      I’ll take throttling and non-shared data. Though Tmobile could maybe let us move unused data around as a feature

    • Robert

      I’m not gonna imply it’s the best deal ever, but 2.5 gb when music streaming doesn’t use your data bucket is actually a ton for most people or what I would guess is the average user. Most people work in jobs where they aren’t going to stream video and even some of those people can’t exactly stream music depending on what they do.
      Shared data buckets are nice, but they aren’t the definitive answer to the data consumption conundrum.

    • RLB63

      My daughter used 14 gb one month by herself! My son and daughter typically use 7-8gb each. I could never use at&t shared data…

    • lilcapricorn

      it is a deal because at is 160 to share 10 gb and and tmobile u can just add more data for those who need it so unlimited for u os 30 extra or 5 gb for only 20…in the details

  • S. Ali

    Wouldn’t you need separate billing to make this useful? How many families are willing to pay for 10 lines?

    • monkeybutts

      It’s really more for the people who need more than 5 lines. Cause another phone wold cost $50 all by itself and a second would cost $30 more.

      Old plans $160 for 6 lines, 190 for 7 lines
      New plans $120 for 6 lines $140 for 7 lines

      If you have a big family or big extended family $20 per person isn’t bad.

    • tmo4life

      It depends on which part of the country you’re in. I live in a border state where many of our customers are undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America who have more teenage children than will currently fit on a single plan. Plenty such families will go for 10 lines; this is a great move to realign with changing demographic realities.

      • Jonathan S. Flores

        how do you add this people if many dont have ssn ?? do you use the itin number?

    • PHL

      Realistically, many many families already pay 200+ per month just for 4 lines. This is what I was looking at when I was with VZW. I was paying ~135/month for 4 FEATURE PHONES with minimal texting and data. I even had a couple of $150 bills because my wife and 11-yo started texting each other all the time. If I upgraded even a single line to a smartphone, my bill would have approached $200. $10 and $20 add-a-lines with unlimited voice/text/2.5GB data is something I could have only dreamed of less than a year ago.

  • Hiro

    I like this. It’s about time they allowed more lines!

  • harry

    Wow not bad when you can get coverage

  • ChristianMcC

    This biggest difference this makes is for the per line cost with 6-10 versus with 5 or under: $20 per for 6-10 instead of $22.50+ per for 5 or less. Savings is savings, so I won’t complain!

    • Dark enV

      Yeah I noticed this as well, it won’t impact me too much but you’re right, savings is savings

  • trickinit

    It’s about time! This is awesome for big families. I work in Utah and we get a lot of upset people over the current 5 line limit.

    • xmiro

      no it’s 10 voice lines look up the screenshot above

      • donnybee

        He’s referring to the current restrictions.. notice he says “It’s about time”

  • JBLmobileG1

    So if I am reading this right, the deal isn’t permanent? Once 2016 comes along you will lose the 2.5gb per line and it drops to 1gb, correct? To me that is a rip off, it’s like family mobile where you save $5 for only 3 months but after those 3 months your bill goes back up. I really hope T-Mobile isn’t starting deals like Cox Cable, for example. They give you a great deal at first then rip you off once your time is up after the promotion period. You want you keep the customers then you give the customers a great deal and let them stick with it until they either hit the buck or decide to drop you.

    • monkeybutts

      It goes to whatever is lowest plan available. It might be 1 it might be 2.5 it might be somewhere in between, or it might even be higher. It’s just to adjust later on down the road if they need to.

      • calvin200

        Time to spin the wheel, I guess.

      • I’m not generally a fan of limited time promotions, but this one is pretty generous. 18 months vs 3-6 months, makes a big difference. Also, as noted, when it reverts, the minimum is likely to be higher. The icing on the cake: unlike almost any other company, when the promo does end, they will drop your data rather than assuming you want to keep it at the market price. I was happy before at 1 Gb, All in all, a very good and fair deal.

  • Petey07

    Since I have 6 lines under my account (5 lines in my main account, and 1 line in a sub-account), I’m wondering if I can merge accounts into one without having to change my plan or anything (currently have the old unlimited data plan…)

  • Romdude

    Perfect, now I can move my brother and his family to my plan and we all save money. I couldn’t before because I already had my in laws.

    • ZakMckracken

      I was thinking the same thing. My brother and his wife could join my plan that already has 5 people.

  • Dark enV

    This is great news! I’ve been hoping T-Mobile would bring this in soon, now I can try to convince my parents to dump Verizon and their $300 phone bill for 3 phones and Home Fusion internet and come over to T-Mobile onto my current family plan. Only problem for them is they live out in the country area so T-Mobile isn’t good out their yet but with the wifi calling and such I think they’ll be okay until T-Mobile upgrades the network out there. My buddy and his wife have already said they’ll switch now from Sprint to my plan because of this as well. It really won’t impact my current bill with the other 4 lines I have too much but it will drastically help with my parents and my buddy’s phone bill.

  • Dark enV

    I wonder if since the promotion announced the other day doesn’t end until September 30th if you can have a family of 10 sign up and all get 2.5GB for $200. I just moved my brother and his wife to the 2.5GB promotion today while myself and the other 2 on the plan will keep our fully unlimited data with 3GB hotspot.

    • Romdude

      From my conversations on 611, they normally act like the data service is
      separate from the plans. You might as well confirm though and let us
      all know.

  • Jeremiah McCurry

    Join the T-Mobile Framily.

    • Ngintip

      Sprint Gordon : Is our billing separate ? :)

  • About Blood Time Already!!!

    About BLOODY TIME!!!!

    We have two “At Home” or “@Home” VOIP lines on our account.
    This means we have been limited to three mobile phones.
    There have been any number of times that we have wished we had a 4th phone line (for 6 total). Now that is an option.

  • YABD

    I have 5 soldiers already in tmobile army, 3 more in training camp coming 8/17 and when my 2 daughters get older will join us (10), URRA!!!!

  • Jay Holm

    Hey, if it helps take my customers from the big 2, then yayyy! Hopefully by the end of the year T-Mobile will be closer to taking the #3 spot from Sprint.

    • calvin200

      According to some T-Mobile fans they are already there. Thanks for being honest.

      • tegz

        “according to some t-mobile fans” LOL. if you’re not a fan, then why are you here? to troll? sprint is a joke. their 3g speeds are horrible, wi-max is a joke, and their lte sucks. all that on top of charging $10 for “4g” even if your device isn’t equipped to take advantage of it. just being honest.

        • calvin200

          Honesty check. Call it trolling, if you wish. Oh Sprint is still not fixed-thanks for the info. As if my last two years of my life didn’t tell me that already.

        • hawaiikai

          I have freedompop with a mobile hotspot 4g/3g device using sprint’s network. Too bad there is no 4g at all here in Hawaii.

    • Scoop003

      According to the earnings call today, T-Mobile already passed Sprint this last quarter ending June 30.

      • calvin200

        That’s an earnings report. An income statement does not determine how big a company is.

  • xmiro

    What was Simple Choice Classic?

  • 3 Musketeers

    i have 4 musketeers 2 more little rats on 8/17

  • Ben

    If I already have 4 lines paying $100/mo for 1GB each can I upgrade the data for free on this promotion?

    • Romdude

      You get 1GB for free for all the phones but you have to pay $50 for 1st, $30 for 2nd, $10 for 3 to 6 and then $20 for 7 to 10. At the moment, you can have 5 lines with all 1gb free each for $110 not including tax and other fees.

    • Clippers FANactic

      Yes Sir! I just did today!

      • Carl

        You had to call? I hate to call…lol

    • Mike Coleman

      Yes, i did it yesterday with our 5 lines

      • Carl

        You had to call?

        • Mike Coleman

          Yes, i actually called the day before they came out with the plan. The lady said she would switch us over the next day (30th) and give me a call telling me it was done, which she did. Super easy and painless.

    • Carl

      Those of you who were able to upgrade, you had to call or were you able to do it online?

      • Carl

        I currently have 4 lines, 3 with the 1GB and 1 where I am paying the $10.00 for 3GB. I should be able to have all 4 lines with 2.5GB and drop the $10.00 correct? (2.5GB will be enough on that line)

  • wralford

    The article is quoting the pricing for the 1GB plan, but what are additional lines price going to be for the other plans?

    How much are additional lines going to be for tablets and other mobile devices?

  • Bob Archer

    Do all the numbers have to have the same area code?

    • Moses JC

      Why would that be the case & why did that get 3 likes…

    • Romdude

      No, my wife and I have different area codes.

  • Billz

    Remember, Contact Freedom only pays ETFs for up to 5 lines per account.

  • George

    Is adding up to 5 more additional lines still going to happens? Haven’t heard any other news on this. Thanks.

  • Mike

    I just chatted with a T-mobile worker and he said lines 6-10 would cost $10, when I said I’d read online we may pay 20 bucks he said we were classic or old account (we’ve had Tmobile less than a year) and that it’d only be $10 for those lines too…I have no idea if they changed policy of if he was wrong, guess I’ll find out.