Two new T-Mo Alcatel phones available from next week

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T-Mobile and MetroPCS announced late last week that a pair of new budget-friendly devices would be making their way over to store shelves. Both Android-powered Alcatel phones will be sold from next week. The OneTouch Evolve 2 will be available from September 9th (Apple event day) and cost  $79.20 full-retail, or $3.30 for 24 months on EIP. The OneTouch Fierce 2 is slightly more expensive at $5.25 per month, or $126 full retail price.

An internal memo to staff reads as follows:


Beginning September 9, T-Mobile will be launching the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Evolve™ 2! This affordable smartphone comes complete with a vivid 4″ screen, 1.3 GHz dual core processor and 5 MP camera.


T-Mobile is adding another device to their smartphone line up! Beginning September 10, the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Fierce™ 2 will become available to customers. This phone is designed for customers who want a new, capable smartphone and at an affordable price. It features a vivid 5″ screen, 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 5 MP camera and HD camcorder!”

Along with the brief lowdown on these new, cheap devices, T-Mobile also sent out a couple of cheat-sheets to help staff better position the devices. Or at least, understand what’s good/different about them, and who they’re perfect for.  Essentially, they’re both cheap devices aimed at people who don’t have a lot to spend or haven’t used a smartphone before. While many of us tech-heads wouldn’t even consider anything other than a flagship device, there is still a sector of the market that only has a smartphone because it’s deemed necessary, and will only spend what they have to.

In terms of key differences, your extra $50-ish on the Fierce 2 will get you a bigger display, faster processor, faster network capabilities (although neither comes with LTE), HD video recording and an LED flash for your camera.

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  • besweeet

    An HD camcorder? :O

    • BlackJu

      Yeah, what in the hell is a camcorder?

  • anthon

    Who gives a thought about phones like that we need better phones.

  • jonathan3579


  • notyourbusiness

    I have a friend who has one of the original Alcatels of one of these versions. Not sure if it’s the Fierce or OneTouch, but she seems happy with it. I’d recommended the Nokia Lumia 521 to her, but I’m pretty sure she went Android because she needed something cheap plus she wanted access to apps like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Saga, etc.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    A Blu or xiaomi device would be cool

    • DirkDigg1er

      One Plus One or Xiaomi mi4 would be great.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Not bad for the Fierce 2 for $126 for being 5″ screen out right for a kid and a teenager unless they spoiled little brat and want nothing but an iPhone

    • kalel33

      Spoiled brat is the kid with a smartphone. They can get a “feature phone” until they can buy the smartphone themselves with a job.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I am talking from experience. I tried giving a Moto G LTE to our 12 year old and she said ugh, I only like Apple products. Well I told her that’s not happening so now she has a used Nokia Lumia 521 and she hates it but it does the calling and texting and has 1 GB of data.

  • JBrowne1012

    These are awesome choices to be provided but it’s really ball dropping to not include lte, really it shouldn’t be an option because lte provides better quality calls which is an important part of owning a cell phone. T-Mobile shouldn’t put out hspa only devices.


    WTF why make a 3G smartphone?
    I predict these phones to be going for $30 and $50 within a few months.
    The LG Optimus F6 is a major step up over both of these phones for $70

    • Bklyman

      The 1st Evolve, went for anywhere from $30-$50.00 all depend where got it from,HSN,Best Buys, Walmart, etc. The Fierce never went below $80.00 at the same places, if they sold it at all. Tmo, does not sell F6, any longer,at least not online,unless u meant the LG 90. If Tmo sell the F6,it is only in stores,I agree with u,the F6 is much better either then either of these 2.

  • Bklynman

    What odd about these 2 phones,is the 1st Fierce, was lte,the 1st Evolve, was also 4″screen, not sure if it had a flash for the camera or not,why bring the phones out? Just bring back The Amaze, which blow both of these phones out of the water.

    • Rdaex

      Uh… Fierce is not LTE

      • Bklynman

        I stand corrected. Just went to GSM Arena, today, to my surprise to to find out you are right. I base my information on reviews I had read about this phone,more than one stated that it was lte. That is why they got it, for the lte. Oh well,I never had one,never really wanted one either. If you go to GSM Arena,this company has been making phones for a while now, you figure by now they would get it right. Go figure.

  • David

    A phone for the people who don’t care about smart phones but that are forced to get one…

  • John Brown

    How’s the processor on the Evolve 2? I have an original Evolve with the whimpy 1ghz processor and 512MB of RAM and it absolutely sucks. It’s got so much lag that it honestly shouldn’t be running Jelly Bean Android.