St Joseph, Missouri gets a taste of wideband LTE

Since it announced late last year that it would be launching a much faster wideband LTE network, T-Mobile’s been mostly focussing on the large, major metro areas. But now that a lot of those are covered, it’s seemingly activating its 15+15/20+20 network in some smaller towns and cities too.

Not long ago we got word that the network had been given a boost in Ludlow, Massachusetts. And today we’ve been informed that St Joseph, Missouri has also had its 15+15 switched on.

A reader sent us the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 20.07.17

The screenshot shows the Serving Cell information from two different cell sites in the smaller city to the north of KC.

T-Mobile’s “Data Strong” network is expanding each week. And it’s not just the addition of wideband LTE networks. T-Mo has also started activating 1900MHz LTE in a number of cities, including Cincinnati, OH among others. What’s more, the A-block 700MHz band 12 spectrum is being tested and activated in a handful of areas. We’ve not received much in terms of sightings in our email inbox on that, but I suspect that’s more to do with the fact that very few T-Mo customers are rocking the Galaxy Avant. Currently, that device is the only A-block compatible phone on T-Mo store shelves.

Thanks, Mike.

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