15+15 LTE pops up in Ludlow, MA


T-Mobile’s network upgrades are gathering pace as we near yet another major Uncarrier announcement. One of the latest towns to see T-Mo’s “Data Strong” wideband is Ludlow in Massachusetts. A reader there sent us a screenshot of his iPhone’s Serving Cell Info screen within the Field Test mode. As you can see, it shows the cell site as serving 15MHz up and down.


Various other upgrades are going on around the country too, and I’m sure we’ll hear an update on the official figures during the Uncarrier 7.0 event in San Francisco on September 10th. Last time out, T-Mo announced that its VoLTE service is now “nationwide”. Wideband LTE expansion is gradually covering more and more people too. So, if you’re in an area that’s seen a huge speed bump in recent times, you could be covered by the faster, more reliable network.

Of particular interest during the network announcements will be the state of the 700MHz network. Sites have been tested in recent months and some have been turned on. However, only a couple of devices are currently compatible with the lower frequency airwaves used by T-Mo.

Full screenshot below (click to view full image):


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  • anthon

    Which devices are compatible with band 700mhz in Tmobile?

    • Mike Palomba

      None offered by tmobile currently but some unlocked devices are.

    • Adrayven

      Hoping the next round of smartphones like the Note 4, iPhone, Nexus 6, etc are..

      I don’t think they could technically put it into phones until more recently, even then, they need to be careful on where it’s activated until it’s completely cleared.

      • Laststop311

        Considering I live in Northeast ohio smack dab in the middle of a 700mhz purchase area I will not upgrade my galaxy note 2 to any phone unless it supports 700mhz band 12. I’m quite happy having a fully paid off phone with the 70 dollar/month truly unlimited everything. My bill ends up being around 75/month after taxes and crap and the only carrier that can come close to that is sprint and don’t even get me started on data speeds for sprint.

        So what I’m saying is if I’m going to spend 150-200 dollars cash upfront and another 25 dollars a month on my bill for 20 months making me pay 100/month instead of 75/month the phone better damn well support the frequencies used in my area.

        Since the need to upgrade smartphones has died down considerably and cpu increases and gpu increases are just tiny evolutions nowadays I plan to keep my next smartphone for at least 4 years. Preferably I’d like my next smartphone to support the 600mhz airwaves too but t-mobile doesnt even know which ones they will win exactly so that’s just not happening. That makes the need for 700mhz support even greater as it will be the only low frequency ill have for the next 4 years or more.

        • FirstTime347

          Dude your a cheapskate, TMobile should etf you for being so cheap

        • Reinstate Hesse

          In N. E. Ohio, I get way better speeds on Sprint than Tmobile. On Sprint I get like 75/25 easily plus I get to ask random people if they want to part of my framily.
          TMobile sucks

      • Aaron C

        If the Nexus 6 doesn’t support 700Mhz, I’m going to have to figure out what phone I want to buy.

    • randomnerd_number38

      The Samsung Galaxy Avant and the newest Galaxy Tab.

    • NOYB

      Galaxy Avant, Galaxy Tab 3, and the upcoming Experia Z3. Prevoius articles on this site have stated so.

      • nutmac

        Are you sure about Avant? Samsung only mentions “Band I (2100), Band II (1900), Band IV (1700/2100), Band V (850) LTE: Band 1, 2, 4, and 5”.

        • NOYB

          See T-mobile’s support page on Avant under “Tech Specs”. It clearly states: Network

          2G/3G/4G/LTE Capable

          LTE Band 2, 4, and 12

          LTE Cat 4 (150 / 5)

          UMTS Band I, II, IV and V

          HSPA Cat 24 (42)/ Cat 6 (5.76)

          EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900

  • Ann Droyd

    Where? Um, who cares? Nobody lives there, but 3 people.

    • besweeet

      Given that, it’s good to know that T-Mobile is working on those rural areas :).

    • calvin200

      You drank a lot of kool-aid….. I live in the city TMobile is fabulous

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      I think you might be getting it mixed up with Ludlow California. Population 10. I would have been really impressed if they werr working on LTE tower is Ludlow California

    • Sar Kazm

      Yeah because what would be the point, it’s not like anybody would need coverage in spots with low population. It’s not like peoe actually travel right?

  • Mike Palomba

    Great to see T-Mobile working on rural areas. Getting closer and closer to being the best carrier

  • That’s nice, but can we get at least 3G in the 120mls between San Antonio and the Mexican border along the busy I35 corridor? T-Mobile is sight unseen even in most suburbs of Laredo. Say whatever you want about the duopoly ATT and VZW, but nobody bothers to challenge them in this vast area.

    • BillSmitty

      Ha, I was thinking the same thing for NJ beach areas. The better half is ready to jump to Verizon after 12 years with TMO because the service just isn’t getting up to speed fast enough. We’ve gone to Top Sail Beach, NC and Ocean City, NJ this year and service was non-existent in NC and just slightly better in NJ. I was pretty annoyed as well, especially in NJ…it’s not like its in the middle of nowhere. Depending on her work discount we may just move our two lines to VZ and I’ll keep the @home line and free iPad with TMO until we see better progress. We also don’t get good service at our house and we are in a major Philly suburb. I love the TMO prices but if the service doesn’t work, who cares. Come on TMO, still a lot of network work to do.

    • Laststop311

      att and verizon bought all the low frequency spectrum which is needed to build out in rural areas. Low frequency has a much larger range so you can cover large square miles with only 1 tower where higher frequency needs a buncha towers to do the same. Economically its not possible to cover rural areas without a dense population living there with high frequency. Once t-mobile gets a large nationwide block of 600mhz (which has a longer range than 700mhz even) they can start matching ver att in coverage.

      • Hogwash! ATT operates in the AWS and PCS bands, the same as T-Mobile, in Laredo, a city of 250000, not a rural area. And while the stretch of the I35 corridor leading to it is a rural area, thousands of customers pass thorough it everyday, especially trucks with demand for communication. So, the market exists, it’s T-Mobile which chooses to give up on such customers and not make money there.

        • AntiDeaf AntiBadGrammer#

          Maybe its because you ppl in Laredo use words like hogwash.
          John Legere doesn’t like words like hogwash and selling phones to deaf people.
          Sorry your not John’s type of people somehow thats how the cookie crumbles, you feel me?

  • Kornmatrix

    Great news for those in Massachusetts. Still not a single 2G tower touched in Minnesota yet. Tmobile has 700mhz here and no channel 51 to worry about what are they doing!

    • superg05

      the country is a big place and 700 hasn’t fully rolled out yet and has very little device support at this time get on twitter and bug john about till he blocks you then make a new account and bug him some more and get your frineds to do it as well to try and push you up the list abit

      • Aaron C

        My eyes just died reading that.

    • monkeybutts

      They probably do not have many customers in Minnesota outside of the twin cities.
      You wouldn’t be able to tell if you got 700 unless you had an Avant.

      • Kornmatrix

        Well the lack of customers outside of the twin Cities is tmobile’s own fault due to none existent data coverage outside of the twin Cities but that also means tons of potential customers if they can get the network upgraded cause if you look at tmobile’s voice coverage area for Minnesota its huge. Also my idea in bringing up the 700mhz is because if they roll that out they will also rollout 1900mhz or AWS LTE as well and that i can take advantage of. I mean i’m not in the middle of nowhere i’m only 30 minutes from minneapolis and stuck on EDGE that doesn’t have a data connection, only calls and text.

        • KNOWSmuch

          EDGE does have data, just not as fast. You would have to use patience on that network.

        • Kornmatrix

          Oh I know EDGE does have data and most the time it’s usable I have managed to stream Pandora on the EDGE network. Except for in the town I live that tower has been broken for 10 months. Ever sense they “upgraded” the tower from GPRS to EDGE I have not seen a single byte of data from it sense. It’s kinda getting frustrating.

        • Paul Ryan

          Are you in Michelle Bachmann’s District? Send Michelle a form with some fancy letterhead that states Sprint, Verizon, and ATT are ran by Democrats and foreigners and she’ll get pot kettaling.

        • Kornmatrix

          Is that supposed to be a joke? Michelle Bachmann do something that’s funny.

    • Bob Saget

      working at the northernmost t-mobile in the midewest…… I have it on good authority that around 80 or so towers currently running on 2g should be upgraded by the end of the year.

      • Bob Saget

        Midwest* aka mn

      • Kornmatrix

        That’s very good news! Well they need to start In Montrose our tower is broken!

        • jimmycrackcorn

          You really trust someone predictions when they can’t even make a complete sentence?
          He can’t even spell midwest right.
          It’s prolly JosephSinger spouting his normal cacafoey.

        • Kornmatrix

          Well obviously I don’t 100% believe anything I read on the Internet until I see it with my own eyes. But I can always have a little hope. All I know is tmobile needs to do something with the broken tower or my 3 lines are leaving soon.

  • FILA

    Does Massachusetts have many cactus, lol

    • pbxtech

      By the looks it, there’s gotta be some in Ludlow, MA.

      • Dr Comguzzla

        It’s a generic photo Einstein’s.
        FYI there still time for both of you to register for the Special Olympics, your country needs you.

        • Romdude

          Takes a moron to think of others as moronic as they are. Just stating a fact that there are cactus there, not that that photo is in MA.

    • Romdude

      Not many but they do have some native cactus.

  • anthon

    Does Moto x+1 come with band 12 or at least T mobile WiFi calling.

    • monkeybutts

      Nothing official yet, but I saw some FCC documents on what is presumed to be the next Nexus which looked to be GSM only no Sprint and it did not have Band 12. We will find out next week though.

  • Adrayven

    Crazy what towns make TelCo’s do and the hoops to jump through to hide wireless towers.. but thats a for-real tower .. LOL

  • Trevnerdio

    Got over 72mbps in front of the FSU President’s house in Tallahassee, Florida…I was amazed. I must move there.

    • Guest

      Trust me, you don’t want to move there. But I was happy with my service while I was living there.

      • Trevnerdio

        Everyone knows she was lying to get attention..but the crab legs, I just don’t even know…

      • miami77

        Only if you’re a white Red Neck. They hate average white folks too. After all, when you have a head football coach named Jimbo Fisher the white sheets will be hanging nearby.

    • markw

      Great. In Podunk Tallahassee. Getting 1.3mbps in Florida’s largest county. On LTE!. Verizon’s 3g speeds are better.

      • Trevnerdio

        On T-mobile??

        • markw

          Yeah on mobile in north Miami Dade county. That’s on a good day.

        • markw

          Tmobile. Yeah that’s the one. Tech support says everything is fine. They stated that”several trouble tickets have been filed but closed out as”no problem exist”. That’s what happens when you pay field techs half of what Verizon pays. Just got a Speedtest download of 2.1 mbps on LTE.

        • Trevnerdio

          That’s horrendous…I’ve never seen speeds so low on LTE

        • markw

          Sorry to say that 600 to 700 kbps isn’t unusual. On LTE. Tech support morons say everything’s ok. Going to Cricket tomorrow. 8mbps downloads are better than I’ve ever had at my business on LTE with tmo. These aren’t even 3g speeds.

        • Trevnerdio

          I have consistent 30+ mbps in Panama City, which is half the size of Tallahassee…sounds like somebody needs to get to work in Miami-Dade

    • Baz

      I got 71.5 off of se capital circle last month. Pres house is off of west Tennessee right? Most other areas of town I pull 40. Its a 10+10 right?

      • Trevnerdio

        I’m not familiar with the area, I go to FSU in Panama City :) but I checked and it was 15+15

  • josephsinger

    And of course a cactus inspired base station makes all the sense in the world when talking about Ludlow, Massachusetts.

  • Greg Victor

    Any word on when wideband lte will be activated in NYC and VoLTE enabled on the LG G3?

    • hatecrapservice

      Yeah its coming December 2041. Try aroun 3:09 pm.

  • Aurizen

    Gah still none in philly! I guess its coming in September. Inb4 someone bashes Cam about the pic above. :P

    • markw

      Yeah. September 2033.

  • Laststop311

    Is there a simple coverage map that breaks down t-mobile lte coverage and shows the 5+5 areas as 1 color 10+10 as a diff color 15+15 as a diff color and 20+20 as a diff color? So we can easily see in 1 picture not only the lte coverage of all of US but also the frequency bandwidth of all the lte coverage.

  • Irfan

    Just came back from , Virginia Beach , va and i must say over the beach the service is awesome buy inside in city or surrounding areas , u even do not get any Edge , which is a big Q? , i love t mobile technology but hate poor coverage with out doubt after 7 years with t mobile i m thinking for other options because of poor coverage .

    • Romdude

      You really should use another carrier if you travel that often. If however your everyday is covered well and fast, then think about buying a burner phone from a verizon or at&t mvno. It’s a good cheap option for those occasional travels.

    • TylerCameron

      I live in Virginia Beach and coverage within the city is amazing. Way better than Verizon or AT&T for me and my use. I was pleasantly surprised when, while on a road trip to Richmond, I only lost LTE for about 10 minutes. They’re not as good in Chesapeake tho. And the outer banks are atrocious. T-Mobile says there’s 4G down toKill Devil Hills but there isn’t. It’s EDGE EDGE EDGE. Often GPRS. In places where it says I should roam, I simply can’t in the Outer Banks.

  • Michael

    Not my video, but 100+Mbps on LTE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U3K38ke3vQ

  • Evan

    There are no saguaro cacti in Massachusetts, Cam. At least not in the wild (could be some botany display somewhere or a private collection.) They are indigenous to the South West (almost exclusively Arizona within the US, actually), not the North East. You see a lot of them in Westerns on account of how so many westerns were filmed in Tucson, AZ, but they are not on every street corner in the US.

    • marvin bolden

      That was a Nextel tower they where taking down that’s on the sprint web site

  • Willie D

    Yet here in San Francisco, I see my service degrade. Someone I know predicted this to me and it turns out he was right.

    • markw

      As they add subs…the speed tanks. Went from 28mbps DL in Miami to 2 to 3mbps. Especially bad as they convert MetroPCS subs to T-Mobile phones.

  • Jay Holm

    Still no Wideband LTE here in Fairfield County Connecticut (Bridgeport). . . And yet here we are in September, hmmmm…..

  • Joe

    I live in Ludlow, MA, and I still struggle to get a 3mbps download…

    • fantasynetwork

      It only works on the corner of Fantasy St. and Legere Ave. Right next to that fracking cactus. Must be within visual range! No cactus. No 15/15.

  • What.IcantBelieveIt

    Can we please get some coverage other than EDGE here in Mohave County, AZ…. where that Saguaro grows?!

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Is it really hidden in a cactus? NICE!!!!!!

  • EmeryE100

    Anyone know of an Android app that can supply the same cell/network info as the “iPhone’s Serving Cell Info screen”? I want to be able to see what the bandwidth is when T-Mobile gets around to turning on LTE in my 2G area(43055).