T-Mobile G2X Dropping April 15th? Maybe.

While we’ll ignore for a moment the fact that T-Mobile has yet to release any sort of information regarding a release date for the T-Mobile G2X new information pinpoints to a April 15th launch. That’s 5 days ahead of our own timeframe of April 20th which we’ve been working with for a while now. Anyone have any objections to the G2X releasing a little early? Didn’t think so.

Noticeably absent here is the release date of the T-Mobile G-Slate which is only marked as “soon.” Our own intel pinpointed the G-Slate to release on the 20th along with the G2X so we’ll keep that as a possibility.

We should note that I can’t recall in recent times when T-Mobile has launched a device on a Friday so we’ll definitely pencil the 15th in and hold fast on the 20th until we get something a little more concrete. Of course, maybe T-Mobile will shock us and actually announce a date in the coming days.


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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they do so T-Mobile and LG can get some sales going!

  • Alex76_19

    What the hell is it with Tmo not announcing these new phones when they are supposedly this close to release!!??

    • Farhan

      Probably coz the dates are subject to change and TMobile doesn’t want to hurt sales of phones that are available.

      • Anonymous


  • 4g

    Just got a gs4g to pass the time by for the g2x. waiting(in my c. sheen voice)

    • remister

      YAY, for remorse period :P

  • Dont see it

    I want to believe this, but with absolutely no word from tmo, I can’t see this coming to fruition

    • Anonymous

      Its possible…..usually there’s atleast a week notice with release dates…….as soon as tmo makes annoucement internal or public, well know

  • remister

    2Gx or the Slate, decisions!

    • Anonymous

      Slate all day

    • Mrscatra

      Both!!!! Lol :)

  • Farhan

    On another note, is there any rumor of an Evo 3D looking phone for TMobile? It would probably not have the Evo name and I don’t care much about the 3D, but the phone looks real nice. Would like to have something that looks like that instead of the Pyramid on the Magenta side.

    • The Evo 3D GSM rumor was shot down as a mere error on the site.

    • michael

      Well the closest will be the pyramid which is basically the same

    • Aerofanbig

      “EVO” is a brand name that belongs to Sprint, same as “Droid” to Verizon and just like “G” “MyTouch” and “SideKick” belong to Tmobile NOT the phone manufacturers. The HTC Pyramid is more or less the same thing as the EVO 3D.

  • 700 bucks just sitting in the bank for 2 months now, yelling at me to SPEND!!!! everytime i check my account. c’mon tmo!!! you might get bought by someone before you actually release this phone.

    • yyevo

      Hi, I’m with your bank. There’s been a possible security breach and we need to verify your ATM Machine Debit Card number and PIN Number. Please also, sir, to be humbled, to send a copy of your drivers license and your birth certificate.

      Upon receipt, we will transfer $10,000,000 into your account from your dead prince uncle in Uzbeckistan.

  • What is COB?
    Asides from that, that leaves me more time.. as if it comes sooner I have less to wait for it to hit Ebay haha.. got around $450 waiting to find one, also.. gotta wait for it to drop a little.. unless it launches for $499 unsubsidized.

    • Rustytinsoldier

      Certified Open Box

  • Where is the HTC Pyramid?

  • Anonymous

    Okay I have seen the release as being the 20th, 23rd, and 28th. All posted by people who claim to work for tmobile and now we proof it’s coming on the 15th. Things that make you hmmm.

    • I think I’m usually a pretty good source for information and I’m sticking with the 20th. Though I did just see something that says the 28th but that again makes me skeptical as this image does because thats a Thursday and T-Mobile releases phones during the week on Wednesdays.

      • I trust in David. Hey… I’m David too thou :D

        • I know, I could be wrong though, I want to be wrong but history tells me they release phones on a Wednesday. That’s the only reason I’m skeptical.

        • I won’t be upset either way. The 15 is just closer. Everyday my friends ask me “David, did you get your new phone yet?” & I’m like “No…. -_-, soon…”, lol. I remember one time I went for like periods of 7-8 months without a phone. Idk if I can do that no more, now that I’ve really got into Smartphone & with Android’s existence.

        • you sound like me and my friends lol

        • lol

        • Zedklind

          If you work for tmo then how did u not know the astound came out on a Tuesday…

        • The Astound came out today, a Wednesday.

        • Onospam

          yea its gonna be the Wednesday the 20th of april, the g2x isnt related to the g2 at all, the “G” is indicating the pure google experience and the “2X” because it is the Optimus 2X so u have the G2X…. im setting up a led tv with 3d glasses to demo the g2x and the gslate on launch day, and ill also be doing a presale the night before launch day

        • wow, i appologize. could have sworn i saw tmo on twitter say astound was out yesterday.

        • Anonymous

          I heard from 2 reps 4/13…which is a Wednesday…FREE ME FROM THIS MYTOUCH 3G!!!

      • Anonymous

        I think it’ll drop this month sometime…..The Slate is listed at the bottom of that sheet (after devices launching in May)…I hope the Slate doesn’t launch in May!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I just got off the phone with a rep at a Tmo store and a rep in the Tmo cancellation department (negotiating early upgrade) and both of them quoted 4/13 (Wednesday) as the G2x release date. The Tmo rep in customer support said she saw it earlier in the day in the computer system but it suddenly changed to “TBD” when she looked again. Cross your fingers.

      Let’s see if we can get a few more reps to spill the beans to confirm :)

      • Dubon12

        that is bull i am a tmobile rep and they have NOT gave us a release date yet.

  • Anonymous

    Even though the release date for the g2x hasn’t been announced officially, I have a feeling it’ll drop really really soon…I’m expecting an announcement literally any day now…..hopefully well find out more about the slate

  • *Was just about to send you all this* Guess someone is faster than me. I have no objections to this date. The sooner, the better. Anyone have any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace, lol. Didn’t think so..

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I’m simply amazed the TMO is releasing such a device at all. Bring it on. Nice upgrade from my Nexus One. I’ll take stock OS over a Pyramid any day.

    • Anonymous

      …The Optimus will be like LG’s Galaxy S….All carriers will get it eventually

      • Prod1702

        yea you can wish it goes to other carriers but there is no sign of that at all right now.

    • Carlf

      Nice upgrade from the N1… I’m still pushing the G1 until this comes out.

      • i feel you there.. my 4th battery started to give way :/

      • Jimbo831

        I’m impressed you’ve been able to deal with the G1 and how slow it is this long. I got the Nexus One at release and like tmonewtn, I am ready to upgrade to the G2X now!

  • I wish TMO would stop jerkin’ their gherkin and give us a date and a price.

    • mrmiddl

      lmao “gherkin”

  • michael

    Is this a document given to reps?

    • Probably yeah, looks like a document given to the ppl working for Tmobile, i can’t wait to get this phone…shoot me plz.

  • HeLLkAt31

    wat the hell is the after hours promo on top of the picture???!

    • carly is at the back of the store wearing next to nothing giving out gs4g to employees.

      • jarjon76

        *fills out a T-Mobile job application*

      • Rick

        *doesn’t stand in line to gawk at Carly*

  • Bmcg06

    I was on their website a couple days ago and it showed the Sidekick 4g, then the Tmobile 4g Hotspot, then then Tmobile G2x in that order. So I figured the G2x was coming out a little later. Now that this post is up, I see that the G2x is before the Tmobile Hotspot and the Sidekick 4g. So this could be a little hint that the G2x will be released on the 15th. But I guess we will have to wait until then to see whats up with that.

  • J1

    Im taking this easily over the Pyramid. Simple reason, Stock v Sense. My investigation into specs and info I have gathered from the list of phones to be released this year leads me conclude that the Pyramid is the next phone in the myTouch series. For various reasons, HTC as manufacturer for one. The most glaring reason is SENSE. The fact that there was a name change between the emerald/mytouch hd bka mt4g would start to point to the fact Tmo did not justify the name for that device. So let the bashing/inquiry begin……

  • Prod1702

    What i wonder is why the sidekick 4g is not on that list. I remember the post back saying the sidekick was out on the 20th or what was leaked. So why is it not on that list. I guess i have to wait and see if i see this list tomorrow at work.

  • Mike

    I haven’t been keeping up to date but is this G2X the successor to the G2?

    • Carlf

      Yes and no… It doesn’t have the physical keyboard like the G1 and G2, but it does offer the Google “Vanilla” experience which is the pure Android with no flash extra skins like HTC’s sense. I think that is why they stuck with the G up front. The 2X more than likely represents the dual core processor that is has. That’s my take on it from the info I have read, mostly here.

      • Mike

        Thanks for the info fellas. I might have to look into this phone if nothing better comes to Tmobile in the next few months

        • Steadymobb

          think of it like this…the G2 is like the verizons droid…the G2x is like the Droid X

          no keyboard, same brand line

      • Aerofanbig

        Pretty much what Carlf said. “G” indicates a pure android phone from Tmobile. But remember, this phone outside of Tmo and around the world is known as the LG Optimus 2X…..So, G+2X=G2x

    • It’s not a successor but it definitely is an upgrade in comparison to the G2, but think of the x as the version without a keyboard, although this isn’t by HTC.. and it’s specs are much better than the G2’s.

  • Carlf

    Has the price been released anywhere yet? I would be nice to know how much stuff I need to sell so I’m ready to go on the 13th, or 15th or 20th or what ever the date is that the G2X is coming out… It’s time to retire my well abused G1 that I got on day one of its release back in 2008.

    • Aerofanbig

      I’ve got one of the very first shipped G1’s as well. She is a tired ol’ workhorse

    • Rick

      Both my G1s are tired. One is so banged up you can drop a penny through the case. The other one has had an Invishield on it from day one, but I finally cracked the camera cover… darn. CM6.1 is the only reason I have kept them running. Suppose I should spring for the G2X or wait ‘just a little bit longer for’ something cooler? Me, I’m ready to jump in it.

      Oh, do you suppose Loyalty will make me an offer? I’m a 6 year subscriber anbd my plans expired in December… I can go anywhere, just don’t tell them I refuse to go to VZW, Sprint is useless to me, and AT&T lost me in 2006 and I am in no hurry to go back. Guess that leaves me with cans and string as an alternative.

      • Carl

        Yeah, CM6.1 is the only reason I’m staying strong with my G1 as well. I have been thinking about the Pyramid but I’m just not sure I can wait any longer and if it has been pushed back to May, it may get pushed back further. Plus after running CM6.1 I have to have Android “Vanilla”. Really the only difference with the Pyramid that has me enticed is the qHD screen, that’s it.

  • Guest

    Do you guys not read other sites? With the Thunderbolt being literally announced 3 days before release, nothing surprises me any more

    • Aerofanbig

      after a dozen missed previous release dates lol

    • Aerofanbig

      after a dozen missed previous release dates lol

  • Prod1702

    The price on that sheet for the Astound is wrong.

    • 129.99-50= 79.99

      • Prod1702

        it says 129.99 after 50MIR which to me means that is the price after it is 129.99 after the 50 not before. If it was before then that would be right, but whatever i work in a few hours so i will find out if this sheet is seating at my work or in my email.

  • Bispatrick

    Whats the point, we have to get att phones when this deal happens. Ill waitand save my money for a company that will be around in a year.

    • brandon

      haven’t you read… this phone has bands that are available for both networks.

  • Phone.man

    The htc pyramid is coming to.tmo in may with 4.3 inch screen and the newest android software 2.3

    • Deke

      You sure about that? Got any proof?

  • brandon

    I will be in the store the day it is released!

  • Wow!

    Next week???????? WOOHOOO!!!!

  • Xenafanatic

    i hope this isn’t more then 200 with contract upgrade…

  • ive been looking at that picture closely and noticed something.. does the background behind the text supposed to look differently than the rest of the background.. it looks more pixelated as if it was tampered with. can someone with gimp/photoshop check it out? maybe im trippin but it doesnt look right as if something was pasted in.

  • ok can we get an Optimus 3d with that pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Guest

    What’s the best way to get this phone when it comes out? Do they do preorders once a release date is officially released, or is showing up at the store early on release date the only way?

  • It’s official the 15th online and the 20th in stores, striaght from Tmo’s facebook

    “Here’s a great reason to Stick Together with us: the T-Mobile G2x. This dual core beast of a phone will be available online April 15 and in stores April 20 for $199.99.* http://ow.ly/4uWpl

    *After $50 mail in rebate and 2-year agreement.”

  • Anonymous

    Damn those reps…making up dates to get commission. The official 15th launch online is better than the 20th though. Rush shipping might be worth it.

  • Camille

    I have a FaceBook post from T-Mobile that says it will be released online on April 15, and in store on April 20.

  • msprinkl

    Can someone edumicate me on something? What does Vanilla Android mean? I run a year-round youth sports league using Google Voice and Gmail. I also need a bigger screen than the Blackberry I have to view 25+ page .pdf league team rosters. I usually delete games off a phone when I get it because I am prone to be easily distracted. I can’t get a Google Nexus phone yet because Best Buy won’t reduce price until your T-Mobile contract has expired. I still have almost a year left on my current T-Mobile contract, BUT their Retention Department will let me get the G2x for $199 AND waive one month’s worth of my contract fees ($90). That would essentially get me into the G2x for $100.

    Do I get it or wait for the Samsung Galaxy II or HTC phone? I really don’t HAVE to get a phone right now, because we are running basketball at the moment and I have my laptop connected wirelessly in the gym. I just need it by the time fall soccer starts. Need good clean GVoice and Gmail intergration. Don’t want a bunch of extra junk on the phone as I am just gonna delete it. Flash Player would be nice so I can watch my beloved Orlando Magic video highlights. OH! Really want LED notification when a new text or email comes in. LOVE that on my Blackberry.


    • Corradoswapt

      vanilla android is android in its most basic form. no bloatware and no prorietary ui like sense or touchwiz.

    • AxEffect

      If you don’t understand the comment below— Vanilla Android is pretty much just basic android- there’s no skin placed over the software that changes its appearance, possibly slowing it down. There are also no apps added onto the phone besides what they’ve listed (because on other “non-vanilla” interfaces it is difficult to delete these apps).

      And I am going to get this phone. You will love it over your Bberry- Android is the way to go. This phone will be one of the new phones on the market that are as close to a computer as you can get. Since Android is made by Google, anything that you use on it, e.g. GVoice, GMail, etc., will work great. You can also use this phone as a wifi hotspot.

      P.S….I’m on the same boat with the retention department. Gotta love em!!!

  • g2x is coming out on the 15th online, 20th in stores. sidekick 4g is coming out the 20th for $100 on contract