T-Mobile G2X Dropping April 15th? Maybe.

While we’ll ignore for a moment the fact that T-Mobile has yet to release any sort of information regarding a release date for the T-Mobile G2X new information pinpoints to a April 15th launch. That’s 5 days ahead of our own timeframe of April 20th which we’ve been working with for a while now. Anyone have any objections to the G2X releasing a little early? Didn’t think so.

Noticeably absent here is the release date of the T-Mobile G-Slate which is only marked as “soon.” Our own intel pinpointed the G-Slate to release on the 20th along with the G2X so we’ll keep that as a possibility.

We should note that I can’t recall in recent times when T-Mobile has launched a device on a Friday so we’ll definitely pencil the 15th in and hold fast on the 20th until we get something a little more concrete. Of course, maybe T-Mobile will shock us and actually announce a date in the coming days.


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