T-Mobile G-Slate Includes Free Pair Of 3D Glasses

Well, this is interesting! Back at Mobile World Congress, LG stated that the LG Optimus Pad (known in the USA as the T-Mobile G-Slate) would not have a glasses-free 3D display, and instead it would require a separately sold pair of 3D glasses to properly watch 3D content on the tablet. For the record, this pair of glasses will be the famed Red and Blue variant you are all so familiar with.

Well, it seems that T-Mobile has put up a page on the G-Slate, and is doing us a favor by including a free pair of 3D glasses to watch 3D content on the display with!

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the off contract price of the device, only that it will be $529.99 with a two year agreement. While we’re still pegging the date for April 20, it could come sooner or later…


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