T-Mobile Posts Six Hour Deal On Samsung Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile G2

T-Mobile is looking to catch all the night owls with a special deal on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and T-Mobile G2 free till 6 AM Eastern Standard Time. The deal is good for new customers and add a lines only! It’s on now, for just 5 hours and 49 more minutes as I type this sentence. Wait, 5 hours and 48 minutes. Go!



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  • Anonymous

    Sad they don’t allow UPGRADES! Oh well!

    • LC

      Use it on the G2X :)

  • Quilvio1

    yeaaaaaaaaaaa i ordered the mytouch 4g

  • Don’t you dare try to tempt me from waiting another week for my G2X!!

  • Anonymous

    So tempted, but I had and sold a Vibrant and after looking at the Sensation this phone kind of reminds me of my G1. ;)

  • Jfkadjfk


    Showcasing android apps everyday!

  • Jfkadjfk


    Showcasing android apps everyday!

  • Damn they’re getting desperate for customers huh? At&t perhaps??

  • Anonymous

    David, are you living some place that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time? Most of us in the East have been stamping EDT on email and the like for weeks.

    • Did I miss something?

      • Camille

        No. My guess is that the person was referring to you writing ‘Eastern Savings Time,’ although I don’t know anyone that uses EDT either. I work in IT, as a developer, and we always ET (for Eastern Time). As a matter of fact, when you change the clock on your computer, it says Eastern Time.

        Either way, I don’t see what you wrote as being a problem.

  • Anonymous

    This must be aimed at the Geeks who pay attention to the big stuff coming out because your average Joe won’t catch wind of this deal.

    The countdown begins for the almighty G2x!

  • NardVa

    Stupid promo. Who runs a sale in the middle of the night? That’s not how you maximize potential. Plus who is following Tmobile on Twitter? Existing customer who can’t upgrade because the promo is for new customers.

  • NardVa

    I feel bad for people that took advantage of the promo. They probably have no idea the GX2 and Sensation is coming.

  • Meagan

    Tmobiles Marketing never ceases to amaze me. Did they really expect a few hours promo on a mobile that only new customers
    could take advatage of would have an impact worth typing out?

    Was it worth all the meetings, emails, paperwork, phone calls, website revision, more emails etc to make the promo actually happen, that most people will not take know about?

    I can think of other things that Tmobiles Marketing dept can do, like figure out why Sprint, Verizon, & AT&T all have 4.3″ Androids for a while now and Tmobile has yet actually set a date to sell something that has been out for almost a year.

    Do I sound bitter? Tmobile was the first with an Android, but someone forgot to tell Tmobile that they need to vary their selection a bit more with 4.3″ screen size, with LED flash.

    I only say this because I love Tmobile, and hate to see bored out of their minds Tmobile store reps.

  • Anonymous

    My assumption is that this was some sort of test, perhaps T-Mobile wanting to see the response by using only certain means of getting the word out, e.g., announcing the sale on Twitter only or whatever.

    What better way to test the various paid and free mediums effectiveness, and advertising at odd hours, than by using the specified medium(s) to run a promo.

    In the alternative, if we step back and look at everything T-Mobile is doing lately, in this yet another indicator that T-Mobile sales are suffering a severe downward trend, post AT&T announcement? If so, is T-Mobile is doing anything and everything to stop the bleeding?

    To be sure, while we have all been discussing details of the acquisition (rendering opinions on the likelihood of the deal going through, the timing of it, etc.) my suspicion is that:

    — Typical Shopper: The average consumer thinking about which carrier to go with “heard something about T-Mobile being bought out” so they don’t bother considering T-Mobile as a carrier.

    — Savvy Consumer: The savvy shopper/consumer thinks T-Mobile’s future is too sketchy, so they too pass on becoming a T-Mobile customer.

    — T-Mobile’s Competitors: Who knows what the CSRs are saying on the sales floor of Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or Metro PCS. If I worked for Verizon and a prospective customer said he was considering the Thunderbolt or a T-Mobile 4G phone, I would not have to say anything negative about T-Mobile, I could simply point out that even the experts don’t know where T-Mobile is going to be in 12 months.

    — Skittish Consumers – A cell phone is a major purchase. These people go with a carrier who is stable and will be around for the life of the contract. I have to wonder how many skittish prospective customers are passing on T-Mobile because they won’t part with $200 or more when there’s too many uncertainties about T-Mobile.

    — Employees and Management: I suspect there’s a morale problem. When morale is low, sales suffer, mainly because who is motivated to sell product when they know that post-acquisition they will be fired. Odds are that 60 to 90 percent T-Mobile employees will be fired.

    As I said before, employees/managers knowing that they will be fired in the coming months are more concerned about updating resumes, filling out job applications, and finding a job rather than making sales or continue to support an employer whom they believe has abandoned them.

    — Memorandums: I’d like to see if there’s any internal memos at T-Mobile that address any of the above. For example, I’m sure there’s a memo that instructs employees on what to say when the customer asks about the AT&T acquisition. The trouble T-Mobile management (and its sales force) has is that they cannot lie to the customer. Things are not good and T-Mobile management and employees know it.

    Vignette: When I called a CSR two weeks ago during the conversation HE brought up the acquisition and he volunteered words to the affect “Yeah, in 12 months I won’t have a job. So I might check out Verizon who I used to work for.” Keep in mind he was saying this to a perfect stranger, a customer calling to ask about a $20 overcharge.

    Bottom line: Combine all of the above, I suspect sales are tanking. As I asked before, can T-Mobile employees who work the sales floor let us know how it’s going in terms of sales. Is activity down? What are customers asking about the acquisition, if they heard about it?

    The typical cell customer does not ask probing questions nor engage in critical acquisition analysis. I suspect that to the average Joe Blow consumer T-Mobile no longer exists or based on what they heard T-Mobile won’t be around in a few months.

    • TweetMo

      Please go get a blog and post a link.
      Most of us do not wish to read your rambling thoughts.

      • jarjon76

        He knows if he posted a link to his blog, no one would go there. He’s one of those people that says a lot without saying anything.

    • jarjon76

      FYI, no one reads your “War and Peace” style ramblings.

  • Ezzio19

    Why not UPGRADES!!!!

    • jarjon76

      Because this is a promo to lure new customers to T-Mobile or to get current customers to add a line. Sucks for us current customers, but that’s what these carriers do.

      • dc123456

        my contract was up a few months ago, i called tmobile about this promo and asked if i could take advantage since i have been a customer for 6 yeras now, they guy said if i added a line i could get one, otherwise i was sol. i asked him about some other promos they had for new customers, same answer. i told him that a local verizon store was running a special on the samsung facinate and and asked if they could match the price for.(would be taking off 50 bucks on my phone and wife’s phone before rebate) so basically 100 bucks off, i told him that was a good deal and it would be great if they could match it, he snickered at me and said verizon does not have that phone at that price, he told me that i had wrong information or i am just lying to get a discounted phone, i asked for a supervisor and he said he was one, i said great, hung up and switched to verizon today, why do they put these deals out there for new people and treat current customers like crap its just rediculas.

  • Mmm

    sale is still going on

  • Danlaw23

    The Galaxy S 4g all the way. It’s a great phone. The 21mbps radio got me an extra 2mbps over the Mytouch 4g, which was also a great phone, just a little slower. The extra 2mbps helps a lot for browsing and streaming.

  • Brian

    This is BS, in my humble opinion. I bought a G2 from RadioShack, upgrading my primary (oldest line) on a 2-line family plan. I’ve spent at least 6 hours on the phone trying to get my Mobile Hotspot available as a menu option—-I’ve added the service. I’ve just had a morning explaining over & over—-to T-mobile who usually are great & have finally reluctantly done a factory reset. No joy on mobile hotspot. I looked at the T-Mobile users blog & discover a photo that somebody posted of their G2 after the OTA update last December. Guess what? The phone says it’s up to date….1.19 is what mine shows. 1.22 is what is shown after the OTA update. Retail presence doesn’t do much—the guy in the store looked for the options on the menu, but nobody has asked me to look at the current software revisions. Much trouble & considerable time & effort could have been saved for all by perhaps this step. It’s sad, as I’m now educating T-Mobile. I hope they give me something other than thanks for my efforts on their behalf; but I’m not holding my breath

  • Brian

    An update on my previous rather negative observation regarding the G2 from RadioShack. After speaking to another rep who personally had a G2 & her looking at the revision of software present on her phone….I was correct. T-Mobile gave the immediate choice of receiving a new handset from them, with the proper software, or facilitating my contact with HTC regarding having an update pushed to the RadioShack phone. I chose to receive the new handset & it has resolved the tethering issue–it also fixes some minor bugs in the user interface & other items. Both handsets say they are up-to-date regarding software; it seems “authorized dealers” may get different handsets than corporate stores–stale inventory & multiple small variations (for pre-paid, pay as you go, capped data & unlimited data). Suffice to say they need some sort of grid showing appropriate software levels for each variation—for T-Mobile technical & corporate sales people. Bottom line is for tethering & unlimited data plans, the build number of the software (last item on about this phone menu) should be 1.22 versus 1.19 what was shown on the handset purchased at RS. Both say their software is up-to-date & so this seems to be a problem as there’s supposed to be 1 G2 by T-Mobile. My RS handset is to be returned to T-Mobile. I am now a happy camper. T-Mobile do listen to the end consumer. Others abuse them.

    Rock on, T-Mobile