T-Mobile Launches $79.99 Unlimited Talk, Text, “Data” Plan

As expected T-Mobile has launched their limited time $79.99 Unlimited Talk, Text and “Data” plan promotion available today! There is a small little catch here as “unlimited data” really means 2 GB of data as you then become throttled beyond that point until your bill cycle resets for the following month. Such is the price you pay for an unlimited deal at a great price.

Check out the colorful comparison chart T-Mobile has put together comparing this promotional plan against the offerings of AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.


The Full Press Release follows the picture:


T-Mobile Introduces New Unlimited Data, Calling and
Texting Plan for Only $79.99 Per Month
New lower-priced unlimited plan with no overage charges makes wireless more affordable to more people on America’s Largest 4G Network
BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 13, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that a new, single-line unlimited plan is available for just $79.99 per month, with an Even More plan and a two-year contract. The new plan offers great value for new and existing customers with unlimited nationwide calling, texting and data – with no overage charges – on America’s Largest 4G Network.
“Consumers today are looking for even more value and flexibility from their wireless plans,” said John Clelland, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. “While data plans for many of our competitors continue to be very expensive, T-Mobile is lowering the price of our unlimited plan and offering more options, making it easier than ever for customers to step up to a richer mobile data experience on our 4G network.”
Combined with an extensive lineup of affordable smartphones, T-Mobile’s new Even More unlimited plan allows customers to save more than $350 per year on an unlimited smartphone plan, compared to similar plans from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint1.  Additionally, T-Mobile customers continue to receive high-quality 4G experiences where they live, work, and play – America’s Largest 4G Network™ now reaches 167 markets and more than 200 million people nationwide.
In contrast to some competing offerings, T-Mobile’s new Even More unlimited plan enables customers to use mobile data on their smartphones without incurring any overage charges. Consumers exceeding 2GB of usage in a billing month will still have access to unlimited data at reduced speeds until their new billing cycle starts. On average, T-Mobile 4G smartphone customers consume about 1GB of data per billing month.
In addition to its unlimited plans, T-Mobile continues to offer one of the industry’s most affordable entry-level data plans, starting at just $10 for 200 MB per billing month. The company also strives to help customers on these data plans avoid surprise bills with SMS alerts when they are reaching their data limit.
The new $79.99 Even More unlimited plan is available now for qualifying customers. To find the T-Mobile plan that best fits their needs, customers can visit http://www.t-mobile.com.
T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. See coverage details at T-Mobile.com.

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  • Jamanvan

    When I try to change plans, I’m just getting:

    • Same here, been trying all day. Oh well, I guess I have to go to one of the stores or call in.

    • Oh good (well, not good per se). I thought it was just me.

      • Matt

        Okay finally got it to go through.

  • JakeMG

    I’m curious if I would be able to do this with my family plan somehow. I only have two lines. Like, I could get the $79.99 and then do a $10.00 add a line. I’m guessing not. I really truly don’t use much more than a gig-a gig and a half a month and I’m on the old unlimited plan…

    • This is an individual plan only unfortunately Jake, no family plan offers as of now!

    • Brandon Carpediem

      No. This is an individual plan. They do have a family plan option for 3000 minutes for $109 with $20 web though. (At least, they do here in socal)

      • Newyorksuzie

        they have the same plan in nyc also, actually I’m on that plan. It’s more then enough minutes, I have yet to go over. Plus, I have 3 lines on that plan, although 2 of them are mine. Still in all, it’s a great deal I think and you can control how many minutes are used on each phone!!

  • NardVa

    This plan is misleading because T Mobile throttles after 2GB. You can argue that you still have internet after 2GB but it’s unusable. Also misleading because T Mobile’s unlimited plan with 5GB data is 99.99. If you want to compare special plans to special plans then T Mobile should be comparing this 79.99 plan to Sprint’s 69.99 plan or AT&T’s 84.99 plan. (Both plans give unlimited mobile to mobile with a small bucket of anytime mins)

    • Bimmerz

      Don’t forget to add the extra $10.00 dollars more to Sprint’s plan. ;o)

    • Anonymous

      It is pretty jacked up up how one “UNLIMITED” plan has a different cap than another “UNLIMITED” plan.

      I bet that if I performed a data consumption test for a whole month constantly downloading the same heavy data, one would be “Limited” compared to the other.

  • cirrob

    I currently have the em+ plan for 79 a month that is apperently capped at 5gigs. Can someone tell me why they would be advertising this current plan over the one I have? Seems like a no brainer to choose the larger plan for the same cost.

    • Gg

      now the even more+ unlimited is now 59.99 rather than 79.99. and this new 79 is for contract only. and 59.99 or em+ non contract but its only 2gb internet use not 5gb like b4 with these new plans

    • guest 1

      em+ you don’t get a discount on phone and this plan is contracted so you get discounts on the device

  • Stacynguyenn

    What about the 500 + text + unlimited data for $79.99? Does that work the same way as this plan above?

  • Jpg

    switched already.. sweet deal!

  • Anonymous

    Ok with ATT you can pay like ten bucks for an additional GB right?? Well WTF do you do if you dont wanna use snails pace data on TMO after you’ve reached your limit? Pay an additional $30 for another 2GB??

    • sino8r

      That’s why I’m sticking with my old plan with the 5GB cap. I rarely go over that. They should offer a teired data plan like 500MB, 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB. Also tier the webconnect plans at 10, 50, and 100GB. Those are much more realistic for even avid data users. Just charge more for higher data to support any capacity issues. Win=win, really! Just give us an freaking option!

  • Anonymous

    isn’t the new T-Mobile’s prepaid $70(unlm Tlk/Txt/2GB data) better than this plan?

  • Jpg

    I got the EM+ unlimited talk, data and text for $59.99. I use about 500Mb a month so I can care less about the 2Gb “speed cap”..lol

  • Pochaccoblue

    I wonder if I could change from my current plan (I’m 5 months into a 2 year contact since upgrading to the mytouch 4g) to the em+. I currently pay 60 for unlimited talk + data with 400 texts.

    • TweetMo

      No, you wouldn’t be able to switch to EM+.
      Even More Plus is a non contract plan. They wouldn’t want to lose the remaining 19 months of your contract.

  • I seriously wanna ask them face to face why the 2GB throttle (Cap, whatever I consider it a kind of cap because it’s not full potential). Now, I would be ok with a throttle like this: I usually get 5mbps down & 1.6mbps up on average, it would be ok to throttle them down to like 1-1.5 mbps down & 600-700kbps up, that would be ok I would have no issue. However, I think I did a speedtest after I was notified of the 5GB pass & it was like 20kbps-100kbps up & down. The plan is a agreat value though.

    • very well said my friend, i get “throttled” quite often after my 5 gig and getting 20kbps really pisses me off, i don’t think that’s even EDGE speeds! lol

      • It’s not. It’s barely even GPRS, more like iDen speeds, lol

      • Ash

        GPRS speed.

    • Ash

      How about 4G speed for the first 2GB then 3G speed rest of the month?

      Or as I’ve posted before:
      “If carriers have better priced plans, I’m sure many many more people will use this.

      ie. In Hong Kong I have this type of device/service,
      HK$98 for 50MB,
      after that each 15MB=HK$15,
      Upper charge limit is $198(it means even if you use 10GB the max they can charge you is HK$198).
      US$1=appx. HK$7.8

      So, when I’m not in HK, I pay HK$98, when I am and use more, I pay between HK$98/month and HK$198/month
      Download speed is appx. 3mb/s at best conditions. There are faster plan for more$.

      All prices are before Taxes and Fees.

      If only carriers in USA will do something like this, and not unlimited charging you for extra GB, or slow you down to slow ass GPRS speed….if only.”

      • Yeah, I agree, that would be perfect & very reasonable. “4G speeds for the first 2GB then 3G speed rest of the month.”

    • guest 1

      stop tethering than!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks random troll that thinks they know it all. I don’t tether. I tethered once just to check out the feature, & it wasn’t for that long or that big of a video I watched & I managed over 5GB’s. I rarely use my data & I’ve managed over 5 gigs. If you’re paying your money, you would have concern as well. 2GB then throttle is a huge restriction. It’s not that hard to hit 2 gigs with average usage on a Android device. As I’ve said to someone else, please do civilization a favor & bury yourself alive. Thanks :)

      • Zifnab2k

        What if you pay for tethering too? Then you’re expected not to use the features you pay for?

  • I gotta give it to tmobile, despite their journey possibly coming to an end next year they really push deals as if they will be the longest running mobile company in the US. In the end, they are just adding new customers to the AT&T roster. I don’t know much about these take overs and buy outs but i do know one thing, whenever cash money is involved, all deals go through.I never want to be an AT&T customer but damnit, i love GSM technology so much better. this sucks in so many levels.

  • Tony

    hmmm. would love to get this plan w/ the HTC Sensation….

  • LPatterson

    I would love to get the HTC Sensation with this plan. Been waiting for t-mobile to bring the prices down. Still, I’m a little leery with going to T-Mobile only to find out that The FCC merger deal went through and I’m switched over to AT&T before my contract is up. So I’m playing everything by ear right now.

    • guestuser

      your tmo plan will be grandfathered…why wouldn’t you sign up now?? You’re stupid if you don’t!!

      • Anonymous

        i want the $60 plan, but that wont be grandfathered in…..decisions decisions……

  • Nexus guy

    Just got mine, and its well worth it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. This is unlimited data, and not speed. No false advertising here. This plan is pretty much for anybody without an android device and some Windows Phone 7 users. I have an android phone, and my daily routine consists of 1 hour streaming music, downloading apps on a daily basis (especially now with the amazon daily free app), I’m signed on AIM and MSN all day, I have 3 e-mails consistently running, Youtube from 1-2 hours/day, Facebook used about an hour a day, Web browsing a LOT during the day…I don’t know, I’ve always considered myself a heavy user. And I’ve passed the 2GB mark only once. Seriously, the people hitting consistently 5GB are tethering (and in all likelihood, not paying for it lol.) or downloading full movies or videos to their phone. As much as people want their cell phones to be a replacement to their home internet, it’s not there yet, and will be a long time before it ever gets there. Stop downloading porn to your phone, and connect to wi-fi, because honestly wi-fi is everywhere (for my daily usage I mentioned, I don’t connect to wi-fi, but now that I plan to switching to the 2GB Speed/Unlimited Data plan I will).

    • Dunks15

      I agree with this comment I even called yesterday to see if I use more than 2gb because I feel like I am a heavy data user but Ii do not tether and the cs rep told me I use barely over 1gb. so i think people that are complaining must be the tethering crowd.

    • Cr1234567188

      Unless you’re connected to WiFi no way in hell you only use 2gigs with that. I call bullshit.

      • Anonymous

        I use Rhapsody 30 minutes while going to work, and 30 minutes coming home from work, 5 days a week. Youtube is literally a daily thing. I watch a minimum of 30-40 minutes a day, but usually more. I have my work e-mail, Gmail and AOL e-mail synced. I do download apps daily, but when I say apps, I mean one or two. Usually I update all of my apps the minute I see an update available for it. I use apps that use data such as Live scores, Halo Reach tracker, Vevo, Joystiq etc…I’m on Meebo (AIM and MSN) and signed on 24/7 with occassional convos. I used to have skype, but took it off recently. I use a 3G phone if that’s any consolation (upgrading to the G2X on the 20th however)…I have the option to connect to wifi at both work and home, but dont, as I never get throttled. Call BS all you want, if you want proof, I can try and provide it, I just don’t see how I can?

    • Testament

      You’re nowhere near being a heavy user. Just because someone hit there cap does NOT mean They’re tethering or downloading huge files all day… After I hit the cap the first time I stopped streaming Pandora, stop watching flash videos in web browsers ( four hours of watching Bleach was 1.2Gbs!) Removed my yahoo e-mail ( that was using 400+Mb by it’s self) from the phone, always choose the lowest bitrate for twit (went from Justin TV to Bit-gravity) and I’m still pushing 5GBs…. I just instaled ZDBox so next Billing Cycle I can find more ways to free up bandwith. If this was truly unlimited I wouldn’t have to go through this many hoops to stay under 5gbs… (remember I’m not tethering)

      Yes. It is false Advertising. Let me explan why. Unlimited data means data that has no limit, no cap. What T-Mobile is doing is Instead of putting solid cap on data ( Like a pickle jar) they put a dam-like cap (Like a ketchup Bottle) A cap= false advertisement

      • Anonymous

        I’m nowhere near being a heavy user compared to you. Compared to the general public I am. Me and you both stream music, and that’s pretty much where our data usage similarities end apparantly. You may not be completely DLing videos, but you’re watching them in flash. For a 4 hour movie/show, you might as well have downloaded it, for it to be that big of a file. I recently watched 14 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist on youtube, and I’m not even at 2GB this cycle. You use your phone literally as a replacement for household internet, and for as advanced Cell Phones are getting, it’s still not that advanced yet.

        No, it is not false advertising. You’re using your definition of unlimited. Unlimited Data means there is NO limit to the amount of data you can use. And that is the truth. If you wanted to use 500GB of data, you have that right. If the Plan offered unlimited data, and 4G speeds that would be one thing, but no US provider as far as I know is offering that.

        • sino8r

          Sprint and Verizon do… only tmobile and at&t pull this bs

      • Magenta Magic

        You have unlimited AMOUNT of use. There is NO PROMISE of speed. Just like there are 4G networks, and you can have a 4G device… but it doesn’t mean you’ll have 4G SPEEDS in the middle of BFE.

        No false ads here, people. Just clever ads. (Not clever in a positive way, but clever…)

        • Testament

          It’s not the speed that I have a problem with, but the lost of function because it’s too slow. If they throttle down to 1.5 mbs (from an average of 5 mbs) or even 768jbs I wouldn’t complain; but at .05 mbs makes my phone just like a regular phone which I’m not paying for.

    • sino8r

      Its a crap loophole… you can hit it easily without all the nonsense you posted. You don’t have to tether , watch videos constantly, or stream music all day. It will happen after using those rarely over a period of a month. Wifi is useful but not everybody has it at their office or home. 5GB is fair but 2GB will go through pretty quickly… hell, one movie or streaming music for a few days will equal to 2GB. Don’t start crying when you’re stuck with throttled 3G=56K dial up speeds. Have fun! Morons…

  • Justin

    I dont get it!! Can someone please explain WHY the 2GB cap???? I don’t care if its throttled.

    • sino8r

      Wait until you get throttled… 2G is faster lol! 56K speeds are the throttled 3G/4G speeds. Better off using 2G only while throttled.

  • Chris

    Have a quick question guys. I want the $60 plan, but I’m worried about the 2gb cap. I have a mytouch 4g with free wifi hotspot. Will using the hotspot count towards that cap or would it only count if I was tethering the phone to the computer?

    • Ash

      Wifi does not count, anything you do with cell data counts.

  • tmofan

    What happened to the even more plus $59.99? i cant even change plans because its still not available :(

  • Im your friend

    I have an even more plus plan . I thought about adding data . I saw the advertised 59.99 plan . It says to go to a store on your website . Could someone fill me in . Is it an AT&T issue .

  • I was under the impression the throttled down bandwidth would happen no matter what unlimited account you have but come to think of it, wasn’t it after 10GB?

    • Ash


    • Magenta Magic

      10GB is on the new Mobile Broadband 10GB version. But every other data plan (MBB or cell) is 5GB throttle.

      And honestly, I hardcore go all out TRYING to use 5GB and I don’t have issues. I tether, I stream Pandora, I download. I have never had any issues with speed. I think the people who are speaking out about this are those who don’t realize that cellular networks aren’t for powering gaming consoles or hosting P2P file sharing on your phone, etc.

  • I have the 59.99 even more plus plan. I had to yell and argue and get a supervisor and give them the promotion code listed on the promotion screen cap but I finally got it.

    • Magenta Magic

      They decided to NOT roll out the Even More Plus version of this plan. So if you were able to strong-arm them into giving it to you… a) congrats, b) go into a store and talk to a living, breathing person face-to-face and make sure that’s what you got!

      • Dee

        I did that today, I have to send it to Customer Loyalty, escalate escalate escalate, so hopefully I get what my screen shot shows I signed up for!!

    • Rrodriguez

      even more plus can not get this unless u sign a contract…. this is a promo so it renews ur contract so suggest if u want it get an upgrade get a new phone and get the plan all at once

  • Tj

    i called tmobile and they said they cannot give it to me i talked to supervisor she was not even lessing to me, man this some bs i even gave them promo code first they said it wasnt there than it was false advertisement than they said it was only for one day than they it has been grandfathered to 79.99 what should i do

  • Brian

    Does this include tethering? It appears they priced the competitors with tethering.

  • Raymondl88

    $79 is way to much – you can make free calls on http://www.callarc.com using wifi or landlines or even on the web

    • Djan

      So i took a survey and got $4 for calls…pretty cool. Thanks for the post Raymond! useful

  • east or west t-mobile is the best, ulmited plas are always worth great thing

  • sino8r

    Notice how unlimited data has an asterisk next to their “unlimited” data, lol! What a joke! Sprint and Verizon don’t pull that B.S. and Tmobile decides to make 2GB throttle on new plans. I love Tmobile and have for 8 years but between the throttling data B.S. and selling out to AT&T… I’m starting to hate them :( Even if the merger doesn’t go through… I might switch to Sprint or Verizon if they don’t revise their data plans and this sneaky throttle on unlimited data. It might be unlimited but if you get throttled… you’re stuck with 56K speeds until end of the cycle. Crappy loophole they have there…

  • sino8r

    Notice how unlimited data has an asterisk next to their “unlimited” data, lol! What a joke! Sprint and Verizon don’t pull that B.S. and Tmobile decides to make 2GB throttle on new plans. I love Tmobile and have for 8 years but between the throttling data B.S. and selling out to AT&T… I’m starting to hate them :( Even if the merger doesn’t go through… I might switch to Sprint or Verizon if they don’t revise their data plans and this sneaky throttle on unlimited data. It might be unlimited but if you get throttled… you’re stuck with 56K speeds until end of the cycle. Crappy loophole they have there…

  • Reinzane

    Dude, can everyone stop crying about 2GB throttling please. Use your wifi, stop being a baby. WHY CANT YOU USE WIFI? It exists. Keep your same plan, which is 5GB… or just use wifi.
    “Oh look at me cry cuz wifi isn’t available EVERYWHERE ON EARTH” except that you can set up your phone to switch to wifi when it’s accessible. You can possibly not tether to your heart’s content, you can possibly not complain like a petulant child about everything because you can’t just create your own damn plan.

    Find me a perfect world where you can get everything you want and I’ll find you a world with no limitations on data.

    Cry some more, go to Sprint. When people come in telling me they want a magical phone plan that gives them everything they want I say go to Sprint then. Because you clearly do not live in reality. You want someone to make your dreams come true? Go to Sprint. See how you like that. Cuz I don’t wanna hear your complaints anymore.

    I’ve been throttled several times for going over 5GB after using my device as a hotspot for my computer to download movies, music, Hulu, Netflix.. The crazy part is, I use my phone all day every single day, I show it to customers, I watch Youtube, I stream Pandora (EVERY day, all day, every car ride, every bus ride) and yet unless I’m using my phone as a hotspot I NEVER exceed 2GB.

    Additionally, when I do get my data speeds slowed, they aren’t inhibitive at all. They don’t make me cry and whine like a little girl who got her first menstrual cycle. I still listen to my Pandora (without fail), I still watch my Youtube, I still do everything the same way (USING WIFI TOO) and have no problems.

    Everyone who wants to complain, shut for cake hole and go to Sprint. Just go. Leave. Now. Exit. Screw your early termination fee, you’ll save money at Sprint. And we don’t want you anyway.

    • Testament

      I’m not paying T-mobile to use wifi. The problem is having to jump through hoops just to stay under the cap. I’m paying T-mobile for Unlimited data for the same reason I’m paying fro Unlimited Voice… Bill’s always the same.

      • Reinzane

        Kk go to Sprint bye.

        • Zifnab2k

          Lol. Yea tmobile isn’t going to hold to their advertisement, so he’s the @$$… you’re retarded you know that?

    • Anonymous

      great post, just great and I am not being facetious. I may use my phone, when I get a new 4g type, as a hotspot at our 2nd house since we dont have internet, like three times a month. Does tethering really use a huge amount as they say? Not sure.

    • Zifnab2k

      You’re full of crap. 1 week of jogging 2 hours a day and listening to Pandora will exceed that 2gb cap in a heart beat. I know because I consistently go over the 2gb cap, and it always happens when I use Pandora or last.fm. It’s exceptionally rare that I actually tether my computer. It’s strictly when my home internet is out. And I don’t stream movies, barely watch youtube, and never do anything more on my computer than view web pages. You can claim all you want that heavy website use and pandora won’t make you go over, but you’re simply wrong. I hit 1.5 – 4gb of data every month simply using these 2 features on my phone. Throw in google voice for your voice mail and you’re assured to go over your limit.

      As for WIFI, it isn’t everywhere unless you have passwords for every network you pass, or pay for it if you’re at coffee shops, airports, etc. Furthermore, it’s a well known fact that leaving your wifi on all day in hopes that it catches a network (which it wont do anyways unless you’ve actively used the networks you’re passing before), it will drain your battery leaving you with a 3 – 4 hours of life on your bettery, especially with the larger screen phones.

      Using WIFI, and how I reach my 2gb cap is a moot point. The point is, the plan is labeled “Unlimited”. Unlimited implies… hmm… lets see, unlimited? If it’s not unlimited shouldn’t it say 2gb cap? or 5gb cap? Not f’n unlimited. As customers, we’re not asking for miracles, we’re asking that companies hold up to what they advertise. I know adding the small print at the very back, bottom of the form, on the 3rd page that has no signature lines saying there’s a cap keeps you out of legal responsibilities, but it’s still shadey marketing on T-Mobiles part.

      And you may want to find a new career, far away from customer service. You clearly have no business working in the market, as you have a disgusting attitude about it.

    • Rate


  • XXGalaxySXX

    Why is T-Mobile being slick? Sprints unlimited is listed at $109.99….But its cheaper than that. THEY list is as unlimited minutes to call landline phones…….WHO STILL ACTIVELY USES A HOUSE PHONE TO MAKE CALLS??? Its free to ANY cell phone in the United states AND you get 1500 minutes to call landline phones….SMH, always skewing the numbers.

    • Anonymous

      it 99.99 but sprint have that automatic 10 dollars 4g ridiculous fee for smartphones whether you’re in a 4g area or not. so technically it’s really is 109.99

  • Willfree

    How do i use this Callarc.com to make calls ? Is my minutes used? Thx? I got $8 credit to make calls but if i call the local access number in 818 area code will it use the credit i received?

  • Probably the best offering among the major carriers right now, but Virgin Mobile is $60 for unlimited everything, and as low as $25 with unlimited text and data with 300 minutes. T-Mo has an ace in the hole with the best phones but for a lot of people the lower monthly rate is going to be hard to resist.

    • Lrgonzales1983

      They don’t have 4 g

    • Lrgonzales1983

      They don’t have 4 g

    • Lrgonzales1983

      They don’t have 4 g

    • Lrgonzales1983

      They don’t have 4 g

    • Lrgonzales1983

      They don’t have 4 g

    • Lrgonzales1983

      They don’t have 4 g

  • I signed up on April 13 for even more plus for 59.99 and then last night on april 17 they removed it from my account and lied and said the plan never existed when I know damn well it did and have screen shots and other people signed up for it and have it. PLEASE CONTACT me at APATHETIC30@YAHOO.COM if you SUCCESSFULLY HAVE THE 59.99 plan so I can file a bat ans switch lawsuit.

  • I’ve been throttled once out of my 5 months. But I had only been entitled for two days. That said, when my data was being throttled I got 1mb of download speeds. I’m a college student and I can use 2gb in a week. I recently rediscovered youtube :) I switched my plan from 500 min to unlimited min. I have a vibrant. I don’t know if I made the right choice. 5gb + 500 min > 2gb + unlimited. I barely go over 200 min.

  • *throttled not entitled. Blame it on swipe.

  • Keniarubio14

    Lies lies lies…
    I git the plan of unlimited talk text and web supposibley 100$
    And guess what almost 200$ instead of 100$
    Im going to switch to sprint instead of this crap!

  • lamrof

    Its the most outright lie that Americans are forced to accept, this throttle business.  In Korea they don’t even use wifi anymore.  They use satellite, its so cheap.  We are still talking throttled data…  Oh GREED,  its killing us.