T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot Arriving This Wednesday?

As recent rumors have suggested the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot is set to drop this Wednesday, April 13th. There isn’t a whole lot about this device we don’t know save for price and release date. However, we’re at least willing to bet that T-Mobile will have this priced to move in the hopes of taking on the recent 4G Mobile Hotspot releases by both Sprint and Verizon.

Having received the above screenshot just this morning our ninja also pinpoints the date to April 13th, this Wednesday which coincides with the leaked doc acquired by AndroidCentral late last week. So there you have it, T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot, Wednesday April 13th, be there or be square.

Check out our hands on from CTIA!

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  • Anonymous

    Glad this is finally launching. I do feel there may be somewhat of a small market for this…..The problem i see is people who are out and about using mobile web-enabled devices probably already have an internet solution…I mean how often do you go out and see a group of people with laptops, ipads, smartphones etc standing around saying “man, i really wish i could connect to the web” right now. People don’t venture to places where they don’t have web access…Whether it be a Business/Home run WIFI Connection or Data service thru a provider. And everyone has internet service at home…..To me this may only benefit people who don’t have web at home or where ever they use their web the most and wish to have web access to multiple WIFI enabled devices within a small radius. This hotspot is cost effective though when compared to purchasing multiple websticks on multiple mobile broadband plans. As a retail employee, I just don’t encounter many people who are looking for a multiple device solution.

    • Ash

      If carriers have better priced plans, I’m sure many many more people will use this.

      ie. In Hong Kong I have this type of device/service,
      HK$98 for 50MB,
      after that each 15MB=HK$15,
      Upper charge limit is $198(it means even if you use 10GB the max they can charge you is HK$198).
      US$1=appx. HK$7.8

      So, when I’m not in HK, I pay HK$98, when I am and use more, I pay between HK$98 and HK$198
      Down speed is appx. 3mb/s at best conditions.

      All prices are before Taxes and Fees.

      If only carriers in USA will do something like this, and not unlimited charging you for extra GB, or slow you down to slow ass GPRS speed….if only.

      • Aarontant

        That’d be awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    will be a great seller

  • Khan

    Hey David don’t you April 13 and not March 13?

    • khan

      Sorry I didn’t see the last part of the article my mistake

    • Sure did!

  • Anonymous

    I have been using and testing this device and I am impressed. I had 5 devices hooked up to the machine and all devices had a download around 3,500 Kbps. When there was only 1-2 devices the average download was around 9,000 Kbps. Plans, from what I hear, will be the same as the web connect plans. $39.99 for 5 GB $67.99 for 10 GB of 4G.

  • Rj25725

    I’m looking forward to this and will most likely pick up on Wednesday. One question though…why no wireless N? Seems like that is that standard nowadays and this only has b/g.

    • Ron Dickerson

      works on older devices as well as new which do b/g/n

  • It’s a hard decision for me as I already utilized webconnect ($40 grandfathered) with Galaxy Tab (and wifi sharing works). However, if it has 850/AWS/1900 3G/4G I may re-consider.

  • yyeess!!! i can now play on my xbox!!!

  • ItsasaddaybutVSWinning

    Thats great. I have had a Verizon mifi for 2 weeks and am getting a low end of 13.4M down. Same price as TMO, Signal everywhere. None of the 2 or 4M that I saw with the Webconnect stick,

    Boy am I glad I didnt wait. Same price. Now if ATT hoses me, I will be over at VZW! Thinking about the XOOM as well but will wait to see if the 4g LTE roll out works. Just a SIM card swap away. They have automated bring used phones on their network as well.

    I feel sad in a way but TMO is outta here!