T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot Industry Comparison Sheet

With the introduction of their very first 4G Mobile Hotspot in two days, T-Mobile dropped a comparison sheet showing how their new offering compares to the Verizon, Sprint and Clear competition. To be honest, it doesn’t exactly appear to give T-Mobile the edge as Verizon bests them by $4.99 on the 10 GB monthly data allowance along with Sprint and Clear providing unlimited 4G data for $25 and $29.99 less respectively.

In any event T-Mobile will introduce their very first Mobile Hotspot in just two days and with that, enter a brand new market space with the hopes of capturing a little bit of that market from Verizon and Sprint. Of course if you are already an existing T-Mobile customer with a voice plan adding a webConnect plan and the 4G Mobile Hotspot will net you 20% off the $84.99 or $49.99 plans.

Anyone notice AT&T’s conspicuous absence from this list? Oh right…they need more spectrum.

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  • AT&T has provided a MiFi for two years now. They offer a Novatel MiFi on their website.

  • T-Mobbin’

    HA! T-Mobile’s own comparison sheet makes them look stupid…siiigh. No wonder they got bought out.

  • Dtv757

    i thought i read something about 20% of the MBB plans if you also have voice service with TMO?

  • Roger

    Please rotate the watermark by 90 degrees so that the column I care about is completely obscured.

  • Anonymous

    The 20% discount is where the savings come in place. I still think its over priced to me. Runs amazing and smooth but just a little out of place. IMO it should be $50 unlimited 10 GB throttle. I think the throttling is better than overages any day..

    • eYe

      I’d like to have both options, get throttled at first and have the ability to pay if you need more speed.

      • TmoRep

        Understandable and I do agree but I believe that my company feels like they are giving you a choice for up to 10 and doesnt want to deal with overages. Even as an option.

    • Guest

      Except the link you provided is for a 3g mifi… seesh

  • Freddie Samuel

    Tess art have 3g not 4g

  • Gustavodelgado28

    At&t is not there. No HSPA+ yet.. maybe not at all. If the deals is rejected T-Mobile will get spectrum, coverage where they don’t have any, and punking at&t for 3 billion in cash money. Damn that’s a straight hustle for the Germans! Go Magenta!!

  • Going_home

    I’m thinking this is a very niche product.
    Not something the average smart phone user would even consider at an extra 50 bux a month.

    • God

      Well, the average smartphone user has tethering built in to their smartphone… so yeah, this isn’t really for them…

  • Anonymous


  • GToo

    Looks like T-Mobile has the worst offering.

    • LC

      But those prices don’t reflect the 20% discount existing T-Mobile customers would receive so they’re actually better off.

      • Mobile Broadband

        Too bad there a lot of mobile broadband users who don’t have cell phone service with T-Mobile. For example me. My phone is cheaper with another carrier but I’d like to get mobile broadband through AT&T or T-Mobile because I like using the modem in other countries (GSM).

        Right now, I’m on AT&T’s 10 GB plan. I was researching about T-Mobile’s offerings and found myself here. Well, I found out AT&T is better than T-Mobile. Search done.

  • ItsasaddaybutVSWinning

    Hello. They are comparing the TMO 4g to the Verizon 3g!!

    What a joke!

    The 4G is the same price and data rates.

    Anybody have the URL of a verizon fanboy page cause I am outta here!!!!!!!!!!!