Deal Alert: T-Mobile myTouch 4G Free On

Today’s deal alert is courtesy of which has the myTouch 4G in all four color variants available for FREE to any new or add a line customer. It appears those looking to upgrade will still pay the $199.99 after MIR price. Anyone with an eye on the myTouch 4G should definitely take advantage of this deal right away as it likely won’t last for long!

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  • aLb3Rt

    Bah! :p

  • User

    Why is it available for fee? I’d much rather it be free…

  • Yourmom

    Because it’s the best phone that Tmo has at the moment, DERP

  • “… available for FEE …” I LOL’d a little.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder how much the FEE is.

    • Tough crowd! Fixed it!

      • Anonymous

        It’s okay David! :D atleast you are not offended.

  • That is almost the exact comment I was going to make.

  • cirrob

    Its far from free. It requires a 2 year agreement

    • Anonymous

      And during those two years you receive services in return for monthly payments. The phone however, is free.

  • whosaidwhat

    It went from $250 on a two year contract to free?

    • The deal is only for new customers and add a line customers!

      • Aerofanbig

        Not hatin’ David….but I have to wonder, how many new potential Tmo customers do you think might read your page? LoL I think posting these Free for New deals, like last week with the Defy…doesn’t do much but increase the (currently) rapid growing of distaste and resentment from Tmo customers. I’d venture 99% of the readers here are current customers….who are not privy to this deal. This just kind of rubs it in that they don’t really give a crap about existing customers by not offering upgrades this same deal.

        • NardVa

          I’m mad that I’m reading this right knowing I can’t upgrade my single line and get a free MyTouch 4g. You are right though there probably isn’t alot of people reading this page who are not already T Mobile customers.

        • Good point, but a lot of loyal T-Mobile customers might recommend this deal to friends/family.

          Who knows what’s going to happen to T-Mobile in the next year, but we have at least another year of a good company, and MT4G is a good phone to have in the meantime.

        • Aerofanbig

          good point

        • Bobyang03

          yes. total agree!! I don’t understand why don’t they make the same deal for free-to-go customer the same price as new customers.

      • phil

        That should be in bold CAPITAL letters all over the website. I’ve been with T-Mobile since 2003 and this is really, really frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    $199.99… $99.99… $249.99… $199.99… $0.00… O.o

    • My thought is that in the anticipation of the LG G2X, it’s a nice way to clear out some stock before this dual processor flagship is released. Clear out the current top model to make room for the new big dog in town. It just makes sense. Heck, I’m hoping to sell my MyTouch 4G to upgrade to the LG.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah no doubt. Just a few days to go!

    • Dalemurphy03

      i am thinking the same.

  • IMO this is the greatest phone T-Mobile has to offer, every other phone in their roster sucks ass through a straw. If your not on contract and need a phone i would urge you to take advantage of this offer. MT4G FTW.

    • AdrianG2

      G2 FTW!

  • Quikzilver

    T mobile’s best phone.

    • ………………..until this Friday. Love mine, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been waiting for a bad@$$ dual core device on T-Mo and having a pure Google experience is just the icing on the cake.

      • Cybersedan

        Me and you both, I will be giving up my MT4G for the G2X, I’ll be online first thing Friday ordering it!!

    • TrollSeason

      HANDS DOWN!!

  • I’m trying to add a line [and convert my individual plan to a family plan] but I see no such way to do this online…and there’s no mention of a free mytouch 4g.

    • Adriang2

      I tried to do the same exact thing today. I was able to add the line and stuff but I didn’t like the prices of their shared plans so I just said maybe next time. You have to sign in to My T-Mobile and then click Add A Line. It should then tell you how many lines you are eligible for and it will ask if you want to add the line to your current plan.

  • Ezzio19

    Not free for upgrades!!! grrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    It is still 349.99 to 12-17 month up-graders, it should be like 329.99 for those people in spirit of that promotion. It seems like T-MOBILE never likes to truly clearance their phones out. They still have G1 phones for sale lol.

  • NardVa

    Yeah for new customers but boo for current customers.

  • NardVa

    T Mobile is trying to get new customers to suck up the MyTouch 4G. They know once GX2 drops they want be able to sale the another MyTouch 4G again…LOL

    • Risk

      Actually migt not be able to sell any phones, from the limbo the company rest in with the whole att merger.

  • Alexanderwardlaw21

    I think it sucks you have to get a NEW line get the deal… I want to upgrade.. why should I when some new customer gets a better deal…come on T-Mo… I love you but you HAVE to show your loyal customers better love than the new… at least the SAME deal…
    BUT with GX2 coming… I would rather wait for it…

    • jarjon76

      It does suck that you can’t upgrade and take advantage of this deal, but the myt4g will go down in price within the next few months after these new phones hit the market. I’m not eligible for an upgrade until October and I’m upgrading to either the myt4g or G2x, whichever is cheaper at that time. Despite all of these new phones coming out, I’m still throughly impressed with the myt4g.

      • Aerofanbig

        well unless Tmo pays upgrade customers to take some MT4G’s off their hand in a few months, cheaper is still not free like the new customers get. Its bullshit, and has been for about a year and a half. I have noticed its about 18 months since currents started getting the shaft on upgrade deals. I miss the old days, full discounts, put it on the monthly bill.

        • jarjon76

          They’re not going to give everyone free phones. That’s not the way it works. These type of promos are to lure new customers over to t-mobile or get people to add a line(s) to their plan. Soon current customers will be able to get this phone dirt cheap and that’s all you can ask for. Would I like the myt4g for free? Of course I would, but that’s not reality.

          I agree with you that the current upgrade prices for their top phones (myt4g, g2, and vib4g) are ridiculous. However, I suspect the prices for those phones will drop significantly within the coming months. They’ll have to or their warehouses will be full of “old” 4g phones.

  • TrollSeason

    Haha yeah dude, this is T-Mobile’s BEST PHONE and I piss my friend off all the time who has the AT&T iPhone 4 about initiating a speed test. MyTouch 4G rules (until that G2X drops of course), but as far as unlocked phones…. the XPERIA PLAY takes the cake. Yep, I said it… what?


    bwahhahaahaaaaa waited until just the right time. hahahahahaa

    black supaman away!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jrp1311

    Have they run this promotion before? My wife and I are considering leaving Verizon for Tmobile, and we would definitely make the switch if we can get two My Touch4g’s for free.

    • Carlos

      You should get ’em while you can. This is a REALLY good deal.

  • marketing

    Most of my Tmo peeps are already fretting at the thought of a merge with AT&T. We have a lot of AT&T friends, and all of them have crappy signals in all the areas that AT&T say they have full service.

    Most of my Tmo peeps all talk like being with Tmo is a mistake and on the way out the door… the laughing stock at the party.

    Tmo needs to fire their marketing dept, if they expect an increase in new contracts/customers.

  • +1 for a new MyTouch 4G here! Free woo!

    • Ac_905

      Is that so easy to cancel the contract and pay the ETF without any reason?

  • methodz

    I jumped all over this before the G2x dropped for those not in the know. here is how it went down:

    1. i had a line with and ETF worth $100 (due in August ’11) so i kept that when i bought the phone today(they matched the web only at the store for me!!!).
    2. i added a new line 1500 minute promo plan with the free mt4g
    3. went home and switched the status of the two lines by calling customer service because i didn’t like the number i got and didn’t want to tell anyone i have a new number(THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! so it does come to play after all)
    4. SOLD the mt4g for $350 (it’s already gone via craigslist) NOTE: those dudes on craigslist that want to buy a bunch of phones aren’t a scam. one of them hit me up and said he needed like 20 more and if i knew anyone wanting to sell theirs and paid me cash money!!!
    5. tomorrow i will pay the $100 ETF $h1tty phone number they gave me today because i had customer switch the status of the numbers.(what is up with not being able to choose from a list of numbers anymore!!!)
    6. friday will but the g2x at full price BUT full price after doing all of this is… $249+tax
    here is the breakdown: buy mt4g $0 + sell mt4g $350 – ETF $100 – G2X retail $499 = $249
    WIN!!!! no mail in rebate either, it is all up front.

    If you were month to month you should have added a line then called to switch it afterwards. you would have a $0 ETF (assuming CS let you switch status like me) and the G2x would only have cost you $149+tax as an end result!!!

    • methodz

      point being that this was a crazy gideon good deal!

  • Eric

    Should get my phone today…I am just going to sell my Blackberry 9700 and pay the cancellation fee! #winning!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

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