TmoNews Celebrates It’s Third Birthday!

Today is a special day in the TmoNews world as we celebrate our third birthday!! That’s right, three years ago today TmoNews was founded and began delivering all the T-Mobile news, reviews, rumors, leaks and everything else we could find that related to our beloved Magenta. It’s been a terrific ride and we’re looking forward to an amazing fourth year.

While the T-Mobile faithful are understandably preoccupied by the coming AT&T merger you can rest assured that TmoNews will live on even if we have to put a (GASP!!!!!!) death star logo at the top of the page. We’ve known this day might come for some time and plans are in place to continue the site you know and love!

Thank you all for visiting and loving the site from the very beginning. It’s you the readers who make the site as great as it is. Waking up and delivering T-Mobile every day is a dream job come true for me and you all make it worth it. Hope you’ll join us as the TmoNews journey continues!

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