TmoNews Celebrates It’s Third Birthday!

Today is a special day in the TmoNews world as we celebrate our third birthday!! That’s right, three years ago today TmoNews was founded and began delivering all the T-Mobile news, reviews, rumors, leaks and everything else we could find that related to our beloved Magenta. It’s been a terrific ride and we’re looking forward to an amazing fourth year.

While the T-Mobile faithful are understandably preoccupied by the coming AT&T merger you can rest assured that TmoNews will live on even if we have to put a (GASP!!!!!!) death star logo at the top of the page. We’ve known this day might come for some time and plans are in place to continue the site you know and love!

Thank you all for visiting and loving the site from the very beginning. It’s you the readers who make the site as great as it is. Waking up and delivering T-Mobile every day is a dream job come true for me and you all make it worth it. Hope you’ll join us as the TmoNews journey continues!

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  • 757eliashz

    Congrats on 3 years of providing great news and insight. Keep it up!

  • Congrats on 3 years, I hope you make it to four, without a name change

  • alex

    congrats hopefully you will have a lot more as t-mobile, forget at7t ;D

  • jonathan from L.A,

    The site is great david! I started following this blog in 2009 and idk remember how i found it but i did and i have loved it ever since. thanks for the great work!

  • yyevo

    Happy Birthday TMoNews!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday and congratulations. No matter happens to T-Mobile you guys have been doing a great job.

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY BDAY! I didn’t realize how young this site was! I must have found it when it was brand new!

    • Oreo

      Same here, I’ve been following since the first android phone the T-mobile G1. I love this site and I love getting news from this site. David, thanks for all the hard work bro. Hope many more years to come for your site.

    • Oreo

      Same here, I’ve been following since the first android phone the T-mobile G1. I love this site and I love getting news from this site. David, thanks for all the hard work bro. Hope many more years to come for your site.

    • Oreo

      Same here, I’ve been following since the first android phone the T-mobile G1. I love this site and I love getting news from this site. David, thanks for all the hard work bro. Hope many more years to come for your site.

    • Wow, I’ve been following almost since day 1, but never knew how young it was because it’s always seemed so professional. Kudos.

  • Anonymous

    Care to speculate on years 4,5,6?

    • I believe I did that in the post.

  • Iamnn2000

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • neneloco83

    Omg, I’ve been there since day uno. Thank you guys. I learned about the merger thru yous guys. I got most of my T-Mobile phones because of your reviews. Happy birthday and continue on forward, even with a BIG, HUGE BLUE DEATH STAR. Thank you so very much

  • Adam from tx

    Awesome news! Excellent site and great journalistic integrity demonstrated by all your posters.. Here is to many more years without that hated death star logo!

  • Happy B day ! I must of been reading this site right when you started it 3 yrs ago and didn’t realize it. Thanks for all the great work keep it up !

  • Going_home

    Congrats guys.


  • brandon

    Happy Birthday! I’m a newbie to the site as I just became a T-mobile customer back in October. I was getting away from the dreaded AT&T (jokes on me) and found your site. I’ve been a daily visitor since. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Good job fellas keep up the good work!!! Hopefully the name of the site will remain the same, if you know where I’m coming from ;-)

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Happy 3rd Burpday Tmonews!!! Now I wonder when I’ll be hearing about some Nokia N950, Intel or Aava Meego news coming to our beloved Maggy? Oh and I may FINALLY be getting off this 5th HD2 and moving to the Pyramid!!! Hopefully it comes out next week, if so, I’ve waited a year and have been through 5 HD2’s and FINALLY, I mean FINALLY, My Time has Come!!! The Power is YOURS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations guys keep up the good work!

  • Derrick227

    awww 3 yrs old……..happy birthday tmonews

  • Sgt. Cell

    Happy B Day, my first and most trusted site for news on T Mo.

  • If it wasn’t for this site i would be buying a phone not knowing that the newer version of that phone that i just bought would come out a week later! Great site. Your ninjas are doing a great job! thank you master splinter!

  • spicolijoe

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for all of the great info!

  • :D 3 Years & counting… 3 years to the best T-Mobile blog that’s ever been around, delivering the fastest, most reliable, detailed news possible.

  • Happy Birthday fellas

  • 30014

    I’ve been coming to the site since the beginning. I don’t comment much anymore but I definitely visit daily. I’m glad the site will continue with or without at&t, preferably without. Keep up the good work David.

  • opTMO!

    around of applause! hehe nice work guys..

  • Petey

    Happy Birfday!!!

  • Defiantbeast

    Happy Birthday Tmonews! i love this site, its the first i check when i wake up and before i go to sleep.

  • Beefedup

    Happy birthda guys

  • atlantasweetie

    Happy Birthday TmoNews!

  • Jlo

    Well seems like TmoNews is going to die at age 4 when the merger is complete. But I bet David is praying the FCC never approves the merger.

    • Did you read the article? Honestly, did you not see the sentence regarding this specific matter? Jlo? That’s a new name for you.

    • sino8r

      What’s wrong with you people?! Attacking Tmonews on their birthday… how low! I hope someone ruins your birthday party, stomps on your cake, and bangs your mother:)

  • Farhan

    Happy Birthday!! and a big Thank You for all your hard work.

  • alt-mobile

    Happy Birthday to the TmoNews staff. I’ve been coming here ever since you guys first started out and love the job you all do! If I may make one small criticism, there seem to be way too many ads on here (I know you need to make some money to run the site) but maybe you could cut down on the amount of advertisements that appear on the page? I just feel like it takes away from viewing articles when the reader gets bombarded with pop-up Verizon ads and things of that sort. Not knocking you whatsoever, just giving some constructive criticism. Besides that excellent job and keep it up!

  • HeLLkAt31

    its been a great 3yrs in the light side of the force now its time for the dark side of the force to rule the galaxy as you the father and me the son =|

  • Anonymous

    You’ll have a lot more reporting to do once at&t takes over. Good luck.

  • TrollSeason

    Well I’m not going to say happy b-day because seriously, this shouldn’t even been an article. I never even heard of this site til a few days ago and I been with T-mobile since 2005. There should be a banner at the top of this blog that says 3 year anniversary instead. Better hope AT&T doesn’t get approve… if so… you can kiss “TmoNews” goodbye!!

    Traffic FAIL!!

    • Anonymous

      Trolling WIN.

    • Wow, comment fail! Maybe you didn’t read the article close enough.

    • Prod1702

      wow pms if i have ever seen it before

    • Magenta Magic



  • Anonymous

    I was just thinking today about the future of this site. I was trying to come up with different names, depending on whether you stuck with AT&T, or moved to a different carrier to blog about. My favorite was No matter what happens, I look forward to many more years of David’s excellent reporting (not to leave out the rest of the excellent TmoNews crew). Hippo birdies!

  • Badcubanboy

    Happy B-day TmoNews…… Keep up the good work no matter what. Thank you David.

  • HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TMO NEWS!!!!! Any idea on how to make some magenta colored drinks??

    Oh wait…no, Tmo is, oops!

    • jarjon76

      But in dog years, t-mo news is 21, so it can legally drink! lol

      • Then let’s get the party rolling!!! Lol.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really glad tmonews is going to stick around. I think you guys do a great job reporting the phone news I actually care about. I also look forward to a full review of the godlike G2X.

  • J-Hop2o6

    Happy B-Day TmoNews. Been here since the beginning.

  • Happy Birthday guys…good to see everything is going well

  • Which way is Up?

    Congrats gents and THANK YOU!

  • Tortionist

    Congrats on a great site, and thank you for all of the timely and great news.

  • TStarr

    Happy birthday TmoNews!! Wow, can’t believe all the hater/trolls on here. Go get a life

  • Really really appreciate it guys. You guys are probably my favorite of any of the tech blogs I visit

  • Mmartinez

    Happy bday u guys…thanx for for all the latest news

  • Happy Bday!! <3 youuuuu – D

  • Tmoguy

    Happy Birthday TmoNews!!!!!!! Wish you many years to come

  • Joelaky

    Happy Birthday TmoNews. Thanks for all the news and support. More years with you God bless.

  • Phonegeek

    Happy birthday tmonews thanks for all the great info and help. Stay strong I’ll always tune in daily!

  • Yardbird65

    happy birthday, keep up the good work!

  • Loyal Fan


    • Rage

      Hey David did Tmobile get you anything?

      • Yeah right, in my dreams.

        • Anonymous

          Free g2x lol

        • Aerofanbig

          after a 249.99 mail in rebate and with a new more expensive plan, of course ;)

      • TrollSeason

        Can you blame them?

  • Bimmerz

    ::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…::::::::::::::
    *: (=’ :’) :: Happy Birthday :::::::::::::::::::::
    •.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…:::::::::::

    May you have many more years ahead of you, keep up the good work! =o)

  • Spyin78

    All I ask is that you somehow SOMEWAY pay homage to T-Mobile with the new logo.. :(

  • Kahunaman

    Been an employee two years with the company and i read this website every morning before i head to work. Appreciate all you guys do.

  • J3beme

    Haha never thought of seeing the AT&T logo as a death star. That’s a good one haha! Thanks for keeping us informed this site has always been my daily stop. Happy Birthday!

  • Chatter

    TmoNews Team – Congrats to you all and thanks for all the work you guys put in. Ignore the handful of negative nellies on here and keep up the good work.

  • TMoFan

    Huge thanks to David and the crew. I am a T-Mobile fanatic and discovered this site about a year ago. I made TMoNews a part of my daily visits since.

    Happy third birthday TMoNews!

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday. Glad to be a mod here.

  • so will there be a 4th birthday after the merger? I HOPE THERE IS!!!

  • Djunio

    Happy bday Tmonews, your doing a great job David.

  • Magenta Magic

    Congrats on THREE YEARS! I’ve been following for about two of those, and love checking in one or twice a day to see the latest news, rumors and updates! You rock, and hopefully you’ll bring this same spirit and dedication along IF/WHEN AT&T and T-Mobile do their thing.

    Here’s to many, many more!

  • Tryhard

    its not it’s.

    think about it.

  • experiment626

    Happy Birthday T-Mo News! The question is,will there a T-Mobile for year 4?


    happy birthday tmonews , thanx alot david

  • Happy Birthday Tmonews! Wow I’ve been following you guys for that long and this site has come a long way since then. I tell people to follow this site, Twitter and Facebook all the time.

  • Lee

    David, even when the times become bleak as now, you and you team consistenly delivered the news to us. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was not, but through it all we received a gift of info that help. Thank you for being a lighthouse and congrats on your historic event. Salud

  • Anonymous

    This site and Engadget are probably my most visited sites… Has turned me into quite the techie… HBD tmonews… G2X!!!!!!!!

  • pantlesspenguin

    Thanks for all you do!!! I love this site, and I’d love it more with some Galaxy S2 news ;).

  • big bro

    Happy bday lil bro!

    -your big bro from another mother and father

  • Anonymous


  • Xblackattackx

    Happy birthday Tmonews!
    Thank you for all the inside peaks and details!
    Cheers to one of the best blogging sites in the world!

  • Keep it up David!


  • Youngt82

    Happy Birthday Tmonews!!! Keep up the good work david!!! T-Mobile will live on and continue to dominate. Let’s all hope and pray this at&t deal doesn’t happen and I have faith I wont:)

    • Youngt82


      • Deff

        lol funny how one spelling mistake can change the whole meaning of a message haha.

  • Rfg3

    A site with a life cycle of 4 year a 3 year birthday is nothing to celebrate

    • Chatter

      English please!

  • HTC Pyramid

    David, I discovered your site by accident about a year or so ago, and boy am I glad I did:-). Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Anonymous

  • Andrew

    Happy 3rd Birthday! I discovered this site a couple of years ago and still check it almost daily, sometimes 3-4 times a day. Thanks for all the work!

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    Happy birthday :)
    i discovered this site a few months back before i even had tmobile but i love your site!

  • tmofan99

    Been a T-mobile customer since Voicestream, and accidentally stumbled on your site a couple month back, and boy it was a great find! Happy 3rd!