T-Mobile G-Slate Appears On eBay, Costs Small Fortune

Looks like selling T-Mobile products before they launch is all the rage these days with yet another device showing up on eBay a full two weeks before an expected launch. With the T-Mobile G-Slate yet to be announced you can be the proud owner of the very first model to hit the streets for the low low price of $1200 right away or start your bid at $800. With a two year contract price of $529.99 after a $100 mail in rebate a price of $800 isn’t out of the realm of a no contract option T-Mobile will actually offer. Paying $1200 to own this two weeks early? That’s just an mount we can’t recommend breaking open the piggy bank for.


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  • Fernandoago

    W T F…….

  • Frank1991

    Not worth it

  • I wanna find the maniac that actually buys this, and then smack him in the back of the head.

    • Individual11

      I wanna find the maniac that buys this as well. I have some things I could sell them for way too much money…………….

    • Ash

      Find the person who buys it and do the same while you are at it.

  • You guys shouldn’t even post this all it is is free advertising for the extortionist that is selling it.

    • Andy

      How is he an extortionist? If someone is dumb enough to buy it for that price then whats the big deal

  • Anonymous

    Why does things like this just keep coming around as if we know the future of T-mobile USA? I’m not sure if I’ll buy anything T-Mobile till I know what’s up with the att deal.

    • Mbregar13

      There is literally no downside to signing up now… even if the deal is approved, AT&T is going to honor existing pricing and contracts. History has shown this to be the case, and both parties in this situation have said the same thing.

      • Mopar6464

        You would want to wait until the last possible moment to sign up for anything with T-Mobile because if you sign up now your 2-year contract with the grandfathered plans will expire sooner into your AT&T contract they will assume.
        If you wait until it’s almost an iced deal , then you know you will get a full two years of your T-Mobile cheap internet and rate plans to use before AT&T bends you over.

        • Lastmilefire

          Just resign a contract when the date gets closer…. dont even take the upgrade and let that keep building to get a better price on a phone. People dont seem to realize that you dont HAVE to get a phone to lock in a contract.

  • Anonymous

    Cmon tmo…..give us the official release date already! This secracy needs to stop!!!

  • sh

    I would imagine this idem is stolen. Could you even use it if you bought it?

  • Anonymous

    I was gonna say this price range may not be too far off actually lol

  • TMoChris

    ipad 2s going for the same price right now on craigslist and ebay why not sell the slate for the same price “if” its saud to be a better tablet.. Its an out of contract item who cares if the guys selling it for a grand. Hats off to him

  • I think both this and the G2X on eBay is the ingenious work of T-Mobile to grab headlines. If not, no thief is that stupid to list on eBay, right?

  • TrollSeason

    Haha sounds like a inside job from T-Mobile to me. But someone may be thirsty enough to pay $1200 for the G-Slate right now. I bet the SK4G will be the next unit sold on ebay before its release. Smdh!! Like when my friend stole a gang of Space Jam Jordans from his job at Nike Outlet, 6 days before they released and he waited til they sold out in stores that same, day then he sold them all on eBay for $400 a pair. Lmao

  • Anonymous

    guys wake up, 1200 for this tablet is nothing on ebay which has millions of users including international customers. So this will go fro above 1000 if not 1200. Wait..

  • J1

    Official april 20th g slate…got word from the boss

    • Anonymous

      As much as id like to believe you, I just have a hard time buying a 4/20 release date for the gslate. This is tmos most expensive and arguably its most capable device EVER and they have yet to announce a release date for it. Boggles the mind. I hope your right though. What does tmo hope to gain by not announcing the release date? There’s a gang load og high tablets coming out soon, it would be in their best interest to spead the word

      • Anonymous

        there are training being held for it in our market on the 15th, so the 20th looks more and more promising.

        • Anonymous

          I hope you’re right. I just absolutely hate how TMO is just so nonchalant about device launches…..Esp this latest round of franchise devices……I mean c’mon, this is what you do!!!!! Build some excitement for goodness sake!!!!! It’s like they’re ashamed or something…..So disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    I can tell u where the owner of this is, he’s my boss :)

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    The only one who is going to buy it from Ebay at this price is an African Prince who has access to a small fortune and is ready to transfer the money directly to your bank account…by the way, the Prince sent me a cool million…hahaha!

  • Anonymous

    The guy ended the auction because of too much attention….

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