T-Mobile G2 Receiving Gingerbread By Summer?

We’re going to chalk this one right up in the rumor category from the start but according to JR Raphael of ComputerWorld.com the T-Mobile G2 is set to receive an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread by “summer.” What summer means exactly is anyones guess but JR confirms via a “trusty Android Power reader” and an HTC Representative that things are on schedule for a summer release.

There you go, G2, Gingerbread, Summer.


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  • Kris

    I already have it on my G2… 2.3.3! Go Cyanogenmod!!

    • I would if I knew how to root it but I don’t want to mess up the warranty.. sighs..

      • darkjuan

        Installation instructions are simple enough to follow, an dyou can always revert to stock if you need to return your phone so there is no need to worry about warranty issues.

        • Carlosgutierrez13

          Where can I gwt those instructions to do it?

        • Bionic Doogie

          go to the unlockr.com they have step by step video instructions for noobs on there its simple and really easy then to find a great rom (like Cyanogenmod 7) either head to xda forums or look on the unlockr under roms they also tell you how to install and how to revert back its simple and tons of great goodiness out there !

        • Cboler2
        • Go to XDA, use Visionary to temp root, then the gfree way to perm root. XDA has all you need

        • Kris

          No, Visionary can corrupt system files. I had this happen to me… and I had to revert the phone to stock. Because it wouldn’t work and the phone was rooted but SU was giving me errors, and the phone wasn’t allowing me to flash custom roms. And no it’s not as simple as just hitting “reset” phone or whatever… ADB is much safer and not hard to do. If you have a mac it is not well known that you’ll have to type “./adb” or at least that is what took me a while to discover.

        • Which Cym 7 would it be I see 2, nightly and the other one.. new at this but good to learn.

        • J-Hop2o6

          Im using Nightly #37 on my G2 right now.. its the most current CM7.

        • How’s the GPS working on CM7? When I flashed it, GPS never locked or worked, everything else was fine as far as I tested. Navigation was a PITA with the GPS not working.

        • Tortionist

          ADB is actually not nearly as easy as Visionary. I haven’t had any problems with mine (no corrupted files) or with gingermex fast 1.2 ROM. my G2 runs at 1.6 Ghz without wearing down the battery life or overheating.

    • Jess

      CM has been running like a dream on my G2 for a week now. I wish I had switched sooner! I’m getting 7-8 hours more of battery life, which is just insane! I’m no longer having to charge at work, just overnight like normal.

  • WOO HOO!!!!!!!!11

  • Cruzantis

    Who cares for the G2 what about the mytouch 4g thats the one who needs an update to see if maybe the battery drainage issue is resolve once and for all!!!!

    • yyevo

      Uninstall the Yahoo Mail App if you have it. It is a power hog.

      • MSalam11

        really? Is that true for my G2 also?

        • yyevo

          Yes.. it’s true for any phone with Yahoo Mail. I uninstalled it from my G2 and increased my battery life by 6 hours! It’s a piece of garbage.

    • Domiluv318

      I have a mytouch 4g and my battery doesn’t drain at all… but agreed on the update :)

      • Humpty4321

        My my4g drains like crazy and I dont have the yahoo mail app

    • Anonymous

      Well the G2 came out first. Also, who honestly cares, the differences between 2.2, and 2.3 are minimal, are irrelevant.

  • 30014

    Finally some news about the g2

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t make any sense to me why the G2 hasn’t gotten Gingerbread already….Upcoming Vanilla phones like the G2x should get updated immediately after launch. There aren’t nearly as many road blocks to overcome. I personally don’t care if these phones ever get updated since i root, but for the sake of the average consumer, get these updates out!!!! I understand that many of these phones have been in development for awhile (before the Nexus S w/ Gingerbread debuted)

    • whosaidwhat

      Truth of the matter is, the G2 and the G2x are not stock. They are both mildly modified stock (with some bloatware).

      • Anonymous

        I don’t want to void my warranty by rooting my phone. However, I do have the Task Manager app set to autokill Amazon MP3, Finance, Photobucket, Quickoffice, and Wi-Fi Calling.

        My G2 would like some Gingerbread yumminess

        • Matlock

          That is a piss poor excuse for not rooting, rooting is the only way to own an android phone! especially when it comes to getting rid of all the bloatware! Anyways, no task manager really truly works on Froyo, everything just keeps on opening up again. Rooted G2 running CM7, with absolutely great batt life! If for battery life alone rooting is worth having that stupid warranty voided, plus anyways you can always unroot a phone when it comes to doing a warranty exchange, DUH!!!!!!

        • Dswagg2k10

          So thats why my battery life is stupid longer… I got a replacement phone and decided soon as I got it to go ahead and perm root it, b/c the temp root was crap. Man my battery life is still amazing me and its been almost a month. Why is it so much better?

        • Tortionist

          I heard from xda developers that autokill is not very good for your phone. I’d reconsider using it.

      • Believe it or not, it is impossible to run stock Android on 99% of all Android devices. Stock Android Gingerbread was optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S series of devices, so the drivers built into the kernel are probably not in the optimal state for the rest of the Android devices out there. It takes quite a bit of time to test the drivers alone! The G-series will get updates quicker than non-G-series devices because there is minimal app testing that is required (i.e. conformance with Google’s spec to be labeled Android, and T-Mobile’s spec to support Wi-Fi Calling properly). Beyond that, there isn’t much to test to make the Gingerbread upgrade ready for any G-series device. Unfortunately, drivers are very hard to test, and they need to be tested exhaustively…

        • whosaidwhat

          I’m not sure I understand your point. Are you saying that it’s much difficult to build phones with stock android than it is to build with custom skins and bloatware? It’s actually the other way around.

          All the phone need specific drivers so that’s not what delays the upgrades. The OEM’s themselves have come out and said that it’s the bloatware that causes the delay in upgrades.

        • No. What I’m saying is that even if you take the custom skins and bloatware out of the equation, you still have considerable time that has to be allocated by both the manufacturer and the carrier for testing and bug fixing. It is an essential part of the Software Engineering process. Since hardware manufacturers are too scared to crowdsource their testing, it takes a lot longer to do. The reason that CyanogenMOD gets it done so quickly is because they crowdsource their testing, and bugs are found much more quickly with a wider pool of testers.

          As far as I know, only Motorola does public beta testing of firmware updates, but only to a very limited extent, and unfortunately they don’t always do it.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right about any carrier phone not being being 100% pure, but c’mon…..how many devs have gingerbread running as smooth as butter on devices other than the galaxy s? If cyanogen can put out a stable gingerbread build, so can manufacturers.

  • yyevo

    Awesome Gingerbread goodness! That will get me…. um… nothing really that important.

  • Frigadroid

    No rumor I can guarantee it from a source inside. The G2 will be rocking gingerbread by summer 2012.

    • It’s HTC not Motorola.

      • Harlemworld25


      • Deff

        ^^ Ahh took me a second to get it but that was quite funny lol

        • Us

          You mean not samsung, lol

    • Dalton

      Well lets hope the G2 has 2.3 by 2012…

  • HeLLkAt31

    who cares now, it should have gotten it at the end of last year or the beginning of this year and with more phones coming out on Tmo with better specs they will over shadow it even with Ginger sprinkled over it… I wouldn’t get if it was free on a 2 yr contract that phone was obsolete already when it launched psssh should have had 4g and front facing camera and double processor…

    • Anonymous

      it does have “4g”. first tmobile phone with “4g”.

      • HeLLkAt31

        yea youre right, my bad but even with that the phone failed but lets you know how I forgot anything about that phone =|

        • yyevo

          Punctuation. Look it up!

        • sh

          didn’t really fail. plenty of android devs love the phone

        • Tortionist

          Exactly, there’s a lot more ROMs for the G2 than a lot of other phones, the MT4g included. I tried just over a dozen ROMs on the G2 and found what I consider to be the best one.

    • Tortionist

      Actually it wasn’t obsolete. It had the newer single core processor that made it just as fast as the MT4G even though it was underclocked at 800Mhz. mine runs at 1.6 Ghz with much better battery life than the MT4G and is actually faster, as well, in part, due to the ROM I use. I almost didn’t get the G2 because I enjoyed the MT4G so much, but i’ve enjoyed the G2 just as much, if not more.

      • Jcsd1212

        What ROM are you using on the G2?

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about it has HSPA+, my friend has a mytouch 4g and he never uses his FFC and no phone had dual core when the G2 came out, remember this was 6 months ago.

  • 4G_or_not_4G

    Little late, I will be on a dual core phone by then

  • sajj

    i thought this was already announced

  • Lousson

    I’m running 2.2 on the G2 – not rooted. What can I expect to see with Gingerbread? Ability to take screen shots? How about the UI, will that look any different than what I have now? Upgrades to the lousy wifi calling quality (I had UMA on my BB, and that sounded like a land line). Curious….thanks.

    • sean

      2.3 didn’t fix the wifi calling for my n1…android devices are not true uma like bb. the ui is same with the exception of new icons, new virtual keyboard, few animation changes. try the paid adw launcher if you’re looking for a change. tons of settings to tweek

      • Tortionist

        Yeah like ADW Launcher Ex, It costs a couple of dollars, but it is sweet.

  • Rick

    It should be sooner….I love my g2 but I would love a dual core phone with keyboard..

  • FILA

    should of been updated as soon as Gingerbread got released, bullshit, since its already stock ,what the hell are they waiting for, thats the whole reason for a damn “Google Experience” phone

    • In all honesty though, I’m not really sure why we care anyway; as people have said, the N1 didn’t get it long ago, and I haven’t exactly heard any “OMG, you’ve gotta get Gingerbread” reviews.

      If I start hearing that it does wonderful things for the phone (which I doubt), then I’ll be on board with the “where’s my update?” bandwagon.

  • Anonymous

    If it takes that long to update an almost untouched android build, then maybe Google should tighten the reigns even further. They would only be doing themselves, and us, a favor by cutting down on active multiple versions.

  • This doesn’t really matter, because I’m planning to root mine soon anyway. But, I agree that Google needs to tighten the reigns, this phone is basically stock, it shouldn’t take this long to get 2.3, by then 2.4 or 3.0 for phones will probably be out. Google has to handle this update problem. All phones running Android should be updated within 3 months of Google releasing the code. I’m not getting another phone, and restarting my contract with TMO. I don’t plan on sticking around when AT&T takes over, so the G2 will do until then. I don’t care about a FFC, so it not having one doesn’t phase me

    • Well the slight problems is the drivers are different since Gingerbread is optimized for Nexus S.

  • Don’t get why so many upset. G2 owners get Gingerbread, YAY!! From my perspective, I got my G2 in February 2011 on the ‘Free G2 Weekend”, it is a bitchin’ phone, and I’m am Gettin’ Gingerbread in Q2. What’s not to love about that!!

  • ihatefanboys

    great news ! i wish you whiners would get laid. youre all just a little bit too uptight about a piece of technology getting a software update. its fine with 2.2, i have 200 apps installed on mine and it doesnt lag one bit. 2.3 would be nice, but i can wait for the minor software updates. unless of course we get NFC capabilities, then i might anticipate it more. now let me get back in bed with my beautiful wife. say hi to your lube and whichever hand u may be using this fine morning.

  • Anonymous

    I agree somewhat with those saying it should’ve been released, but then on the other hand ppl need to realize the N1 and nexus s, just recently got the updates. Also its not like any other carriers are upgrading devices to 2.3 left and right.

  • TrollSeason

    Who cares? Nexus S been had gingerbread and the G2 sucks anyway. Xperia Play all day

    • Trollhater

      G2 doesn’t suck at all. It’s a near flawless device. If i wanted to walk around with game controller in my pocket, it wouldn’t be made by sony. Freakin troll.

      • TrollSeason

        No way on earth a 800mhz device with a terrible 4 row keyboard, and a loose hinge is no where “near flawless”. Freakin dumbass.

        Trolls unite!!

        • Trollhater

          Most likely u’ve never had ur hands on a G2, dumbass. It’s much faster than ANY cellphone that u have ever owned. Surely troll u have not touched the Xperia Play either. Talk what u know about dumbass.


        • TrollSeason

          Wow girl scout you hatin’ hard lol. Had the G2, it SUCKED and kept freezing and I took it back for the MUCH FASTER and MyTouch 4G. I have touched the Xperia Play and thats the BEST PHONE out, hater!! I piss on G2’s, and if you keep your mouth open long enough… you can get the same treatment too dumbass.

          Trolls UNITE!!

        • Trollhater

          Never had any issues with my G2. Srry yours sucked, but hey, u do. Really shouldn’t knock an entire production because of one faulty device dumbass. Shouldn’t talk smack about urinating in someones mouth either. We both know that would NEVER HAPPEN!! DUMBASS!!


        • TrollSeason

          Awww you mad at my opinion about a terrible phone? Who cares about a silly G2, rather I had problems or not! The MyTouch 4G is still A LOT BETTER. You didn’t have any problems with yours because you don’t have a “G2″… you have what they call a Gay2… DUMBASS!!

          Trolls UNITE!!

        • Trollhatestrollseason

          Mytouch4g & 2.2 is fine for those smart individuals who know they’ll never see an update. For the dumbasses,like yourself, who comment on articles about phones that will flourish with the latest & greatest, are just poor, pitiful virgins. Have fun with your samsung clone. DUMBASS!


        • (Add this to the argument.. an overclocked G2 to 1Ghz will have the same speed if not better than a Xperia Play.. same processors.. geez, but then there’s UI..)

        • TrollSeason

          Sorry dumbass, been out with my girl all day… couldn’t troll 2 troll. Clone? Your the one with a “Gay2”. Just like a samsung, you SUCK… literally!! Now say aahhhhhh…. DUMBASS!!

          TROLLS UNITE!!

        • Well, I love the awesomeness that is my temp rooted G2! but to support the claim about faulty production I had to go through 4 of them to get one that didn’t have some type of defect.

        • Troll Hater

          LOL its only 200mhz faster and and has more bloatware so no difference in speed…I rather have a keyboard than a crappy vga camera in the front

        • DroidFactor

          800mhz but second generation, has the same performance as the 1Ghz Processor as the the older 1st generation phones but with better battery life…. and the hinge isnt loose unless ur an idiot who walks around texting upside down.

    • Droid Factor

      LOL @ walking around with a controller in my pocket…I might as well carry a PSP in my pocket.

  • Joey

    So much for stock devices getting the latest updates in a timely manner… Bet you the Thunderbolt will get 2.3 before the G2 does.

    • Tortionist

      Who cares if you root it and use a nice and fast ROM with 2.3.3 on it. It makes a world of difference.

      • Ttwotone

        So what you root your device? You think that makes you sound smart? If you don’t realize why others don’t and the key reasons to keep android stock, then you are a fool. Some people do not want to void their terms of their device. Anything wrong with that?
        Just because you read an article about how to root your phone doesn’t mean you know a dang thing. Stop tricking me into wasting my time reading your jerk post. Contribute to the community.

        • Guest

          I had rooted G2 and unrooted and put back to stock still had warranty, cause i exchanged with no problem for a fresh one, LOL w0mp.

  • V Rios85

    Any news at all on the MT4G getting Gingerbread?

    • Anonymous

      Gotta love custom ui skins….when will oems and carriers learn?

  • this inspired me to get gingerbread now….so I did, yay me!

  • Cyclotourist

    If things go as expected, I may be on a Pyramid by then.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Keeping my fingers crossed that an update happens. After the nightmare I went through with the “Motofail” cliq xt, that was the update that “never” happened from hell!! Man oh man, we we’re strung along like suckers all the way till the day they pulled the update to, get this, 2.1.
    I have way more faith in HTC not to mention there’s no ” bloatware” on this puppy. So I see this happening, like I said fingers crossed!!

  • Smokinjoe85

    I have the g2 since the day it came out I am pleased with phone but is truely disappointed in the update rollout or lack there of, what is the point of a stock os if your not going to get updates on time, will never go with stock android again, and besides by the time they finally push the ota I’ll already have the sensation, or be with sprint evo 4g 3d

  • Just root it and flash a stable and upgraded android version like Jellybean and you will have a new and fresh G2.