HTC Radar 4G Already Up For Sale On

We weren’t expecting to see the HTC Radar 4G go up for sale until November 2nd but T-Mobile’s website has the Radar 4G already available for purchase. Presumably shipments won’t be received till Wednesday’s official launch date but if you’ve been eyeing the Radar 4G, lock in your order today. The Radar 4G is available for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate.

“With the HTC® Radar™ 4G, you can stay in touch with friends, work contacts, and social networks on the fly; easily capture life’s moments with a 5 megapixel camera; and share in a flash on America’s Largest 4G Network®.

  • 4G capable for blazing-fast speeds
  • Preloaded HTC® Watch™ and T-Mobile® TV for TV and movies on the go
  • Now with Windows® Phone 7.5″


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  • Well that was a quick release I remember the original road map said Nov.2

  • wwwdeal

    For some reason, it does not show up when i try to upgrade. I don’t know why?

    • It might not be available for upgrades until Wednesday?!

  • Huh, just looked there at their specs and they say that UMA isn’t going to happen for the Radar?  Same for Galaxy S II and the Amaze?  Can someone confirm?

    • Okay, I just HATE open ended comments.  I’ve done a little looking around and it looks like when you get the new phone you have to use the SIM that comes with the phone to get UMA/Wifi Calling.  Also, there’s some discussion about an update coming out for SGS2 and Amaze which will enable it.  Check the forums for SGS2 and Amaze for more detailed info.

  • William Cron

    Well, not really excited by the mail in rebate, but if my local store is in proper form, they’ll fill out the rebate forms and have everything ready to send out when I buy the phone.

    • Guest

      You can always just go to T-Mobile website and download Rebate form. It’s simple as that!

      • William Cron

        My local store reps make it simpler. The only thing they don’t do is put a stamp on the envelope and stick in the mail. And since they sit next door to a Pack Mail store, guess where they tell a customer to right when they leave the store? They hate the mail in rebates as much as we do and try to make it as close to an instant rebate as possible.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Did I miss it, were the groupies in here all up in arms about AT&T getting the exclusive on a phone it is releasing next week, the HTC Vivid, or is this Radar somewhat the same phone?

    Phone specs:

    4G LTE

    4.5-inch qHD display

    1.2GHz dual core processor

    8-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture

    16GB of internal memory with 32GB microSD slot

    Android OS 2.3.4

    Seems like one heck of a device that AT&T is getting, but not T-Mobile. And to top it off, AT&T is ALSO debuting the SGS II (aka “Skyrocket”).

    • J. Williams

      Why are you posting this?  It has nothing to do with the Radar.

    • Gabe41521

      Do you work for att? Why would you post this I hope David removes comment since it is not relevant. To answer the earlier question about UMA, we haven’t had a UMA phone since BlackBerry bold 9780! Now WiFi calling however will be available to the new android phones after an ota coming this month, jut Windows phones do not have feature at all

    • Ggdron00

      Your an idiot the radar is a windows phone not android and as for the galaxy s2 skyrocket on att its the same as the galaxy s2 on the specs of the 2.

    • Eanfoso

      where is the dislike button?!

  • A Mytouch 4g Running windows… 

  • Lubbalots

    All we need now is this phone front and center in the stores up against the androids instead of hidden in some back corner.  Also hope the reps are educated about Wp7 and the new Mango.  If not, good luck if this will sell well to any pontentially new or old smart phone buyers.  Now we all know Tmo is not putting much effort to market Wp7.  So i hope this sells well beyond those androids and maybe Tmo customers will have some luck next year getting something like the Nokia Lumia 800.  Tmo marketting hard with Android especially SGS2 and Amaze will not cut it.  Other carriers will just get something better.  They even have LTE!  Big selling point!  Oh well good luck to Wp7 users that ATT will acquire Tmo and finally they can buy Top noch Wp7 phones and iphone.

    • Foxeh

      Let’s be realistic here, Windows Phone is the least of T-Mobile’s worries. I doubt they but any resources at all to “push” the Radar. Even the WP related stories on this very site collect the fewest comments out of any.

      The few people who do own WP devices do seem to be quite happy with them, though I’m left wondering why HD7 owners always gripe about not having to upgrade to a new device within a year…

      • Philosoraptor

        It’s not a bad phone, but it’s a 2 year old hardware (it’s basically a copy of the hd2).  So with all the press on new WP7 phones like the Focus S, Titan, and Lumia people are itching to drop their old phones for new technology.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, I was on TMO and left it because it did not have good phones, came back for HD7 and now probably have to leave again because they don’t have any replacement for HD7. I’m going to buy either Nokia Lumia with ATT band or just get Titan so won’t have to stress my eyes to surf the the web on 4.7 inches real estate.

        • Foxeh

          So you hate your year-old HD7 that much where you’ll be jumping ship (possibly with an ETF?) because your current device is just that difficult to live with?

          Maybe I’ve been mistaken in thinking WP users were any happier than anyone else…

          [Also, HD2 uses an S1 Snapdragon, the Radar uses an S2. If you don’t know the difference then you don’t understand the specs you’re comparing to begin with.]

  • Foxeh

    $399 off contract? That’s about what I expected, but it does appear that there is no grey version available; at least not yet.

    I hear this has tethering but no visual voicemail?

    • Peter

      Yes it has tethering and Windows Phone has visual voicemail as well.

  • Probably going to pick this up, after I get a chance to toss one around. I’ll test the sales rep with my phone needs and see if he suggests it…

  • Jon

    No thanks I’ll pass. I wouldn’t even want this if it were offered for free.

  • 3232

    TMO stores have already gotten the phone in since yesterday and  windows or microsoft needs to pull out the phone biz. Why would people pay for apps and android gives 10 times more free apps?  
    Also the HD7 cannot even be used as a hotspot or the phone has no external memory card.  You have to use windows program “Zune” just to transfer files the phone cannot be hooked up to your computer to use as a hard drive with out Zune.  I know your talking about the Radar but lets face it Microsoft is trying to build their phone like an apple phone an its not gonna cut it.  In my personal opinion Windows phones are at the bottom of the barrel i am putting Android, Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry over Windows phones……….yeah yeah I know Nokia has a deal with microsoft to put out windows phone yeah yea yeah.  (p.s. Windows 6.5 was way better then 7 or 7.5)

  • Kitpogi

    still no flash support! how in the world is Windows Mobile going to compete in the Mobile World when they’re always 10x steps behind Android? Might as well go back to Symbian haha I’m just disappointed with Windows Mobile.

    • Adam Lein

      Windows Mobile was the first smartphone OS to have Flash support:  Windows Phone 7 removed it though.

    • Philosoraptor

      iPhone doesn’t have flash and look where it is…

      Honestly, I don’t even notice.  I don’t see Flash spam ads when I browse sites, and almost every video site worth visiting has a mobile version (thanks to iPhone, no less).

      But I doubt you gave Windows Phone (not Mobile) a chance to begin with.  The insecure Andriod fan boy thing is getting old now.

  • wwwdeal

    It’s not available for upgrade yet.  Anybody having the same issue?

    • J. Williams

      Should be later today…or you might have to go into the store.  That is what I was told yesterday…

  • Kyle K.

    Any word on how much it’ll cost on the Value Plans?

  • Tperez0312

    Got mine yesterday.  I’m loving it.  Windows Phone 7 has a very smooth UI. :)